Sunday, August 31, 2008

Birthday Dinner

We went out last night for Madi's birthday Dinner. She chose to go to Red Robin.
We had a lot of fun. Of course Madi brought along her camera...I don't know where she gets that from?????

Then we got Yummy sundaes! MMM!


Yesterday we decided to go swimming...since the swim season is ending and the pool is gonna close soon. Then I realized I hadn't taken any pictures at the pool this year...crazy, I know! All my girls just LOVE the water! Madi is an awesome swimmer, and Cassi is following right along!

I am not sure of the technical terms for swimming...but I do know she is coming up for a breathe in this one...
I believe I am correct with saying this is the backstroke.
Cassi has never been very afraid of the water!
Elsie...kick, kick, kicking...
Cassi swimming. She has done really good this year and has even learned how to come up for breath and then keep on swimming. It is pretty sad that my kids can swim better than me!!!
Elsie loves the water SO MUCH!!!
Anyway, just a perfect day at the pool!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Party at the Station

Madi wanted cinnamon rolls for her birthday instead of birthday they helped me make them...cinnamon rolls usually take a long time...but it takes a little bit longer when little hands are helping. But they did have SO much fun!!!

Elsie woke up while we were doing it and was happy to help out!

Madi's giant Cinnamon roll Birthday cake!

We went to the Fire Station, cause Brent was on duty. So we took a bunch of Cinnamon rolls for the guys. And the girls got to play around.
The one thing Madi asked for her birthday was a camera. Well, those kid-proof cameras are almost $80, and they are pretty low in resolution. So I did some shopping around and thought I found a pretty good deal...well, when I went to the store they had this one on clearance for $50...can't beat that!!! She was so excited!

Brent took the girls up into the bucket of the Firetruck...they are pretty lucky...there are still tons of Firemen who haven't even got to go up in the bucket!

They got pretty high until the girls told Brent that they had gone high enough...this is my shot of them in the bucket...
And this is Madi's shot from the bucket of Elsie and me, with Madi's very own camera!

I think Elsie felt a little left out!

So Daddy took her up, until she thought it was high enough.

But she loves the Firetrucks!!!

These are a couple shots that Madi took with her camera...I am telling you...she's got an eye!
I think this one is pretty cool!

It was a fun party at the Fire Station!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Birthday Pictures

We went and did Madi's Birthday Pictures this morning. We drove around for a little while and we accidentally came upon this building wall...isn't it perfect!!! And of course Madi was not hard at all to take pictures of...she has become quite a poser lately though...when I would tell her to look at me she would look just a little up and to the know, like serious models...seriously Madi!!! Your only 7...don't make yourself too old too fast...anyway...I picked a few to was hard to pick...they are all so cute...but there are a few that will make you laugh too!!! I want a close-up to blow up in the house...which does everyone like best?

I am leaning towards this one or the first one...

For some reason she thought this pose was necessary...she thinks it is so great that she can pose like a 'China Person'
So grown up!
These two make me laugh and I had to include them...This is what she told me to do..."Mom turn your camera so the door looks sideways and I will pretend that I am in a earthshake." I corrected her and said 'earthquake'...and she replied "Well, the earth shakes, doesn't it???" Anyway, take a look at her faces...she cracks me up!!!

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Birthday girl!

Happy Birthday Madi Bell!!!

Today our sweet baby Madi Bell turns 7 years old!!! I can't believe it!!! SEVEN!!!
Madi has been such a joy in our lives. She is a definite leader, and was sent to be our first born for a very good reason.
Madi has always loved learning new things and has never been afraid to try anything...she is a smart cookie and I am just waiting for the day when she is smarter than me...that day is coming faster then I would like to admit!
Madi loves art. She loves to paint and use her imagination, and she is very good at it!
Madi is an amazing swimmer. I love watching her and it still amazes me to watch someone so young able to do the strokes that she does.
Madi is a definite daddy's girl!!! She has had him around her finger from day 1!!! I love the relationship they have. They are so much the same person. They can sit for hours and watch the History or Discovery channel cracks me up! And she soaks stuff in like a sponge!
Madi is such a good helper with her sisters. Cassi and her butt heads a lot, but she still takes very good care of her. Madi helps me so much with Elsie. She is always encouraging Elsie and helping her to do her best.
Madi is beautiful. Sometimes we look at her and can't believe that this girl is ours. She is such a treasure in our family. We are so grateful to have her. We love you Madi Bell and hope that you have a fun 7th birthday!!!
10 days old

See, Daddy's wrapped around her fingers...

10 days old

One Year Old

Age 1

Age 2

Age 3

Age 4

Age 5

Age 6

We will go later today a take her 7 year Birthday pictures.

Happy Birthday Bell!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Boise Fire

I am sure that everyone has seen it on the news already. I even saw it on the Today Show this morning. This happened last night. Brent was not working, but it was such a massive fire they did a general alarm in which they call back all Firefighters from home to come in. So Brent went in. I thought maybe he would just go man the station while the on-duty guys were at the fire. Well, I got a call at about 10:00 or so last night from a fellow fire-fighters wife telling me that Brent was at the Fire. It was so massive...not only ALL of Boise Fire Department were there, but they had the Meridian, Nampa, Star, Caldwell, BLM Departments as well as help from Police Officers from around the county. There were 10 homes destroyed...9 more with major damage. It was a long night for me knowing Brent was out there. He finally got home around 3:00 this morning. I talked to him a little then. That is when he told me that it was him and his crew that pulled out the only fatality from the fires. After a short night of him coughing and hacking from all the smoke he inhaled, he told me more about it. He said you would never believe the total destruction. It was like being in a war zone. This was all believed to be started by a brush fire...and at the same time we had huge 50 mph wind gusts which just fed and pushed the fire from home to home. Absolutely devastating. It has been amazing to see the whole community come together. They said on the news that last night they had more food, water, blankets, and clothing then they needed, which is awesome. It is good to know we live in such a great community with people who care about others. If anyone would like to contribute anything there is the Boise Burn-Out Fund.
A little side-note that I thought was funny...I had to include. Brent went straight to his station from home and they sent him to the fire from there. So he grabbed his gear and headed to the fire. When he got to the fires he was stopped by an Officer telling him he couldn't pass. Brent said that he was a Boise Firefighter and to let him through. The cop said he needed to see some I.D. Well, Brent wanted to get in there really bad. So he said "My gear is in the back of my truck, just let me in." The cop refused and said he needed I.D. Brent got all mad and pulled out his wallet and searched for some kind of I.D. that he might have and came across his expired I.D. So he pulled it out and gave it to the Cop...again, Brent wanted to get in...he was in a hurry...he kept saying..."there is my I.D. now let me in." The cop just looked at it , then looked at Brent and yelled "THIS IS A BLOCKBUSTER CARD!!!" Ha ha...he pulled the wrong card he grabbed the right one and the cop let him through...I am sure that cop got a good chuckle! So did I!

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