Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday March 31

 After school, Madi got to work at picking up the sticks around the place.
She was panning to mow the lawn, but that battery was dead.
So it is charging now.....
I picked up Cassi's track carpool, and then when I brought her home, she went out and helped Madi.
I have no idea if there was fighting, bossing around and yelling going on at this point, but it still made me happy to watch them working together :)
I took the little ones to S.T.E.M. night at the school.
It was a fun night and we didn't even get to half of all the stuff they had there!!!!!
I got home and got them into bed, and both of them had to have me go back in to read some more.
Maybe they were just so riled up and over stimulated :)
But it was fun.

 Rocket attempt blew off (I think they had it dialed up too high....)
 Rocket attempt #2, highly successful!

 They put balloons in a dry ice mixture and the balloon would shrink, then when you took it back out, it would go back to size.
 Marshmallow frozen in dry ice, cold and crunchy!
 This was a fav!
Draw a black line and that little blue robot would follow it.
Then you could put different color sequences and it would do different things, like go faster, spin, moonwalk :)
It was super cool!
 They are each holding two balls that are exactly the same size, weight and color.....
except one bounced high and the other fell flat.
Pretty cool!
They hit these two balls together to burn a tiny hole in the paper.

 Elsie is controlling that cute little robot to the right of the picture....she had fun with that.
 These are cubelets.
You put them together in certain orders and they do different things.
I made a flashlight and Port made a car and Elsie made her own invention.....and it moved crazy and we all thought it was pretty funny!
 Engineering a house and then seeing how strong it is by using a blow dryer (disguised as a wolf) to try and blow it over.
 All while eating a mouthful of cookies :)
Then again with a leaf blower wolf.
His house was successful!
It was a fun night :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wednesday March 30

Had a late night YW too late to blog.
Will do it tomorrow :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday March 29

I helped in Port's class for a little bit this morning.
They had a sub and she seemed super overwhelmed.....and they are a pretty good class.
But I could tell her high stress level seemed to rile them up :(
Anyway.....I noticed the other day that Port's pencil was all chewed up.
Then looking at all his pencils in his desk today......they are all chewed up!
I need to ask his teacher if maybe he can have some gum or something in class, because he is obviously needing some oral stimulation!!!!!
I can't believe his teeth aren't all chewed up......because he gnaws at the metal part until it rips off and then chews on the wood!
Crazy boy!
Anyway, i got home and Drew was and he brought the doors he had made for some more of the cabinets!
I am so excited!
The more I see of the doors on there, the more excited I get!
They are looking so good!
I just need to get them painted!!!!!!!
Oh much to do!
We tried to wait for Bubbles and Eldon to get back from their ride to Nampa....
But we headed over and got the tree finished up and I still had time to go for a run before the kiddos needed picked up :)
Then Elsie had speech therapy and we had fried rice for dinner, which was a big hit with everyone!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday March 28

After I dropped the kiddos off at school, I ran to say a quick hi to Jenni (maybe it was a little more than a quick hi :) and take her back some items that were at my house.
I was on my way to that part of town to do a swap for some of the Lularoe pants Madi got a little bit ago.
There was some holes.....and so they replaced it for her.
I also got these AMAZING buffalo pants that fit Elsie perfectly!
And I guarantee she will never take them off.
Jenni found them at a Lularoe party last week, and they saved them aside for me because they knew I needed to have them!!!!!
I was so excited to give them to her after she got home from school!!!!!
Yes, I may just have a slight obsession with Elsie's Buffalo obsession ;)
When I got home from that, I hung some more laundry on the indoor line......and Dad started trying to figure out what is wrong the dryer.
Then I ate lunch and went over to Eldon and Bubbles and we trimmed trees together.
Brent was going to come over too....then he got a migraine :(
He laid down and Bubbles fed me pie after we took a break from pruning.
I came home when kiddos started getting out of school.
Then when I was making dinner, we saw Eldon had gone out and started to burn our ditches.
So we ran out and chatted with them some more.
Port and Cassi helped pull the propane in a wagon.
Then they went to Bubbles house after and got a treat too :)
I don't know how we got so lucky to have them.
Such great happy our little family gets to have them in our lives.
For FHE tonight, we did another one of Port's baptism lessons.
When we went to the Great to be 8 night, they gave each of the kids a folder with 4 FHE lessons to help prepare the month before their baptism.
But we plan to use them over and over :)
They are fun lessons.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday March 27

Happy Easter!
It was a nice day today.
Dad got to get off a little early, so we could do the kids Easter egg hunt before church.
We did a little scavenger hunt, like we always do.
That is something that came from Grandma least that is who started it with my kids :)
At the end they each had a gift and a framed picture of Christ,
Then we all got ready for church.
At church I received my Personal Progress Medallion :)
It has been a lot of fun working on it, and I can't wait to delve back into it.....
Our lesson in Beehives was a great one.
Sister Reid had twelve eggs, and each of them had an object that symbolized the last week in Christ's life.
The girls each had an egg and read the paper inside telling about the object.
It was a really great lesson.
And Sydney made some cookies for me to give to the Beehives today....isn't she the greatest!
That's what fam is for!
(check last night's post if you don't get that ;)
After church we tried to get pictures......but my camera was acting up....still is.
So I got a picture, but it was really dark :(
I lightened it up a bit, so it's not too bad.
But the one of Dad and I had to be with the phone!
After pictures, we played a round of Phase 10.
We learned we need to start playing more games so that Port learns how to be a good sport.....
Every time he got skipped, he had a full on meltdown!!!!!
(Which of course encouraged more skipping......)
Then we started getting dinner ready and Bubble called to invite us to a little Easter egg hunt she had for Eldon's brother Bobby.
They take really good care of Bobby, and make sure he has time with family and lot's of fun.
Bobby has special needs, and has all his life.
He was so cute and showed us his medals he won in the Special Olympics a few weeks ago, for skiing.
He was so very proud!
The kids had fun.....and each egg had a coin of some kind in it!
Then we came home and had dinner.
Our home teachers came over and gave us a little message and a treat for the kids :)
After they left, we turned on some Mormon Channel videos.
They were so great to sit and watch and really feel the spirit and understand more of what Christ suffered and why he did what he did.
I just love Easter, and I am loving it more and more with each year.
The more I understand.....the more personal is becomes to me.
I am so thankful that Christ suffered for our sins.
So grateful we are able to repent of our sins so that we may be able to return to our Heavenly Father......and live with our families forever.
Something I learned last week from Sister Reid's lesson, that I hadn't ever thought of before.....
I always wondered why Christ had to suffer int he garden AND suffer on the cross.
Well with the fall of Adam, two things happened.
We were now mortal, and so physical death could now happen.
But Also, there was now spiritual death.
Spiritual death, meaning a separation from God.
Now when it came time for Christ to suffer for our sins, he needed to suffer for both our physical death, and our spiritual death.
The Garden of Gethsemane was the atonement for spiritual death.......
And being hung on the cross, for physical death.
Now maybe I have that all wrong, and I may have misinterpreted what she was telling us......
But it was so amazing to me......something new I had not really known.
And has helped me to be more grateful for the great and unimaginable sacrifice Christ made for us.
Anyway.......I just love this gospel and I am especially grateful for holidays like this where we get to really focus our attention on what has been done for us, so we may live again.

Madi was super excited about the Easter egg hunt this morning :)

Madi- watercolor book and watercolor pencils, and her favorite picture of Christ
Cassi- quote frame and guitar strap and a beautiful picture of Christ walking on the water
Elsie- Pattern blocks and crayons and a picture of Christ with little children....a personal favorite....
Port- Baseball bat and balls and a picture of the resurrected Christ outside the tomb

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Saturday March 26

I did a lot of running around today.
And I got my basement clothesline in.
So that's good :)
First we got all the Saturday chores done quickly.
The kids had plans with friends, so that was motivation to get it done :)
Cassi met up with her friends Laynie and Kiali.
They went with Kiali's mom and siblings to the Village.
They had a lot of fun and Cassi was gone most of the day.
And Madi had Cam over.
They watched Elsie for me while I ran some more errands.
I bought a bunch of Easter eggs and candy because we were going to go to the fire station and dye Easter eggs and have a little hunt.
But that didn't work out :(
So I went back and returned it all.
While I was gone, Vern took Port with the boys and they went to Craft Warehouse for some kind of free craft they were doing.
Also, earlier in the day, it was the cutest thing....
Port saw Madi drawing, so he started to draw a portrait of his Tiger.
Cutest thing!
I need to take a picture of the final product, because he drew bunny ears on him and Easter eggs around him because it is his (Tiny's) first Easter :)
So cute!
Once I got home, I went outside with Elsie and I pruned trees.
I got three more trees done!
Getting so close to being done!
I really hope I at least get enough to make a batch of applesauce this year!!!!!!
Then tonight was the Woman's Conference.
We had planned to go to the church to watch it.....but we were pushing on time, and so was Stacia, who we planned to go with.
So we just recorded it and watched it on the comfort of our couches :)
Port went to Cannon's house, and all the girls came over here.
It was a fun time.
The most fun.......when we found out we are related!!!!!!
I am Second cousin's, once removed with Henry B. Eyring.
And Paul is related to him too, just about the same distance.
We need to look it up and make a chart r something......kinda fun.
So they kids have been calling each other cousins all night :)
After the conference, we went and got ice cream and had more fun talking.
Now Madi and Cassi are watching a movie with Cam.......cause she came back over :)
It will be a late night for them, but I am gonna get the Easter stuff ready and get to bed!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday March 25

We didn't really have any plans today.
I did go for my run.
I ran in the shape of a heart today.
Ha ha......
Yes, I have issues :)
I saw that there was a heart shape on the map, and so I ran it.....
Even though I had to run on the main roads, which I don't like to do.
But I just had to do it.
I had to run a bit of it over again to complete the 6 miles, but that's okay.
Tried to do laundry today.
Wanted to.
But my dryer is broken.
Or something is up with it.
It will dry for a little bit (gets hot too), then quite.
When I go to restart it, the dryer is dead.
Won't turn on.
Then I let it sit for a few hours......and then I can start is again.
But only for a little bit before it quits again.
So nothing is getting dry!
Tomorrow I plan to hang a temporary clothes line in the basement....
Dumb :(
Madi worked on her driver's ed, and homework.
Cassi helped clean because she wanted to go with her friends, but they couldn't go today.
So I got her to help me for free :)
And the little ones pretty much played all day.
Before dinner I went out to prune some more.
I got one more tree done.
Only like.......6 more to do!
Okay, those 6 left are halfway pruned.
I pruned all the bases, now I am cutting on the branches growing straight up......
I actually enjoy it.
It is kind of therapeutic.
But then the winds and the hail I had to go inside.
Hope to get another tree done tomorrow.

I know I am not super fast.....but it is faster than I was on Monday :)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday March 24

Madi got some more pruning done while Elsie bug picked up sticks and Cassi ran some sprints.
She is doing track and doesn't want to fall too far behind over this break!
And I went for my 6-miler again.
I am loving being able to really run.
I'm still slow.....but sticking to it!
I am going to try again tomorrow.....even though my body is soooo tired!
And Dad and Port did some stuff around the house.
When I got home and showered, dad and I went on a little day date.
Okay, not really.
We went to target and a couple other stores looking for some fun Easter things for the kids.
While we were gone, Madi went thrift store shopping with Sydney and Carley.
And Cassi had Avery over and they were watching the little kids, Elsie, Kyra, Porter and Cannon.
And Max and Graham eventually came over as well :)
When we got back home it was time to send everyone home and then we went to Port's football practice.
He is sure loving it!
And Dad is loving it too :)
I sat in the car with Elsie for a little bit while Vern and Cassi chatted on the cold cold grass!
We came home and had dinner and then watched 'The 33' which was so very good!
Madi went with Sydney and a few other friends to go up to table rock.
She is lucky I like Sydney so much......we wouldn't let her go with anyone else ;)

That's Port, diving for the flag :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday March 23

Today seemed like two days smooshed together.
Not sure why......
Woke up and was lazy for a little bit while everyone else in the house slept in.
I can't sleep-in anymore.
It is good and bad......
Once we got going with the day, Dad was out burning all the branches we cut the other day.
I picked up Port's friend Eli, and they played all day.
I went for another 6 mile run!
Then Cassi went fishing with her friend Halle.
Madi went to her friend Cam's house.
And Elsie hung out at home with me and Dad.
We, well, dad got the handles put on the built in.
Yes, I should paint it first.....but handles are easy to take on and off once they are in the right spots.
But since we put the magnets on, it was hard to get them open without handles :)
Maybe tomorrow is the day to paint????
I just hate to get the stuff all out if I am not going to be able to finish it!
And with kids around me all the time for spring break.......there is a chance I can't finish it!
We signed up on Sunday to have the missionary's over for dinner tonight.
I had asked them what they wanted to eat.
They said Shepherds pie.
I have never made shepherds pie before!!!!!!
So I found the best recipe I could on pinterest.......and gave it a go!
Elsie was my big helper!
She cut up all the potatoes for me and carrots.
She was so excited about helping.
And so dang cute chopping :)
The missionary's got here about 5.
They seemed to like the shepherds pie.....and everyone else did too!
They missionary's stayed for a bit and we talked and it was nice.
They both seemed kind of quiet......maybe we just need to have them over again to get them to open up.
Port got Elder Williams to open up by bringing out some Lego's
Elder Reid has a broken leg, and you could tell he wasn't feeling too great.... 
Anyway, I still think we all had a fun time.
Then I took Madi to go ice skating with Maeg.
It seemed like a pretty full day to me!