Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wednesday August 31

I worked on the slideshow for back to camp night today and I am so happy that it all came together pretty nicely :)
Wish I could say the same thing about the book i am trying to make........
But I will get that done too!
Brent and I went to lunch with Drew and Heather at Costa Vida.
That was a fun time.
We need to do that more often!
Then back home and I had to make sure everything I needed for tonight was ready in the car.
I picked up the little ones then we had a snack and headed to the middle school for Cassi's volleyball game.
We got to see Aubree play and that was fun, and hang out with the Youngs and Pat and Steve.
Too bad they didn't get to play against each other!
Buses were running late, so the whole thing got started about 45 minutes later then expected.
Which really put a kink in my plans!
 Dad and Port had to leave for football practice before it was Cassi's game time.
Then we started watching Cassi's game and I had to leave before Cassi even got put out on the floor :(
I was so bummed!
Cassi was pretty sad too :(
If I didn't have to set up for YW I would have just waited.....but she was a good sport and understood.
Luckily it wasn't much after I left that Dad came back to watch her.
He got to see her play a little bit before the game was over.
But sweet Bubble was there the whole time cheering Cassi on!
She's just the best!
Well, I took Madi and Elsie to YW and Dad dropped Cassi off afterwards.
Back to camp night was so much fun!
I just love all those girls and it is so much fun to be around them all!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday August 30

After getting the kids to school this morning I went visiting teaching.
Dad got home and he was so tired.....and then he had to leave again for a briefing about the fire.
Poor guy......
I went and helped some more in the art room since he was still gone when I was done VT.
While I was there I got text after text from people 'Thanking me for Madi'.
I guess her seminary teacher asks people to thank mom's when there are birthdays :)
So they got my number and texted me thanks.
Thanks for birthing Madi :)
Once I got home I worked on more YW stuff for back to camp night and dad worked outside with the irrigation.
I picked Madi up from school and then took her and Carley to the snow shack.
Picked up the little ones......and Elsie had speech.
Cassi went to the snow shack/park after volleyball to finish homework.
So it was dad and I and the little ones for dinner.
I took some family pictures tonight, so when I passed by the park, I took the girls dinner.
Pictures were fun :)
Then I stopped by Walmart to get a few supplies for lunches.....then grabbed the girls and headed home.
And just like that, the day was over!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday August 29

Happy birthday baby Bell!!!!
15 years old!
How in the world did that happen!
I really love who Madi is becoming and the things I learn from her daily.
She is fun to be around (usually :) and is very creative.
I appreciate her example as a big sister, and I know it is something she is also striving to be better at :)
Today wasn't a super blast for a birthday.....but it was fun because we got some family time.
First of all I helped at the school this morning and then after some lunch I went to the store to pick up a few things for Madi's birthday.
She wanted a cheesecake, so I got the ingredients for that.
When I got home I had enough time to make it and switch the laundry before I left to get Elsie to go to PT.
Madi picked Elsie up from school, and he was excited about that.
After PT we came home and waited for Cassi to come home from volleyball.
The Edwards and Bubble came over and brought Madi gifts :)
I had to leave to pick up Cassi and told them to stay for some pizza.
Cass and I picked up pizza on the way home and ate with them for a bit before we headed out to the fire station to see dad.
We took some pies and the cheesecake to Dad and the guys at the fire station.
Those guys are so tired!
They have been on a fire back and forth since yesterday at 2 in the afternoon.
It is a recycling plant that started fire and it has been burning and burning....and the guys are beat!
It was nice to see him and talk to him for a little bit.
So we got to bed a little later than we thought we would....than I would have liked.
But at least we got to see daddy.

Beautiful Baby Bell

Elsie told Sierra all about it being Madi's birthday.
So Sierra told the aides in the resource room that she wanted to make Madi a birthday card.
She told them everything to write and do.
How sweet is that?!?!?!?
That Sierra is something else!
Sweet sweet girl!

They are trying to climb back up the pole in these pictures....silly kids!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday August 28

We tried really hard to get to church at an early time this morning.
The Nielson's were speaking in church and asked us to sit by Sierra and Trent while they were up there.
Church was good....oh except Elsie didn't go.
Dang girl!
But we will just keep trying!
At least school is going well, so I am just counting my blessings!
Cassi gave the lesson in Beehives.....except when she and her friend planned it, they didn't really finish planning it......
So I got up early this morning and went over it and made a little timeline plan for them......
And a cute little object lesson.
It worked out pretty well.
It was about strengthening the family.
They used a cardboard house and some heart bean bags that I had back from my primary days :)
They read scriptures and parts of talks and the Proclamation to the family.....
And from those they picked out ways we can strengthen our family.
They decided they wanted to throw the bean bags in :)
Anyway...I think it worked out good.
I told her maybe we shouldn't team teach anymore with is hard to coordinate times to get together, etc.
Later in the afternoon, Cassi and I went to choir.
Again...I know nothing of what I am doing.....but it's fun.
We had a spaghetti dinner tonight and then Cassi and I left again for another meeting....a class presidency meeting for all the classes to plan the upcoming Young Woman's in Excellence.
Oh it is gonna be a fun one!!!!!!
Kids were in bed at a good time and we are really going to make an effort this week to keep doing that!!!!!
Sleep is SOOOOOOOO good!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Saturday August 27 (pictures)

Another long day and late night.
This morning I stopped by a neighbors yard sale and drooled over her stuff.....
But I am not allowed to get any more 'projects' right now :(
We left for boating with the Nielson's and the Edwards families. about 10:30.
It was a fun time.
The kids all had fun skiing/wake boarding/ tubing.
We left about 3:30 there.
As soon as we got home, I talked Brent into letting me get 6 new chairs for the kitchen.
Yes, they will need to be redone, but they work as they are right now.
So not necessarily a 'project'.....yet :)
We got them for $65 and then got Cass a desk for $15.
Not too shabby.
There are a million more things I want though.......
But we were n a rush to get out to Middleton to have dinner with the Salisbury, terry and Edgel families.
It was so much fun.
It was also Henley's birthday......and I FINALLY finished the quilt I started when she was born!
Ya.....I am terrible.....but it is done.
It was so much fun hanging out all together.
Lifelong friends.
My favorite part was when all the guys spent a good chunk of their time playing with Scott's lathe...
And each dad had to try it out and we came home with a fairy wand for Elsie and a magic dagger for Port.
It was the cutest thing to see all the guys in the shop together :) was a great time and I can't wait until the next time we get to get together.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday August 26 (add pictures)

Date night!
Date night equals late night!
-school......we made it a full week!
-Dad put up the window molding in the middle dormer.....looks great!
-Cindy Peterson is the sweetest int he whole world and brought us over fresh made bread......and her bread is like no other!
-Madi went to the football game
-Cassi and Elsie hung out
-Port got to go to roaring springs with the Edwards boys.
-Dad and I got to go on a much needed date!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday August 25

We've got Cassi upstairs crying herself to sleep right now.
Poor girls gets so overwhelmed......
She is so tired......and doesn't get to bed because she puts off homework! will all work out okay, but it is not a good sign to be crying about school on the 4th day!!!!!!
We just need a few good nights of sleep.
The last few nights, Brent and I have heard her yelling from her room....sleep yelling.
That is always a sign that she is overly tired, when she sleep talks/walks.
And I need to get it in her head to do her homework AS SOON AS SHE GETS HOME!
In other news, Elsie had another absolutely fantastic day!
Ms. Dynka told me that she got up in front of class to present her 'bag it' (stuff you put in a brown bag about yourself that you share with the class).
Ms. Dynka told me there just aren't words to describe how fabulous she did!
I am so proud of her!
Ms. Dynka said that Elsie KNEW she did a good job because when she was done, she ran to the back of the class and gave Ms. Dynka the biggest hug!
So excited to see what happens throughout this year!
Port also had a great day!
They have a frog chart in his class and green frogs are great.
But you can earn higher colors for being extra good, listening and helping.
Well, today Port came home with a blue frog, which is a step up from green!
Very exciting stuff!
When Madi got home from school, I ran her to the snow shack.
Then picked up the little ones.
They watched a movie while I continued to TRY and work on this book thing.
I am ready to give up!
Why should this be taking so long!
It has to be the site that is the problem.....because I even switched computers to try and see if it would work better/faster!
Oh well....
Anyway, then Cass came home and Grant came over for dinner again.
Elsie and I picked pears after dinner while Port, Grant and Cassi (who should have been doing homework) played some football and jumped on the tramp.
We left about 8 to go get some snow cones and pick Madi up from work.
They did not get to bed as early as I would have liked......
Oh ya, dad worked some overtime today, so he wasn't here :(
I don't hear anymore crying, so Cass must be sleeping.
Hopefully we will get the assignment issue figured out in the morning.....

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wednesday August 24

I have had the worst headache today :(
I am trying to work on a project with all the girls camp pictures and my computer, or maybe it is the website, is making life difficult for me! it feels like a wasted day.
Well, wasted morning.
I did get some laundry done.
Dad got a bunch of stuff done outside.....watering, spraying weeds, etc.
Fun farm stuff :)
Before you knew it, Madi was home.
Then I picked up the little ones.
They both had another great day today!
My mama heart is so happy!
This morning Elsie was having a little bit of trouble with her shoes.
You know what she said?
She said 'Mom, I am so confused!'
No crying......she used her words and told us what was wrong.
And it was the cutest thing ever!
The lace was knotted up kind of funny......'Mom, I'm so confused!'
Loved it!
She is surprising me more and more each day :)
I had to pick Cassi up early from volleyball because we did baptisms at the temple tonight.
We had Grant over for dinner before we left for the temple.
Grant went with Brent and the boys for their first flag football practice.
And the girls and I went tot he temple.
It was a nice evening and I did not have a headache from the moment I was in the baptistery until we left.
But it's back.
I am just grateful it was gone in the temple so I could enjoy the spirit there :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday August 23 (add pictures)

Today was a lot harder to get up :)
It took Cassi several times of Madi and I telling her to wake up......silly girl!
But everyone got off to school without any trouble.
Elsie walked into class without me behind her......first time ever!
And she didn't even whimper.
We just talked about what she would do once she got in.....grab the lunch ticket and then hang her backpack in her spot, then sit down and do her seat work.
And she just did it.
I am so proud!
She is really working so hard and doing so well.
I just can't wait to see how she grows this year!
While the kids were gone I went for a run.
Then I edited girls camp pictures forever!!!!!
So many pictures!
But our back to camp night is coming up, so I need to get that all ready.
I finally showered about 2:30.
When Madi came home, I took her to work at the snow shack.
But when I got back there were more cows out.
This time it was the cows that belong to the neighbors across the canal.
Oh such fun :)
Then at about 5:30, Grant came over and we headed to the park to have a picnic dinner there with Madi and Cassi.
Cass walked across the street to Madi after her volleyball practice.
So it worked out nice.
One of Madi's friends from EFY was driving through Boise to get to Oregon and they stopped by and got snow cones form Madi.
How fun is that!?!?!?!
These girls had no idea if they would ever see each other again!
Pretty great :)
Well, we hung out there until the kids were tired of the park.
On the way home we say a truck coming in our direction around a corner, lose the packages of bottles water he had in his truck bed.
We stopped along with several others to help him pick up hundreds of water bottles.
It was kind of cool.
At first it was the lady who was right behind him and us...because we were the ones who saw it happen.
But then car after car wanted to stop and help pick up.
It was pretty cool :)
We got back home and Port, Max and Graham had lots of fun with Grant.
Grant is a good kid to put up with all the little boy torture!
A little before 8:30, we all hopped in the car to pick Madi back up.
We stopped by the Capells house on the way back because Bonnie asked me to :)
But they weren't home.
But we hung out and played on their jungle gym for a bit thinking they would show up.
When we got back home she called me and said they were coming over.
They were so sweet and brought over some homemade ice cream!
We love Harvey's ice cream!
Then it was time to wind down and go to bed.
We invited Grant to stay for scriptures and prayer.
When that was done and I was getting the little ones off to bed, Grant asked if he could say something.
He said that last night he started reading his scriptures again after not reading them for a while.
He said that he was reading about how Adam and Eve had to partake of the fruit or they would never know that good from the not good.
He said he was thinking about his life.
He is basically an only child, with older parents.....older parents who have already done it all with their older kids.
He doesn't have family dinners, let alone prayers over dinner.
Or FHE or family scripture study......
He has great parents.....but he's right, they have already done it.
Grant said they are just tired :)
He says that he has been so thankful to be able to be a part of our family these last few days to feel how good it feels.
And he told the kids that they should be grateful they have what they have.
I was so floored that this 16 year old boy felt it important to share these things with my kids.
And best of all, it helped me chill out.
I always get after these kids, wanting them to be nicer to each other, worried that the spirit won't be felt in our home.
But it's here, and Grant felt it and it made me so happy.
He thanks us for being able to come over and that he has really felt a part of the family.
Port doesn't want him to ever we made sure to tell him he is welcome any time!
It was a nice evening.
(my phone keeps connecting and disconnecting and making me very pictures will happen another time.....I hope!)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday August 22

Oh it was such an awesome day!!!!!
Happy first day of school to my little kiddos!
Everything went nice and smooth this morning getting everyone off to school.
Once I got to school with the little ones, Port wanted to head off to the playground to find Max and Graham.....
Elsie and I found where her backpack goes and then walked around and found some friends.
When the bell rang, she got lined up, listened to Ms Sanders instructions, and headed in class.
I followed in to make sure she knew the steps....get lunch card, hang backpack, etc.
Once she found her seat, she got out her pencil box to grab her pencil.
I said I loved her and told her how brave she was then headed out.....but then went back to remind her that she can do hard things and that if she needed help just to ask for help......then I started to leave again before I went back AGAIN to tell her more encouraging stuff and that was when she said in a very exasperated voice.....'Why do you keep coming back????'
Well, that was my cue that she was just fine without me :)
So I went back home.
It was so quiet.
A little lonely.....I cleaned the kitchen and then decided I need a nap!
Hey, don't judge!
It wasn't a long nap......and then I went to the store for a few grocery items.
When I got home, I made brownies for the kiddos after school snack.
Then Madi was home.
The day really did go by quickly.
Madi came home and said she needed to change her Honors biology to regular biology because she felt she emailed her counselor who changed it for her.
Then I got a text from Cass saying she forgot her tennis shoes for volleyball.
Silly girl.
I didn't let it bug me.....because she gets a pass on the first day of school :)
I ran the shoes for her and got back to Mary Mac in enough time to pick up the little ones.
Ms. Dynka works with Elsie in the afternoons and She said Elsie had a fantastic day.
I asked who her aide was in the a.m. and she said no one!
Elsie did the whole morning by herself, no melt downs, no problems and that could not make me any happier!
I guess they are short staffed in the resource room, that is why she had no aide........but I am going to push to keep her with no a.m. aide because, man, if she can do it on her own.....that will be so great!
She kept saying all day how much she LOVED Ms. Sanders.
I am so excited and happy that today went so well!
I think it will be a great year!!!!!!
With lots of growth for all of them!
We had dinner with Grant again.
After dinner, we told jokes and had a lot of fun....Cass made up some pretty funny stories too.
Then Bubbles invited us all over for some apple pie because she felt bad she missed the cow round-up last night :)
It was nice to just sit and talk and listen to the kids run around.
We just love it here!

These kids wanted to get some extra Mater snuggle time since they would be gone all day.
Mater has loved life lately since he has learned that he doesn't get chained up if he stays on our property......the kids spend so much time with him now :)
Smart puppy!

I am extra excited about Elsie's reinforced rubber toe shoes!!!!!!
Why did it take me so long to find these!!!!!!
Port's shoes are cool too :)

Port is loving his new big brother, Grant :)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday August 21

I am already loving this back to school thing!
Look, I am blogging and it's not even 10 yet!
I will miss the kids......but I thrive on routine!
So it was a nice morning.
We all got ready to go and got to church with Grandma and Papa.
Grandma even went up with Cassi and Elsie for the all-comers choir :)
That was fun.
Grandma and Papa left after Sacrament meeting.
It was such a fun visit with them.
It was a short one, but so great f them to take the time to come here!
After church, we had our HT over.
One of them is out of town, so Bro Pratt brought his daughter.
Bro. Pratt's wife is in YW with me.
And they recently went to Canada to visit his parent son their mission,
They were so sweet and went and found me heart rocks!
And even found me a heart rock print in the souvenir place!
So I gave alesson a few months ago about Love, and I mentioned how I love heart rocks and i even gave each girl their own heart rock.
So I thought it was so sweet of Sis Pratt to remember that and think of me and gather rocks!
I have had some sweet YW who come to me at church and bring me rocks they have found.
Anyway.....then Cassi and Elsie got me to go to choir practice again :)
It's fun, but I have no idea what I am doing!
Oh well, it gets Elsie out there so that is good.
Then Madi had her birthday meeting with the bishop.....can't believe she is gonna be 15!
We got home and dad made us some yummy dinner.
We had our neighbor boy, Grant, over for dinner.
he will join us for the next few nights.
His dad is out of town for work and his Mom's father just passed away.
So she is gone until Thursday, and he didn't go because of school :(
But he is hanging out with us for dinners and any other time he might be lonely.
After dinner Cass went down to Bubbles to get some whip cream to have on the yummy blackberries Grandma and Papa brought to us.....
Well, she had a cow out, so we had another little neighborhood round up party :)
Too bad Bubbles wasn't there to enjoy the company!
She was in McCall for the weekend.
But the Edwards boys came over and had blackberries and cream with us while dad got the hot-wire on Bubbles fence figured out.
Then when everyone left for home, we called Gramps and then the kids each got their School year Fathers blessing.
We have decided that we will have a special blessing chair.
We have Grandma Ene's old rocking chair that she used to rock Daddy in.
It sit sin our front room.
It is one of my favorite stories she used to tell me.
When she was pregnant with Brent, she told Gramps she wanted a nice small LITTLE rocking chair.
But, Gramps always wanted Grandma to have to best around.
So he came home with a solid and very large rocking chair :)
Makes me smile so much.
Only the best for 'Little Bear' as Gramps calls her.
So we have this special chair, with the special story.......and we are now making it our special blessing seat.
I think Grandma is smiling down from heaven and thinking she is glad Gramps didn't get the little rocking chair after all :)
The blessings were so beautiful.
So special.
Porter went first.
In his blessing, he was blessed with strength and courage.
That he would not be afraid to choose the right and that he would be an example to his friends.
That he would be a leader for his friends, and righteous one.
He was blessed that he would be a Hero.
A hero of goodness.
A hero for his big sister.
Kind and strong and good.
Elsie was blessed that her soul would be still.
That this year she would be able to learn to control her emotions better.
Have the ability to express herself.
To be a friend to those in need.
And continue to be an example by her bright shining spirit.
Cassi was blessed with bravery.
To be brave at school and to be brave to choose the right.
That she would continue to be able to make friends with ease.
That others would yearn to be around her.
She was told she had a special ability to influence those around her, and that she should be sure to always be a good influence.
And that this year she will continue helping others.
That she would use her huge heart to help better others.
Madi was blessed that she may know right from wrong easily.
That she would be a Virtuous Young Woman.
Blessed that she would have the power to help others find their way.
She was told that her Heavenly Father knows how valuable she is.
That she can use that power to help guide others down the path of righteousness.
And that she will continue to know the importance of and love the time spent with family.
Those are just a few notes I took......
I so LOVE these Father's blessings they get.
I know it makes a difference in their school year.
I am excited about this year.
I see good and big things happening!
Very exciting!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday August 20 (pictures)

We had a lot of fun today with Grandma and Papa :)
So much fun I will have to blog about to tomorrow!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday August 19 (add pictures)

My parents made it here!
Today was a day of cleaning :)
And I feel so happy with a clean house!
Well, mostly clean.
Pretty good clean :)
Then the little ones had their 'Meet and Greet' tonight.
I am so excited about this year.
So different from the anxiety I felt last year!
I think the teachers will be so great.
And they are both excited about the year.
Elsie has Ms. Sanders, and Cassi had her in 4th grade and I like her a lot.
I think I can communicate to her what I am wanting with Elsie.
I think she has that softer more lovable side, but still strict.
Something Elsie needs.
And Porter has Ms. Adams.
I don't know her but she seems really nice and she is super excited about the new school year.
After that, we broke into the Morgan's pool for a nice little swim and had pizza for dinner.
Then we picked Madi up from work and had snow cones.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday August 18

We got yard work done today.
Well, the big girls and dad did while Elsie had speech therapy :)
Port and the Edwards boys helped to take some branches over the fence.
We've had a couple big branches break the last couple days!
I did lots of laundry.
Then after we showered and got ready, Madi and I went and got her school supplies.
We took Cassi to Volleyball and then we went clothes/shoes shopping.
She didn't need much.
But we had a fun time.
We got home and picked Cassi up from Volleyball then ran home to change and pick everyone up so we could go to the Young's house for a swim.
It was a fun time with some fried chicken, fresh cantelope and watermelon from our garden, and the best of friends!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesday August 17 (add pictures)

My computer is gonna shut down at I am gonna hurry and do this :)
This morning, after Madi and I ran, Cassi and I went shopping.
We had a fun time and found some great deals.
So yesterday, I dropped the clothes off  and Kid to Kid that Kidz Again didn't want.
I got another $59 for that!
Then I came home and we ate lunch and then I took Madi to work and I took Port with me so I could go and take him school shopping.
He also got some great stuff.
His favorite.....a little track suit :)
He just HAD to have it!
After we shopped, we took Cassi to Volleyball.
The little ones came with me to visit one of my new Beehives.
They had fun with the Puppies that family had :)
After Volleyball, we got Cassi and came home for dinner.
Then it was time to go get Madi from work.
On the way home we checked at the school because the volleyball teams were posted.
She didn't make A team, but we figured that.
She didn't practice at all this summer!
They have a 8th grade A team and a 7th grade A team and then 3 other teams.
Cassi is in group 2.
So whatever that means :)
After that we went to Mutual, it was a combined water games with the YW/YM.
It was a fun night.....Port had a blast with all the YM.
Hopefully they didn't get too irritated with the little guy :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday August 16

Busy day today.
I woke up and ran.
Madi did too!
Her back has been feeling really good, and she has been anxious to get out and try running.
So she got out there.
Then I took Cassi to her friends house so they could take her to Volleyball.
I ran to D & B to get a bloat block for the cows.
Came home and a friend was over cause she needed some cat pictures for an article she is she used our kitties as models :)
Then Joanne came over at 9 for speech.
After speech, Port headed over to the Edwards house while I dropped Madi off to babysit at the Frisbys house and Elsie and I went to PT.
Elsie did pretty good.
She had a melt down towards the end, but was able to pull through.
I am so nervous for school!
I want things to go well......I need her to have an amazing teacher!!!!!!!
I will just keep praying and wait until they are listed on Thursday.
So after PT, Elsie and I went shopping for her school clothes.
We got a bunch of cute t shirts and leggings from Target :)
We had a fun time.
When I got home I had a couple hours before I had to leave to help at the cannery.
Cassi had a ride home from Volleyball, poor girl had a migraine.
She feels better.....but had a rough morning.
I got some laundry stuff done and then took a 20 minute nap, which was very needed!
Madi got home just before I left.
I carpooled with Cindy and Serena.
We got there and found out that all the peaches they had, had been canned.
So, we got clean up duty.
Which was fine.
The 4-8 shift ended at 5:30 :)
It was hard work scrubbing down all the equipment though!
I got home and Madi had gotten her birthday package from Emmy, and it was just killing her!
So Emmy said she could open it.
She was a happy girl :)
Thanks Emmy!
I started making dinner when our neighbors came over to pick apples.
We hung out with them and talked for a while.
Elsie and Sierra are just so sweet together.
Makes me happy :)
Then it was bedtime before we knew it!

Port came in our room and slept on our floor at some point last night.
This is how I found him this morning :)

Elsie and sweet Sierra!

This is Sierra, telling Elsie which apples she needs to pick :)

This is to document our school shopping mommy/daughter date :)

Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday August 15 (pictures to phone is having troubles again!)

We had a kind of fun day today.
I woke up and went for a run!
Then after I showered, I took Cassi to volleyball tryouts.
She was excited for it :)
I took Port to the store to get a gift for Grahams birthday party this evening.
Then we came home and grabbed Elsie and they went to the Nielsons house for a play date.
Elsie had so much fun with Sierra!
They started with playing play dough.
Laura said they were pretending they were in a baking contest (which Elsie loves to do).
And they won the trophy!
Then they had mac and cheese for lunch.
After that they watched Annie.
The boys just played good together.
It was a fun time for them.
I picked them up around 2.
Meanwhile at home, I had Madi doing laundry.
Dad went and got Cassi, then she went babysitting for about and hour and a half.
Madi also helped mom and dad outside.
We picked a bunch of apples and pears.
We need to do A LOT more picking!
Then I need to do something with them!!!!!
I am really excited about all the pears!
Then at about 3:30, we all loaded up and went to Wahooz for Grahams birthday party.
It was a fun time :)
Bowling was a blast.
We all couldn't believe Madi's score of 178!
Nice job Bell!!!!
After bowling we had pizza and cake and presents.
Then the kids all did laser tag and played the games.
It was a fun and exhausting evening :)
Then for FHE, we had another cow roundup!
We are getting good at it now!
We moved our cows from Billy's pasture to ours.
I mean really, I know we are just gonna love these memories on the lane :)
It makes me so happy to have such great people in our lives!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday August 14

It was a rough morning getting ready for church....but we made it :)
And it was a nice day.
After church we had lunch, then Cassi and I went and tried to welcome a new Beehive.....but they weren't home :(
After that, Cassi talked Elsie and I into going to choir!
It was a fun time, but I really cannot read notes.
I feel like I have an Alto voice, but have a hard time singing that part because I am stuck with the melody that the sopranos sing......
Anyway, I guess that is why there is practice, to learn the parts.
I told Cassi I haven't committed to going yet........but it was fun.
Elsie had a lot of fun :)
Then we had dinner and after dinner we did our General Conference talk.
It has been several weeks since we have done it, so it was nice to get back to it!
This weeks talk was by M. Russell Ballard.
His talk was Family Councils.
It was a great talk.
Something we have recommitted to being better at.
He talks about the different kind of councils there are, full family, partial family, one on one, and just the parents.
We do all that, just never really call them 'councils'.
But we did decide we would like to have at least a monthly Family Council and that Sundays would be the best day.
So I look forward to those :)
Could be just the little boost the family needs right now.
I loved a lot about this talk.
But he mentioned a few times about the evils in the world and how easy it can enter the homes now with all that technology allows.
That we used to be able to close the doors of our homes and we would be protected.
Not anymore.
But that holding family councils, that start with prayer, will serve as a protection families so desperately need right now.
Who doesn't want extra protection from the evils of this world!?!?!?!
I know I do!
I want to do anything I can to give my family the strength it needs!
It's a great it (or watch it or listen to it...)  :)