Monday, August 31, 2020

Monday August 31

Madi and Logan find an apartment in Bend that they really like.
They lucked out when they came across it.
They still have to go through the approval process, but hopefully it works out for them.
It's in great shape and it is in their budget.
So fingers crossed.
I went to the gym without both the girls today.
Cassi had rugby class pictures so she couldn't come.
After lunch, Cassi threw a little party for a new girl in our Ward.
I think it turned out really good.
I picked a bunch of stuff from the garden....
Also Vern, the boys and Porter picked goatheads asking the lane.
I helped a little but after the party was over 
Then Elsie and I rode bikes with Vern earlier in the day, because it was a much cooler day today!
It was nice!
Then we had a relaxing evening, the little ones and I.
Cassi had to go to work after rugby.


Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sunday August 30

Sad day ☹️
Madi and Logan left for Oregon.
But first we started the day with goodbyes to the Thomson's.
We had so much fun with them!
I'm so glad that they could come and hang out with us for the weekend.
After they left, we had a casual home church.
Madi and Logan had everything packed so we didn't want to make them feel out of place 😂
Then we played a few rounds of Skyjo, had lunch, then said our goodbyes.
It does feel a bit empty here without them.
After they left, we had some quiet time which ended up in a 2 1/2 hour nap!
I guess we were worn out!
After we ate some dinner (leftovers) we did our Come Follow Me Sunday school.
And Elsie and I finally got back on the bikes and rode 4 miles with Vern.
It was pretty dark when we finished!
We need to start earlier!!!!!


Saturday, August 29, 2020

Saturday August 29

Happy birthday to our baby Bell!!!!
We had such a fun and busy day today.
We are muffins for breakfast.
Then played more volleyball.
We have had a lot of fun playing volleyball.
Then we made lunches and headed to the river.
It was the perfect weather and we had so much fun.
There were a lot of people there, that was the only downside.....but it was still so fun!
When we got back, we made hamburgers for dinner, then celebrated Madi with some key lime pie, her favorite.
I'm gonna miss her!!!
They leave for Oregon tomorrow!
I'm not ready ☹️

Friday August 28

Madi and I had our last HIGH class together this morning 💔
Gosh I am gonna miss her!
We cleaned the house, Madi packed more stuff up, and we got ready for the Thomson's to come.
It's already so much fun with them here.
We had yummy brisket that Dad made, played games, played volleyball.
It's been a fun night.
And looks like the weather will be great for floating the river tomorrow.... Now we just need to get to sleep!


Thursday, August 27, 2020

Thursday August 27

 I ran 7 miles this morning.

It was nice to get it done before the heat set in.

We worked on cleaning the house today.

Elsie's bedroom was a disaster!!!

She was very good and helpful cleaning it up.... And even more fun, she wanted me to pretend I was Ms Hanagen 😂(she's been watching Annie lately).

Dad spent the day cleaning as well as moving sprinklers all around....

Some day we will get a sprinkler system out there so he doesn't have to spend so many hours moving sprinklers!!!

I did some grocery shopping and when I got home we were gonna ride bikes with Vern.

But then Elsie got a bad spasm in her back!

It was bad, like she was crying!

So we skipped the bike ride, tried to stretch her, have her ibuprophen, got her in the shower and into bed.

Hopefully it feels better tomorrow!

The Thomson's are coming to visit tomorrow, it's gonna be a fun time!

Madi and Logan still have a lot of packing to do.....

Madi had her last day with Sierra today, she's gonna miss Sierra!

But I am sure she will get a lot accomplished tomorrow!!!!

Ahhhh, I'm gonna miss her!

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Wednesday August 26

Today was spent outside mostly after the gym.
Garden stuff, morning, watering, etc.
I also called I some homemade spaghetti sauce, yum!
I can't wait to get not and preserve more!!!!
But it does take a day!!!!
And makes a mess!
But when Madi and Logan leave I can make that my canning kitchen!!!!!
Elsie and I cleaned the fridge out, she was a lot of help today!
We rode 4 miles with Vern ❤️
Then the Morgan's invited us over for cake because Kyra made some and wanted to share.


Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Monday August 24- Tuesday August 25

We had so much fun with Cassi.
Let the pictures do the talking 😂