Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday May 31

Last day of school!!!!!
I can't believe this year went by so quickly!
It was a good year for everyone.
Elsie Rose had an amazing year, filled with amazing people.
I am so thankful for those who helped her do the best she could this year!
Mrs.Grayson and Miss. Jodie were both amazing.
They both have special places in our hearts forever.
And Elsie's class was amazing too.
I love everyone of those kids.
And I am hoping for lasting friendships....

So it wasn't roses and sunshine when the kids came home from their last day of school.
Apparently I am the worst Mom in the world for asking them to do chores on the last day of school.....
I pretty much fought back and forth with Madi and Cassi since they got home.
Sure makes me excited for summertime....(said with MUCH sarcasm....)
Anyway....once we had dinner things were okay.
The kids went out to 'help' with irrigation.
Tomorrow will be a busy day, cleaning up and packing for the trip.
I sure hope we have fun :)

I was wrong about the class that Brent is going to....
It isn't a confined space class.....he will be teaching that as soon as he gets home from this class.
This is a USAR class.
Urban Search and Rescue.
And this class is with the top of the top....with Utah Task Force 1.
They are one of 28 national teams in the nation.
These teams get deployed for any disaster across the world.....earthquakes in Chili, landslide in Turkey.
It's a big deal.
Brent says it's like Cassi getting to play Guitar with Taylor Swift.
He is very excited about it, and very happy that he is able to go!
His thumb is healing very well.
I think it's gonna be really great for him.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday May 30's almost out!!!
Crazy and exciting!
The kiddos are excited about their last day tomorrow.
They all have fun little gifts for their teachers, all bought gifts.
I kinda miss my crafting days.
I am sure those will come again, right????
Dad went to his dr appointment today.
The doc gave him the go-ahead for the confined space class.
So we are all gonna head out on Sunday, and stay with Dad in his hotel for a few days, and go and visit family and friends while Dad is in class.
I think it will work out nice.
The class is a 10 day class, so I don't think we will stay that long, but maybe til Thursday or Friday....
We will see how we feel :)
More irrigation today.
Gotta get it soaked for the time we will be gone.
There is still so much to do!
And the house is a disaster, but really, when is it not :)
Oh well.
Just gotta love life and all or it's craziness!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday May 29

I had to laugh when I looked out at these two taking scraps to the animals.
Port in his Transformer underwear.....and cowboy boots.
Pretty great combo :)
Today we went to the gym, then went and bought cupcakes for Elsie's birthday bash today.
I didn't have time to make them last night, so we just bought them.
I am becoming quite the slacker :(
After showering, I took the cupcakes to Elsie's class, where they were celebrating the summer birthdays.
Elsie was one of those kids.
It was a fun day for her.
They even read a book with a buffalo in it (one that I will have to get 'Chimpasneeze'....)
And the goody bag that the kids got, had a buffalo sticker on it too!
So it was an awesome day for Elsie!!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday May 28

 We had kind of a lazy day today.
Well, we still got stuff done, just not everything we would have liked to.
Dad stayed home from work.
Main reason, he can't fit his hand into the medical gloves.....
Plus, it have a sharp nerve pain that he feels every now and then.
He goes to see the Fire Department doc on Thursday to find out if he will be able to go to a confined space class next week that he has been so excited about going to!
I will be so sad for him if he is unable to go.
He will be sad too.
This is something he really wants to do!
But we will see.
They will be using jack hammers, crawling through confined spaces.....lots of different stuff that right now, seems pretty far fetched for him to be able to do.
We will see.
Tonight I watched the boys together.
They crack me up.
They are two peas in a pod.
Little boy has been rotten today, and I took his temp and it was 99.9.
I hope it doesn't turn into anything!
Hope he just needs sleep.
Dad found his old record player and Port was instantly in love.
It was so funny to watch his facial expressions while listening to "Fox and Hound".
He loved it!
So cute!
Cassi is teaching herself "Touch the Sky" from Brave.
She is doing really good.
I love to listen to her play....and she is getting even better now that she is better at practicing!
She is awesome at playing "Ring of Fore" and played for us a lot while camping.
Awesome stuff!
Oh, and before I forget to write it down....
Rodeo had more babies while we were camping.
Only thing is.......
Not sure how she got pregnant.
They are separated!!!
They were there when we got home, so not sure exactly when she had them.
But we checked them tonight, and they are still alive.
Keeping fingers crossed :)
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day, more productive day!



Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday May 27

We came home from camping a little earlier than we had planned.
We were going to go to the hot springs again, like we did on Monday....
But Dad severed the tip of his thumb yesterday morning with the axe, while chopping wood.
He and Porter were chopping wood for the morning fire, and dad was watching Porter so closely, you know to keep him safe :)
Well, Dad took his eyes off his own cut to make sure Port was being careful, and goes the tip.
A nice clean cut, too.
So this morning, we thought it would be best to get him back home and get it looked at.
And get a tetanus shot, since he was due for one.
We got home and got showered and Madi watched the kids while Dad and I ran to the ER, since they are the only choice on this Memorial Day holiday.
They took some xrays, and he just barely missed the bone.
Lucky guy!
They numbed it all up so they could get it cleaned up.
It bled so much while we were at camp, so it was a pretty clean.
But they made sure it looked good.
Then gave dad his shot, wrapped his thumb up and just told him to watch for infection.
He is a tough one.
And  lucky one.
I had night mares all night, thinking about what would have happened if he had cut an inch lower....or the whole thumb.
How easily he could have done that!
Makes me a little queasy!
The Young's called and invited us for dinner tonight.
We were happy to come, it seems like we haven't hung out with them very much, and the kiddos miss each other.
It was a rainy evening.
Most of the time we were indoors.
UNTIL....Port wanted to go swimming.
So he stripped down to his underwear and jumped in.
Silly boy.
Cassi wanted to get in too.
She wanted to in her clothes, but I told her she would be freezing.
Heather said she could borrow one of Aubree's, so she did.
They swan for a little bit.
They were warmer than us as we stood in the rain and watched them.
Silly kiddos!
Thanks guys for the invite!

Waiting for it to stop bleeding so they can wrap it up....
View from top.

View from bottom, and comparison.

Sunday May 26

Post to come....

Saturday May 25

Posting camping trip soon...

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday May 24

We are going camping tomorrow!
We are so excited....
We didn't go at all last year, I don't think...
So it will be good to get out.
For Dad and my date tonight, we did some shopping to fill up the trailer.
When we got home, the kids were excited about the fun things we got.
Port got a fishing pole.....and we got worms.
That was a big hit with Elsie and Cassi :)
They helped get stuff loaded.....there is still more to do in the morning.
But we had to get to bed!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday May 23

I have always known that my mood affects the family more than I would like.
But I guess it's not always a bad thing....if my mood is good and nice.
Usually it's not.
Usually I am bossy, impatient, busy, frustrated....
Please tell me I am not the only one????
But I am making a conscious effort....because I can see how BADLY I am affecting the way my kids treat each other.
And I need to change that.
I am focusing on nice and happy things with them.
Trying (so hard) not to yell at them.
It's rough....but today I think I am seeing some rewards from it.
Elsie had a major meltdown this morning.....I think she is completely worn out from this week.
I was patent and loving and talked nice to her and didn't rush her.
Eventually, she calmed down.
We figured out a way to get things going without me getting frustrated and mad.
Hopefully next time, with me acting that same way, we can get through it quicker and easier.
That's my goal :)
And Madi has been so helpful and nice....
I had to pick her up from school today right before lunch because she had a migraine.
As soon as we got to the house she ran to the bathroom and threw up.
Then she took a two hour nap.
She felt much better once she woke up, with just a dull headache.
We will take her to the doc tomorrow to see if there is anything we can do for her.
But she was helpful, nice, and pretty happy.
And I kinda think it stems back from me being nice and taking care of her when she wasn't feeling good.
I am guilty, and feel terrible that I am not very compassionate.
I mean, I am nice....but kind of have the 'toughen up, you'll be fine' attitude.
And they don't need that....they need to be loved.
(And so does Dad....)
Anyway, I think she felt loved and happy and in turn, was happy and helpful to me.
I love it.
Then Cassi had a meltdown.
She really wanted to go to the book fair tonight.
I have been asking her for about 5 days to clean her room.
It was still a disaster.
I knew I couldn't give in....she had to clean it.
I said it had to be clean before we could go.
She kept fighting with me, saying mean things, giving mean faces.
But I stayed calm.
I told her that since she was acting that way, we had to skip the book fair tonight.
Because she really needs to know that it is not okay for her to act like that.
She blew up at me....'worst mom in the world', screaming and stomping off.
Nothing new, except usually I am just as fuming as her.
But I stayed calm.
It wasn't but a minute later she came back to me, and melted like butter.
She knew how she acted was wrong.
She felt bad for what she said and she understood why I took that privilege away.
That never happens.
I usually have to go to her, and we have a talk and then it is better.
I was very proud of her for realizing how she acted, and coming to me right away.
I told her that if the morning went smooth, we might be able to go to the book fair before school tomorrow.
I hope we have a good morning :)
Now on to Porter.
I got him busy building Lego'sso I could make dinner....I love watching him and how he thinks when he builds.
Well, he dropped (accidentally) half of his 'invention' that he had been working hard on, got mad and slammed the other half on the floor and ran off to his room yelling "I give up!"
It wasn't too long after that he came back up crying and saying how he just had to 'give up' because it just wasn't working!
I told him that it is okay, that he was so smart and creative that the next thing he built would be even better.
It took him a minute, but I kept reminding him of some of the cool stuff he has built before, and how neat they were, and finally he wanted to try it again.
"Okay Mom, I won't give up."
When I put him to bed tonight I told him how proud I was that he didn't give up, that he kept trying.
I told him how smart he was and that his brain could think up some pretty cool stuff.
He was pretty happy to have a little bit of 'talk time' with me.
He has the best smile :)
He has a little set of Book of Mormon scriptures that he got when the church library was getting rid of stuff.
Well, about a week ago, he asked me to read to him out of that at night.
It has been fun talking to him about the stories we read (2-3 verses a night doesn't get you too far....)
But there are awesome little nuggets in there, even in just a few verses, that I can teach him about.
Pretty neat.
Tucking the big girls in bed, Madi read me one of the verses out of the scriptures that she was reading....
Cassi came in with us and we talked about it.
It was a nice little discussion.
When you not in a 'hurry' a lot of cool things can happen :) I am trying to turn myself around so that my kids and family can be happier and more loving to each other.
I am blessed to have this family of mine.
My husband who loves me so much and who wants to take care of and love our family.
My kids, even though they drive me nuts, they also make me smile and laugh and think and cry and want to be a better person.
 They deserve to have that better Mom, cause it's a pretty awesome family I have.
I gotta fit in and become an awesome Mom :)

Madi babysitting the kiddos while I clean the kitchen

Guitar practice for Cass

Elsie, doing her reading homework with Madi in her blanket fort she made :)

My sweet boy, concentraing on making a super cool crab robot

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday May 22

It was a very long and busy day....
Dad took some hours off today because Elsie wanted him to go to the zoo with her for her class field trip.
We all decided to go :)
The parent volunteers were assigned to other kids in the class to take care of while we were at the zoo.
Well, there we so many parent helpers....that each group had their own kid, and one other, maybe two.
So not too hard to keep track of the kiddos :)
We were assigned Lucy Little.
Elsie and Lucy are great friends.
Anyway....we got a late start to the bus, and then half way to the zoo, Mrs, Grayson forgot the zoo money, so they turned the bus around only to find out it was down deep in her purse the whole time :)
So we were a little late to the zoo, and had about 1 hour and 15 minutes to go through the zoo.
Not much time....but we did it.
I think we saw most everything.
The kiddos had a lot of fun.
After the zoo, we all gathered at the Discovery Center.
It sure is a cool place to go.
There were so many fun hands on things for the kids to do.
It was fun watching them (and dad, he was having as much fun as the kiddos :)
After the Discovery Center, we walked across the bridge to a park and had our lunches and played for a while before they all loaded the bus again.
When we got home, I got Port down for a nap.
Then we did a few chores around the house...mostly laundry.
Tonight was activity days.
We took the girls to the temple and took pictures of them....which they will be scrap booking at our next activity.
I think it was a fun activity.
The girls enjoyed it.
Little did I know it would be one of my last activities with them....cause after that, Brent and I met at the church where I received a new calling.....
You will have to wait to find out.
But I have a feeling I will be kept pretty busy.
After that, we ate dinner together as a family, then dad headed off back to work.
It really was so great to have him here on such a busy day.
It would have been a horribly terrible headache of a day if he wasn't around :)
And we are excited that we are actually gonna go camping this weekend!!!!!
It seems like forever since we have been out camping.
It will be a short trip, but we knew we had to take the opportunity now.
Cause June is already really really busy....don't know when we will be able to get out next.
I am excited and I think it will be a good thing for our little family right now.