Monday, January 31, 2022

Monday January 31

Oh man, I’m happy January is over!
This has been a looooong month!!!!
I worked on some things for elsie today, hopefully getting her into some programs, and other resources. 
Also did a lot of beating myself up over not doing it 10 years ago…..
It’s all good. 
It’s gonna be good. 
Trying to stay positive!
We had a FHE tonight about our February focus word for our ‘Noble’ family theme. 
February is all about being intentional!
We reviewed our January focus of building our spiritual strength. 
We have a family text thread that we share CFM stuff on and that has been fun. 
So I hope to continue with that 👍🏼
Some of the things we decided on for being INTENTIONAL is to be more focused and deliberate with our time. 
Less time on devices while doing other things. 
Just get the chore done!
We talked about more deliberate family time and activities. 
We also want to do more one on one time with the kids. 
And our family is doing an indexing challenge between the adults and the youth, so we want to add that to our daily goals and do s little bit of indexing each day!


Sunday, January 30, 2022

Sunday January 30

We only went to our sacrament today and then rushed off so we could make it to Aubree’s farewell today. 
We are so excited for her and to see all the good she does in the next 18 months!!!!
She is such a sweetheart and ray of sunshine!
With her testimony and love of Christ, she will surely draw many closer to the savior ❤️
Having church early sue makes for a LONG Sunday!
Especially with dad at work!!!!
But we did FaceTime with Winnie ❤️
Gosh dang I love that little girl!!!
I got some sweet smiles from her and I can tell she misses me 😉
Elsie had a YCL meeting for girls camp this summer. 
She is very excited to be a YCL this year!!!!!


Saturday, January 29, 2022

Saturday January 29

Port had a fun time skiing with Carter up at tamarack. 
Elsie, Cassi and I hung out at home and did laundry, cleaned rooms, worked out. 
And we also watched lala land together. 
Well, we didn’t finish it yet.
Dad left to work this morning….. which is a bummer because I’m getting used to having him around ❤️
Sweet Winnie has been quite the chatter box today!
She is such a cutie with such a fun personality!
I’m really missing her!!!!
She’s getting so big!


Friday, January 28, 2022

Friday January 28

It’s finally Friday!
It’s been a long week!
But I finally did a workout today!!!!!
It was hard but I’m excited to be able to start moving again!
Elsie’s had Carly over tonight and cassi and Lucas hung out with them while dad and I had a date night. 
Finally a date night!
We went to dinner and a movie. 
Nice to get out, but I’m kind exhausted now!
Cute pictures of Winnie today ❤️
She’s doing lots of big girl stuff lately. 
Madi said on their walk she just yelled/screamed/sang until she fell asleep. 
Happy yells/screams/singing 💕
Baby girl likes to make noises…..I think she’ll be a singer like cass!

This is Winnie and Madi at the same age ❤️


Thursday, January 27, 2022

Thursday January 27

I guess I should be taking more pictures of us around here……but Winnie is just so much cuter 💕
I am feeling a bit better today and it is glorious!!!!!
Should be all good SOON!
I’ve been going crazy not working out or really doing anything!!!
We did house cleaning, changed the sheets and did laundry. 
Cass babysat all day throughout the day. 
Elsie and port has a good day at school. 
Port had wrestling this evening. 
He is going skiing with his friend at tamarack tomorrow. 
He’s excited and nervous!
Madi sent me the cutest video of Winnie trying to participate in Madi’s online class 😂😂
She cracks me up!
I’m convinced she’s gonna be a chatter box, and maybe even a singer 💕

Chatting away ☺️💕


Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Wednesday January 26

Went back to the dr today. 
I do indeed have a sinus infection…. Big surprise 🙄
But I got some medicine to help that…. Hopefully I will feel better soon!!!!
Dads been taking good care of me ❤️
Elsie’s had an ortho appointment and things are going really well. 
She was excited to get back to school!
This evening, the kiddos had YW/YM. 
Sweet Winnie is cute as ever ❤️


Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tuesday January 25

Dad and I are still trying to get better. 
I think I’ll try to get in to the dr tomorrow about a sinus infection ☹️
Not much happened today. 
Kids loved school, port went to wrestling. 
Super exciting 😂😂
Pictures of sweet Winnie is the highlight of our days!!!


Monday, January 24, 2022

Monday January 24

I’m so jealous of the amazing weather Madi Logan and Winnie are having right now!!!
They spent a lot of time outside today, and Winners loved it!
Baby girl is gonna be an outdoor lover!!!!
They also got their new washer and dryer today, so that is exciting!!!
Back here at home, we are a week from onset of symptoms, so the kids are allowed to go back to school. 
Elsie’s was very excited to get back to school!
Dad is feeling a lot better, still some headaches. 
Me, my sinuses are worse today 😞
And I’m dreading going to bed because I cough all night 😭😭
But hopefully that will be over with soon!!!
Dad and I enjoyed some quiet here at home. 
Got some light cleaning done and also took a nap!


Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday January 23

Happy birthday today to dad!!!!!
Gosh we love him!
I guess it’s lucky we got to hang out with him today. 
It was another very lazy day.
We watched church on TV, then watched movies, played lots of games, made a yummy cake. 
It wasn’t extravagant, but we were together ❤️
He’s my favorite. 
The first thing I ever noticed about him, (besides his eyelashes) was how he had this amazing work ethic and an insatiable determination to learn!!! 
I remember the amazing relationship he had with his family, and the joy he found in all kinds of adventures he took me on! 
The best thing I can say about him now, 
His family is still his number 1, and watching him as a Bumpa, that has only solidified it even more!!!!
He still works so hard.
He still strives to learn and become better.
He still loves a good adventure…..
and those eyelashes…..still the same. 
I just love him so much and I’m so grateful for the life he has created for us ❤️
We FaceTimed with Winnie this evening. 
Cutest little sweet girl!!!!
I miss them so much!
They have had 60 degree weather and spending time outside, I’m super jealous!!!!!