Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday August 31

Brent decided to take me on a date tonight :)
So I wanted to get the kids bathed before we left, since we have early church tomorrow.
We got Port in but couldn't find Elsie.
Then I remembered that she had asked if she could go play with Mater.
So I went outside, and this is where I found her.
Guess she is the goat whisperer....cause these guys (except Hulk and Thor) run if you get near them at all.
Pretty cute!
So Dad and I went to Tucano's for dinner.
Yummy :)
We had a really nice time and had some good time to talk.
It doesn't seem like we get to do that much with the kids around....and Brent has seemed to be working a lot lately too.
So it was really nice.
Then we went and saw 'The Lone Ranger'.
We both really liked it and it made us laugh.
Madi did a great job babysitting.
The house was clean and she had Port in bed.
Elsie was a little stinker and wouldn't go to sleep.
But Madi read to her for about an hour.
But now they are all snug in their beds.
It was a fun night.
Except I got a text from Emmy saying that Benji, Rachel's boy, had a seizures and was rushed to the hospital.
So we are waiting to hear how things are going now.
He and his family will definitely be in our prayers and our fast tomorrow.


Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday August 30

When I got Port out of the gym day care today, the babysitter told me that Porter was such a good kid.
That he was such a great helper.
I was so proud of him :)
As I buckled him in the car, I told him it was just him and me for the day (Dad took an overtime shift....a busy overtime shift, I just saw him on the news :)
I told him we could do anything he wanted to do.
He said he wanted to cook something, like banana bread.
And then he said he wanted to paint some frames and then paint pictures to go in the frames.
(He watched me spray paint frames for Madi's room yesterday)
When we pulled in the garage, he wanted to pick out the frames to use.
So he went through my stack of frames and picked two out.
Then we chose colors to spray paint.
He said we should cook while the paint dried.
We decided on baking some Chocolate-chocolate chip zucchini bread.
He was a great helper.
(He even helped me with laundry in between things too)
While that was cooking, he was ready to paint.
He wanted me to paint him a picture and he wanted to paint me a picture.
He drew an awesome picture of our family and painted it perfectly.
He wanted me to draw a picture of our family for him.
When we were done, we stuck them in the frames and then I hung the one I made in his room and he hung the one he made into my room.
I love it.
Well, by then the zucchini bread was done.
So we had a slice, and it was so yummy.
After that, it was nap time.
While he slept I cleaned up the cooking mess we made :)
I also hung Madi's pictures in her room and did some more laundry.....
Then Madi came home.
Heather called earlier and wanted to know if we could go swimming.
So when I picked the little girls up, we hurried and got our swim suits on and headed over.
We swam and ate pizza with them.
My phone is broken and wouldn't take pictures, so we don't have any swimming pictures :(
But it was fun.
We left around 6 so I could get back to visit a new family in the ward with the primary.
And then showers and bed.
I am tired.
But I bet Dad will be more tired tomorrow.
He had quite the day.
He's gonna have to fill in the blanks...but I have some pictures he sent me :)
And that doesn't include the trailer house fire where they saved a bunch of puppies.
He might need a nap tomorrow.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday August 29

Oh my goodness!!!!
What a crazy day!
Happy #12 birthday to our sweet Madi Bell!
I can't believe she is actually 12!
We got up this morning and had breakfast....
She requested Bran muffins :)
She opened her gifts.
Slippers from her siblings, some sweet glass dolls, and money for an alarm clock from Emmy.
And a cell phone from Mom and Dad.
We actually hated getting it for her. sure will make life a little easier.
Dad called the phone as she was opening the present....pretty good surprise!
After some playing with the phone, it was time to leave for school.
Then I got the other two ready for school and headed out.
Elsie was pretty tired.
I thought for sure it would be a bad day today....she was up at 5.
But it sounded like it was a good day!
When I got back after dropping them off at school, we got right to work.
The plan was to give Madi's bedroom and surprise makeover.
She had no idea.
We did it all in 5 1/2 hours.
It isn't totally finished......but we got it done good enough for her to walk in to a brand new bedroom :)
It was a lot of fun....but it was a crazy day.
After all the kids got home from school, and Dad and I got showered, we headed to Chili's for Madi's favorite dinner.
Yum :)
And after some errands, we came home with a Banana cream pie, also her favorite.
Stuck some cameras in there and we were ready for a round of "Happy Birthday".
It was a great day, and Madi couldn't be more happy.
I think it was a memorable day for her :)
We love you so much Bell.




Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday August 28

I can't believe how well school has gone.
Cassi has been so excited about her teacher and her class, it has been a blessing.
And I can't believe we have had no melt downs from Elsie....
She actually seems to have a boost of energy when she gets home!
It really is quite amazing.
I hope I don't jinx it.....
She was walking pretty heavy this morning....but after school she was full of energy.
I gave her legs a good massage tonight, hopefully that will help in the morning.
I am just so grateful that it has been a great couple of days.....and I hope it continues!
The girls had a fun time playing with the volleyball after school.
In the irrigation, of course :)