Monday, July 30, 2018

Monday July 30

Today was all about getting all the Trek stuff gathered.
After I got a good run.
And Dad mowed the field....
Dad has to work tomorrow and Wednesday and won't get back until we leave Thursday morning.
So he needed to get done everything he needed to get done.
I think we are all set!
I am pretty excited.
This evening, the Capells invited us over to swim at their pool.
We had a fun night.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sunday July 29

It was such a nice Sunday today.
Port and Cassi went to choir.
Church was great.
We had a combined 5th Sunday meeting with all the adults.
We talked about raising a multi-generational family in the church.
How we can be better parents for these children in these days.
How can we be better about having healthy habits and Righteous rituals.
How we can be better at choosing the best over good or better.
I think it was a very good lesson.
After church, Dad made us an awesome steak dinner.
Then Dad and I had a trek meeting.
We got to get the names of our families and learn some more stuff.
It really will be an awesome experience!!!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Saturday July 28

We got up and got packed up.
I drove to Nephi to swim at the Hotel with Nancy, Miley and Haisley.
I left Dad and the big girls at the Hotel in Manti, and Russ, Heather and Lauren met up with them.
hey went to the Manti temple and did Baptisms.
What a great opportunity for them :)
I am glad they got to do it.
I don't know when they will ever be to that temple again anytime soon.
Swimming was fun.
I got to go for an unexpected swim.
Poor Hais got a little deeper than she should have and her poor head was up and down in the water.
It was pretty scary, Port was trying to swim to her, but I jumped in with my clothes on and got to her right before Port did.
She was a brave little one and took a little breather outside the water for a minute and then spent the rest of the time having a jolly good time with Elsie on the stairs :)
When they got done at the temple, they drove to Nephi and met up with us.
We got the kids out and dressed and then headed on our way.
It was a good drive.
The kids did pretty good considering it is a longer drive than usual.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday July 27 (add more pictures)

It has been a  fun full day!
We left Emmy's a little after 8 and got to Manti about 9:40 or so.
It was an all white wedding, so we went in the temple and got changed, then all met in the sealing room.
It was a beautiful sealing and Kaleb was so cute the way he looked at Sandy :)
After the sealing, we took pictures.
Then drove to Fountain Green for the luncheon,
A yummy dutch oven dinner.
Then back to the hotel in Manti to check in and rest for a little bit.
About 6, we headed back to Fountain Green for the reception.
It was a beautiful night and Sandy will make a great addition to our family!
Now we are nestled up in our hotel room :)

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Thursday July 26 (add pictures)

Awesome day at Lagoon!!!!!
But man we are tired!!!!
We met up with Lauren and hit the gates running!
I think the big girls got all the rides done.
They started with the Cannibal.
Man, that was a crazy one!
Then Dad and the boy talked me into doing the Sky Coaster.
That is a giant swing thing that you are strapped to and then pulled way up high (like 150 feet) and then dropped and you are free falling for a few seconds!
Man oh man!
Was that a rush!!!!!
Then we did the Ferris Wheel with the little ones, and they really enjoyed that 
Port was a rock star and loved all the rides!
He and Dad were partners for most of the time.
Elsie was hesitant, but she did go on a few.
She tried the Tidal Wave, and she did not like that!
The mix of the screaming and the way it makes your tummy feel!
But I was so proud of her, right after that, she was willing to go on the Puff the Fire dragon ride.
She was still kind of terrified, but she also loved it!
She also did the Terroride ride.....which was pretty spooky, but she loves spooky :)
She loved the train because we got to see A WHITE BISON!!!!!!
That was a fun part of the day :)
The big girls had a lot of fun running from ride to ride.
It was a good time!
I have lots of fun pictures, that someday will make it on this post...…
But for now, we are going to bed!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Wednesday July 25 (add pictures)

We spent the morning hanging out with the Terry's.
Then we got all packed up and loaded. 
We headed to Utah a little after lunch.
The drive went great.....a little traffic here and there, but not bad.
We got to endE and Elsie got to open her awesome presents from Emmy! 
There amazing Buffalo shirts, one cut stuffed Buffalo in a can, and a new Ivy and Bean book to read.
She was a happy girl!
We tried to get to bed early, it's gonna be a long day tomorrow!!!!
They are gonna need their energy!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Tuesday July 24 (add pictures)

It was a fun full day at Roaring Springs with the Storms family!
I worked out before we headed to the park.
The kids had so much fun and I know that Port and Cassi got our money's worth out of that park! 
They will be tired tomorrow!
Poor Elsie got her legs all scuffed up :(
She loved it in the kiddie section, but it was shallow water, so she drug her legs and knees.
So now they are all scuffed!
But she is a tough one.
We spent a lot of time in the lazy river, which was her favorite.
Port loved the Avalanche ride.
I went on that with Cassi and I thought I might die!!!!!
It was a really fun time and a great day to play in water all day.
We got there at 11:30 and left at 7!
Man oh man, Elsie bug was tired!
We got home right when the Terry's pulled in the driveway.
They are here to check out a house they are wanting to buy, so they will be staying here for a few days.
They will watch our animals for us since we will be gone.
It was fun to be able to play with them for a little bit this evening!
But before long, they will be back here for good!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Monday July 23 (add swim pictures)

Man....I almost went to bed and realized I didn't blog yet!
Today I got editing done and did A LOT of laundry.
I have been putting it off since girls camp, and the pile has grown!
We are gonna need clothes for our upcoming trip!
The boys hung out all day.
And Cassi and Avery made music videos all day :)
Elsie got reading done and then she had Speech therapy and PT.
She worked really hard at both.
We got home and we didn't get home until 6 because of traffic!!!!
We had dinner and then the Morgan's invite us over for a neighborhood swim.
It was a fun night.
Tomorrow we got to Roaring Springs with the Storms family.
'It is gonna be a good time.....and I am gonna be tired!!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday July 22

Elsie got to graduate from the primary today!
She got to come to Beehives with me!
It was cute to see her up at the Podium as Bishop announced her advancement.
Then in Primary, dad and I got to go and share her Christlike qualities wit the primary kids.
Most of all, Elsie loves unconditionally.
She gives all her love.
She is a great friend to have and she brings joy and light to others.
She is also patient, hard working, kind.
As she walked out of the primary room, on a red carpet, the primary sang her favorite primary song, Peace in Christ.
In Young Woman's we sang our medley of birthday songs that we sing :)
Then we split into classes.
I taught the Beehives about how we can truly receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
They were challenged to find some time this week to have some quiet time, a time which will make it easier to feel the spirit's promptings.
After church we had some guests for dinner.
Dad's cousins, Adam Eastman and his family have lived here for almost two years now......and we finally had them over to dinner!
They live in Wilder and we have had a hard time getting together!
It was a fun night getting to know them and enjoying time together .
It ended up being another late night.
Man oh man, we may never catch up on sleep!!!!!! 

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Saturday July 21

Dad, Cassi and Porter started on yard work when I went running.
Elsie and Madi cleaned up inside.
Elsie unloaded and loaded the dishwasher by herself....first time she had ever done both of those at the same time!
Big 12 year old now!
Around 11:30, Madi went to hang with Sydney and I left with Elsie.
It was her baseball picnic.
We had a fun time.
She got to hang out with Sierra and they got trophy's too.
We stopped by Walmart to pick up watermelon because we went to the Young's house.
We got home to a beautiful yard all mowed and trimmed and nice :)
Thanks to Dad and Port and for Cass mowing the lawn!
Then we all got ready and went to the Youngs.
WE swam for a while then had dinner, then swam some more :)
It is always a fun time when we hang out with them.
It seems like it is so hard to get everyone together, but I am glad we were able to hang out tonight!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday July 20

Happy Birthday sweet Elsie Rose!!!!!
I can't believe little Elsie bug is 12 years old!!!!!!
She woke up so happy and said she definitely felt 12!
I went for a run.
When I got home, Madi took the kids to go get snow cones.
It was only 10:00, but I had to get the kids out of the house so the Beehives could come and decorate Elsie's rom!
The snow cone shack wasn't open yet, so they tried Zumberry.
They weren't open yet either!
So they went to Sonic :)
While they were gone, Ms Dynka came to visit!!!!
I was so sad!
The last three years she has come to visit Elsie on her birthday, but Elsie has always been gone!
But she left a fun present for her and we will be sure to visit her once school starts!
Elsie came home and was so excited when she saw the room decorated!!!
We had lunch and then we went swimming.
The one thing Elsie wanted to do for her birthday was go swimming.
The Morgan's are out of town, but they let us use their pool.
She would have stayed for several hours...that girl needs a pool of her own!!!!!
After 3 hours, we thought maybe we should get out and take showers and have dinner.
We had mac and cheese for dinner :)
Of course!
Then we drove to the fire station to see Dad.
We had cake and ice cream with the guys.
Then we opened presents.
A giant jar of pickles form Porter.
Some fun hair bows from Cassi.
A new hammock swing from Madi.
From Mom and Dad, we had two big surprises.
One was a wallet with a note inside saying that we were gonna go to Yellowstone!
That is the secret trip that we have planned the second week of August.
She was pretty excited about it!
But I don't think anything will ever top the reaction we got with her last gift.
She has been talking about wanting a phone.
How Madi and Cassi both got phones when they were 12. a 12 year old doesn't need a phone!!!!!
But I liked the idea of her being able to text us and other family members.
So we took one of our old phones, did a factory reset, and got a new case for it.
We downloaded a texting app, and now it just works like an ipod.
So she needs WiFi for it to work.
Anyway, we had that all wrapped up, and when she opened it.....oh my goodness!!!!!
Best reaction ever!
I CANNOT believe we didn't record it!
It was amazing!!!!!
She was so excited!
She couldn't believe it.
And then she started crying.....happy so excited crying!
Adrenaline built up crying.....
Oh I am SO MAD it isn't recorded!!!!!
But it was amazing!
We stayed at the station for a bit, then we met up with neighbors at Sonic....for more 1/2 shakes and ice cream :)
Man we are tired here!!!!!!
It was a pretty great day!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Thursday July 19

Dad left for work this morning.
I went to class at the gym.
When I got home, the kiddos helped me get stuff clean around the house.
Port had a rough time.
The boys came over to hang out and he didn't want to.
He was stuck by my feet all day.
He's been feeling major anxiety etc lately.
I had a talk with him and we decided that the boys could come over after lunch for just a little bit.
Then Vern invited him to go to Urban  air, it is a trampoline park/laser tag/zipline paradise!
I didn't think Port would want to go, but I told her I would ask him.
He was so excited and he went with the boys around 3, and they didn't get home until after 9!
It was definitely good for him to get out of the house today!!!!!
Elsie and I worked on cleaning her room and we even rearranged it :)
Madi worked on art stuff and Cassi cleaned her room.
Madi dropped me off to pick up the suburban with it's new tires.
I had to grab some toilet paper and a few other necessities before coming home.
This evening I got a lot of work done in the garden.
I need to go and get some wrapping done now for a certain someone's birthday tomorrow!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Wednesday July 18

I went for a run this morning.
Then we got some stuff done at home before taking the little ones to the Nielsen's house.
Dad and I went and volunteered to serve lunch at BYS today.
It was fun seeing the girls.....and fun that our girls aren't embarrassed of us :)
Back at home and I made a grocery list for Dad, and he and Porter took the suburban in to get new tires.
And they did the grocery shopping for me :)
The girls came home and they were both exhausted!
We had dinner together as a family...…that's been a long time!
Then the big girls and I went to Young Woman's.
We played slip-n-slide kickball.
It was a lot of fun.
It's fun to get in there and play with the kids :)
I gave Sierra a push a few times around the bases as well!
When we got home we had a little mini date, Dad and I.
We rode in his old truck on the canal road and saw the sunset...…and then picked up a vanity from the Morgan's that they don't need anymore and we will fix up for the upstairs bathroom :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tuesday July 17

We had to take separate trips to the gym today, since we don't have any big girls to babysit :)
I got some editing done, but then had to take a nap!
Still trying to catch up on lost sleep I guess!
We took the little ones to go see 'Incredibles 2' and it was such a good show!
We loved the first one and the second one is a fun one too :)
Elsie loves Hotel Transylvania, so she was excited about the cardboard cut out in the lobby!
Then we went to Olive Garden, kind of as Elsie's birthday dinner celebration.
Even though we didn't have the big girls with us...…..
We won't really have another good time to do it because Dad goes on shift, then we get ready to head out of town again.
So it worked out to go tonight.
Then we had pack meeting tonight.
Port's leaders didn't get the order put in in time, so he didn't get anything this time...…but he will get twice as much next time :)
We came home and watched 'America's Got Talent' until bedtime.
Missing the big girls, but I sure hope they are having a really great time :)

Monday, July 16, 2018

Monday July 16

I got the girls up so they could get ready for BYS.
Then I went for a run.
When I got home, Port wanted to join me and take the girls to the Taco Bell arena.
They were so excited!
Port has been very clingy lately.....not wanting to hang out with friends and not wanting to leave mine or Dads side.
He is acting a lot like Cassi when she had the major episodes of anxiety.
But I think I am better equipped to help him now than I was with Cassi.
Anyway, we got home and got some stuff done at home.
Port helped Dad get stuff done in the field.
And also help him fix some stuff on the shop.
Elsie and I met up with Stacia and Kyra.
Kyra won't be here on Elsie's birthday and she wanted to take Elsie out to lunch.
And they picked Mad Mac, very fitting :)
Elsie loved it and it was a fun time.
When we got back home I could not even keep my eyes closed.
I am guessing my lack of sleep is catching up with me!
So I had to take a nap.
When I was sleeping, Port and Dad went and helped our neighbor guy with some more work in his field.
Then Elsie and I went to a speech evaluation at Kaleidoscope, where she does PT.
We will do a 6 week (I think) thing and I think that will be a good thing for her!
Elsie and I went shopping so we could find her a birthday dress.
We got home and Dad made us dinner.
Then we cleaned up the house and sat down and watched American Ninja Warrior (with Port cuddled as close as he could be) until bedtime.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday July 15

We all had a good sleep-in this morning :)
We all needed sleep!!!!!
The girls all wore braids today....all the girls that went to camp :)
Madi got to get up and talk again about her experiences at camp.
Church was great.
After church, Elsie got to have her bishops interview to move on to YW.
Next week!!!!
How exciting is that?????
After church I had the opportunity to take some family reunion pictures for a friend who's family were only all in town at the same time for a few hours today.
It was perfect weather for it too.
The big girls leave tomorrow for BYS.
They will have a fun time, but I am not sure they have made up on the sleep they need yet!
Oh well, there's always next week, ha ha :)

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Saturday July 14

Back from camp and there is so much to talk about!
Such a great time!!!!!
I will just write about what happened today since getting home from camp.
I will write about this morning when I write about camp :)
We got home around 11:45.
We got home and had lunch, got unpacked and showered.
I actually didn't shower yet, because Dad and Porter were working on the tree fort, and I helped them out.
It is gonna be a fun thing for Port to have.
Dad even talked about putting a slide there that ends in the canal :)
How fun would that be!
But that would have to be removable.....because I don't think the irrigation guy would approve that!
Then we got showered, and Dad and Port returned some redbox movies and picked up chicken for dinner.
Madi and Cassi ran to Platos again, hoping to find more long shorts.
They leave on Monday for BYS (Boise Youth Spectacular).
Man this summer is crazy!!!!!
And I need sleep!!!!!!

Wednesday July 11-Saturday July 14 (add pictures)

Will write about it later when I have caught up on sleep!!!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tuesday July 10

What a day!!!!!!
I got up early, too early, to go running with my friend Makenna.
She took me to camels back to run hills.
Man....they were tough!
But it was a lot of fun and it feels good to have that done!
Madi headed up to camp with all the other YCL's.
I got home and worked on laundry.
When dad got home from the gym, we got showered up and Dad and I took a little trip to Pinetop.
We went to go and set up the backdrop that I made.
It was about an hours drive.
A fun little day-date :)
After setting up the backdrop, we went into Idaho city for a sandwich and ice cream.
We came back into town, and then we had to drive out to Star because we forgot that all our sleeping bags and mats were in the trailer.
But they were done with it, so we hooked it up and brought it home anyway.
So that worked out.
We stopped at Walmart to grab my inhaler prescription and a few other odds and ends.
Then when I got home, I went straight to a cooking class.
I went with my VT sisters, and it was a lot of fun.
I can't wait to cook the yummy meal for my family!
I got home and girls had started dropping off camp gear at my house.
Then I was finally able to get packed up too!
I think we are ready!
Poor Port is having a rough time.
He is worried about sleeping at the Morgan's, knowing we aren't back at home.
He will be fine, it just breaks my heart when he is so sad :(
So it will be a few days before I write again.
I will be keeping track of my days in my actual paper journal.
It's gonna be a fun week!!!!!
Wish us luck!

Monday, July 09, 2018

Monday July 9 (add pictures)

It was such a hot day today!
I went for a run, the first couple miles with Porter again.
The kids got the lawn mowed. 
After that, Spencer came over and they did another float down the canal :)
Dad got the field mowed and then he furrowed it.
Then he headed to Clapson's field to dig some post holes for him.
I took Elsie to PT, and she worked really hard.
We did some really great stretches for her too.
I got lots of laundry done......gotta get packed up for girls camo!
Koy and Titan came over, and then we all went swimming at the Morgan's.
Sherrie and Everly joined us there.
Then this evening we had a fun party at Bubbles, celebrating the deck being done!
We sure love all these people that we get to have in our lives!!!!!
Lots of pictures to add, but it is late.
I have an early morning run, so we gotta get to bed.
Madi leaves for camp tomorrow too.
We are gonna have so much fun!!!!!

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Sunday July 8

Madi gave a wonderful talk in Sacrament meeting today about the freedoms we have and about how we can show gratitude.
It always amazes me how well she writes.
Church was good.
I taught my class about the Covenants we made at Baptism.
I really do enjoy teaching , in the way that it helps me to learn and grow.
I still don't think I am a good teacher……oh well.
Port was bummed today when we found out that he in fact only gets to have Dad to himself for one full day during girls camp.
Dad is coming up for the first night, and staying for the hike on Thursday.
Port was sad all day about that.
But I told him that he will still have a lot of fun with Dad.
After church, Cass and Porter made a cake, just for fun.
I laid on top of Madi while she laid on the couch :)
Later on, Elsie, Porter and I went and checked out the railings on Bubbles deck.
It looks so good!
We are having a 'deck party' tomorrow night with the neighbors, and it will be a fun time :)

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Saturday July 7

I was not in the mood to go for a run this morning.
But I knew, for my sanity, I needed to get out there :)
It was supposed to be a long run.
So, my plan was to run away from home in a straight line, so that I would have to come back the same way :)
I ran 5 miles from home....then I had to run back.
The first 5 miles were pretty brutal!
But the second half was pretty good.
Except for my extreme thirst!
I thought for a minute that I might try for 12, but I needed a drink too badly, so I went home.
Then I lost my motivation to get back out there :)
While I was gone, Madi got the kids going on cleaning the house.
So that was nice :)
Thanks Bell!
I worked on some camp stuff.
Madi and Cassi went shopping.
I took Porter to Walmart to make a return, but Elsie wanted to stay home.
She said she was big enough.
So I left her (but did let Vern and Bubble both know she was home alone :)
She did a great job home alone....watching 'When calls the heart'.
Later on, Madi and Cassi washed her car.
Then they blew up the tubes and went floating on the canal.
Why have we never done that before????
They loved it and had a lot of fun.
Boy, was it hot today!
This evening, I took the kids to Sodalicious.
Porter has been bugging me about going, so we went.
A thanks to them for cleaning the house :)
We got home, and there was a cow out!!!!!
We got him back in, but have no idea how he got out!
Hopefully no more of that least until after Dad get back home!
I remember that Porter has no church pants that fit him.
So he and I ran to Walmart again.
Boy, that kid is hard to shop with!!!!!
Begs for everything!
We also bought secret sister stuff for girls camp.
Getting closer and closer to being ready for camp!!!!!!!

Friday, July 06, 2018

Friday July 6

Well, the little ones all slept good.
Cassi and Avery, I don't think they got much sleep.
I think I caught them taking 3 different naps throughout the morning!
I made them muffins for breakfast, per Kyra and Elsie request.
A little later on, I took Elsie to the dr to make sure her cough wasn't anything more than just allergies.
And that is what it is, just allergies.
So that is good, but doesn't help the cough :(
The Hall boys came over for a few hours, then they (Port, Cannon, and Hall boys) went over to the Halls and went swimming.
We took the railings over to Bubbles house.
WE also took out the bathroom vanity from the Morgan's basement.
Their basement flooded several weeks ago and they have been getting it all fixed down there.
They needed help taking out the old vanity, so we helped :)
I picked up some pipe for the camp background.
Then Dad helped me make a frame for it to stand-up once we get to camp.
Then we got showered up and he took me out to the movies and dinner.
We went and saw Jurassic World, which wasn't super great for either of us :(
But that's okay, it was fun to get out.
And then we went to the RAM for dinner :)
It felt like a busy/not busy day today.

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Thursday July 5

Madi left for work and Dad and I left for the gym.
The little ones were just waking up when we left.
After the gym, Dad finished pressure washing Bubbles deck railing.
Then we got them all painted with a new coat of paint.
It will look so when it gets all put back together up there :)
We had some surprise visitors :)
Pat showed up with some a couple of her family members to show the house.
It was fun to see them.
And I could have been totally embarrassed at the state my house was in.....but, oh well :)
It's summer, and we are outside most of the time and no one picks up their mess when they come inside!
So the place is a disaster!
But it was fun to show it and remember what the house used to be like.
It's been a while since someone has come to the house that hasn't been in it before!
Once it got too hot outside, we did come inside and get some inside stuff done.
Got stuff tidied up and Dad even cleaned the fridge out :)
Later on in the evening, we went swimming at the Morgan's.
The kids informed us that we have a tradition of having a sleepover the night of the 4th.
I am not sure if that has been every 4th of July......but anyway......they insisted that it must be done!
So tonight, we have three Morgan kids over.
Cassi and Avery are in their own tent.
Porter and Cannon are on the trampoline.
Elsie and Kyra are in Elsie's room.
Should be a fun night.
Poor Kyra got 15 bug bites just sitting out on the swing!
Good thing she is sleeping indoors, or she might get eaten alive!!!!!