Monday, January 31, 2011

Poor guy...poor us.

I think Porter may have an ear infection.
My girls never had many...
So I wasn't prepared to deal with him.
And he doesn't have very many...but I always miss them until it gets really bad.
He usually doesn't get any symptoms.
He doesn't grab his ears, no fever...
The only thing that happens...he gets SO GRUMPY and rotten...more rotten, that is.
And his sleep gets messed up.
Anyway, so I think I ma gonna take him in tomorrow and see if that is the problem.
I always feel so bad when they aren't feeling good, but act rotten.
They get in so much trouble...then you find out they are sick, and you feel bad for getting mad at them for being rotten.
I tried to cuddle him as much as I could today...poor boy.
But like I said...he was rotten, so POOR US!
I am going to be ordering my 12x12, 210 page 2009 family yearbook tonight.
I can't believe I got it finished!
I am so excited to see it all in print.
For those who have been asking, I use
I think they have the best quality for the best price.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Just a regular Sunday.
We were kinda lazy this morning...and our Home Teachers showed up when we were all still in our jammies.
I forgot they were coming.
Oh well.
Then we got ready for church...
Port didn't get his nap, so we weren't sure how it would go.
Well, he was pretty bad for sacrament meeting...but he was great in nursery.
The big girls were AWESOME in sacrament meeting...getting along with each was great!
Elsie went with Sister Roll again...she cried a little in the beginning...but Sister Roll held her and comforted her...and she calmed down and enjoyed the rest of the day.
Thanks goodness for Sister Roll...she is such a great lady!
I am ready to say that Elsie is fully potty trained.
I am so excited.
She still wears pull-ups to school...cause she has yet to go potty at school.
But I think after this week, I will just send her in underwear.
Cause I think she will be just fine.
She still needs help getting on and off the potty...I am not sure how to make that part easier for her.
She likes the real potty vs. the small potty...and I do too.
But it would be great for her to be able to get on herself...but that will come with time.
So today was a good day.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

In my spare time...

I am madly trying to get 2009 put into a blog book.
I am trying to get it all done by Monday.
That was the year I first started blogging there is a lot to blog.
But I am having so much fun going through everything and CAN'T wait to get it all in a book, one big book!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Playing at the park

It was such a beautiful day today!
After school, Brent hung out with the kids at the park while I ran a few laps around it with Jenni.
I can't wait for it to be great weather all the time!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

100 laps

I remember posting when Madi got her first foot charm...
So now it is Cassi's turn.
Every 100 laps a kid walks during the walking club at school (recess time after lunch on Tuesday and Thursday) they get a foot charm.
4 laps equal a mile.
So it is no small task.
Cassi is very proud...and I am too!
I used to go and walk/run with them...I need to get back to doing is fun to spend that time and talk with them.
Great job Cassi!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hard worker

Never underestimate what little Elsie Rose can do.
She continually makes me proud with how hard she is willing to work at so many different things.
She is still working hard on holding her pencil when writing.
She does such a good job, even though it is obviously hard for her.
I just love watching her when she is proud of herself for what she is doing.
And that leads us to potty training!
She has done so good today!!!!
Nothing at school yet, but she went on the potty as soon as she got home...and several times through-out the day, including at the eye doctors office.
She is doing great.
I am proud of what an amazing little girl Elsie is.
I am madly trying to get 2009 blogs put into a book...
It takes a long time when you blog EVERYDAY!!!
But I am loving going through it...and can't wait to get the hard copy!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Potty problem.

I am a little worried I may be causing more problems for Elsie.
She didn't go to the bathroom until 5:00 this evening.
She had kind of a harder day today and was really tired...and her muscles were tight.
She wanted to go...several times...but just couldn't let it go.
She walked around today bent over cause it hurt so bad.
Her tummy was all hard, can you imagine holding it all day long!
I am trying to get her to drink she fills up she goes sooner.
I don't know what I can do to make it easier for her.
I think we are past the point of going back to diapers...she WILL NOT pee in her underwear.
Anyway...just wish I could make things easier for her.
She is such a sweetheart...and is so proud when she goes on the potty.
What a big girl.

If she can survive her baby brother...than she will survive potty training, right?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Letters of love.

Grandma Ene is in the hospital...and has been for the last couple nights.
We know she HATES being in the hospital, and we wish we could do something to make things better for her.
We sat down tonight with the kids to write some notes to her.
I hope they brighten her day.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the big boy of the house!!!

 Brent got home this morning from work.
We had a nice clean house for him...and everyone VERY happy to see him.
He opened his presents...
Then I made him some 'made from scratch' blueberry muffins.
He really loved them.
And after that, we let Dad go take much needed nap.
Then we all got ready and went to church.
After church I made Brent's favorite dinner, that I can make.
Sweet and sour chicken...yum.
After the was time for 'cake'.
Except Brent is not a big cake we always make him a cheesecake for his birthday....he is a HUGE cheesecake fan!

We sang him Happy Birthday with Cassi's accompaniment...which she did awesome at...
And Port thought that maybe Dad needed some help blowing that candle out.
I think it was a pretty good good as having your birthday on a Sunday can get.
It didn't compare to last years fun...but at least we were together...
AWESOME NEWS: Elsie went to primary...
I talked with her teacher Sister Roll about what we can do.
She suggested Elsie bring something to console her...and then Sister Roll will just hang onto her till she gets over her crying fit.
So we sent her baby blanket...not her Emmy blanket, cause that would probably be too big to take to church.
We got to primary today, and she wasn't happy for me to leave...
But Sister Roll happily took Elsie, and after a minute took her out in the hall.
Then Sister Roll started talking to her about seeing Strip...and what she got to do on her trip...
And she stopped crying.
And was perfect the rest of the time.
I am so thankful for Sister Roll and her willingness to help Elsie out.
She rocked it on the potty again today.
She wore a pull-up to church, and had no accidents...
She is doing so good...again, having a little trouble letting it go when she needs to, but is very good at holding it.
I think I will send her to school in a pull-up, but send underwear too, and if they are willing, I would love for her to be in underwear...we will see how it goes!
Miss Jennie will be so excited for her!
They have been trying the potty thing with her for a while now.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Long day...

It was kind of a long day today.
But I guess it always is after I haven't been alone with the kids for almost 2 weeks.
But at least I got a work-out in...that always helps with a long day...
I did have a work-out buddy.
I ran on my treadmill in the garage...and Cassi stayed out there with me (on the hood of the car) and read her book.
Pretty much the rest of the day was consumed with potty training.
NOTHING happened until 3:00 this afternoon.
She kept catching herself, then couldn't go once we got on the potty.
Every time she sits on the potty, she tells me to 'make a funny face' or 'tickle me'...
Finally she went at 3:00...freaked out still, but a little less.
She also pooped 3 times today!
I call that very successful!
She is a PRO at holding it...I hardly worry at all about an accident.
BUT....I do worry about the side effects of  her not emptying her bladder, or holding it for too long...
But I guess all we can do is work on it.
I bought some pull-ups to use for church tomorrow...hopefully it goes okay.
I am very excited for her!!!
She is very excited too...she keeps telling us "I'm a BIG girl".
And it is totally cute in her sweet little voice!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Potty prize!!!

WARNING: potty talk ahead
Elsie has been ROCKING it today on the potty!
This is the stroller she is earning.
She really wants it bad, and every time we go in the bathroom, she says "We got to get that stroller!"
But it is way cuter in her little voice.
We started this morning by putting on some underwear.
We made sure she always had a drink.
Then we took a trip to the bathroom every 15 min.
She just kept holding it.
She loved to sit on the potty, and was good about it, but nothing was happening.
Then about 11:00 she was upstairs and slid down the stairs...something she always does and thinks is so funny.
Well, she was laughing pretty hard...and guess what?
Yep...she peed.
She was NOT a happy girl.
We talked her through big deal.
We kept doing what we were doing.
She had another accident.
Again, NOT happy, actually kinda traumatized about it.
But we worked through it again.
But after that, it was like a switch went off in her head.
We had a couple times when she started to go, then stopped and started to cry to me telling me she needed to go.
She did that several times without any accidents, but not going on the potty either.
I knew her bladder was filling up.
The thing about Elsie is, I know she can hold it.
But we aren't sure if she is able to release it on her own.
You all being muscle related.
But guess what automatically releases those muscles?
Laughing, of course.
So I started to make her laugh...and she peed.
She kinda freaked her out like pooping freaked her out yesterday.
But she got over it, and that is how the rest of the day went.
I guess she just needs to figure out what muscles to let loose.
I teased with Brent saying that I am gonna end up giving her some kind of trained response complex when she is grown up, and she is gonna end up peeing every time she laughs!
That won't be good.
I am so proud of her, and confident she will get it.
No pooping today, hopefully tomorrow.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Warmer weather

It is a little bit warmer here than it was in Evanston and Utah.
We had lots of fun in the snow....but it is nice to be back.
But I would love it to warm up even more.
I am so done with the cold weather.
The kids played outside for a while today and I am sure they will go to bed good and exhausted!!!
Something exciting happened.
BEWARE: potty talk ahead.
We have been trying to get Elsie to go potty.
While we were at Grandma Enes house, we printed out a picture of a doll stroller for her to earn by going potty.
All day today she has been good about sitting on the potty.
Nothing happening, but she was willing to sit, which was good.
Well, the last few times, you could tell she needed to poop.
Well, she would try and than want to get off.
The last time, I sat her on the potty, gave her a book and left the room for a minute.
Next thing I know I hear a blood curdling scream come from the bathroom.
Elsie pooped.
Elsie was a LITTLE overwhelmed by emotion.
She seemed to be terrified at what happened.
But also excited about the stroller.
It took me a LONG time to calm her down.
I hope she wasn't too spooked to get on the potty again tomorrow!
Lets keep our fingers crossed!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Home at last

We headed for home this afternoon.
It is always a drive we don't really look forward too, cause it seems to take forever.
But thank goodness for DVD in the world did our parents ever travel without these things???
We had such a great trip.
It is always so much fun to be with our families.
But it sure is great to be home.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Work and play

What a great day.
Even though it is so COLD here!
We had a lot of fun today...working with Gramps and playing with Grandma and of course playing with STRIP!
The day started with Porter and Dad going to work with Gramps in the store.
The girls stayed at the house to entertain/exhaust Grandma.
Later on Brent made a run to town with Porter and Cassi.
Madi wanted to stay at the store with Grandpa, where she had a really good time just sitting and talking with him.
I think that is something they are always gonna remember.
Gramps sure had a fun time talking with her.
Then the goats needed to be fed.
Madi was a big helper with that too, and so was Porter.
And then there was a lot of playing in the snow.
The cold cold snow!
Then it was time to play with Strip.
We took her an apple, Elsie will tell you how much Strip loves apples.
I need to video tape when Elsie and Strip get together.
Strip is such a good horse...but he sure knows Elsie.
She will snuggle her nose up to her, and Elsie just loves on her.
It is so sweet.
Strip loves Elsie as much as Elsie loves Strip.
Kisses for Strip.
Feeding the goats
The goat feeding helpers
Crazy Cass on four-wheeler duty
Feeding Strip her apple
Elsie petting her Strip
Porter ate the other half of Strips apple.
Funny story...Brent broke the apple in half for Strip.
Strip ate the one half and Porter wouldn't give up the other.
Then Brent picked Porter up and put him on Strip.
When he took them off Strip, Strip kept trying to get that apple form Porter.
Porter did not like that...AT ALL.
And he wasn't about to give up that apple.
So we put him on the other side of the fence so he could eat in peace.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Snug in Evanston

We made it here safe and sound.
Everyone is all snug in their beds....
We need to make sure we get enough sleep for tomorrow.
Cause guess who we get to visit????

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blessed baby....

Today baby Benjamin was blessed.
What a sweet baby he is.
Just looking at him makes me smile!
Then I took a few shots of these guys today...and I will do more tomorrow.
So cute...they are even talking about baby names.
Oh, to be a newlywed.
Love them!
And lots more cousin time....
Elsie loved holding baby Benjamin.
And Port and Owen bonded this trip.
I can only imagine the trouble they will be this summer time!
I love it.
After the blessing we went to the Miramontes home for Costa Vida sweet pork...OOOH so yummy!
It was fantastic Rachel...thanks for feeding us all.
We cut the night a little short...
The kids are so tired....WE are so tired.
Hopefully we can make up for it tonight.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cousin time!

We made it to Utah safe and sound.
The roads were pretty good.
The weather was great today...
We got to the homestead, and after the boys cut down some trees, they build snow barricades.
Then everyone went out and had a snowball fight.
There were only a few tears now and then.
But it sure was fun to watch them.
And, of course, Elsie and Emmy were inseparable the whole night.

Lots more fun stuff to come!
Tomorrow is baby Benjamin's blessing.
Everyone is here but April...we miss you April.
Before you know it, it will be summertime!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy 11th Anniversary!

11 years.
When I think back, I can't believe we were so little when we got married.
And how much we have grown up!

We make a pretty good team.
Happy Anniversary baby!
We got to go out tonight.
The Young's watched the kiddos for a while while we went out to eat.
And there was ABSOLUTELY NO talk of kids...
Okay, I am lying.
But we both had a really fun time just being with each other.
That is what it is all about.
Just being.
And loving it.
I have been wanting badly to do "engagement" type pictures....
This week went by me very quickly, so just before we dropped the kids off at the Young's,  we had Madi Bell shoot this picture.
Not too shabby.
I need to go back and gather yearly pictures like I do of the kids birthdays.
That would be fun, but maybe a little depressing.
Like I said, we started out really young!
I sure do love being with this guy.
We work together.
We LOVE each other.
And we have the same hopes and dreams for our family, and that is what matters the most.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our chore chart

This is our chore chart.
Simple...and cute.
And it is working!
The kids initials down the side and the days of the week across the top.
Each hook has a few chores for each day.
Each chore is worth 25 cents.
Once the chore is finished, they move it to the end hook.
And each Saturday, we add up their cards...
They get paid, they take out their tithing, then put their money in their piggy banks, and put their tithing in an envelope to take on Sunday.
It is a good system that seems to be working.

Madi is very proud of her diligence!
I had this old window.
Brent cut a piece of wood for me to fit int he back.
I covered it with some cute scrapbook paper.
Got some red hooks from Lowes.
Measured out and drilled the hooks in.
Then I wrote down chores and printed them off on scrapbook paper.
I bought baseball card covers, and cut them down to a square and fit them over the cards.
Hole punched them, and they were ready to go!
I know I write too much about how we sleep...
But last night was almost a joke.
Cassi came in at about 2 saying she had a bad dream.
I walked her back and rubbed her back and told her to get some sleep.
She came back in 15 min. later saying her tummy hurt.
I didn't want to chance her waking Elsie up, so I made a bed for her on our floor.
She kept saying she couldn't sleep and she wasn't tried.
I was mean...I told her there wasn't another option.
About an hour later....guess who woke up?
Yep...Elsie Rose.
I thought this was my chance to have her cry it out, since Cassi was in our room.
Well, that backfired.
Two hours later....and all we had was Brent awake, Cassi awake, and me awake...and Elsie crying her eyes out.
She was ALMOST asleep at one point, but then I heard her having a major meltdown.
The valve in her sippy cup had fallen out and had leaked onto her bed.
She was not gonna calm down after that.
I picked her up, stripped her bed, and rocked her for about 25 min until she was asleep.
Oh, and I put Cassi down on the couch so it wouldn't be so loud for her...and so she would stop telling me how mean I was for making Elsie cry. it was 5:00.
Cassi was asleep downstairs, Elsie was asleep in her bed, Madi did wake up to go to the bathroom, but went right back to sleep.
So I got back into bed and Brent told me to wake him up when Porter woke up.
Which was 45 min. later.
I got up at the kids ready for school, in a zombie like fashion.
I did get a 30 min. nap before I headed to the gym.
I sure hope tonight goes better.
We really need some sleep!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fake Birthdays!

Happy Birthday!
Okay, so it isn't anyones birthday at our house.
But Elsie has pretended it was her birthday every day since about 2 months before her actual birthday, which was in July.
I am not kidding...that is 8 straight months of make believe birthdays!!!
Her favorite thing to do for now, is make herself a birthday cake out of play dough.
And it is serious business!!!
When Elsie uses her is a very real thing.
She is so submersed in make-believe that it cracks me up.
She does not break character...or forget what she was doing.
Like I said, serious business!
Madi has been working very hard to make sure she gets all her chores done each and every day.
I think it is gonna work out.
Cassi gets hers done...but it takes a lot of prodding and poking!
Madi likes the fact that she is earning money...she is a money hoarder.
She says she is saving for a telescope...and I think she is getting pretty close to having enough money to buy it.
I got to go out for lunch today for my friend, Denae's, birthday.
It was fun to get out and have some fun girl talk...even though I came home terrified of having teenagers!!!
We had what could have been a disaster happen yesterday.
I kept hearing weird popping noises on the side of the house...almost like someone was throwing something against the house.
I asked Brent about it, and we went out and noticed frozen water all along the bottom of our house, outside out "frost free" faucet!
Luckily we caught it before it got too bad.
Brent, mister fix anything man, got it fixed for us.
It is a good thing we found it before we went out of town.
That would have been big trouble!
Expensive trouble!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Date day...

Brent and I got to get away for a afternoon movie today.
We went to see True Grit.
A very good movie.
It was fun to go to a movie...
Brent loves the movies...but when we go out, he knows I like to talk and be with each other...and I feel like you just sit there by each other for 2 hours when you watch a movie...cause that is what you DO do!
So, what I am saying is, this poor guy never gets to go to movies!
We had two movie tickets given to us for Christmas about 3 years ago...still un-used!
So that tells you how long since we have been just the two of us, right?
Anyway...I still had fun, even if I did just sit by him for 2 hours!
Thanks to Jenni for watching the little kiddos for us.
It was great to get out.
We celebrate out 11 year anniversary this cool is that?

Monday, January 10, 2011


Porter used to be a really good boy and stay in Time-out.
(Ha ha...good boy and time-out...I guess if he was being good, he wouldn't be in time-out!)
Well, he hasn't been staying very well lately.
So I had to come up with other ways of keeping him in time-out.
Ways he wasn't very happy about.
Who knows how long this will work...but for today, it did the trick.
I don't get it.
He is rotten in the morning, but once the girls go to school, he is so good and helpful.
Then when they get home, here comes that rotten Porter again.
He thinks he is playing with Elsie when he chases her and knocks her down then sits on her.
This is what kept getting him in big trouble today.
Either I am giving him too much attention when the girls are at school, or I don't give him enough once they get home.
And yes, he has an apple.
The kid eats NOTHING!
So when he does eat, I can't take it away even if it is for I am bad mom?
I love this boy, and he really is such a sweetheart and a precious little boy.
I just hope we can make it through this year of the terrible twos!!!
Madi and Cassi came home ecstatic about having a new bus driver and a new bus.
Madi really hopes the bus drivers stays for good.
The other one must have been pretty mean and grumpy, cause Madi was very happy to be rid of him.
It kind of makes me sad that school takes up so much of their day.
I am glad they are at school, and they are learning and having fun.
But, especially Madi, I feel they don't get time to just do what they love.
I guess Cassi has time to practice guitar...but once Madi has her homework done, then chores, and dinner and then it is time for bed.
I need to try and fit a little something in for Madi as well.
Anyway, just rambling.
Elsie's face is much better.
It is weird, the rash turned into a very dry skin and now her face is peeling...weird!
She slept all the way until 7:00 this morning...lets hope she keeps that up!
We are all kinda staying on the brink of being well and sick.
None of us feel horrible, but no one feels 100% either.
I can't wait for the nice spring we can get outside and burn some energy in the fresh air!
I have been putting my old blogs into books the last few days...
I am SO HAPPY that I write these blogs.
There are so many things I would have forgotten, and don't want to forget.
I can't wait to look back and read them many years form now, cause I know it is just gonna feel like it all happened yesterday...I love it.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


These guys were all pretty worn out from our sledding day yesterday.
We got up, and had a pretty chill morning.
Madi and Cassi got paid for doing their chores this past week...
(I will write about that later, I am loving how it is working out!)
So they got their tithing ready to take to church.
We got all ready for church.
Church went alright.
Porter went to class really well.
He got new teachers for the new year, and they are really fun for him, so he isn't having any problems.
That is a life saver, cause Elsie is still being a stinker.
I really do think if I could just get her to take a nap before church, she would be great for church...
But by the time it is time for class, she is so tired and worn out...
She LOVES her teacher!
She loves being with her friends.
But she doesn't want me to leave.
When she gets like this at school, they just let her cry it out, but you can't really do that in primary...the other kids would wonder what the heck was going on!
I don't know.
I need to get something figured out.
Oh, and we watched Toy Story...which has become a staple in our household!
I also had a great experience with Madi this morning.
So we recently discovered that there is no record of Porter in the church records.
We blessed Porter in Evanston, and I guess something happened and I didn't get the papers I needed to the right people.
Anyway, it is all fixable, no big deal.
But I thought I knew where the blessing certificates were.
For the past 9 years they have been in the front of Madi's scrapbook...(I say Madi's cause I stopped scrapping when Cassi was born!)
But a couple months ago, Madi needed to use that folder for a class we took all the innards out and placed them in our pantry.
And that is where they still sit today...except for all the papers I had in the front pocket...the ones I NEEDED!
We searched and searched...nothing.
I asked Madi if she wanted to say a prayer with me.
We did and then continued to search.
I kid you not, less than 5 minutes later we FOUND those the most obvious spot!
I was so excited to share the feelings I had with my I needed something, and asked the lord for help, and he helped guide me to what I needed.
I feel like I never get these cool experiences to share with my kids...but here was perfect!
So we knelt down right away and thanked Heavenly Father for helping us find them.
It was perfect.
On a side note...yes we found the papers I was looking for, but it was only the girls blessing certificates...
But, again, no big deal...luckily we have connections!
Brent's brother, Dave, is the stake president where we blessed Porter, and all I needed was to give him the date of the blessing and he is taking care of what I need.
But I was very thankful for having that moment with my girls.
I hope it helps remind them that if they need some help and guidance, that the lord is there.
So, soon enough, Porter will be know on the records of the church!  :)

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Sledding with the Youngs.

Boy did we had a FUN day today!
The Youngs invited us to go sledding with them.
We don't have snow around we took a 1 1/2 hour drive to Crouch...
There was a great hill there on their Golf Course.
We got there...did some sledding and had a fun picnic, yes picnic, lunch on some blankets on top of the snow.
Then we got back to sledding!
I can't believe how fast the day went by.
We left at 10:30 and got home around it was a long day, but a GREAT long day!
I took WAY too many pictures...this is only about 1/10th of what there is...I am sure I will add more.
Way too many memories that I want us all to remember!
Here are some of the highlights from our day.
I love this shot.
Porter was pretty trusting of his crazy Dad!
I can't believe Madi kept sledding from the top.
She has been a little chicken lately of heights (I totally don't blame her)
But I think between the two girls, her and Kara, they made each other braver and braver.
They really had a blast!
Cassi and Aubree stuck together like two peas in a pod.
They also had some pretty crazy rides.
Elsie made her own slide.
She sat by the side of the hill, and scooted herself down in the snow.
She was a happy girl doing that.
This is Elsie's one and only ride down.
It sure looks like she likes it, but by the time we at the bottom, she wasn't very happy.
She was just nervous.
So she was content to watch, eat snow, and nap in my arms for the rest of the time.

Maniac Madi!!!
My two sweet boys.
That boy loves his Daddy.
Me and my Angel.
She was so worn out that she fell asleep in my arms.
I wish I could make everything in the world easier for her.
I love this shot...Madi and Kara going backwards.
Love it!
A mellow run from Cassi....

Oh, and if you get in their way...TOO BAD!
Just kidding!
The story goes like this.
Cassi and Aubree both blame Drew.
I guess they walked to the top, and got ready to go.
Then that little kid on the blue tube went down, so Drew told them to wait.
Then I guess that Aubree was second guessing the ride, and didn't want to go down...
So what does Drew do????
He shoves them she can't get off!
Anyway, they headed right for this kid.
Ran right into him and flipped him right over the top of them. (He was okay, thank goodness!)
We had so much fun and it was a beautiful day for sledding!
Thanks for the invite guys!
When we got home everyone wanted to sleep...
BUT...our chore chart is working so well, I didn't want them to poop out on a day...especially after they had already had fun...they need to ear that, right?
So we did that, made dinner and now they are all sleeping soundly in bed.
I hope they are tired enough to sleep until 10:00 tomorrow morning!
Oh I wish!