Friday, February 29, 2008

All is Good!!!

The doctor called. He said that there is no Cancer. He said it is a thing called Mammoplasia...which is just dense tissue. We will go in and talk to him more about the pathology reports in a couple weeks, but for now, everything is good and nothing to worry about.
Now I wish I hadn't posted about it, and make so many people worry. But my good friend Sarah said something to me...she said that "The prayers of many are sent differently to Heaven" (Brigham Young)
So thank you for all the prayers and for everyone who cares so much about me and my little family. We truly have the greatest Family and Friends!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A couple weeks ago I went into the doctor for a routine physical. The doctor found a lump in my left breast. She said it didn't seem like anything, but wouldn't feel good about not having me get it checked out just in case. So a week ago I went to get an ultrasound done....a few minutes after showing it to the radiologist they came and got me and said they would be doing a mammogram. During the mammogram the technician pulled me over to show me what all the concern was about. There was a weird shaped spot, with what looked like little grains of sand all around it. So they took a few images with the mammogram then took me back to do another ultrasound, cause now they knew where to look. We talked with the radiologist and he told us that he didn't like the way this looked. It was an abnormal nodule with calcification's. So he said that I should come in to do a core biopsy. So the next day, last Thursday, I went in for a core biopsy. He took 5 samples. We were hoping to hear the results by that Friday, but lucky us, we got to wait over the weekend. Well, Monday morning I called and was told that the results were in, but there wasn't a doctor available to give them to me yet. So I kept calling about every hour between the radiologist office and my doctors office to see if I could get the results. Finally, my doctor called. She said that the results came back benign, BUT...the radiologist didn't trust that result because of the way it looked and felt. So I was told now to get an exitional biopsy, and was given a name for a surgeon. I called the surgeon, made the appointment for Tuesday to go meet with him and talk about the procedure and schedule a time to operate. Lucky for us, they were able to fit us in for the next day, which was yesterday. Yesterday was a long day. Brent and I went in at 9:30. First I had to go to radiology to get a guide wire put in so that the surgeon would know exactly where to find it. Then I was taken to pre-op where they got me all ready for the surgery. My surgery was at took about an hour. After the surgery the Doctor went and told Brent that he got everything that he wanted to...He also said that he has seen the 'bad stuff' before, and this didn't look like that. So hopefully that is good news. Anyway, then after several hours of recovery Brent brought me home...that was about 5:30. Poor Brent had a very long while I was sleeping, Brent got the girls all ready for bed and then he came in to me so the girls could say goodnight. I am feeling good this morning. It feels like a really sore or torn muscle. The scar is about 2 inches, bigger than we thought, but he said it was pretty deep, and right by the muscle, so I would be sore. Anyway, just thought I would update and let everyone know what is going on. We should, hopefully, get the results back Friday. If not, we will have to wait over the weekend again! So hopefully that won't be the case. I put these pictures on so you could get a little laugh about the whole situation...I am obviously a little loopy, they had just started to give me the medication....yee haw...Brent got a good laugh at me! Something to lighten the mood!

Oh and P.S. THANKS so much to our friends Jenni, and Drew and Heather for taking our kids for so long the last few days....we had lots of people who wanted to help out, it is great to have such wonderful friends.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Madi goes to State!

This is the Paramount school newsletter and if you loOk at the bottom left hand side, you will see this....
Awesome job Madi!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Welcome Hallie Drew Young!
There are more pictures on my photo blog,
Isn't she beautiful!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Meg's Wedding

Our niece, Megan, got married this last weekend...and here are just a couple from the many, many pictures I took....

This is the spot Riley proposed to Megan
I just loved the boots...
Gotta love red roses
Elsie at the reception
Cassi trying on Mom's heels...
Cassi posing with a rose petal...
And I feel bad that this is the only picture I have of Madi...but I guess it proves what a help she was at the reception...right here she is feeding Elsie, but Madi had quite a few jobs at the reception, in between clearing the plates and cups from the table, it was also her job to restart the slideshow when it was done...she really is such a great little, I mean BIG girl!!! Before we know it, she will be the one getting married! AAHHHH!!!


So these are by far not my best work...but that doesn't mean that these three aren't the cutest little cousins in the world...
First, a few disclaimers....we had to use a dumb white sheet because my awesome white background paper is just not travel size, so just try not to look too close at the background...also...I couldn't use my favorite 50 mm lens cause I couldn't scoot back far enough...but still I think the pictures speak for themselves how crazy it was, and I hope you all can get a few laughs at of three 18 month old babies...are you kidding me!!! Oh well, makes for some good memories!!!

Our last resort were these least they are all sitting next to eachother, right?
Elsie is looking for Reagan's belly button
They were told to show there that is what Elsie is in the process of doing...

They were not happy at all...Elsie is wondering what all the fuss is about...just smile and it's over

Oh poor Abi
Elsie is not quite sure what to do...
A here are just a few of Elsie while we were trying to calm the other two down...

Cousins in Utah

The girls have so much fun with their cousins Of course these aren't all the cousins...but they had so much fun this Mom is in the process of turning my Grandmas old chicken coop into a family it is very large and spacious and so much fun for the kids, they even get their own kids area. It was a great trip!

Snow In Evanston

We just got back from another trip to visit families in Wyoming and Utah.
The girls had so much fun playing in the snow Evanston...there was a lot of snow to play in!!!
I tried to get Madi to jump up and down, cause the snow almost came to her waist...but it got too packed down!
Cassi's little feet were like everytime she would take a step she would sink right she found it easier to crawl around!
Madi wanted to take this picture for her teacher.
Cassi just loves Dolly
Climbing up the big snow pile...
Finally at the top...doesn't that look fun!!!
and after....
The girls thought that was a pretty good way to get in the door!

And Elsie got to watch inside with her sweet Grandma!
She really did enjoy Grandma Ene so much!!!
It was a great visit in Evanston...a little too short, but hopefully it will be longer next time!

I got in!!!

I will be running the Race to Robie Creek again this year, ready or NOT...and boy do I mean NOT!!! Less then two months left to train, and I am so not ready...but I will be running anyway!
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Brent on the ropes...

This week Brent has been teaching rope rescue stuff to the new recruits at the Boise Fire Department. Today they got to repel off the training tower...looks like fun, right?
Brent is the one with the blue hat telling the guy what to do
That is Brent repelling down
And then a fun one upside down...
Anyway...I guess I just think my man is pretty cool.

Monday, February 11, 2008

My SWEET Fireman!!!

I got my Valentines gift early...Brent came home from teaching a ropes class to the new recruits, and this is what he brought me...
Did anybody watch the news and hear about the flower truck that burned up???
About $50,000 worth of flowers destroyed! guessed man brought me BURNT flowers!!!He says these are the best two smells in the world...roses and smoke!
Gotta love my Fireman!
(Don't worry, Madi wasn't breathing...that is bad smoke)

I was able to pull out a dozen that weren't burnt...but they still smell like smoke so they are out in my garage right now, maybe they will air out enough to enjoy inside!

She isn't mad at me anymore for taking her 'fit' pictures!!!
Isn't she pretty?


Yep..they were fighting and got in trouble...will we ever pass this phase???
You can tell Cassi is well trained...even in time-out she will pose for pictures, Madi...not so much! She was ticked at me for taking pictures...but that is what I am here for, right!!!

I made them hug...the one of Madi hugging back didn't last for too long! Oh, I can't wait for the teenage years!!!

Just some fun picts of Elsie...we would put a little bit of water at the bottom, and she went crazy when the water came out.
She just woke up, so she looks a little crazy, but the girls thought it was so fun to watch her play with the I thought others might enjoy.