Saturday, September 29, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!!!

I have wanted a new bedroom set forever...and we decided that would be my Christmas present this year...well, we came across a deal we couldn't go away
Merry Christmas to me!!!!
We got the bed, a huge dresser, as you can see, and two side tables...we basically traded the mirror for another side table...I have a old 'frame' of sorts that I am going to paint black and then my really good friend Jenni Terry has a framing business, she is going to cut and put a mirror into it for me, so I am excited about that.
Now I need some new lamps...and of course paint the room, new bedspread, but that can wait...I am just happy with my bed now! Thanks to my hubby Brent...I love you!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Elsie clapping

Last night while playing patty cake with Elsie she started to clap, just a little...then today during physical therapy she went crazy clapping, well, as crazy as Elsie tonight- by the way, we finally rented 'barbie-Island Princess' and Cassi started to clap and Elsie saw her and followed we got the camera out. We got a couple claps, but I think she was wondering why we were all hovering over her acting like nuts! Anyway, just sharing the good news!

Cleaning up

This is totally embarrassing-but I thought if I showed it to everyone, I wouldn't let it happen again...our T.v. room upstairs should realy be called to 'cassi room' she spends all her time there, but makes a mess doing it...usually I try to keep up and clean up...but it has been a few weeks that I have avoided that room , because I knew it was so bad. So after many hours, about is good as new!
After picture

My little artist

I think Madi is such a good little artist. Her teacher does a bookshare where every week a kids get to read a book to the class and share what they liked about it, and draw a picture. Very cute. So Madi read this book, and drew one of the pictures in it..and maybe I am just biast..but I think she did a pretty awesome job!

She is very proud of herself!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

More of the kids

We have a bunch of toys for Elsie to play with in the bottom drawer of this. The other day we thought it would be a good idea to help her stand and put something in the drawer higher up for her to play with. She loved it, but it made us nervous, because her legs would just give out and she would ram her chin into the drawer. That is why the blanket is there.
But she had a fun time.
Where do kids come from? These two crack me up daily. Cassi had a bloody nose the night before this pict. and Madi decided that was enough bloody noses in the bed! So she dragged this coffee table out of the upstairs t.v. room and put it in their room and made it somewhat comfortable for Cassi to sleep on.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Our Girls night!!!

So Madi and Cassi have been begging to rent "The Island Princess" (For those of you who aren't lucky enough to know what that is part of the Barbie movie series.) Anyway, so I figured with Dad at work tonight, it would be a great night for it...I drag the girls to the local Albertsons to go to Redbox, the girls looked great, Madi and Elsie were in their Jammies, and Cassi had one of her "best "outfits on...we looked realy cute, anyway, we wait in line for about 15 minutes, with Cassi jumping up and down so excited to see the movie...only to find out, they were all rented out! Well, I couldn't leave without any movie, so I came across "Bratz-the sleepover" and I thought that would be fun...
Um, I was wrong!
They told scary stories the whole time...and these are the picts I got of the girls watching it...
I know...I should get the mom of the year award!
So I let them stay up and watch more cartoons after it was over to help them forget about the scary stories...Anyway, this is what memories are made of, right???

Friday, September 21, 2007

Preschool Fieldtrip

We all went to Krispy Kreme the other day for Preschool...they went through and told the kids how they make their donuts then they each get a donut and chocolate was a big hit!
Our little group
Elsie chowing down!!!
The group minus the babies we had with us...
Elsie with her little Krispy Kreme hat on
Cassi with her Krispy Kreme hat on

Some Fun Picts

Just a few picts that I haven't gotten around to posting yet...
Elsie on a little bike-doesn't she look so big!
Madi and Cassi were sent up to clean their room the other day...all this came off Madi's bed, and most went right back on after she made it...she takes after her Mom and her Dad, she likes a lot of stuff/junk (me) but she likes to be organized about it (Brent)...
Showing off their beds all made, well almost done, she hadn't put the 'stuff' back on...she is funny...notice how much stuff she has on her shelf in the background...
Cassi showing off her bed, that Madi actually made for her.
Madi and Cassi's job is unloading the dishwasher, Madi usually ends up doing it cause Cassi gets a little side-tracked...another trait I passed down...anyway, but she always 'builds' something with the clean dishes...
I know...I am a lucky woman...not only is he vacuuming...but he is taking care of the baby too...and I love how little Elsie is helping to hold the cord...(Yes, Brent has a mustache...all part of a firehouse bet.)
Just a shot from Madi's game last Saturday...she was very proud that her ball was picked to be used as the game ball.
Cassi trying on Madi's soccer stuff
My goofy kids ready for bed...well almost ready!
I love this...Sunday the girls came down 'all ready for church'
Madi had done their hair...don't you love the curl down the front? When I was going to take the picture I tried to move that piece out of their faces...boy, I got in trouble...that is how it is supposed to look...
They sure are cute anyway!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Elsie Update

Elsie has been working real hard and we wanted to share with our friends and families her latest accomplishments.

Elsie has just started to hold her bottle for herself, she won't do it if she is really hungry, and she is kinda just playing in this video, but at least it shows she can do it. She still can't really bring her arms up to tip the bottle up, but we are working on that.

This is the biggest thing she has been working on. I know that for most 14 month old babies, an army crawl isn't that big of a deal, but for Elsie this has been a huge milestone for her to reach. We are very proud of her. She is a determined little cookie!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cassi's First Day of Preschool

Now it is Cassi's turn to start school...preschool. A few neighbors and I got a little group together and we are doing a little co-op preschool. I did it with Madi and it worked out really well. Cassi is so excited!!! Doesn't she look so grown up!
I know...she needs new shoes...we haven't really done any school shopping for her yet, but we need to! Preschool is at my house today, and she won't be wearing any shoes anyway, like always!
She got to get her nails paited like Madi got to on her first day of school , only Cassi's is it doesn't show up like Madi's did, but she was very excited!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Madi's first game!

So Madi's first game was Saturday, the day I got home from Minnesota. Madi's game started at 12:00, my flight came in at 11:24...we thought we could make it for sure, but just in case Brent got our good friend, thanks Heather, to come and stay with Madi and Cassi and take Madi to the field if we weren't there in time. Well, it took us forever to get home, I had to wait forever for them to bring my stroller to me, and then the luggage didn't come out for a long time...we were thinking of leaving and picking it up later, but we weren't sure if that was a good idea or not. Anyway...after many red lights and slow drivers we got to Madi's game, 20 minutes late. Madi had already scored 3 goals...she was playing awesome. So I am very glad we didn't miss her first soccer game.
Going for the pass
Madi's eye is on the goal!!!

Taking a break

Anyway, she does a really great job...can't wait until next game!

My Annie!

So Elsie and I just got back from a little trip to Minnesota. My really great friend Annie moved out there with her little family over a month ago. We, Annie's husband and I, made plans to surprise her. She thought she had an idea, but after many, MANY lies and scheming, I think we pulled it off...she was very surprised to see me walk in her house.
So sorry to all of you who didn't know her, this might be a long and boring blog for you. But Annie was loved by many people and I thought I would share the time I spent with her, with all of you!
The pictures are completely out of I will just explain what we are doing in the pictures...

This is in the plane on the way home to Idaho. We had all three seats to ourselves, which worked out really well. Elsie was such a good little baby! It is funny to me when people see you get on a plane with a baby, they almost give you the evil eye...I don't blame them, a 3 hour plane ride would be really long if there was a crying baby! But then when we off load the plane every one is talking to her and I, saying what a good baby she is, that she seems so happy...people are so funny!
This is when the extra seats came in handy!
Happy baby, just up from her nap.
Reading books. She felt so big sitting in her own chair with her own buckle.
Oh, did I say she was a good baby yet???
This is where things get out of order...this picture was taken at about 3:00 in the morning the night before I flew home. I know to many of you refinishing a piano is not what you would choose to do when you fly out to visit a friend, but I can't think of anything more fun and bonding than doing a project together. Annie and I did a lot of things like this together when she lived by me, so it just seemed natural for us to be doing the things we used to do together...and can't go shopping with 4 little kids! I guess you can, but I don't think that would be very fun!
We did actually take a trip to home depot and Target...I got to see a lot of the city because while we were having some girl talk...we got lost. So it took us a long time to get where we wanted to...but like I said, I got to see the sights!
We forgot to take a 'before' picture, but we found this snap shot with it in the background...see, not so pretty!
This is at 4:13 in the morning....we tried to pull an all-nighter...but it was about this point we kinda started to get a little delirious...we thought maybe a couple hours would be better than none!
Our finished project.

And of course we went running. And Annie reminds me again how out of shape I am without her there to push me!
It is so pretty there..the lakes, the was so no more complaining Annie...I have seen it is beautiful...and as for you saying it is covered in mosquitoes...I didn't get one bite!
At the park before we went running.
After running it was back to work on the piano.
And yes, chocolate was involved.
Taking a break from the piano, we dyed Annie's hair while watching a movie.
This was at about 4:30 in the morning, right before we gave up and went to sleep.
This is on the plane on our way to Minnesota.
I just loved this picture.
I told you they were out of order...This is the beginnings of working on the piano.
Thanks Annie and Scott of putting Elsie and me up for a few days. I had a blast...I miss you Annie, but your house is beautiful, the area is gorgeous, your family is great, your husband loves happy and we will see you again!