Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday October 31 (add Halloween pictures)

It has been a busy day!
Porters class party in morning.
I dressed in Madi's Rae I would match with Port as Kilo Ren :)
Then I took Madi to the DMV to get her license.
She was so nervous!
But she did awesome and passed the test!
We now have another driver.... which will actually help me out a lot :)
But it also stresses me out!
Dad was helping Aaron and Madi and I had to wait soooooooo long (over 2 hours) at the DMV.
I had to leave to get to Elsie's class dad came and swapped me at the DMV.
I left to get dressed as Pascal and head to her class.
She played a few games before we left for PT.
They were all dressed up at PT.
Katie was cruella Deville and the rest of the staff was Dalmatians.
So cute!
I brought Elsie home, took Cassi to the store and then to Lily' s.
Madi' s friends came over for a little party she is having.
We left with the little ones to trick or treat for a little while.
Now we are home watching a movie with the little ones while Madi and her friends are watching thier own movie.
I fell like it is gonna be a late night......
I hope everyone is alert for school tomorrow!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday October 30

It was a lovely day at church today :)
Great talks.
Great meetings.
Also, Dad told me that Elsie read out loud in class!!!!!
Well, she kind of tricked herself into doing it.
She volunteered to help Sierra, and so she read it out loud so Sierra could repeat.
So sweet....and we are so proud of her!
After church, Cassi and I had a Beehive presidency meeting.
Then when we got home, our home teachers came over with a great lesson about choosing to keep the commandments.
So we can be happy :)
Then Elsie, Cassi and I went to choir.
I have fun there.....I just wish I could read music and actually sing!
But it is fun.
And so cute to watch Elsie help out Sierra.
While we were gone at choir, the boys put together their very own robots.
Pretty cool actually.
One guy they cut the top off an old toothbrush.
Then they took the vibrate thing out of an old phone, used a battery out of an old key fob, then worked their magic with some wire and made their own little robot bug!
Pretty darn cool.
The other one Port calls the 'Slug Mobile'......
It was a bit large for the motor he put on it, but it did move, at a very slow pace.
It is fun to see the ideas that this boy has and that Dad is there and willing and knows how to help him make it happen!
After dinner we listened to President Monson's talk from the Sunday morning session, The perfect Path to Happiness.
I love that talk. Short and simple and to the point.
He says that we should 'Plant your feet on the path that will safely lead you home!'
I just love that quote!
Also, we can't just believe in him.
We have to actually WORK!
Work towards being the best we can be.
Follow the commandments, choose the right.
Pres. Monson also said that the Plan of Happiness 'is the one perfect plan to peace and happiness.'
We also watched a Random Acts, then got the kids off to bed early!
I know it will be a let night tomorrow........
So they all need good sleep!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Saturday October 29

Got some chores done around the house.
And guess what?
My dryer broke.
It is getting kind of ridiculous around here!
Am I doing laundry the wrong way?????
Why do things keep breaking!!!!!
Anyway, turns out it is a fuse that needs to be replaced.
So we ordered that and it should be here Monday.
Good thing we still have our clothesline hanging across the basement ceiling. :)
The kids started raking/playing in leaves while Madi and Dad cleaned out her car.
Port had his first Y-ball game today.
It was so fun!
The first quarter you could tell he had no idea what he was supposed to be doing!
His little confused face made me so sad :(
But he was trying so hard to get it all figured out and he did!
Once he did that, he was great :)
And so darn cute!!!!!!!!
We came home and got some other stuff done.
Kids played and then we ordered some pizza for dinner.
Port got his personal pizza he got for reading.
Madi went with friends and we watched 'Astronaut Farmer' with the rest of the fam.

Can you see what Dad's got growing on his face.
(He is sitting in the backgound)
It takes me a while to adjust to the upper lip facial hair.......

Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday October 28 (add pictures!)

It was a fun night at the ward trunk or treat.
After school, everyone got ready and dressed.
Then after dinner we went for dessert, games and then the trunk or treat.
Our ward is so very large!!!!!!
There were SOOOOO many people and it was kind of ridiculous to try and rotate between places.
But the kids all had a good time and they got a lot of candy and treats and hopeflly they will all sleep tonight!
Afterwards we went and played games with the Morgans, Edwards and Nielsons.
It was a good time for everyone.....but it is so late now!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday October 27 (add butchered cow pictures later...... :)

The mobile butcher came today to get the cows.
Stacia dropped her little ones off at our house early because she had an appointment, and I warned her the kids might get a show.
They all stood out on the deck and watched the guy shot the cows down.
Then they periodically watched what he was doing before we left for school.
It was actually quite fascinating!
So I kept Porter home the first half of the day.
He is usually a early riser, but he was still asleep when Stacia dropped her kids off after 8.
He said his tummy hurt when he woke up.
He didn't have a fever or anything.....but given the junk we had going around last week, I didn't want to chance him throwing up at school.
BUT....once he was home, he was eating fine and acting fine.
So I took him with me for some errands, then took him back to school after lunch.
Then I had a visit with my VT before the kids came home.
I got a lot of picture editing done this evening, so that is good.
Now I need to finish putting together the backdrop for the ward trunk or treat photo booth tomorrow.
And get my Pascal costume ready to go with my Elsie Rapunzel :)
I have pictures.......but they are of the cows being butchered.......
So maybe I will add those at a later time for just our memory :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wednesday October 26

Dad and I went to go door shopping this morning.
While we were out, we also voted.........
Our hours spent looking for doors we unfruitful :(
I found one I like, but I don't like the price.
So we will still keep looking.....
Drew came over again with a few more doors :)
Woo hoo!
Have I mentioned how much I love my cupboards yet????
Brent also got the gun out and we had some shooting fun!
After school, I got Elsie ready for her Activity Days Halloween party.
So I do have a wig for her...
But the more I thought about it, I am pretty sure she won't keep the thing on!
So I used today as a trial day for something other than the wig.....
I put her hair in ponies, then used the hair extension pieces that Madi used to use to lengthen out her hair.
I worked perfectly!
And she loved it so much!
She looks so darn cute!
Now I wish I had a non-store bought costume.....cause they are not my favorite.
But it sure did make my life a lot easier.
See, I am learning these things :)
While I was picking up Elsie, Dad and Port made dinner.
Port was solely in charge of the pancakes and he rocked it!
He even attempted to make me a heart pancake :)
My sweetest boy  <3 p="">
Then this evening we had mutual.
The Beehives and Miamaids watched the Face to Face with Studio C.
It was a great broadcast.
They had a lot of great things to say.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday October 25

So it has been a long day........
Elsie was up at 2:30.
She didn't go back to sleep until 5:30.
One of my threats while begging her to sleep was that I was gonna keep her home from school!
For most kids, that is not a threat, but for Elsie.....she was super sad!
My plan was to let her sleep as long as she could in the morning, then take her late to school.
But then she was back up at 7!
That is not enough sleep for a girl to have!
So I kept her home.
Funny thing.....Port woke up last night too.
He actually wakes up every night and comes and sleeps in our floor.
I know.
A habit we thought we broke, but every time we go out of town it seems to happen again.
When I was up there with Elsie, I figured I was going to have to stay in her room before she would go to sleep.
Elsie doesn't share her bed, so I was out getting couch cushions to throw on the floor.
I was in the front room when Port comes out of his room, almost running.
I said 'Hey!'
And he hit the deck as fast as I have ever seen anyone!
It was pretty comical!
I scared his pretty bad.
I convinced him to get back in his bed and I would come and check on him once Elsie calmed down.
Well, I went back and forth for about 30 minutes before Port was back asleep.
Then back to Elsie for the rest of the time.
Dad took Port to school on his way to go help Aaron again.
I kept Elsie home, which she was not happy about!
I was having a hard time I put a movie on for Elsie and I got myself a nap.
I thought for sure Elsie would fall asleep too.......
She did get lots of reading done today.......
But she is excited to get back to school tomorrow!
Once Madi got home from school, I ran to the store to run the errands I was planning to run today.
I got Elsie's costume and supplies for Cassi to make her costume.
Then after school, Port went to a birthday party for Corbin,
I dropped Port off at his party and totally forgot about Joanne coming over for speech.
Cass and her friend Lily hung out and did speech with Elsie until I got there.
Elsie worked hard and they all had fun :)
Cassi and Lily hung out to make their costumes together.
They are going to be Dory and Nemo :)
After dinner, I left to RS.
It was a great night.
We had a lesson by Charleen Tanner (I think)......
She teaches parenting classes, and she is so good!
She gives free classes every week in Nampa and I really want to go!!!!!!!
Dad picked Port up from the party early so he could go to basketball....
And thank goodness it is late start tomorrow, because it turned into a late night around here!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday October 24

Dad went and helped his friend, Aaron hale, all day today.
I just got the laundry done from our trip and got grocery shopping done.
Drew and Heather came over too and we got a couple more doors hung!!!!!
Woo hoo!!!!!
Thanks guys!!!!
You totally rock!
I just love my cupboard doors!
And I will love them more when they are all finished and painted!
When dad got home, he and Port went and fixed the electric fence that somehow broke again while we were gone.....
When I went to see how it was going, they were playing target practice with old produce from the garden :)
Then they came up on the deck for some more shooting.
Port had a fun time with his dad.
We had a storm roll in.
It was really pretty right before, and then it was so sparkly and rainbow-ey after.
I kind if wish I would have had a time lapse video of it!
Next time, that is what I am gonna do :)
Tonight Port did FHE.
He has a little packet that he got at the 'Great to be 8' night.
It has some great FHE lesson guides in it.
The one he chose was about the Sacrament and why it is important.
He did a great job.
And, with a little help, he bore his testimony at the end, and it was the sweetest thing :)
I told him to just tell us what he believes is true.
I can't believe my baby boy will be baptized in a little over a month!
It is a very exciting thing!

Storm rolling in....

After the storm....

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday October 23

We got to go to church with Gramps.
We came home after Sacrament meeting and got everything packed up.
After we said our goodbyes to Gramps, we went and said our goodbyes to Grandma.
And also the Buffalo too :)
The drive home wasn't too bad.
I am glad we made this trip.
It was nice to spend that extra time with Gramps to celebrate him and his birthday.
We kinda like him a lot.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday October 22 (add more pictures from good camera)

It was a fun day filled with family.
This morning we went up to Dussy boys and flew his drone.
We drove over Gramps place to get a nice picture.....then we got it printed and framed for him as a birthday surprise :)
It turned out pretty cool!
In the afternoon, we went to Randolph for Adri's baby shower.
That was a fun time chatting with the ladies.
While we were gone, Dad and Port went up in the mountains and got in some pretty sketchy areas......trying to be an Elk lookout for Dussy boy.
I am glad I wasn't with them, but sounds like they had a fun time.
And they are very lucky they didn't end up stuck, or even worse!
After the baby shower, all the kids and spouses met up at the restaurant to have a birthday dinner with Gramps.
It was such a nice time with lots of laugh and story after story told.
I wish we would have passed around a recording device....because these memories should be written down!
We took some pictures of Gramps with his kids.
But they are on my big camera, and I left my chord at home!
I will get them on here.

Gramps still knows how to boss his kids around to get stuff done :)

Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday October 21

Happy 80th Birthday Gramps!
So glad we get to be here again in Wyoming to spend this time with him!
Everyone slept in this morning.....
The BSU gang didn't get home until after 1.
Dussy boy stopped by the house on the way out.
After that, we got packed up and we left not too much after 12.
Another good drive.
It is a much better drive when I don't have to turn around and yell at them all the time :)
Thanks kiddos!
We stopped by and bought KFC for Gramps birthday dinner.
And we stopped to visit Grandma on the way in.
A new favorite tradition for the kids, but especially Elsie bug!
It was a nice evening with Gramps.
We sang Happy Birthday to him and ate some of the Twinkie cake that Heather made for him :)
Now he's an even OLDER Grumpy old man :)
And we love him so much!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday October 20 (add more pictures from phone)

So today we have been preparing for our visitors!
I also had to go to the dentist and to patent/teacher conferences for Elsie and Porter.
But Aunt Sandra, Uncle Doug and Dussy Boy got here a little after 3:00.
We all went to dinner together at Red Robin.
Then they all went to the game and Elsie and I went to the store to buy treats!
The Morgans came over for a little bit to watch the game.
Now I am trying to get Elsie to bed.....but she is way over-tired.......
It is gonna be a late night for the others!
It was only half time at 10:30.
I am hoping Elsie and I will be fast asleep soon.......

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wednesday October 19

Another youth activity under my belt!
The beehives were in charge of the Harvest party....we usually go to the pumpkin patch, but it has become quite expensive in the last few years, so that got nixed!
There are SO MANY youth that it is impossible to have an activity together without breaking up into groups.
So we had 4 different activities.
Donut eating with no hands.
Pumpkin volleyball (with an orange beach ball)
Pumpkin decorating
Scary stories by the fire
Some worked out well and were super fun, some not so much.
But I think overall it was a fun activity.
We had it here at our house and I think that worked out good too.
Madi had a bad night, so she didn't go to school this morning.
Which kind of stinks because it was the PSAT :(
But it would really stink to go and throw up there!
So she stayed home.
She rested all day and felt pretty good by afternoon.
The being sick part totally stinks.....but at least it doesn't last long!
Now, if we can just make sure no one else gets it!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tuesday October 18

So I felt pretty lousy all night last night, and all day today.
So I was pretty much worthless.
But Brent got a lot done :)
He took care of me, started clearing out the garden, covered the septic back up, brought the bridge from the canal up to the house to use as a ramp for when Dussy boy comes to visit :)
He was pretty busy all day.
After school, Cassi's friends came over to work on an assignment.
Madi wasn't feeling too well after school....
Dang it!
I am feeling better now, so at least we know it is a quick thing!
Port started basketball practice tonight.
It will be a lot of fun, except that the practice is 8-9!
Ugh....why so late?!?!?!?!
But it sounds like Brent will be able to help as an assistant coach, which is always fun for Port and him!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday October 17

Had a few things going on today.
I got some shopping done for the mutual Halloween activity we are having on Wednesday evening.
Dad had a few things to get to.
He dug out down to the septic.
Pulled the lid off........and we were immediately grateful we scheduled this appointment!!!!!!!!!
Ha ha!
While waiting for the septic guy to come, Dad got going on finishing my shelves.
I had to leave to take Elsie to PT.
He did an awesome job and i am so excited about it!
One step closer to a done kitchen!!!!!!
We had a little FHE tonight.......folding socks :)
It was fun spending the time together, until the fighting started :(

 (just imagine....white cabinets, beautifully decorated shelves.....I am so excited!!!!)

I have been so excited for a place to display the milk carrier that belonged to Grandpa Keith's Father.
I love the stories Gramps tell about delivering milk with his Dad in a horse drawn sleigh......
It is a very special item in our home!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday October 16 (more pictures to add from my phone)

So they did, in fact, split the stake today.
They also took a road from our ward, but there were no members living there, so we weren't affected really.
Sp no ward changes.....but I know that has got to happen in the near future!
We are just too ridiculously large not to split......and there are lot of areas that are still growing! was a nice meeting.
But I won't was way easier to listen last night without any little ones there!
After church, Cassi made some cookies.
We are trying to bribe Kyra into coming to choir practice!
It didn't work today :(
Maybe next time......
Cassi, Elsie, Avery and I went to practice, and that was fun.
When we came home, Avery and Cassi put together a FHE to do to pass off a Personal Progress thing.
So after dinner, we went to the Morgans to have FHE, since it is hard to coordinate anything on a Monday night with the Morgan family :)
It was a fun time and the girls gave a lesson on Faith and they did a great job!