Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday February 28

I was in the office again this morning helping out.
At school it was careers day.
Port dressed as a fireman :) 
And Elsie bug was a DR, and she was so excited about wearing her DR coat from Emmy and taking her stethoscope!!!!
I went home after helping in the office and then after cleaning up the kitchen and around the house, Dad took me out to lunch :)
We had a nice time together.
He dropped me off at Madi's school, and she and I drove her to their PT appointment.
She has been out of alignment and needed to be put back into place.
She always hates going, but is such a happy person when we leave!
Then we went to the bank to get her signed up for her checking account.
She has a savings account, but had to get approved for a checking.
She got approved, and so today we got it set up.
Then we came back home and it was time for me to go and get the little ones.
After school Elsie had speech.
Then it was dinner time, homework and bed.
My hero Dustin spent the evening fixing my computer, 'remotely'.
He is just the greatest!!!
I owe you big time Dussy boy!!!!!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday February 27

So I am using Madi's computer to blog....cause mine is corrupt and I am hoping that my hero, Dussy Boy, can rescue it!!!!!!
Such a bummer!!!!!
But today I didn't do much anyway.
I haven't felt totally great.....after I dropped the kids off at school I came back home and went to sleep.
It was a rough night though....both Cassi and Port were up throughout the night.
So I didn't get much done, but Dad did.
He got my laundry chute put up!!!!!
But it didn't come without a lot of work...
There was an electrical wire running right in the way.
He was able to reroute it and put the plug for the washer in a way better spot!
So that is great!
But I am very excited about the chute.
Now we can close in the wall and fix up that bathroom that EVERYONE goes in to!!!!!!
I took Elsie with me to the store after school.
That was a fun little outing with her.
She is a fun kid :)
Madi babysat and Cassi practiced some basketball outside.
Tryouts are on Monday, and she is pretty excited.
And Port and Max hung out all evening until dinner.
After dinner, I took the big girls with me to Hobby Lobby because Madi needed some stuff.....but it was closed.
Luckily Micheal's was open.WE stopped by Krispy Kremes because Madi needed a dozen donuts for her thing tomorrow.....
Well, I recognized Mrs. Chris's daughter as the emplyee there.
I talked to her and told her I was her mom's friend and I was the one who took their family pictures :) She was so sweet.
When we went to checkout, she said we could just take it.
She said she get's to take a dozen home with her after work, and she wanted us to just take it.
It was the nicest thing :)
We did end up telling her that we would buy ourselves some donuts to take.....so she did sell us those three :)
It was a fun time going out with the two big girls too.
I have had some fun times with my girls....I guess I need to take the boys out now :)

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday February 26

I really enjoyed the talks at church today.
I helped dad with his class, which we found out is not Elsie's class!!!!
They split Elsie's age group into boys and girls classes...
Which is think is actually great for their age, and great for Elsie.
But they put Dad with the boy group!
But Elsie has been going without Dad for the last three weeks and she has done great.
So I just talked to her, let her know that dad wasn't her teacher anymore and reminded her that she had already been brave and done it for several weeks.
She told me she could do it because she knew Grandma would help her.
She wears a pin that belonged to Grandma Ene to church every week, along with Elsie's three Buffalo necklaces :)
It is the sweetest thing.
I agree, Grandma is there helping her to be brave.
Then I got to teach again in Beehives, which helps me to get over the anxiety when it comes to teaching the big group.....
But it sure will be nice to get a Beehive adviser so she can teach more!!!!!!
After church I sent the family home because there was a wait to get set apart for our callings.
Dad was so sweet and took a picture of the kids for me :)
After church we didn't do much but hang out.
I actually took a nap :)
It was so lovely.....
Port spent his afternoon making a large box out of craft sticks so he could sort his rocks.
He is pretty creative.
The girls stayed busy and didn't fight......
I woke up to Cassi saying it was a blizzard.
I got up and it was snowing!!!!!!!!
Madi was totally bummed out!
She wants sun a warmth more than I think anyone!!!!!!!!
All the videos and pictures she is getting from the Morgan's in New Zealand are not helping her!!!!!
Ha ha ha!!!
I think we are all ready for some nice outdoor weather!!!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday February 25

Got Saturday chores done.
Port went with Max and Graham to a Rock and Gem show.
He had so much fun and they ended up going out to dinner too.
So Port was gone most of the day :)
And boy, did he have a great day!
After chores were done, the three girls made a trip to Hobby Lobby and Walmart....getting donuts and slushies along the way.
I know Elsie had so much fun hanging out with the big girls :)
And my day......it was filled with laundry and then painting in the kitchen.
I didn't get as much as I wanted to get done.
But the island got finished, so that is pretty great!
Then Cassi went babysitting this evening and Madi spent some time painting an awesome ocean wave picture.....
Elsie did a little crafting and made a Happy halloween poster :)
She cracks me up with her imagination!
Now they are all in bed and I am trying to figure out my lesson for tomorrow!
I am not used to having to teach every week!!!!!!
I have pictures to add, but my computer is really being slow!!!!!!!
So I will add them later :)

Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday February 24

Madi woke up with a migraine, so we sent her back to bed and she skipped school.
Luckily it was her easy day, so no big deal.
She slept until about 11.
Then after sitting around and watching me paint, she joined in :)
We got everything primed!
I actually primed the back of some cabinets this evening, but as of right now, it is all primed!!!!!!
And that was pretty much all I accomplished today :)
Today Elsie got to present her stuff for Star of the week.
She has been a bit nervous to talk int front of class, but I have just kept telling her she could do it!!!!
And she did!
She rocked it today!!!!
Nice work Elsie bug!
After school, I took Elsie to get her new lenses in her glasses.
Then we stopped at Walmart....yes....again!!!!!
I picked up Cassi from the school because there was a school dance that she got to sell concessions at :)
Then I went and helped Vern set up at the school for movie night.
Billy brought Port and the boys and Madi brought the girls and we all had a fun night watching Trolls.
Vern asked Madi to be in charge of the raffle table :)
So that was fun....
Cassi and Elsie hung out and watched the movie with Sierra and fam.
Port and the boys watched front and center.
And I hung out with Vern and sold snacks to kiddos.
It was a very successful night!
There were a lot of people who showed up, making it a very fun night!

(will add Elsie and Cassi picture)

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday February 23

I helped int he office again this morning :)
Then I went for a little shopping spree.
Madi told me Old Navy had a lot of stuff marked down 50 and 75%.
I did find a couple things.
I am hurting pretty bad in the way of nice clothes....I have plenty of t-shirts :)
But I wanted to find something nice.
I also went to Marshalls and did find some stuff.
Is it a good thing or a bad thing that Madi is wearing some of the stuff I bought to school tomorrow????
I don't know :(
I also did some grocery shopping and got some supplies for the YW birthdays (candy bars :).
At home Dad got to work figuring out how we are gonna do this laundry chute.
Then somehow then day was over!!!!!
Kids came home.
Dad and port ran to Lowes.
They bought the paint for my front door!!!!!!!
Now I just have to wait for good weather to get it painted!!!
But I am very excited for that!!!!
I didn't get any painting or priming done today.
Hoping to do some tomorrow.
But maybe not.
We will just see :)
This evening Jenni threw a surprise party for Brad's 40th birthday.
It was fun seeing some faces I haven't seen in a long time, lots of old friends to revisit!
We left the party early to get home to the kids.
The big kids weren't having luck getting the little kids in bed....
But we had a fun time for the time we were at the party :)
Elsie and Madi played with her dollhouse while we were gone.
She has been very into her dollhouse lately.
That makes me so happy!
For years I have bought her toys and dollhouses etc.
Never really a big interest.
I was actually thinking of getting rid of this dollhouse not long ago.....
But then she started showing interest in it after playing at her friend Malia's house.....where they played with a dollhouse :)
I just think it is so cute and perfect for her because she loves imaginary stuff so much and has a very good imagination at that :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wednesday February 22

Today Dad and I ran some errands this morning.
We got some fun stuff at ReStore......
Dad found a garage door opener for his shop garage, which he was super excited about!
I found some mirrors for the workout room and we also found some metal tubing to make a laundry chute!
Very exciting!!!!!
I started doing some priming in the kitchen today.
Got about half....well maybe a quarter primed.
Getting closer.
But it is looking good!
I am very excited about it!
And dad got some sealer on the grout.
After school, Elsie and Porter were invited to the Brewer's house (the ones staying at the Morgan's for some pizza and ice cream.
Laura took Elsie to Activity Days with Sierra and I left Port with Vern and the boys at the Brewers while I went and picked up some dinner to take home.
The Nielson's also brought Elsie home after Activity days, which was awesome.
And we had a visitor!!!!!!
Andy Matthews came to visit!
He is here shooting a commercial for Micron.
Dad picked him up and we had some dinner.
I had to leave with the big girls to go to YW.
But I guess he stayed and hung out for a bit.
I am bummed I didn't get to see him much :(
But glad he got to come and visit with Brent and the little ones :)
We had a fun YW activity.
We did a personality test and then we played a break-out game on the computer.
Like the locked int he room kind of game, but it was finding clues on the computer.
I think the girls had fun.
After the activity, we had YW meeting with our presidency.
So it kind of made for a late night.......
Dad got the little ones to bed, and it was so cute.
Still very late, but so cute :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday February 21

This morning I went and did Art Smart for Elsie's class.
That was a fun print making thing.....
We ended up doing it in the classroom, because the Art Smart room was double booked.
But it turned out just fine.
When I got back home, we got to work on some house projects!
I finally got my build-in painted!!!!!!
And dad installed my flour/sugar pull out drawer.
So that is pretty awesome!
After school, Elsie had Speech therapy.
Cassi went to Wahooz with some friends.
Madi went and did a little shopping.....
After dinner we got homework, dishes and chores done.
And then off to bed!
I am hoping to get more stuff done tomorrow around the house!
We will see.
I wanted to paint the front door, but it was so windy and blustery all day, we decided against that for now.
But I am excited for when we finally get to that!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday February 20

So the kids had to go to school today .....it was a make up day from the snow days we have had.
I helped in the office at school and it appears not everyone knew school was in session!
I had a teacher call into the office to see if there were buses missing, because she had 10 kids absent!!!!
There were a ton of sick kids out too.
Just a crazy day!
After helping in the office I ran over to do Art Smart with Vern for Porter's class.
We finished up a stain glass project that we started back in October :)
But they also worked on self portraits.
So cute!
I got home close to 1:00.
Dad was replacing the face plates on the kitchen walls.
Then I had to go and lay down for a quick nap before I left to pick up Elsie and take her to PT.
I am trying to get back into the 'wake up at 5:30 to workout' routine that I got out of when we were all sick.....
And I am having a hard time getting back in the groove.......but I will get there!!!!
Elsie did a great job at PT.
When we got home, Dad had stuck the meatloaf in the oven and we had a yummy dinner.
For FHE tonight I just did my lesson that I did for the Beehives yesterday :)
It was about living a purposeful life.
I think it turned out good.
I actually got further int he lesson than I did with the Beehives :)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday February 19

It was a nice day at church today.
I got to teach the lesson for my Beehives.
It is a fun group of girls and a little easier to manage then the crowd we had before the split :)
But I still miss those rowdy girls!
Cassi was asked again to be the Beehive President and she chose some new counselors over the weekend and they were set sustained and set apart.
So that's fun :)
After church Elsie and I worked on her project for school.
She is the star student this week and there are papers to add pictures or color.....
So Elsie had fun crafting with that :)
Cassi made more lemon bars.....she made a bunch yesterday for my Beehives today.
But this time she made it for our Shafer View ward FHE that was put on this evening.
We had dinner then a little before 7, we headed to the church.
It was such a fun FHE put together.
We had a mini lesson and then the activity/game took up the bulk.
We were split into 4 groups based on the first letter of our last name.
It was funny.....our letter group was very minimal, so we had to borrow other last names letter people :)
But we got to know our groups a bit, then we started the games.
There were different tasks to be done by them teams and it's members.
First our MC, Brayden Burk, called for us to send the kid who is closest to turning 8.
And they got to pick the team names :)
Then he would ask for someone between the ages of 12-16.
When they got up there, there was a cartwheel challenge :)
Who was most fluent in Spanish.......they got to compete is how many push-ups they can do in 1 minute.
Lots of fun things like that.
It was just a lot of fun with lots of cheering on and lots of laughing.
Then afterwards we had dessert, which the ward members brought to share.
I did get to know a few new people.......I need to be better at getting myself out there!
But I did a good job talking to Youth :)
Ha ha ha ha.....
It was a fun time!
I am thinking we need to do it quarterly!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday February 18

Today we did chores and laundry.
I so much enjoy when the house gets mostly clean all at the same time!!!!!
And I also love my new laundry method.
Seems to be working in a way that it is actually getting done :)
I had a few projects to work on today.
Before the ward split, I had some New Beginnings artistic assignments......but I told them I still would love to do them.
So today is when I got them finished up.
I spent a lot of time painting this 16x20 poster that is supposed to look like a page from a comic book.
I am bummed not to be a part of this New Beginnings in person......but this way I can kind of still be there :)
Elsie had her friend Malia over.
Cassi had her friend Ellie over.
Port hung out with Max and Graham, as usual.
Madi had bowling at about 12:30, then she came home early to go babysitting at 3.
She got home about 8:30, and I took her to her friends house until 11.
That is why it is a late night......
I spent the evening putting together my lesson for tomorrow.
I am excited to get to know these new Beehives....but I am nervous too!!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday February 17

So today we decided to finally get the grout done in the kitchen!!!!
I also got more cabinets primed.
So it was a successful day.
We had a visit from Drew and Heather for a bit.
That was nice for them to stop by.
Dad got his head shaved like Port, so that is fun :)
Then this evening we went to the Nielson's house for a little dinner get together.
Yummy food, talk with friends, dancing in the disco light and some games too.
We left home a bit early, because dad works tomorrow and also Elsie was up at 4:30 this morning!!!!!!!
Dang girl!!!!!
I am hoping she sleeps well tonight and doesn't get up early!!!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thursday February 16

Today has been kind of a crazy day.
Dad took Cassi to an Orthodontist appointment this morning.
They were supposed to attach braces to the teeth that haven't come down yet.
Well, she sat down, the removed the wire, then said the dentist would expose the teeth in the gums.
Well, luckily, dad actually had a dentist appointment for himself after Cassi's appointment.\
So she just went with him.
BUT......turns our our dentist doesn't do that procedure.....so Cassi hung out while Dad got his mouth worked on.
I ended up going an getting her and taking her back to the Ortho to get the wire back in until we could get scheduled with an oral surgeon to get the job done.
We get in there and after some talking they said that actually they would be able to do the procedure there at the Orthodontist......but it would have to be scheduled a different day because it would take about an hour :(
Sooooo.....they put back on her wire and I took her to school.
At home I actually started to prime some of the cabinet doors.
Then I got a call from the school that Cassi was in the nurses office feeling kind of sick.
She went to lunch and didn't have much of an appetite.
She only ate a couple chips, and then she felt nauseous.
So, I went and picked her up.
I did a little more painting before I had to leave again to pick up Porter for his eye appointment.
He did great.
They said he had a little bit of farsightedness, but nothing to be concerned about.
On the way home, we grabbed some pizza for dinner.
Then this evening, we cut Port's hair off!
We have a little friend, Max Jones, who was just diagnosed with cancer.
What they thought would be minimal treatment has not worked like they want to and there has been a lot of travel back and forth places and a lot harder than they initially thought.
They were in our ward (and I was his teacher) before moving the Nampa, and his Dad is a Boise firefighter as well.
This Saturday the Nampa Fire Department (his Dad used to work there before Boise) is doing a fundraiser and for each shaved head, money goes to the Jones family.
Dad is on shift Saturday, but the boys wanted to shave their heads for Max.
So we did Port's tonight.
Dad might do it at the station on Saturday with the guys on duty there.....he hasn't decided.
But he might do it tomorrow.
Anyway, Port has never had his head shaved......so I haven't seen that bald head since he was a baby :)
Sure is a cutie!

His 'Grandpa' haircut :)

Port, with dilated eyes :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday February 15

Cassi had a really rough night last night.
Yesterday she had more injections in to her warts......that are all but gone now!
Well, they are hurting her really bad.
About 11:30 last night she woke up shaking, like shivering, but she wasn't cold.
It was like that Adrenalin rush kind of shiver.
I told her to get up, walk to the bathroom then come back and read for a little bit, and take deep breaths.
I checked back in about a half hour and she was a little more calm.
She turned off her lights and went back to sleep.
When I went to wake her up this morning she was so tired, saying she was up every hour through the night.
So she stayed home today.
Her poor foot is so swollen and bright red.
That is nasty stuff they inject!
Crossing my fingers this is the last time!
We have been so tired around here all day.
Still fighting some kind of bug, I am guessing.
I want us to all be well!!!!!!!
Dad went and helped at Justin's early this morning.
He got some internet wire ran before the insulation went in.
I set up at the church today for our YW/YM activity tonight.
It will be nice to get to know our new presidency......but I am so missing my old ladies!!!!
It's okay.
I can do this!
I can learn lots from them and make greats friendships with them too!!!!
When I got home, I had to get a nap.
It helped a lot!!!!!
Cassi took several naps today too, also got a bath.
She felt good enough to go to the YW activity tonight.
It was a fun activity.
We played minute to win it games and had the kids rotate to have different groups each time.
Then we had ice cream sundaes.
I had a little speech......I told them that I had one concern
Half of the ice cream toppings came from Winco, the other half from Walmart.
I was wondering if that is okay and if it will still make a good sundae or not......
Talking about even though we are two different wards coming together....we can still make it awesome :)
I think it was a fun activity.
I hope we can merge these wards easily.......

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday February 14

💗 Happy Valentines Day 💗
The kids woke up to some fluffy pillows and treats from Mom and Dad.
When Dad got home from work, after the big girls left, he came with flowers for the girls and a pretty plant for me!
He knows me!
I would much rather get a living plant that I can have in my house then a bunch of flowers that are gonna die!!!
I did get up and workout before the kids left, but I have been so exhausted.
So Dad and I took a little break so I could recoup....him too.
He just got off shift from a busy night.
We were going to watch a show.....but ended up both sleeping!
I don't feel bad.
My body was not functioning as it should!
I feel like my body wants to get sick.....but I won't let it!!!!!
Pat stopped by to bring a Valentines treat for the kiddos and we talked to her for a bit.
Then Brent took me out to lunch for Valentines Day.
We went to The Griddle again.
It is a fun little spot, and I am sure we will go there again.
I found something I LOVE there.....but Dad has yet to find the 'right' thing.
He says he will try their breakfast next time :)
We ran to Walmart because I was in charge of bringing a vegetable for Elsie's class party.
Got home and I cut carrots up into little hearts 💛
Drew stopped by with the gift of more cabinet doors!!!!!
I think we will be priming and painting soon!
I want to get it done SO BAD!!!!!!!
I left for Elsie's party....and I don't think the kids appreciated my carrot hearts.
Oh well......
I made chicken noodle soup, with carrot hearts, of course :)
Dad got some cans of expired soda pop from the station and they took turned shooting them and exploding them :)
That was fun.
Madi babysat tonight.
Dad and I had another mini date to Lowes :)
And the little ones watched Wall-e with Cass.
I am going to bed now so I can avoid getting sick!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday February 13

Not much happened today.....
Port did go to school....he was determined!!!!!
He does have a bit of a cough.
But I am sure whatever he had is not contagious anymore!
I got the laundry done that I didn't do on Saturday.
I worked on some posters that I am making for New Beginnings.....for the ward I am not a part of anymore :(
Then I went shopping to get supplies for the activity we are having this week for the YW/YM for the ward I am a part of :)
I hope it will be a fun activity.....
Something that will help them mingle and see that this mix up isn't that bad!
We had a visit from Bubbles and Eldon for some Valentines treats.
Elsie had speech therapy.
And the rest of the night was homework, fighting, and then we read a book together while Madi was babysitting.
Now the little ones are in bed and Madi is home, but has to finish up her homework.
Hoping it isn't too late before she gets to bed so I can get to bed.......

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday February 12

Port was asleep on our bedroom floor when Dad woke up to go to work.
At some point before 7:30, he had gotten up and went into the front room where he slept until about 9:00!
That is major sleeping in for our early-to-rise boy!
But when he woke up, he felt good, no fever and all was well.
So off to church we went.
It was a bit odd today.
Going to church, but not knowing most of the people there.
I am grateful that they have called me back into the 2nd counselor in the YW presidency.
It will be strange to be working with different ladies.
I know they will be wonderful woman and I am excited to get to know them......
But I just love my old group.
There was never any drama.....and we had so much fun together.
I am a little bummed that their will be continuing on without me :(
But all is well.
It will all be okay.
Change happens.
Change is good.
We can handle change!!!!
For YW, we stayed combined today.
The YW president for the girls who have joined us gave the lesson.
She did such a fantastic job!!!!!
All about change and how if we never had change there would be no butterflies!
I was in charge of the handout.....and that was the quote I used :)
It might be a hard transition, but I know we can do it and I know these girls will love each other and we will have so much fun.
After church we came home and ate for about an hour.....
Then we went to the family history thing that we have started doing once a month.
Our youth Family history leader has scheduled out to meet at a members house once a month to teach us about family history and how to use it and different tools.
I am excited about it and hope to go to as many as possible!
It will be at our house in a few months :)
What a great way to spend the Sabbath day!
Then this evening Madi was looking at old pictures and videos on her computer.....and the kids had so much fun watching old videos of themselves.
So much cuteness!!!!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday February 11

So lots of activities today!
Elsie birthday party was all the way in Nampa!!!!
Cassi and I took her, then went to the Nampa Target, and didn't want to go all the way home and then come back for Elsie.....so we spent a lot of time at Target :)
Not a bad way to pass the time.
I found the most amazing buffalo socks!!!!!!!
I was so excited to show Elsie!
And she can wear them for Valentines day!!!!!
So cute!
We also got swimming suits for Elsie and Cassi :)
Elsie's is super cute with a Popsicle on it!
And Cassi is so cute too!
Madi ordered one online last week and we have been itching to find one for the others :)
Now.....all we need is summer time!!!!!
Tonight I made pizza dogs for dinner.
Madi had Shane and Tripp over for a few hours after their bowling competition.
They played pool and then shot some guns with dad :)
The weather had been so amazing!!!!
We are loving being outside!
Cassi babysat the Hall kids tonight.
We told them they could just bring the kids over here so they wouldn't have to drive Cassi back and forth so many times.
The boys had fun playing with Port the whole time and Cassi and Evie had fun the whole night.
Cass is great with the little ones :)
I made some heart cookies tonight....and the big girls helped me package them so they look like butterflies for our YW lesson tomorrow.
It goes with a quote that says "If nothing ever changed, we wouldn't have butterflies'.....
A lesson about change, which is probably something the girls are having a hard time with right now with the ward split and shuffle.......

Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday February 10

So our new bishop asked me and the old YW president from the ward that is being combined with us to take care of YW this week and also plan a combined YW/YM activity for this next Wednesday.
So after cleaning up my house.....She came over and we got some planning done.
I think it will all turn out good.
I am excited to meet the new girls.
A little nervous......sounds like they are having a hard time with the split......
Our girls are sad too, but since we just did this a few months ago, they understand that it isn't gonna be that bad :)
Port stayed home again today, still with a fever.
He went to bed feeling good tonight.....
Hoping for a good night's rest for him tonight!
So far, no one else seems to be that bad.
No other fever's anyway.
Knock on wood!
Then after school, Cassi and Elsie went to the Nielson's.
Cassi babysat, and Elsie hung out for a little while to play with Sierra.
The rest of us stayed at home and watched Armageddon (TV version).
We have kind of a lot of different activities going one tomorrow......
Madi has a bowling competition :)
Elsie has a birthday party.
Cassi needs to go buy a gift for a friend, because they drew names for a friend's valentines thing.
Port needs to get better!!!!
And I am gonna convince Dad to help me make a treat and handout for the YW for Sunday :)

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Thursday February 9

So Port had a fever at about 2 last night.
But he woke up happy and wanted to go to school.
I told him we had to wait and make sure he was fever free for 24 hours.
He was great ll day.
No fever at all, all the energy in the world!
Madi stayed home too, she has felt completely exhausted.
Fast forward to this evening, before dinner Port was saying he did not feel good.
I took his temp and he was back up to 102!!!!!!
Dang it!
Why is he just fine for a little bit and then back to sick again!
So he has been miserable this evening.
Miserable and bored!!!!!
Dad wasn't feeling so great either.
He was over at Justin's for a while today, but then came home because he didn't feel good.
Plus Porter wouldn't stop asking when he would be home.
He just wanted Dad :)
They cuddled on the bed the rest of the night.
Madi is feeling better.
I hope she isn't playing the same trick as Port and runs a fever through the night :(
I just hope no one else gets sick!!!!!!!!!!