Thursday, March 31, 2022

Thursday March 31

Madi, Logan and Winnie made it here!!!!
Winnie only slept 30 minutes on the whole ride!
But of course, she was a perfect Angel anyway ❤️
After she got here, I took her for a walk while Madi did school, thinking she would fall asleep. 
Vern joined us too 😊
But she did not fall asleep!!!
So I just laid her down in The crib and she slept for about 30 minutes!
Two, 30 minute naps for a baby who usually gets two, 2-hour naps!!!!
But, she was as sweet as always. 
A little zombie like….being so tired 😉 but still so good!
Madi went out with some friends. 
After we played with and got Winnie fed, I gave her a bath ❤️
Stacia and Avery came to visit and see Winnie. 
Then Winnie was ready for bed at about 8.
I just laid her down and not one fuss. 
Out like a light 🥰
I can’t wait to see her tomorrow!
The kiddos don’t want to go to school….. but I’m making them so I can have madi and Winnie to myself!
Logan is at his with thing until Saturday and dad is doing helicopter training Friday and Saturday until about 4 or 5.
Crazy weekend, but a fun one!!!!

The prettiest hair colors!

Giving her bedtime kisses from Bumpa. 
He doesn’t think it’s fair that he has to be at work!


Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Wednesday March 30

It’s been a little bit of an emotionally draining day. 
Yesterday, madi took Winnie to the dr. 
Dr was curious about her hair growth, etc. 
sent some pictures to a dr friend. 
Well, madi heard back from that dr today that they possibly think that Winnie has a genetic disorder/syndrome that, among other things, could affect her heart. 
Well, we already know she’s had some heart stuff from the first week she was born. 
But it was nothing concerning then. 
So they will do anger echo of her heart in april. 
And as sun as they can figure out and find an insurance (the one they have won’t pay for it), they will have genetic testing done. 
We all know that Winnie is the epitome of perfection, with or without some kind of diagnosis.
She is an Angel 💗
We do want to make sure her heart odd taken care of and any other needs she might have. 
Anyway, so it might be a long road figuring it all out, or finding that it’s nothing at all and she’s just a hairy baby 😉
But I think she’s amazing and I GET TO SEE HER TOMORROW!!!!!!
They are coming here for a few days for Logan’s with retreat. 
I can’t wait to snuggle her 💕
Elsie’s has an ortho appt today and afterwards we went to the car wash.
She told me she doesn’t ever remember going to the car wash!
I probably didn’t take her when she was younger because it was loud and scary!
Anyway, she loved it today and just kept laughing 😊
(Today I got a lot of videos of Winnie, which are my favorite…. So I have to screen shot for the blog 💗)


Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Tuesday March 29

Sweet baby girl had her dr appt today. 
She’s growing like a weed!!!
They said if she keeps growing like this, she’ll be over 6 feet!!!
We started on the greenhouse today!!!
I am so very excited!!!!!
We got the post planted. 
The pictures make them look crooked, but that’s just the lenses 😂😂
They are straight as an arrow!!!
They will sit like that for a few days while dad goes to work. 
But it is so fun to stand in the actual space and get a feel for what it will be ❤️