Friday, April 29, 2022

Friday April 29

Oh man I miss this baby!!!!
Madi has a lunch get together with a couple other young moms. 
She said they ask really got along well and I’m excited for her to have some friends!
It makes life so much easier to have friends to share life with 💗
Dad went to work. 
While I was at the gym, cass called and said the garage door wouldn’t open. 
Just our luck. 
So she manually opened it to take elsie to school. 
I got a lot of stuff done that I’ve been putting off.
I sewed the pillow cases for a couple couch pillows. 
I started to trim and clean out the raspberries. 
It’s a big job!!! 
Gonna have to keep working on it tomorrow!
I emptied and cleaned the jars (brown sugar, powdered sugar etc) in the cupboard…. Now I need to refill them. 
Did laundry. 
Always laundry!
My sinuses have been really bad today ☹️
So I did take about an hour and laid on the couch after taking some ibuprofen and nose spray stuff. 
I love spring time….. but my sinuses hate it!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Thursday April 28

I’m in serious Winnie withdrawals!!!!
Gosh I miss her!
Madi sent cute videos of her today, refusing to crawl on the wood 😂😂
And humming like no one was watching 🥰
Cutest little thing! 
I think she’s gonna be a singer!
My tire popped today, literally have no idea how!
I was like mid intersection when I heard it!
All is good….. dad got it fixed. 
He always fixes everything!
I’m lucky to have him. 


Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Wednesday April 27

Sweet baby girl started crawling today!!!!!
I had to FaceTime to see for myself!
She was so excited to show off her skills!!!!
She’s gonna keep mama busy because she wants to explore the world!!!!!!
Port and I had an experience and I wanted to write it down.
This last Sunday, our ward started a new challenge.
It will be a 5 month challenge that will go along with the conference talk from Pres Nelson about Spiritual Momentum.
Anyway, the first month is Get and stay on the Covenant Path.
Anyway, it was YM and he was meeting at the park and Elsie was meeting at the Lovelands house.
Well, normally that wouldn't be a big deal because they are close if we can take lake hazel.....but that road is closed.
We were running late and Elsie was taking a lot of time, so since I had to come back by our house anyway, I just told Elsie I would pick her up after I dropped Porter off.
Well, I started going and had a great idea to take a short cut!
I run the canal roads and I know that it would lead right to the park!
And it would cut off several minutes of drive time since I would have to drive around the whole block.
I get going on the canal road and things are going good, until we noticed a backhoe blocking the canal road.
With no way to get around.
With the water in the canal on one side and a drop down into a lower field on the other.....we had no room to go around or turn around!!!!
Remember we are running late.
So I throw it in reverse (reverse is not my strong suit).
Porter is pretty worried about my ability to stay on the canal road.....I went slow and steady and made it to the junction where I could turn back onto the road or down another canal road.
I thought MAYBE that other canal road had been worked on since I last ran it and MAYBE it might connect where I can cut through to the park.
So I get ready to go that direction, but as I backed up onto this bridge, I went a little too far to the left and the back drivers wheel went down a little lower than the rest of the wheels......making the front passenger wheel lift to where it wasn't actually touching the ground.
I was a little worried.
A lot worried.
I said a little prayer and felt good about throwing the car in drive and pulling forward.
Thankfully, it worked.
But, to my dismay, the canal road DID NOT connect to a road to the park. 
Just a longer canal road to drive to get to the actual road.
So now we were there, right where we started......just 20 minutes later.
As we were driving, Port and I talked about how this little object lesson fit right along with getting and staying on the covenant path.
Sometimes we think shortcuts will get us to where we need to go faster...
And sometimes we go so far down a road and realize we need to back up, or repent.
We can always repent!
As we pulled up at the park, I looked down the road at the construction and thought out loud, I wonder if I can get through to get home that way.
Porter made me PROMISE I would not try it!
That I would just take the nice paved road and get home safe.
I told him that we could also add that into the Covenant Road analogy.
Even when we make mistakes, repent and learn from them........sometimes we still think that our plan is better than Heavenly Fathers plan!!!!!!
So we keep taking the wrong roads!!!!
I did not take the construction road.
I took the long way and picked up Elsie and took her using the right roads :)
 I just love when you study something and then find actual examples of it in you life.
It is a pretty cool way to learn!!!!


Monday, April 25, 2022

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Sunday April 24

We had an introduction to our new ward challenge, which of based off pres Nelson conference talk, “spiritual momentum”. 
Bishop asked 5 of us to share personal experience in one of the 5 areas. 
I was asked to share about ‘seek and expect’ miracles. 
I was so nervous……it was with all adults and youth. 
I’m not sure I made sense. 
Plus it was very raw and vulnerable!!!!
This is the basic idea of what I said…. My written words are always better than what I speak 😞
So I’m not exactly sure what people gleaned from what I actually said……
 These are the notes I took beforehand:

As Brother Matthews shared a few weeks ago, he went several years being buried in a mountain of addiction. I have been thinking a lot about this time of our lives, which was a big portion of our marriage. How could the one thing that almost ruined us, actually be the SAME THING that has given us a beautiful and strong marriage??? 

And the only thing I can come up with, is that it is one of God’s beautiful miracles. 

I want to testify that our God is a God of miracles. When we are willing to believe in Him, God can AND WILL intervene in our lives through miracles!!!!

While him being in recovery is a miracle, my change of heart has been the miracle that has had the most profound impact on my line!

When we are struggling, sometimes it’s hard to see the lord in our lives and to see the miracles that are right there. 

It wasn’t until I stopped being angry and started working on softening my own heart, that I started to notice the tender mercies in my life. 

Tender mercies ARE MIRACLES!  No matter how small. All those tender mercies built on one another until I was able to realize the bigger miracle of a healed heart ❤️  a softened heart!

Even though those were our darkest times, I can see the amazing miracles that we were given. 

Recognizing this has given me the spiritual momentum to continue to look for and seek the other miracles in my life, especially when times are hard!!!!!!

I would challenge all of you to slow down and pay attention and expect those miracles to come.  And don’t just look for the miracles you are praying for……because “Miracles take time and are often not what we originally requested!”

I want to testify that those miracles we so desperately need are all around us because the lord is there and wanting to help us!

Like president Nelson said “Few things will accelerate your spiritual momentum more than realizing the lord is helping you to move a mountain in your life!!!!”

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen

Saturday April 23

Winnie locked me out of my phone :)

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I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in a week!


I’ll make it up.

But not tonight 😬

But the weekend was full of my sweet Winnie ❤️

So kids of fun pictures to share…. Later!