Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday July 31

Cassi had another friend over today....Ellie.
I am hoping that being around friends over the summer will help when it comes time for school to start.
I really hope school goes easy for her this year.
They had fun playing with the baby bunnies for quite a while.
We need to start finding new homes for these bunnies!
We have the 3 older ones, and then the 5 younger ones...I think they are getting close to being old enough to go!
Porter has been working with his Legos' a lot today.
He made a house with a computer, beds with Lego blankets...and a boat to attach to the garage.
Then he decided to make himself a big screen TV room that attaches to the main house.
Oh and he even had remotes for the TV....and for the volume :)
Kid cracks me up.
I love how his mind works.
Oh and Dad provided the movie entertainment :)
Oh and that Dad...well he is getting harder and harder to get to not do anything!
He is going a bit crazy here!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday July 30

We had some friends over today.
Elsie's friend, Lucy Little, came over.
And Cassi's friend, Korrin, came too.
At first all the girls played school and they had a lot of fun.
Then Cassi and Korrin went out to swim and Elsie and Lucy wanted to paint.
I think they all had a lot of fun.
Madi cleaned her her closet, desk, etc.
She also went through all her clothes.
Dad got his shot today.
Not immediate relief like he wanted.
But if he will just take it easy then maybe it can have a chance to sink in....
He already got in trouble for moving sprinklers.
He has a hard time sitting and not doing anything!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday July 29

Cucumbers, cucumbers, cucumbers!!!
Madi picked 25 cucumbers out of the garden this morning....
We have cucumbers out our ears!
I should start making pickles....but I wish there was more I could do with them!
Today the kids had them as a full cucumber each :)
I am happy to let them eat as many as they need to.
Cucumbers are so good for you.
So.....Dad had to come home last night.
He messed up his back again.
He got that shot 2 weeks ago...and about a week ago, he hurt it again while lifting someone on the job....
And last night, he hurt it so bad he wasn't able to finish the shift.
He was barely able to walk in the house when he got home.
I went with him to the Dr today and they can get him in for a second round of shots tomorrow.
Which is good.
The doc says it will heal, he just needs to let it heal.
He gets that shot, and feels pretty good, and goes about his business like normal.
But he has GOT to rest and let it heal!
It is hard for him to do that.
Today was a hard one for him.
He was literally in bed almost all day.
Laying flat.
Towards the later afternoon he came up and we tried to pamper him.
He hates it when he is laid up.
Especially when there is so much he wants to get done.
Poor guy.
I REALLY hope this shot tomorrow gives him the relief he needs, but that he also remembers to be CAREFUL!!!
Our ward has put dinner groups together.
Kind of get to have dinner with families you maybe wouldn't usually.
Or that you may want to, but it just never happens.
Well, I was put in charge of our group....and tonight was the night.
Dad just couldn't do it.
And I didn't want to cancel, because I was the one to set it up....and I wanted to get to know the families too.
So we left dad behind.
He probably appreciated a couple hours of quiet anyway.
We had a lot of fun.
It was at a new family in the wards house.
We had dinner and then they had planned a fun FHE for us about friendship.
It really was cute.
It had to do with folding a paper into a ship....
But with each fold you would talk about friendship traits.
And at the end you had the best kind of ship ever....FRIENDSHIP.
It really was cute.
We had fun, but missed dad.
He is feeling a little better this evening, so that is good.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday July 28

Church went great today.
Both Porter and Elsie cried and didn't want to go to class....
I thought I was in big trouble....
Porter gave the talk (Elsie was supposed to, but I wasn't gonna push it) and then he said he didn't want to go to class.
But during sharing time, he and I and Elsie went and sat with his class.
I had to go to another class for a little bit to take the teachers place while she shared about her temple experience.....
And when I got back to Port and Elsie, Porter had decided that it was okay to stay in class.
AND he was giving Elsie a pep talk about going to her class.
Silly boy.
I went and sat with her in her class.....and got her to go to class once sharing time was over.
Silly kids!
Kind of drive me nuts!
Church was good the rest of the time.
We got home and had a restful rest of the day.
Cassi painted a painting, with some help from me.
I LOVE that my kids love art too....
Like, really LOVE it and wish we could do it more often!
After her painting, she played some guitar for us.
We have yet to get the big guitar ready for her to use.
Just wish we had a guitar store closer to where we run our errands.....
But I do think she might be ready for the bigger size.
So does her guitar teacher.
We will see.
Elsie played with her play dough and did some painting too.
Oh and some cutting and gluing.
She took an old cereal box and cuts up pieces of paper and glues it to the box.
She thinks it is the greatest.
She is an artistic one too.
I always love what she creates.
I think we are getting better about keeping art supplies out of the mouth.....but she still does it and it drives me crazy!
Madi REALLY wanted to try and curl her hair herself.
So I told her what she needed to do, and she got to work on it.
I have to say it did take a long time....but I told her it would get easier.
When she was done, I think it turned out pretty good.
She didn't really want me taking pictures and I had to clear these pictures in order to post them on the blog.
So I guess we are entering that stage in life.....
Porter played his DS until it broke by Port falling off the stool while holding the DS.
Then he was devastated.
I was kind of happy......kind of.
But it was his 'best friend' Tyler's birthday today.
The 'best friend' who is now 10 years old.....
Cracks me up that Porter thinks he is his best friend.
Anyway, Porter and I made some muddy buddies to take to him and Porter painted him a transformer card and then he painted the bag we put the muddy buddies in.
Good work buddy :)
Then I left the girls home and he and I took the gift to Tyler.
Tyler is so cute and he gives Porter so much attention.
That is why Port thinks he is his best friend :)
Tyler took him to his room to show him the aquarium he got for his birthday.
Porter was so shy and quiet the whole time.
But once we got in the car, he didn't stop talking about Tyler.
So funny.
We need to have Jackson over for a play date, he is Tyler's little brother that is Port's age.
But I still think he will think Tyler is the bomb!

(Take a look at Madi in the background.....that was in November of 2011...she is growing up fast!)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday July 27

Elsie has been a good girl and wearing her braces when it's time.
She wears them every day for about 15 minutes or so....
We switch every other day for every other leg.
Both braces at the same time are a bit overwhelming.
And the knees rub together in an annoying way for her too.
So one at a time works best.
I put the compression socks on both legs this time, because last time the Velcro rubbed an ouchee on the other leg.
She walked up and down the hall a few times with the brace on.
She is doing so good.
I am glad she is willing to wear them.
Because if she wasn't willing to do it, there really is no way to put them to use....
So I am very proud of her.
It is interesting to watch....the leg not wearing the brace tends to NOT over extend just like the one that has the brace.
So that's cool.
So I went to the gym this morning after Dad left for work.
Then the kids and I cleaned the house together.
Port took his nap and I ran a few errands.
Then when Port woke up, we headed to the Young's house.
We swam for a while.....a long while :)
Port got some one on one swim lessons from Heather.
He did really good.
Except he is stubborn.
He thinks he already knows what she is trying to tell him.
He will stick his head in the water in the middle of her telling him something.
Little stinker.
If he would just listen and do what she says, he would rock.....
But he is a stubborn, stubborn boy who thinks he knows it all.
But I do think he learned a lot from her....Heather, you just need to give him more little lessons like that.
I think he's got what it takes :)
He KNOWS he's got what it takes.
After some swimming we had breakfast for dinner.
While we were making dinner, Port found the packaging from some goggles Heather had bought.
He was adamant about getting some tape and some string to make them into some spy glasses for himself.'He mad to have the white goggle part flip up and down....that was the part that made them x-ray glasses.
Of course.
Silly boy.
They didn't look too bad on him.
The kids all ate good and then they got to get back in the pool for a few more minutes before we had to head home.
So it was a good day.
I didn't hear from Dad all day except for a couple minutes ago.
He had a busy day.
Hope he can get some sleep tonight!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday July 26

We had such a fun camping trip!
I am sure I will get to blogging the last couple days soon :)
But we packed up and headed home today.
But first we had some yummy breakfast...and fit in a few more hand chants.
There was A LOT of that.
When you go camping with so many girls, two of them who just recently got back from girls camp.....You get a lot of camp song chants :)
It was fun.
Once we got all packed up, we headed out of the campground.
But when we first pulled in to the campground a couple days ago, something happened to make the breaks to the trailer short out.
Well, when we pulled out today, we needed to have breaks.
So we took a quick pit stop just outside the camp.
The kids ran around and the boys got to work fixing the problem.
Drew went back to camp to see if anyone had a volt meter.
He found a guy that happened to be an electrician (from Alaska) and he had a few tools in his truck.
Anyway, Brent got it fixed and we headed back down the windy, bumpy, canyon road.
Glad those breaks got fixed :)
We stopped in Ola for a little picnic lunch.
I am glad all these girls have each other to grow up with.
They are all such great friends.
The kids were pretty good on the drive home.
Elsie loved being able to sit by Dad, and spot where Port usually sits.
And Port loved the attention he got from the big girls.
We got home around 1:50 and found out I had a surprise presidency meeting to be to at 2....(they actually sent the text on Wednesday, but we didn't have any cell service, so I didn't get the message until we got back in service range...)
So I laid Port down for a nap and headed out, stinky camp smell and all :)
When I got home, Brent had already done a lot of cleanup, but I helped him finish it up.
Had some showers, dinner, and then some down time watching Americas Got Talent.
The kids all got to bed at a decent time...and now it's our turn.
Brent has to go back to work fun.
And I get to do laundry.
Lot of it!

Thursday July 25

Here is our second day camping.....
We woke up and went out of the trailer where the Young girls were getting the campfire started.
We got breakfast going.
It was our turn to cook.
We planned French toast and fruit.
We were told by other campers that there were huckleberries to be picked.
So they gathered a few and I boiled it with a bunch of sugar to make some syrup.
By the time it was done, people were pretty much done eating.
But a few of the kids tried it and really liked it.
I thought it was yummy :)
Batman joined us for breakfast :)
Silly boy.

Then it was clean up time....
The kids were eager to get to the water, but it was still pretty cool.
So we went for a little walk instead.
The girls pretended to be our tour guides while we walked around the reservoir, well around part of it then back.
It was very beautiful.

Madi said she spotted a 'Red-headed Karabou'.
Goofy girls.
The whole walk they would spot things and come up with some funny thing about it.....
There were a bunch of trees falling in X's together, they said it was a sign of peace between the area cowboys and Indians.

We thought this was a cool tree.....shaped pretty crazy.

Then it was back to camp for lunchtime.
After we ate sandwiches, Heather pulled out some torn t-shirts for the kids to make braided bracelets.
It was a big hit.
The boys even got in on it.
Dad braided a strap for Porter to hold his fishing pole with.
Apparently it took Dad a long time :)

Like I said before...there were lots of songs and hand chant things from girls camp.
Kara taught Madi (and the others) a 'Mormon Boys' song.
So funny.
Loved it....we had the big girls perform it.
Then it was finally time to go swimming.
So we got all suited up and headed to the water.

The kids were happy there for several hours.
They collected frogs, frogs, and more frogs!
Brent brought some fishing poles...we didn't catch anything, but they had fun trying.
Port thought he was pretty cool.
They went back to the rope swing too.
And there was more rafting.

The Dads and the big girls wanted to cross the lake to check out he dock and jump off.
They said it was really shallow, so they couldn't jump off.

Oh they got so dirty....

They had a sand castle building contest.
Kara and Madi with Brae, and Kara and Cassi, but Cassi lost interest...
They made some cute castles.

The day before we went camping, I got stung on the buttock by a hornet.....
I had a crazy bad reaction to it.
My skin was hot and itchy and there was a large 6 inch diameter spot that was raw and swollen.
Anyway, Brent talked me into walking out into the cold water, which did help it to feel a little better.


More raft riding....

Sand castle end results...super fun

These geese came right up to us, hoping we had some snacks for them.
They got close and Cassi wanted to try and catch one.....
But they swam away, so Cassi tried to follow them.
I am kinda glad she didn't catch one....I am sure they aren't very nice.

We went back to camp and got all showered off in cold water, but we were clean.
Played some games, sang more songs, played in the trees.

The Young girls made a spider web out of yearn, Port thought it was pretty great.

Porter didn't get a nap, obviously...
But Heather convinced him to let her hold him for 5 minutes for some quiet time.....which he needed, badly :)

We had dinner this night.
We did the same sweet BBQ chicken we made last time we went camping, so yummy.
I think it was a big hit.
Dutch oven is pretty fun.
I think it will be fun to try out new recipes.
We also tried to make some Dutch oven cinnamon rolls....
They were yummy, but I packed the oven too full and it started to raise the lid while it was we tried to stack another one on top.
That didn't really help.
Oh well, next time I know to put less in.
But it was still yummy.
I also forgot to bring the frosting stuff, but it wasn't really cinnamon rolls....but still so good.

The kids always helped with dishes.
I think they all enjoy it....and they like it even more cause they get to do it with friends.

Messy messy Elsie.

Being SO CAREFUL not to cut anymore finger (or thumb) tips off.....

I told Madi to take a picture of me with Elsie so that someday, when they look back, they will see that I was actually there with them too :)

When the sun was setting I wanted to go and do more sunset pictures...but with the families.
Pretty cute.


I kind of messed up the jump camp every time....
I was just thinking about lifting Elsie and not paying attention that I was jumping on 2, not 3....whoops.
Still cute.

 I wanted a picture of the Young family too, but after the sunset picture, they were outta there!
So Heather snapped one of our family.
What a fun day it was.
I know they all thought maybe I was a dork, but they all helped me....
I took pictures of stuff around the woods that were in the shapes of letters A-Z.
They are really fun and I will be posting that soon too as soon as I get them all together :)
Just making memories, ya know ;)