Friday, May 31, 2019

Friday May 31 (add pictures later)

Last day of school!!!
Cassi did really well on her test.
Dad brought Elsie to the family picnic at Mary Mac once she got home from the bus.
Then we hung there with Porter for a bit and Elsie saw her old teachers...and Mrs. Dynka :)
We got kind of a lot done today....
Madi mowed the lawn.
Dad helped a neighbor move.
I ran and did laundry :)
I also got my garden all planted and worked on my flower boxes too.
This evening Dad and I went out to dinner and did some errands.
That is becoming our go-to date.
When we got home we stayed outside and enjoyed the nice weather.
Dad did some weed eating before it got too dark.
I am ready for the nights when we can hang outside and not have to worry about getting the kids to bed for school!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Thursday May 30

After the kids left to school, Dad Madi and I went to Elsie's ERR talent show.
It was quite fantastic and pretty inspiring.....
Some pretty neat kiddos.
Elsie showed a piece of art.
After that, we all went home.
Dad went to the gym, Madi weeded my garden :)
I tried to lay down....these allergies are killing me!
But I couldn't breathe, so I couldn't sleep.
I decided to go out for a run.
The weather was beautiful.
I ran 5 miles.
Then I finished weeding my raspberries while Dad checked my water lines in the garden.
I am good to go.
I need to get this garden planted!!!!!
I am pretty late in the game!!!!!
Then this evening it was the piano recital for Elsie and Porter.
Port has been so nervous.
I am not sure why he was more nervous this time than any other, maybe he didn't practice good enough.
Anyway, he kind of psyched himself out and messed up.
Then he was mad at himself for messing up.
Kendyl went and sat with him to help him finish up and it was all good.
But he has been so sad about it this evening.
I told him that, you live you learn.
He knew the song, he just let the nerves take over!
Maybe some calm meditations before next time :)
Elsie did great.
She had some mess-ups, but she wasn't nervous at all.
So that was pretty awesome!
Tomorrow is the last day of school!!!!
Everyone is so excited!!!!
Am I ready?!?!?!?!

Sweet Ms Brenda

 My peonies are rocking it this year!!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Wednesday May 29

I did not sleep well last night at all.
I am nervous and feel ill-prepared for my upcoming art class.
It will all be just great, but things always seem 10 times worse at night time :(
So I as quite sleepy today....but no time for a nap.
I helped in the office then I had an appointment to go to.
Back at home, Dad fixed the shingles on the roof and we also got the windshield replaced on the suburban.
He and I went to the craft store and out to lunch.
I needed to find a craft for the YW to make as a 'mailbox' for camp.
I ended up buying t-shirts from Walmart and cut them into tote bags.
Well, the girls did.
Then we painted names on them.
I think they turned out pretty cute! ya, that was the activity for YW tonight.
During the day I did collect the stuff for my class that starts on hopefully I can sleep better tonight :)
Madi went to Jump creek with her friends.
Elsie and Cassi only have half day tomorrow and it is field day for Porter.
Then Friday it is all done!!!!
I am both excited and not...…. :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Tuesday May 28

Madi and I got the little ones off to school this morning.
Madi helped Port finish up some homework.
After he left, we both worked out.
I ran 5 miles today and Madi worked out in the gym.
Then we got ready for Dad's award ceremony.
A few months ago, Brent got called out on an extremely technical, very long, industrial extrication.
It was out at Knife River where a man got stuck in a large telescoping gravel pit rock crushing conveyor belt, made of large heavy gauge steel.
Brent climbed in and down with him... there was only enough room for him.
He started cutting him out with the torch.
The man was so intertwined with the conveyor and it was such a confined space that it made the going very slow and difficult.
They used the workers to start the conveyor and drop the tip down so they could have better access to the bottom.
This was about the time when Brent called for the flight surgeons to fly out and be prepared for a double field amputation of the lower extremities.
Repositioning the conveyor helped and allowed them to access the bottom of the structure.
They finally were able to cut and then use the jaws of life to spread and release him.
Brent spent a lot of time in there with him, and he really thought he was going to watch him die.
I've never seen a call affect him the way this one did.
Well, today he was awarded a life saving award and got to see his new friend, Jimmy.
Not very often does he get to meet the people he saves.
Jimmy told Brent that they spent so much time together (12:30am-4:30am), he felt like they were best friends.
Jimmy's left leg was amputated at the hip and the right just below the knee when they made it to the hospital.
Brent said Jimmy never gave up, that he's the toughest guy out there. I'm glad they got to meet up today ❤️
Madi and I had Everly with us today so Sherrie could have some free time :)
We took her with us to the awards ceremony.
When we got home, Sherrie picked up Everly, and Madi went with Janie to the goodwill.
The kids all came home and Elsie and Porter had piano.
Cassi did well on the test she was worried about today and her Spanish teacher told her she could take that test on Thursday so she could get more study time.
So she is happy about that.
We got a little rain this evening with a beautiful rainbow.
It's been a pretty good day.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Monday May 27

Happy Memorial Day today.
I slept until 10:00!!!!
That is something I haven't done in a very long time!
I guess my body needed some sleep :)
But I didn't really like sleeping in that late, it kind of put a kink in my day!
But we got going.
The little ones did their laundry.
Port had to finish his book reports before he could go play.
He also wanted me to do a dragon henna tattoo for him
He hung out with Koy and Titan a lot of the day.
Cassi worked on her homework and then went to lunch and hung out with her friends.
Elsie had lunch after her laundry was done and then she went over to Sierras to hang out.
Madi got a workout in downstairs and I went for a 6 mile run.
That is really good for a Monday!
I was happy about it.
The rest of the day was laundry and I did get most of my raspberries weeded.
They are looking good and growing!!!!
I need to get my watering system worked out in the garden so I can get my stuff planted!!!
I am so much later than I usually am with the garden :(
Oh will all work out.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sunday May 26

Oh man....I have been terrible about writing this week!
So much going on and so little time.
I got to bed at 2:30 this morning after helping at the senior party.
I got to do henna tattoo art for a few hours.
But man, I was pretty tired.
Madi didn't get home until almost 5!
But she took a nap yesterday, so she was a bit more rested :))
But we couldn't miss was Sydney's farewell for her mission.
She leaves on Tuesday.
She gave an awesome talk and we are sure gonna miss her!
We went to a brunch at her house after sacrament meeting.
The boys, Brandon and Dad cane back home and shot the 22 while we chatted a bit at the Morgans.
Our visitors left and then we got started getting the food stuff ready for the party.
The weather was looking good......we were hopeful :)
We did a little come follow me and then we needed to set up.
We waited until 4:30 or so before we started.
We got tables up and chairs set....and then the winds came in.
Like really string gusts!
We lost a lot of shingles :(
So, we finally gave in and got things set up inside.
It all turned out fine.
I was pretty bummed at first, but I think it turned out okay.
We had lot of people come and wish Madi well.
It sure does feel good to see so many loved ones that have had a part in raising such a great human :)
I am getting pretty emotional every now and then, but mostly just so excited for what's ahead!

 Elsie's new Emmy blanket

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Saturday May 25

Big day!
I will blog later :)
But this time I have pictures!!!!!

Friday, May 24, 2019

Friday May 24 (add pictures)

So much to do, so little time!!!!
This morning,  I couldn't get a hold of the people at the middle school to see if Elsie was getting a yearbook.
So I decided to go to the school to find out (before Port even left for school :)
I am glad I did.
I had to wait in line for quite a while with a bunch of middle schoolers to pay their fines until the late bell rang, then they had to go.
But I got her a yearbook and I took it to her in class and she was so so so excited!!!!
That girl loves her yearbooks and it would have been so sad for her not to have one for 6th grade!!!!
I got back home and took Port to school.
Then I went for a 6 mile was hard today!!!!!
I wore a long sleeve and there wasn't much of a breeze, and I was getting overheated!!!!
Later on in the day, Dad and I went to Costco.
We got stuff for the party on Sunday...that I am really hoping we have good weather for!
We also took Dad's dress coat for work to get fitted and stripes sewn on.
A fellow firefighter passed away a few days ago.
Pretty tragic story.
Emmy got here a little after 5 and the kiddos were so happy to see her!
We had dinner and then Madi, Elsie and I went to Karly Snooks grad party for a bit.
Back at home, Elsie got to open her birthday gift from Emmy early!!!!
Oh my goodness!!!!
It is the most perfect thing ever!!!!
It is amazing and Elsie almost hyperventilated when she saw it!
For the 13th birthdays, Emmy makes a full size quilt for the nieces and nephews.
Well, Emmy hit the nail on the head with the most amazing buffalo pattern!
The colors, the is just incredible!!!!
She has got a major gift!
Not just the amazing quilting she does, but the way she makes them so personal and unique!
It is a treasure!!!!
Tomorrow is Madi's big graduation day!!!!
Can't believe the day has come.
It is pretty exciting!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Thursday May 23

We got up and worked out and got to work cleaning around the house and the yard.
Madi mowed the lawn, dad weed-wacked.
We got the bushes trimmed up, they needed that badly.
Got the house sprayed down.
The windows washed.
We got a lot done, which is great.
I didn't get to go to Costco, but I will do that tomorrow.
But I did order pictures for the graduation party.
There isn't much else that happened today :)
Just getting ready for our weekend guests and for Madi's big graduation day and then party!!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Wednesay May 22

Life has just been crazy right now....
So many things to get done!
I went and helped in the office this morning.
Then back at home I worked on getting the basement cleaned.
Madi helped getting the kitchen cleaned up.
I did some grocery shopping.
I also had Madi clean some frames for me to use for her grad party.....that I am just hoping and praying will work out.
I am so sad that it will most likely be rained out and we will have to have it in the house.....
Which is fine, just more stressful.
Oh well, it will all work out :)
Tonight for Beehives we had a fun self-esteem camp.
The girls wrote about what they like about themselves and then they stood in front of a chalkboard and had the other girls write on the board what they like about them.
It was a pretty cute activity and I think the girls really liked it :)
After mutual, Madi and I had a camp meeting.
Things are still not all put together and we leave in about 2 weeks!!!!!
Oh well, I am sure it will all work out :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Tuesday May 21 (add more pictures)

I finally posted about the art classes I am gonna do!!!!
I was so nervous!
My stomach was so scared!!!!
But people are signing up, so that is great :)
But I still need more to sign up!
I waited for the rain to stop before I went running.
It wasn't supposed to rain this morning!
So I waited for Madi to get home for my last chance to scare her!
I had it all set up to scare her with an airhorn...but she parked in the wrong spot!!!!
So I did scare her, but I didn't get it recorded in time :(
I got her back this evening....
Anyway, by the time that was over, the rain had ended so I could run outside!
I ran 6 miles and it was really nice outside!
I stayed on the road instead of trails because of all the mud.
I can't believe Madi is all done with school now!
So crazy!
We have a busy day tomorrow getting a stuff ready for the weekend!
Madi had a couple friends over this evening.
I am doing the henna tattooing at the senior party....I was asked to do it last minute because the person they had couldn't do it anymore.
At the senior assembly Madi said that they announced that they had "one of the best henna tattooers around".
Ha ha ha...Madi turned to her friends and said "She's never even done it!!!!"
I did have someone drop by the henna today, so this evening I practiced on Madi and her friends :)
So I am NOT the best :)
But I am gonna practice more and hopefully figure it out a bit better......
Port had pack meeting tonight too, so I went with him for that.
Tomorrow I have a lot that needs to be done!!!!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Monday May 20 (add pictures)

Happy Birthday to Emmy!!!!!
We kept Cassi home today.
We are thinking she probably Sublexed her shoulder (which she has done previously).
She has kept ice on it all day.
Her knee is feeling tight but not much worse.
The doc said that it seems like things can keep going as they are.
They will call notes into school for her as long as she needs.
The problem is this week is final prep and next week is finals!!!
I am going to email teachers tomorrow and see what we can do.
Poor girl.
She is feeling so stressed out!!!!
Dad went to the gym and I tried to wait out the rain, but finally just ran 3 miles on the treadmill, which I do not like!!!!
But I got it done.
But as soon as I finished....guess what?
The sun came out!
Dad worked on the basement bathroom today.
We put in a tub sink, making it easier to wash out paintbrushes, etc.
I am pretty excited!
And we painted it using the extra paint from the green doors!
I think it is so fun and matches my art room :)
I left to get Elsie for Speech and PT.
he worked really hard and even got on the big bike to try it out.
When we got home, dad made steaks for dinner.
We had Courtney over for dinner.
Naomi was there hanging with Cassi, but she left right before we ate.
There is more rain this evening.
Man, everything is getting so green!
But we got a lot of stuff we need to get done outside!
The rain is making that hard!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sunday May 19 (add pictures)

So I am gonna add pictures tomorrow.....
We just got done taking care of Cassi.
Her dang shower chair broke while she was showering this evening.
So not only did Dad have to break the door down so we could get in, but she bent her knee...not good.
She also caught herself with her arm causing extreme pain in her shoulder.
The shoulder she NEEDS in order to use her crutches!!!!
This girl just cannot catch a break!
She is worried she is gonna have to do summer school now because I don't know how she can do school when she can't do crutches.
I guess a wheelchair with her leg sticking straight out :(
Poor girl!
Anyway...before all that happened...
We had a nice Sunday.
Well, except for the usual fighting that happens when we spend multiple hours together...… :(
We had a great talk by Malia White who just got back from her mission in New York.
She did a fantastic job.
It was so great to hear her talk about the things she learned on her mission.
After church, Cassi and Elsie went to Choir.
We did our Come Follow Me early because we went to Sierras house for a birthday party, she turned 13 today.
Then we came home and had dinner.
Madi Cassi and I went to Madi's friends grad party for a bit before we went to a Fireside at the Bishops house.
They had Malia and Lexi (another return missionary) speak to the youth about mission questions.
It was a pretty great fireside.
Those are some awesome girls!!!!
Then we came home and...…..the shower thing happened :(
I hope she can sleep tonight!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Saturday May 18

Dad went to a Fire Ops 101 class today....
That is where the firefighters get to show people like the mayor, news people and legislators what it's like to be a firefighter for a day.
They fight fires, they extricate cars etc.
It is a pretty cool event.
He left this morning and got down the lane and realized he didn't have his phone and he didn't have much gas.
So he came back and switched cars.
I got a call about 30 minutes later that he forgot his turnouts in his truck.
So I ran them to him and that was good cause it got me up and going for the day :)
I was so cold though and I was not wanting to get outside for a run because I was cold!
But once I went out, it was actually quite nice!
I went for a nice long 10 miler.
While I was gone I left a to do list for Elsie and Porter and they were awesome about getting it all done.
I worked on laundry and some stuff for Madi's grad party.
When Dad came home he finished hooking up the sinks upstairs in the bathroom.
It is gonna be so nice to have those drawers and a big counter top in the bathroom!
Today was Madi's last day of work.
They sure love her there!!!!
But I am not gonna lie, I am excited to have her around a bit more this summer!
Cassi had a rugby dinner this evening.
Dad took me to dinner, we went to the RAM :)
When we got home, he helped me attach the house numbers to the house......finally!!!!!
We have not had numbers really anywhere, and it will be great to finally have them!
Now I need to put numbers on the mailbox!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Friday May 17 (add pictures)

It's late so I am just gonna write the highlights.
-Cassi stayed home for the first half of the day
-I took Mater in for a vet appointment and a haircut
-He's so soft now!!!!
-Worked on stuff for all the upcoming things going on in our life right now!
-Dad figured out VidAngel and we watched Birdbox using that.
-Dad took out the old cabinets from the upstairs bathroom and installed the ones we got from the Morgans.
-We went to Porters football games
-We went to DQ with the Morgans and Edwards
-DQ took FOREVER to get us our stuff!
-That's why we got home so late
-Cassi still has a couple friends over
-Dad needs to leave early for a fire ops 101 thing tomorrow
-Tomorrow is Madi's LAST day at work!!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Thursday May 16

I kept Cassi home today.
She will go tomorrow for the second half of the day.
The dr office called and said that she may totally need to have rest days...maybe even half days and they would send a dr. note for her.
So that will be good for the last few days that she has missed.
I went right back to bed after I sent the kids off to school.
I just needed a 30 minute power nap :)
Then I went with Stacia to the five-mile nursery to get plants for the garden.
No, I am not yet ready in the garden, but I am not far off  :)
When we got back home, I went for a 4 mile run.
It started raining on me the last mile.
The rest of the day I have been cleaning the house and doing laundry.
Nothing too fun or crazy :)
It has been raining all day and should be for the next few days.
It is kind of a little drizzle, not downpour.
So I hope to get outside tomorrow....maybe work in the garden.
Dad comes home tomorrow, but he goes to Rendezvous with Porter's class :)
So I am pretty sure they will be getting wet!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Wednesday May 15

I worked in the office this morning then I went to a dr appointment.
I got a text from Cassi, she had kind of twisted her ankle and landed funny on her leg that isn't supposed to hold weight yet :(
I went and picked her up and brought her home.
Then I went and ran some errands.
That was pretty much all I got done today.....and laundry.
Always laundry!!!!
Then this evening we had YW.
The stake patriarch came and spoke to the kids and answered their questions.
I think it was a great night and very informative.
Then we came home and got the little ones showered.
Poor Cassi kind of slipped on the bottom step while going upstairs and she fell back onto her bum.
So she is having a rough evening :(
I think her poor body is just physically exhausted from this week.
I am gonna keep her home tomorrow and hopefully she can feel better.
I did call and leave a message with her nurse just to make sure all is good.
So we will see how she is tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Tuesday May 14

We had a hard time getting ourselves to get going today!
But we finally did get our workouts in.
I went 6 miles today and Dad went to the gym and got a good workout.
I finished up painting on the back of the garage while Dad did more sprinklers and then he fertilized the East field.
I got up on the roof and started painting up there too.
Then I came inside and then had to get kids ready for piano etc.
Dad popped up there and finished the rest of the house that was unpainted!!!!
So right now, all of our house is painted!!!!!!
That is so exciting!!!!!
And it looks so pretty!
It took the entire day and most of the time we were in the hot sun, but the cooler air came in more in the evening, so that was nice.
Port had football and we all ate dinner together when he got home.
After dinner, we all headed outside to look at how great the house is looking.
There is so much happiness that comes when I look at what we all have created together.
I love this house so much, not for what it is, but for what it represents!!!!
We hung outside until it was time to say prayer and go to bed.
I love this time of year, but I hate that we have to send the to bed because of school!!!!!
School should end the last week of April!!!!!

Monday, May 13, 2019

Monday May 13

It wasn't a very busy day today, but it sure felt busy.
This time of year there is just SO MUCH to get done around here along with all the stuff we are already working on.
So it feels like crazy town.
We both worked out, Dad gym, me 3 miles.
Man...I hate Monday runs.
They are so hard!!!!
Back at home I did laundry and Dad worked on sprinklers.
The pump is giving him trouble so he spent more time on it that he would have liked to.
I painted as much as I could reach on the back of the garage with the small ladder.
I will have him put up the big ladder tomorrow and hopefully finish it!
But I had to shower and then go do grocery shopping before picking Elsie up for speech.
So I did that....ended up buying mattress in a box for Cassi.
She has not had a very comfy bed and with her finally going up there instead of the couch, we thought a new bed might be nice.
Anyway, Elsie and I went to speech.
Back at home, Dad had made a platform for Cassi's mattress to fit on the bed frame, because a box spring wouldn't work with the memory foam very well.
Then he made hamburgers for dinner.
The kids spent some time doing homework and some art for a 'Life is Good' contest that Vern wants them to enter.
Dad and I spent some time outside.
Enjoying it, but also feeling the stressors that come along with all that needs to be done!
Then we came in and had FHE.
Dad shared with us the stuff he learned in the priesthood fireside they had last Wednesday.
The stake leaders each had their own talks.
Brother Loveland spoke about barnacles and how they can weigh down and wreck havoc on ships.
And that there in a channel in the Columbia river that is fresh water that the ships like to go through because barnacles can't live in fresh water.
So it cleans then off the ship.
So that is a great parable about repentance.
Then Brother Fujimoto spoke about the pearl in an oyster.
The pearl actually starts as a (not bad) parasite.
The oyster slowly surrounds it layer by layer and it grows into a larger pearl.
He likened this to truths we are seeking and learning about.
We learn more about these things step by step, precept by precept.
So just like pearl in the oyster, those gospel truths become beautiful pearls to us.
Then the stake president, Pre. Keihl gave a story about the bears in Yellowstone.
Many years ago, the people would leave trash around and the bears would eat it, then the people started feeding the bears.
It became unsafe and the park started putting trash bins around and telling people not to feed the bears.
But there was a problem.
Those bears had taught their babies to go get food from the easy places, peoples cars, campground etc.
So they never knew for themselves how to get food the way they should.
This comes down to our own testimonies.
If we rely on our parents testimonies , and then we leave the house, we don't know where to turn.
This is why it is so important for us to find out for ourselves what we believe.
It was a great FHE....minus the fighting.
So we picked the word SEEK for our brick foundation wall.
-SEEK the clear waters of repentance
-SEEK for those pearls to build upon
-SEEK to build our own testimonies

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sunday May 12

Happy Mothers Day.
So it was a pretty good day.
Lots of fighting before church, per usual.
It's funny how I work myself up and get more mad than I should because of what I 'expect' Mother's Day to be like.
It is pretty dumb.
Somewhere during sacrament meeting I cooled off :)
Madi spoke today.
She did a great job.
They had all the seniors speak.
She spoke about parts of the Proclamation and how motherhood and nurturing can be different for all kinds of people.
Then she said the sweetest things about me and she told everyone about how I love to scare her and Cassi :)
And also about the 8 seconds hugs I try to give them.
I appreciate the things she says because there are days that go by that I wonder if anything is getting through to them.
I loved the things she said about me being an example in scripture study and FHE etc.
Those exact things were said in my patriarchal blessing.
So the fact that those things are being fulfilled.....I may not be perfect, but maybe I am doing okay :)
We had the sister missionaries tech the YW so we got to go to Relief society where they fed us yummy muffins and we watched a conference talk, the one by Sharon Eubanks from this last conference.
Then we just chatted among each other for the rest of the hour.
I am not a big breakfast eater, so Dad made a Mothers day brunch with omelets and bacon :)
Then we had some down time and some went was a beautiful day!
Dad and I took a little cat nap.
Then when we woke up, we did our Come, Follow Me.
Today we talked about what more can we do?
The scriptures talked about the 'camel having a better chance of fitting through the eye of a needle than a rich man does of getting into heaven'.
How we need to be willing to give all we have to serve others and serve the Lord.
How we need to have trust in the Lords plan the way a child has trust.
It is hard to have that kind of trust when you can't see exactly what the future might bring.
But then if you knew what would happen, then you wouldn't need trust :)
Anyway, it was a good reminder to give more of myself to serve others and to not judge!
We are all trying our best!
There is also a parable in there of the workers in the vineyard.
The first hour workers getting the same pay as the 11th hour workers.
That could make the first hour workers angry, or we could think of it as being thankful for the help at the end of a really long day.
I think of the youth now a days being the 11 hour workers.
The pioneers and past generations being the first and third hour workers etc.
The got things rolling for the youth and now here they come, harvesting that crop that was planted!
We need all hour workers!
We are all a team working for the same goal.
Should the pioneers (first hour workers) get a better eternal life than the youth (11th hour workers) now a days???
No, of course not!
We are all working for the same thing!
I really enjoyed that story.
After our lesson, Dad, Port and I went to check on a friend who was sick today.
They made ice cream for Cassi while she had her surgery, so we returned the bowl with some brownies in it.
We got back home and Dad had made a yummy roast dinner.
We cleaned up and did scripture study and prayer early so everyone could get to bed!!!!!!
We all need sleep!

Madi is the only one who asked for her own picture with me after church :)

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Saturday May 11

Another long run today.
The first couple miles were hard, but when I got past those, it was pretty fun.
I did trails and also went through neighborhoods and on the main roads too.
A good mixture :)
It ended up being about 10.5 miles.
I finished painting the basement siding!!!!!!!
It looks so good!
I love it so much!
Now a few more spots to paint and then the house will be all painted!
Port and the boys did a lemonade stand all afternoon.
They each made about $1.75 each.
Not bad for a road that has hardly any drivers!!!
Cassi got her homework done and Elsie cleaned her room.
Cleaned and rearranged.
She loves to rearrange her stuff!
Dad worked on irrigation, getting the pump all set up.
I also put a netting around our little cherry tree that we NEVER get anything from because the birds get them!
Not this year, birds!
When Madi got home from work, she mowed the lawn.
I cut Dad's hair and then we went out for our date night.
We went to the Ram and the to Hobby Lobby to get a matte cut for a painting Madi did.
She is 'applying' for a job to do some art work......
It would be pretty sweet if it worked out for her!
We also did some grocery shopping.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Friday May 10

I was able to make an appointment for Cassi today.
So after I did a 5 mile run, I got ready and we headed to the hospital.
Things are looking really good.
She did get light headed when they were taking off the bandages and we had to have her lay down on the table.
On a side note, turning green really makes her freckles pop ;)
So she does not have to stay on the couch anymore.
She is able to walk using her leg only for balance.
Still putting no weight on it.
It was amazing to see how much her thigh has atrophied.....
The doc said that it is just kind of hibernating.
Thinking it doesn't need to do anything.
So she needs to work really hard to wake it up by flexing it and moving it around.
The problem is she has no strength in it.
Standing she can't even lift her leg from the hip.
She has no muscle working!
But it will come.
I am thankful she has the weekend to learn how to get around before heading to school.
We got back home and I cleaned the kitchen up and made some treats.
Madi had another 'cookie Friday' so I made them some no-bake cookies (per Madi's request) and some brownies.
I wish I got a picture of them all here!
They signed yearbooks and talked and ate cookies.
It was a fun time.
Then I left with Porter for his football game.
It was the play-offs and he played Max and Graham's team.
It was a close game and fun to watch, but Port's team pulled out in the end.
It was actually a tie and they went into over-time and then it was still a tie.
But since Port's team, was ranked higher, they won the game.
He goes on to play again next week for the top spots.
Back at home, I went out and painted as much as I could on the house before it got too dark.
Inside Cassi had some visitors.
Hallie came over earlier and Josh came to hang out this evening.
Madi went fishing with her friend Brooklyn and she just got home.
It is late and I need to get to bed!!!!!
Cassi will still be on the couch for a bit because the stairs are still gonna be rough.
We will see how things go :)

 The boys all dressed alike today :)
And not even on purpose!
I just love these little friends!!!!!