Saturday, June 25, 2022

Saturday June 25

It’s been so much fun today hanging out with Winnie. 
She’s been so much fun!!!
She’s been so happy. 
I went for a good 5.5 mile run while she took her first nap. 
Madi had a picnic lunch with friends. 
When Winnie woke up, we played music and had a ton of fun!!!!
She is really such a great baby!!!!
When she woke up, madi got home and Logan got home from work and we went swimming. 
We thought we were going swimming to the outside pool and splash pad…. But it was closed, so we swam in the outdoor part.
It was still fun and winnie still loved it. 
We went to MOD pizza for dinner. 
And then back home for bath and bed. 
We all feel exhausted!!!!
It was a great day ❤️


Friday June 24


Thursday June 23

Elsie finished up her Invisalign!!!!
She will have a retainer forever, but she did so good at taking care of her teeth with the Invisalign!!!


Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Wednesday June 22

So Elsie and I are actually gonna go see Madi this weekend and help her out. 
She needs a babysitter for Saturday and wasn’t  having any luck finding someone. 
So since we were gonna pick her up half way next week anyway, we decided just to go down there. 
Cassi is house sitting and dad and porter have a backpacking trip with weekend. 
So it’s just Elsie and I. 
We are pretty excited. 
Can’t wait to spend extra time with them!
Then they will come here with us, and THEN we will hang out during the whole reunion ❤️
So basically June 25-July 10 it’s gonna be a Winnie and Gimi party 💕
Today I finished painting the greenhouse. 
So excited to get stuff inside it!!!!
I’m getting reunion stuff planned. 
I an excited for that too. 
Kind of a lot to get done!!!!
We did go swimming at Morgan’s house and port hung out with some friends before he went to YM. 
Oh, since of the pictures I ordered came today. 
Hung a very cute one of Winnie right in the entry stairs 💗