Friday, May 17, 2024

Thursday May 16

Garden things happening, and it’s exciting!
More Winnie time 💕
She put special things into vases…. Her Kinder car and Bumpas broken watch 😂
Took some photos of cass for her to post about her gig she got at Stella’s ice cream on Friday!
So exciting!!!!


Wednesday May 15

Watercolor Wednesday with Winnie 💕
Winnie is finally home from their little family vacation!!!
We sure missed her!
For YWs we set tents up to check and make sure they are all good to go 👍🏼


Tuesday May 14

Elsie has her last choir concert. 
It was a fun concert…. They cashed it the Eras concert.
They sang song from different decades…. And it was really fun!
Elsie’s group dressed up in 70s clothes. 
She did a great job 💕


Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Monday May 13

It was a beautiful sunrise and sunset today!
I worked on garden stuff…. Laying down cardboard to kill off grass so I can plant flowers, etc.
I also leveled out the garden boxes. 
I’m excited!
Cassi has a gig to play her music this weekend, so she’s been practicing. 
Pretty exciting 🥰


Monday, May 13, 2024

Sunday May 12

I can’t believe it’s been a couple weeks since I added to the blog 😣
Man….. so ready to get out of the habit when life gets busy!
It was Mother’s Day.
We actually celebrated last week since the Swansons are out of town this week and dad is in shift. 
But it was still a nice day. 
Cass came try church with Elsie Port and I.
Port blessed the sacrament for his first time. 
He did great. 
After church we just chilled. 
The girls and I went for a walk in the evening. 


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