Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday April 30

 I had big ambitions this morning.....
But once I got the back from taking the kids to school....I just couldn't muster anything.
My whole body hurt and I felt exhausted.
Dad told me to go lay down, which he tells me to do all the time, but this time I said I would.
I slept pretty much until I had to go and get Porter.
Then I got Port and did some laundry and tried to get some other stuff done before I jumped in the shower and then go pick up Madi for PT.
So that whole morning was pretty much wasted.
Aaron hale was here a lot of the day getting pieces cut for the closet shelving...
So at least he got stuff done :)
Well, I got Madi from school and we went to PT, but she said she wasn't feeling good....she had a tummy ache.
The therapist said we should just skip it today and wait until next time when she feels better.
So we went home....well first I had to take a return back to the UPS store.....but then we went home.
Dad has been looking around for suburbans.
He wanted to get out and go look at the dealerships.
He needed to get out of the house anyway.
He has been feeling pretty cooped up the last few days.
So we left the kiddos and he and I went to look.
And......we came home with a new suburban!
Well, not's a 2007.
But we got an awesome deal and it is in great shape.
We are pretty excited about it.
Most excited about the captain seats in the second row.
Something we really wanted to get and is hard to find in the suburban.
So yay....
The kids were pretty excited when we pulled up in it.
We all hopped in and took it for a drive, and picked up some burgers for dinner.
Everyone loves it :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesday April 29

I took Dad to his dr appt today.
It was actually a follow-up appointment from his surgery....
But we kept the appt and went anyway because we had questions to ask.
We got to see the x-rays he took a couple weeks ago.
I won;t made me sick to my stomach.
To see those vertebrae in the shape of triangles, when they are supposed to be square....
It just looks like that part of his back is just gonna pop out.....makes me sick :(
But doc said as long as it will heal just like this, and they don;t see any particles in the area of the spinal chord, we should be able to avoid surgery.
He is gonna have to really strengthen those back muscles to hold that spot as tight as it can be!!!!
He won't start PT until 3 months post accident....same with how long he will wear the brace.
That is all if we can avoid surgery.
Doc said that if it was just one level, he wouldn't be so concerned, but since it is two levels, he wants to be extra careful.
So, we go back in a few weeks to get new x-rays and see what the plan is.
I am also anxious to see what his back looks like while not wearing the brace.
These were taken when the brace was all cinched up.....
So I am curious how it holds on it's own.
Vern picked Port up from school while we were at the appt.
She took the boys to McDonalds, so that was a big hit :)
When we came home, I got to work on the stairs.
I got them all stained.....and I love them!
Still nervous about the dark grain.....
But you know what?
It makes it look more old fashioned :)
I like old fashioned.....
So I will let it cure for a couple days before I put on the top coats.
The the posts can go in!!!!
It is very exciting!
Port played at Cannon's this afternoon.....and went swimming.
He had a lot of fun and didn't come home until dinner time :)
He has kind of a crook in his neck that is bothering him....
He said he was doing 'flips' on the tramp and landed funny, but he has also been wearing his Army helmet everywhere, and that is not light!!!!
So hopefully he feels better in the morning.
And Cassi went to Lily Binghams house after school.
So while Madi and Elsie hung out with dad, I ran to the store to get some MORE necessities.
It has been SO LONG since I have done a planned out trip to the store.
I keep making little trips, and I am sure I am spending twice as much money as I would if I could just get organized.
Oh well.....someday.
Tonight for YW, we had a service project here at our house.
I didn't plan it.
So don't be thinkin' I am taking advantage of my YW calling!!!!!
I felt silly for them to come out here, but they insisted.
We got a lot of stuff cleaned, floors swept, junk picked up outside.
It was so great and they were so helpful!
They are such great girls....and we have A LOT of them!!!!!
It was a good chance for them to get to know each other better, and for us to get to know the new girls too.
Cassi and Elsie helped out too.
Fun for Cassi, cause it's not too long until she is one of the Beehives :)
And Elsie made a bunch of new friends.
It was a fun night :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday April 28

Elsie bug woke up with a fever this morning.
Just a little one....but she kept sneezing lots of buggery sneezes.
So I kept her home.
Maybe the reason she was so rotten yesterday was just because she didn't feel good.
My friends Stacia and Holly came by this morning.
They wanted to help me with whatever I needed help with :)
My plan for the day was to get to the staining point!
So, we sanded....and sanded and sanded!
So much prep work goes into getting the stain on!
I am so glad they came over to help, because I would probably need a whole other day to do the work we did together.
They left around the same time I went to get Porter.
After I got lunch for everyone, I made a run to Lowes.
I got some things I needed to get the staining done....and more stuff to finish prep stuff.
When I came home, Drew and Heather were there (with the new van they got :)
They came to finish up the front steps.
They look so great!
Elsie thought she was a lucky duck to get some one on one time with Heather :)
Heather helped me out with the taping of the stairs inside.
And finally, FINALLY, I started putting stain on.
It still made me super nervous when I started.
But I think it looks good.
I am a little nervous with how dark it is in the grain......but I also like it.
I started with the handrail up top.
Then I wanted to see what the landing would look like, because that is what the floors will look like.
Then I dripped on the next step....then the next :)
That is why those are stained.....
I hope to get it done tomorrow.
One step closer :)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday April 27

For the last couple weeks, Port has been working hard to cross days off in a 'good behavior' chart.
It has been very helpful :)
Well, yesterday he filled up his last box, so today was the day.
The prize????
A trip to the Army/Navy store :)
He was one very happy boy!
He got himself a real army guy helmet, a new jacket (that fits him), a new army guy belt, and a grenade.
It was a pretty cool place.
He plans to get himself an army guy backpack when school starts up again :)
This morning, Drew and Heather came and they put our front porch deck steps made.
They turned out really great!
Still a few finishing touches, and handrails.....but having the steps done is super awesome!
Thanks again are pretty dang awesome!
I got putty put down on the landing, and after it dried, I started sanding it.
It is only sanded down with an 80 I still have more sanding to do to get it ready for stain.
I did settle on a color and went and picked up the stain.
One step closer!!!!!
Hopefully I can get it on tomorrow.
Fingers crossed!
For FHE we worked again together as a family around the yard.
I won't lie and tell you there wasn't fighting.....
But the jobs got done, so that's good.
We are all sleep deprived right now, and not on our best behavior!
Elsie bug was not good at school today and spent a lot of time in time-out in the resource room.
I really hope tomorrow is a better day.
The kiddos got in bed at a good hopefully that will help.
I hope we aren't getting sick :(
Dad was up and around most of the day today.
Except when I took Madi to PT.
Which is good, but I am sure he will be hurting tomorrow.
Hope not too bad.....

This is a fake gun that dad made out of a pipe and wood handle a long time ago....and he stuck Cassi's scope on it from her be-be gun.......

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday April 26

It was a nice day today.
Dad really wanted to go to church.
We got him all ready and got to church on time :)
I brought him home after I got the little ones to their classes.
It wears him out to sit straight up for that long....but he did good.
And it is so nice to sit there as a family!
It was pretty laid back after church.
I actually made a ham dinner tonight :)
Madi went to a fireside this evening.
I stayed a tried to get the little ones to bed.
We had a visitor.
The Wilkinson girls came by.
They brought us some banana muffins and they brought me two hanging baskets too.
So cute!
They will look so pretty hanging on the front porch :)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday April 25

Got a lot done today.
Most of the stuff I wanted to do, I guess.
I was really hoping for the kids to sleep in this morning......but Elsie was up at 6:30!!!!
Lots of fighting this morning......
Too many late nights and waking up early......their sleep is all messed up :(
But then the kids decided to go outside and pick weeds and clean up trash.
That was their idea all on their own.
I got some stuff done inside.....mostly the dishes.
I also got more wood placed on the stairs landing.
I stopped once I needed to face nail them.
I didn't want to mess that up, so I waited until Dad wanted to get up and he could tell me what to do.
I also filled all the holes with putty so that I can paint and stain over it.
So Monday morning, I should be ready to go!
I went and got a couple samples stains to mix before I buy to big expensive stuff.
Hopefully I have found the right color!
Then kids eventually came inside and worked on cleaning their rooms.
Madi felt a migraine coming on, so I told her to go and lay down.
Well, she did.
For 4 hours!!!!!
She woke up and wanted to mow the lawn, so she could feel like she got something done today :)
Vern came over with her mower to help Madi out.
So nice of her :)
Two mowers get the job done quick!
Once Port cleaned his room, we had the boys over.
There are two more boys moving in just across a couple fields.
A boy in max and Port's class is building a house on the corner, and they are living with Grandma (Mrs. Linnea from school) while they build the house.
So I have a feeling there will be lots and lots of fun (and LOTS of trouble) from these 6 boys in the future years to come :)
It was a rough day for dad.
He did get a lot of sleep.
But I don't like when he sleeps.
I don't like it cause I hear how he breathes, or doesn't breathe.
He stops so much.
I worry about him.
I know we need to get him tested for sleep apnea......
now just isn't the right time.
I put the pulse oximeter on him while he was sleeping.
His oxygen level was down at 76!
That's not good!
He laid down most of the day...but was anxious to get up in the afternoon.
That is when he helped me finish up the stairs landing.
It is good for him to be up and around, but he was hurting a lot today too.
Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.
I just wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all better for him.
It is so hard to watch him like this.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday April 24

Jenni texted me last night and asked if I wanted to go to lunch.
Which I totally did.....
But I also had to gt to work on the stairs!
I need to get those finished!
It is my job to get them painted and stained before we can get those rails in!
And we want those stairs done!!!!
So I told her that I needed to start my work on the stairs, and she said she wanted to come over and help :)
I needed to test my stain out on wood sanded down....but neither of my sanders were in working order.
So I got the stuff I needed at Home Depot, and then got my sample piece sanded down.
Then I put some sanding sealer on, but then we had to wait for that to dry.
So Jenni asked me what my plan was with the brick, and how to knock the mortar out.
So that is what we did.
We chipped away at that old mortar, but then Brent gave us power tools to get through the job quicker.....
But we couldn't talk as much, cause they were load :)
Once I got my stain kinda figured out.....we worked a little on the landing of the stairs before Jenni had to head out.
It was fun to be able to talk to her and hang out.
I don't get to see her very often, but when I do, we pick right up like it was just yesterday :)
Oh, and yes, she shaved her head.
We have a friend, Lindsie, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.
Jenni told people she would shave her head, and asked people to donate and she would give the money to Lindsie.
She raised almost $900!
That is a pretty dang awesome friend there!
I decided to make a run to the hardwood store once the kids got home from school.
I am glad I did, because I learned that the stuff I was going to use....would not be great to use for floors.
I learned a lot, but still didn't get the stain :(
They only had gallon sizes, and I want to be able to test the color before I jump right into it!
This is giving me MAJOR stress to make sure I figure out the right color.....I mean you don;t refinish your floors every other year!
I need to pick something that is gonna be there for the long run!
So this place has the stuff made by the same company as Minwax.....same colors.
So tomorrow I will run and get small samples of those and test those out and figure out what I want.....and then go get the good stuff on Monday....cause the hardwood place is closed Saturday (how dumb is that!!!!!)
Oh man!
I just wanna get it started and done with!!!!!
Dad isn't doing too bad today.
He actually did a little work  :)
There was a light switch not working right, so he got that fixed.
But he is being good, and not doing too much.
At least while I am around.....cause he knows I will tell on him :)
He still has a large lump in his back to the side of his spine right where the fracture is.
I am sure it is a one giant huge knot....
But I still worry.
I hope it's not putting weird pressure on that fracture so it doesn't heal right!
I know, I am just paranoid....
We DO NOT want to have this surgery!!!!!
He will see the back Dr again on Wednesday, and I will have him look at the lump.
I am sure it is okay...I just want to be sure.
I just want him to be better.
He just wants to be better.
Hopefully, in the not too distant future, we will be able to look back and all this will only be a memory!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday April 23

Drew and Heather came over today to help out again :)
They fixed a outlet that needed to be moved that was in the basement.
So that was great!
They also made another rail for the deck.
The stairs guy came and got the hand rials put in.
So now it is my turn to finish the wood and then he can come in a put the posts in.
That is my plan tomorrow......
I am nervous!!!!!!!
It is a big decision to have to pick the finish for the wood!!!!
This is just so beautiful!!!
I don't want to mess it up!
They have turned out so beautiful!
You know, we would have done the stairs, and I think they would have been just fine.
But they would not even be close to how perfect these are!
I am just so thankful.
Still overwhelmed at the love and generosity from the kind families in our ward who put these stairs in for us.
Just amazing!
The boys both got haircuts today.
They were very very shaggy!
It is nice to have them looking clean cut :)
Cassi had another headache today.
Dang it :(
I am glad we have such a great nurse at school and the staff at school are so great and take such good care of her!
Madi had PT today.
She learned a few more stretches...hard ones.
The PT says she likes that Madi is coming in less sore, but she still doesn't like that Madi get symptoms down her leg when she does certain things.
She got another deep tissue massage and some more shock stuff.
I think it is helping Madi.
I sure hope we can resolve this with PT and not have to go any further!

And yes.....he does wear this army gear every day as soon as he gets home.
Kind of obsessed :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday April 22

Dad had a Dr appt early this morning.
So Vern took the little ones to school and Cassi walked with Avery.
The appt went good.
It was the pain management dr.
But he sure made us more thankful for how things ended up.
He told us that every other patient he has had with a burst fracture at the T11/T12 spot have never been able to walk again.
And much worse.
I mean, I won't lie, this really totally sucks.
But I still can't believe how blessed we have been.
Things should have been so much worse.
So much worse!!!!!
But it's not.
Dr said that Brent's was given a second chance at life.
He also said he hopes we don;t have to do the surgery.
Of course we are wanting to avoid it too....but even more so now.
He said it is a messy surgery.
He said when you look at x-rays of someone with that part of their back fused, he said it doesn't even look human.
So I hope that was incentive to continue to be careful and really just take it easy.
He just needs to heal.
It has really been so hard for him.
We are at over 4 months now since the surgery in December.
4 months of not being able to go to work.
4 months of not working out.
4 months of not being able to get the things done that he wants to.
I don't care who you are, that takes a toll.
He has good and bad days.
I know this will all get better.
I know he will heal.
Sometimes it is just hard.
Stairs guy got some more done today.
He got some posts set, and the hand rail started.
So exciting!!!!
It just looks so pretty!
For YW we had a combined activity.
It was a 'bridging the gap' activity.
We invited some of the older people in the ward, and we mingled the kids with them.
It was a fun night.
At we had a Hula lesson at the end.
Lots of fun :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday April 21

Today was Elsie's field trip to the Discovery Center.
She has been so excited!!!!!
I was really sad not to be able to go.
I feel like I have missed out on so much this year at the kids school....
Next year will be better :).
Thankfully Stacia went, and she sent me these cute pictures of Elsie having a blast.
She had such a great time and talked about it all afternoon.
She also told me about a new friend she met at the park.
They ate lunch at the park.
She said they met a 'special needs' girl.
She said she couldn't talk, but her mom talked to them.
And she smiled a lot at them.
Anyway, she went on and on about it and it was so cute.
Then she asked me "Mom, am I a 'special needs kid'?"
It kind of threw me off guard.
I told Elsie that she did need a little extra help with things, but she will be able to do anything that the other kids can do.
That she is just a regular kid, and that she does need help with some stuff too.
Her eyes got wide and she smiled and said "You mean I can jump?!?1?"
It was so sweet.....genuine excitement at the thought of maybe someday being able to jump.
I told her that she will for sure be able to jump someday.
She can do anything she wants to.
I know she can.
It will take a lot more work....but she can and she will.
Elsie bug is my hero :)
After school, the boys came and started filling the hole up for Brent.
Max has been eager to do 'work' for Brent according to his mom.
Such a sweet kiddo.
So the boys didn't get it all the way filled, but they did cover the pipe up, so that was great.
I got to go on another run!
But I was cut short.
I had a dog run up to me and it was so scary......he was baring his teeth, and mad and I didn't know what to do!
Every time I moved it made him I stayed put.
I didn't know what I was gonna do.
He kept barking at me, but backed away a bit.
So I grabbed my phone and called Vern to come and pick me up.
Luckily she was home :)
Yikes, that was super scary.
He probably wouldn't have bit me if I would have just kept running, but it wasn't worth the chance.
Stairs guy finished getting the steps put in today.
Next he will put in the newell posts and rail in, and then I need to stain them.
Then he can put in the posts.
It's gonna be beautiful!
Randy Barnack and his wife came and visited this evening.
It was great for Brent to see him and talk for a bit.
He has been pretty good today, but hasn't gotten up very he is kinda stiff.
Hopefully we can get up and around more tomorrow.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday April 20

Drew and Heather came this morning to help some more.
I think they are getting close to being part-owners of the house :)
The stairs guy came and worked on stairs again.
He does good work.
It seems to take a long time....maybe that is just cause I am anxious.....
But he is very good with the finish work.
I am just so excited to see it all done!!!!
After getting Port home from school, I actually got to go for a run!
And on top of that....I got a shower!!!!
Big day for me ;)
Tonight I had Jen Zanelli and her daughter Becka surprise us and stop by with some pizza, root beer and a box full of donuts.
I can't even say how this made our evening go so much smoother!!!!!!
The PT called today to see if I could bring Madi in for a 5:00 appt.
So that was right in the time period that we would usually be having dinner.
Having that pizza, and not having to worry about anything....well it was so wonderful!
Madi had a deep tissue massage to being with at her appt.
Then she showed Madi some good stretches to be doing at least twice a day.
Then she hooked her up to a TENS (nerve stimulation) unit.
She left feeling a lot better then when she started.
But I am curious how she will feel in the morning :)
She wore a brace (dads old one) all day today and it really helped her with her posture, which in turn helped a lot with the pain.
She had a baggy shirt today, so I am not sure how often she will wear the brace.......
Even though I think it would be smart!
I need to look into finding one that will fit her.
This one is pretty big and digs into her hips.
Elsie got to work on her homework with daddy.
Always a big hit :)
She just loves her daddy so much and he makes her giggle.
A lot.
Later, after we came back home and had dinner, we went outside.
It was a beautiful night.
We decided to do some work together as a family.
Nothing big.
Spraying some weeds, trying to hose out voles from their holes, and taking the ducks and goose for a swim in the canal.
It was a nice night.
Good to get out and feel a little bit back to normal.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday April 19

We listened to some conference talks this morning before church.
That was really nice.
Everyone got ready and we headed out.
Dad was hurting pretty we left him home to rest.
He was having a harder day today.
Mornings seem rougher.
But he is doing better this evening.
Church was great for the rest of us.
Port was awesome and went to class even though it was a substitute.
Elsie was a stinker, not wanting to go......
But she would go if I let her take Wuvey.
I was desperate for some time to just sit and not have to take care of anything.....
Does that sound terrible?
Sorry if it does.
Anyway....I let her take Wuvey (just this time) and she went to class.
Oh, and guess what????
I actually made dinner tonight :)
Well, kinda.
I did use leftovers from the steak dinner we had the other night, and made steak fajitas.
Not too shabby :)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday April 18

Today we got a lot of work done.
Rooms clean, dishes done, clothes leaned and put away.
The kids were all really helpful.
Dad had a rough day today.
Stayed in bed a lot of it and didn't eat much.
 But he is feeling a bit better this evening.
So that's good.
Hopefully tomorrow will be an easier day.
Later in the day, Cassi went to Avery's house and they made a sweet treat.
And back at home Madi and Elsie made some lemon bars.
We also got a package int he mail today.
Dussy boy sent Elsie a Buffalo (Wyoming) flag.
They also sent some quilts that were made for our family by the Uinta Piecemakers.
How sweet is that?????
Dussy also sent us the newspaper that had our accident on the front page.
Always fun to get fun stuff in the mail :)