Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Wednesday June 30

The sky a beautiful this morning on my way to the gym... And again after!
It was another hot one!
Yard work, house work, then swimming.
It's kind of becoming our daily routine!
My friend Ashley and her family cancer over for dessert tonight.
It was so good to see her!
She moved back here from Utah and moved right by us!
Kind of fun!


Tuesday June 29

Man, it was a hot one today!!!!
We tried to get yard work done.
Dad did quite a bit.......
Then we went to the Morgans pool to cool off.
Cassi babysat Reagan and Carley at our house.
Dad and I decided to have a date night, drive he will be gone all weekend.
We went to dinner and then went to ARP.
It was a beautiful and vulnerable meeting ❤️
Afterwards, I took Tonnie for a little walk while dad mowed the lawn and fixed sprinklers.


Monday, June 28, 2021

Monday June 28

It was a busy day for me, but the kids just played and chilled.
Got stuff put away from our bear lake trip.
Started laundry.
After the gym, I went and donated platelets.
Since I'm a valued blood donor πŸ˜‰ the called and asked if I could donate platelets.
It was a much longer process.
I was there for over two hours.
But got it done ☑️
Got more stuff done around the house.
It was SO HOT today!
We went to the Morgans pool in the evening for a little swim.
It's still gonna stay hot this week!
Madi was really big too and poor girl didn't have air conditioning!
She ordered a room air conditioner and should get it tomorrow.
But today, her apartment was at 87 degrees😬

Just a shot from Elsie's window of the fields behind us that will soon be developed ☹️

Wednesday June 23 - Saturday June 26


*post to come*


Monday, June 21, 2021

Monday June 21

I got about 4 hours of sleep last night 😬
I tried to cancel my without class this morning, but it docks against you ifv you don't cancel within 30 minutes of class.
So I just went.
It was fine and I'm glad I worked out... But it was hard!!!
I taught an asset class for a birthday party today and it was so fun!
I need to look at the calendar and find days to do some art classes! 
People have been asking!!!
The rest of the day was prepping, planning, shopping for bear lake.
I'm gonna go to bed now.......
Hopefully I can get sleep tonight!


Sunday, June 20, 2021

Sunday June 20

Gosh, I love this handsome man!
He is the greatest dad to our family and I'm so thankful we could be with and celebrate him today.
This is a picture of the back of my camera because I'm too tired and lazy to take it off my camera 😬
We got to have dad with us most of the day, most of his meetings were cancelled.
He did have one this evening though.
We sure love weekend we get to have time with him!
I'm also very grateful for the other dad's in my life.
I was blessed with a very loving and kind dad.
And, oh house I miss Gramps πŸ’—
I still have a weekly reminder on my phone to give him a call.
I don't have the heart to delete it.
Like I said dad had a meeting tonight.
He just came home and was able to give me a blessing.
I have my nerve study on Tuesday and I'm just getting a bit nervous.
Either nervous they WILL find something, or nervous they WON'T find something...because then what????
I'm grateful he was able to do that for me ❤️


Thursday June 17 - Saturday June 19

Thursday, we got a kennel for Tonnie.
That's where she will be when we go out of town.
We have plenty of neighbors coming to take care of her and check on her.... And the other animals.
Poor Mater had to go to the vet.
He had a swollen paw....
We figured it was cheat grass burrowed in.
It was. 
A couple in his paw....
They also shaved him.
We wanted a haircut, but the appointments are booked out until October.
So they days while he was sedated for his surgery, (removal of his cheat grass), the techs could shave him.
They did a terrible job!
But, they ever up finding over 40 more cheat grasses in him...not burrowed deep, but could have!
Poor pup!
He is doing better now.
Friday, dad and port for lots of stuff done.
Port did his very first brake job all on his own (with dad supervising).
They also put some sprinklers in my raspberries.
And they are heart shaped!!!!!
How cute is that?!?!
Dad got them just for me ❤️
We went on a date to Mo'bettas, it is Hawaiian cuisine.
So yummy!
Saturday, dad had to go to work.
But he will be home tomorrow.
I tried to get stuff done for the reunion trip coming up....
I just have no motivation!
We did clean the church and then I went to the gym.
I did get lots done, just not everything I wanted to.
We did take a couple hours and swam at the Morgans 😁


Thursday, June 17, 2021

Tuesday June 15 - Wednesday June 16

I got in trouble.
With dussy boy.
I need to be better at writing every day!
Sorry Dustin, please accept my apology!

So yesterday, no one showed up for Cassi's YW packaging diapers. (Except for a leader)
So Cass asked me to come, because there wasn't a while lot she could do with just one arm πŸ˜‚
One girl did come later, so we had the 4 of us.
But we got a lot done and it was fun and I'm glad Cass asked me to go.
Today the boys got a kennel for Tonnie.
This will be for when we go on our family reunion and other trips this summer.
We also took Mater in to the Vet because of his swollen but paw.
Lots of money later, they removed over 40 pieces of cheat grass, gave him a really awful shave and some medicine to help him heal.
Poor pup!
We knew the haircut would be bad.
The groomer is booked out until October.
But they said that the techs could save him while he was sedated, so we opted for that.
It's good we did because the Matthew wouldn't have been able to find all the pieces of cheat grass.
Luckily it was only his front paw that they had to big out the pieces of cheat grass.
Dad and Port pitched him up and he was so loppy and drugged up!
Poor doggy!!!
The Morgan's cane over and watched Cruella.
So that was fun.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Monday June 14

It was a fun day.
We did get work done around the house.
Then we went to the Morgan's to swim.
Cassi wanted Elsie to make a Tik Tok dance with her... She started to, then got embarrassed.
Then dad said he wanted to learn it with Elsie.
That made her so excited .. And I was surprised that he went through with it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The boys jumped in and learned the dance too.
It was a lot of fun and I just think dad was the cutest learning it with us ❤️
Tonnie got to get in the pool too.
She want so sure about it!
She can swim good though.... She just needs to get more comfy in there 😁


Sunday, June 13, 2021

Saturday June 12 - Sunday June 13

We pulled off the best surprise!!!!!
We got Logan to bring Madi here, he said he had a work retreat.
But really, we (our awesome neighbors) were planning a baby shower!!!!
It was such a fun night filled with people who love Madi and are excited for this little one!!!!
It was a quick trip, they came to sacrament meeting with us, then headed home.
But in just a week and a half we will spend lots more time with them at the Peterson family reunion!
Tonight dad and I got to hand out diplomas, in place of bishop and his wife, at the seminary graduation.
Kind of like and extra date night πŸ˜‰


Friday, June 11, 2021

Thursday June 10 - Friday June 11

Got the little ones vaccinated with the second shot yesterday.
They did good.
Of course, Elsie had some tears, but she got over it quick. 
Then was got ice cream.
There felt a little headachy today, but this evening they both felt fine.
Not too bad πŸ‘πŸΌ
Tonnie isn't feeling good again.
Cassi and I were up with her ask night last night with diarrhea again!!!!
We took a stool sample to the vet today.
Hopefully we can get answers soon!
Poor pup!
I keep looking out our kitchen window and it's makes me sad that it will all be houses within a couple years.
So I need to enjoy the field while I can ❤️


Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Wednesday June 9

The sky was so beautiful this morning!
It was a nice cooler day.
I think we will get rain tonight and tomorrow but then it should get warm again.
I went to the gym this morning.
Got a few it's and ends done.
I got our shirts ready for the family reunion.
I printed iron ons for everyone in the family.
I mailed those out yesterday.
So today I made a tutorial video on Marco polo to show them how to do it πŸ˜‚
Spent time outside, except my allergies are going crazy with this wind blowing everything around!!!
I take Elsie and Porter in fruit their second vaccine tomorrow.
Wish us luck 🀞🏼


Monday June 7 - Tuesday June 8

I wish I could get better at this blogging thing again!!!
I guess some days there just isn't much to say.
But I still have loved being able to keep a journal of some I will keep it up.
I need to stop doing it from my phone....but it's just so handy.
I have noticed several spelling issues too!
Man oh man!
Elsie hung out with Carley.
Dad and I went on a date too!!!
Maybe we need to do daytime dates more often because there was no one at dinner or the movies!!!
We went and say 'the quiet place 2'.
It was very good!
Then Tuesday, dad and Port worked outside all day.
Things didn't go well.
One of those days where everything keeps breaking.
Dad and I had our ARP meeting.
We had to leave early because dad had another meeting.
In our meeting we talked about step 10, which is daily accountability.
This is something we should all do!!!
A question we should all ask ourselves is "Am I true?"
But we have to be completely honest with our answers.
It's basically about being honest and humble.
It's hard to look at ourselves and be completely honest.
We need to examine our thoughts, words and deeds every single day. 
And when we have wronged someone, we need to set that right immediately.
Saying sorry it's SO HARD sometimes!
That's where humbling ourselves comes into play.
We are currently having a lot of troubles with Porter, and his hard headedness.....
We have been having lots of discussions about softening our hearts and apologizing.
It is a very hard thing for him to do right now.
Apologies can go A LONG WAY!!!!
Anyway...if that stuff even make sense πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
When we got back home, dad changed into his suit and left for his other meeting.
Then Port and I got in the hot tub.
It was a beautiful night!!!
Oh, and Port camped out in the backyard by himself last night.
We were pretty surprised that he decided to do that himself!


Sunday, June 06, 2021

Sunday June 6

Church was great today.

Port shared his testimony for the first time ever.

He was over with the other deacons, and ask of the sudden he was up at the pulpit!

He did so good!

If only people know what a big deal the was for him to do!!!

Then we had the Solis family come and share their story.

There are not members of our church, but shared their love it God and service with the youth.

It was awesome!

I'll write more later.


Saturday, June 05, 2021

Saturday June 5

Well, we got 28 trees planted along the back fence today.
We still need to do 8 more.....
But we got water lines to them and hopefully they will all do really well!
It was a really warm day!
That's what we spent most of the day doing.
Das did have to leave in the middle of it for an eye appointment where he found out he has scarring..... So what he sees now will most likely be permanent.
That's not great news.
The rest of the day was didn't getting Cassi ready for prom.
I also went and took their group pictures, so I will share those tomorrow.