Saturday, June 30, 2018

Saturday June 30

It was quite a cloudy and cooler morning today in Evanston.
But it was helpful to have it cooler for my 32 mile run ;)
Just kidding, Gramps!
When I got back, Dad and Uncle Dave had almost all the deck and fence painted!
It looks pretty great!
Port had a little wreck on the motor bike, he's okay, but got some good cuddles from Gramps :)
We got to the church around 12 for the Matthews reunion.
Lots of great food, fun and games.
Lots of chatting, rocket competitions, baby holding and having fun.
We are so lucky to live in families where everyone get along!
We enjoy being together.
After the reunion, Dad got to work to fix Gramps leaky faucet.
It turned into a bigger job than originally thought.
But it got fixed, of course :)
Lauren and Heather came over and we all headed to the rodeo.
We had to stop and get some sweatshirts first, because we did not pack for cooler weather!
Elsie lucked out when we found an awesome Evanston Buffalo sweatshirt :)
The rodeo was fun, with all the fun rodeo foods...Hamburger, snow cones, pickles, and funnel cake!
Port even participated in the chicken catching portion :)
We got home and gave Els some cough medicine.
She had a rough night last night coughing a lot.
It is so dry here, and I am hoping that is all that is going on.
We gave her some cough medicine and she got so goofy :)
She told me to tell her in the morning if she laughs in her sleep!
Oh I hope, I would much prefer laughing than all night coughing like last night :(

Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday June 29

We left for Evanston about 9 this morning.
We made pretty good time, even though we passed an accident and some road work.
The kids traveled awesome!
We got here and unloaded.
Bubble sent a bunch of peas with us, and we sat and munched on them with Gramps while Dad pressure washed the deck.
(He also pressure washed a secret message on the sidewalk :)
We had Elsie's Pen pal, Kallie, come over and hang out for a little while.
She is such a cute girl and they are such cute friends!
They get along so well :)
Cass and Port worked hard helping Dad with yard work.
Cass and I also made some zucchini bread for Gramps to give a try.
Later one, we took Kallie home and then we went for a little ride down by the river.
Such a beautiful night.
I am so thankful for how blessed we are to live in this beautiful world with this beautiful life....

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thursday June 28 (add pictures)

-Took a class at the gym
-Worked in the garden
-Port had all the boys over
-Took them to library
-Brought Koy and Titan back with us
-Did laundry all day
-Cassi went to the student counsel party
-Got all packed for trip
-Port and I FINALLY got our pumpkins planted!
-Ready to go to bed!!!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Wednesday June 27

What a busy day!
Not really a lot of running around, just a lot of stuff.
Port and I ran a couple miles this morning, then I went 3 more.
Then he rode bikes with the boys.
He hung out with one or the other groups of boys throughout today :)
I went to the church to set up the background for the camp kickoff tonight.
Then I ran Elsie to her friend, Cortlyn's house.
She had so much fun there!
Cortlyn is a great friend!
Back at home, Cassi and I cleaned up at the house.
Then the Morgan's called and we went and swam for a bit.
Then I picked up Elsie.
I made dinner in the instant pot, then realized I forgot to put the inner seal in, so it never built pressure.
It did finish cooking though right when we had to leave for Young Woman's.
So all of us girls ate our dinner in the car!
For the camp kick off we introduced the theme, did first aid, CPR, made first aid kits and talked about survival skills.
It was a fun night.....but very full and long!
After that, Dad and I attended the meeting for all those adults attending camp.
And then we made it home!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Tuesday June 26

Took Elsie to PT this morning.
She worked so hard despite being SO TIRED!!!!
We didn't even get home until last night until after 12:30!!!!!
It was so much fun....but we are majorly sleep deprived!
Madi went to work and Cassi took care of Port and the boys for me while I was gone.
When I got home, Cassi went babysitting.
Elsie was going to go to a 6th grader get together, but she was just so tired.
So she rested and read instead.
I went and painted.....
I finally got it done!!!!!
I painted a lot of the day.
The lettering took quite a while.
This evening, Cassi had a talent show try-out for her upcoming BYS.
I took her downtown, to the Boise institute.
While she was there, I actually went for a run in the foothills, and I loved it!!!!
Back at home, Madi got back from work and hung with the little kids.
When Cass and I got home, Madi and Cass went to Walmart to get Madi a bike.
That is what she said she wanted for her birthday, so check, that's done :)
The kids helped me clean up the disaster of a house a bit before I sent them to bed.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Monday June 25 (add more)