Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!!

We made a small round around the block say HI to a few friends.
We got way too much candy to add to the way too much candy from that last two nights.
Elsie's dentist, 'Dental Care for Kids', is doing a buy back candy program and then sending that candy to the troops.
Kinda a cool idea.
I think we will take a bunch of our candy there tomorrow.
It was a fun Holiday WEEK!!!!
I think we are ready for it to be over.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

One of THOSE days... this is gonna start out sounding like I am complaining...but it ends up good at the if you wanna read, go ahead.
Today was one of those days that you think maybe someone might be playing a trick on you, or you have a hidden camera pointed right at you.
It started out with Elsie waking up at 3:00 a.m.
She has been doing this lately, and I don't know why, or what to do.
I tried to rock her, lay with her, tried to have her lay in bed with me...nothing...until about 5:00 when she finally went out.
But guess what happened at buddy boy was up for the day.
I tried to have him cry it out, but it wasn't happening!
So we came down and watched CARS...but he likes to have all his trucks and cars stacked on top of us while we are watching CARS and he likes to make sure I am watching it no sleep time there.
Madi woke up around 6:30 and I told her I was gonna go try and put Porter back down (nap at 6:30 a.m. That's crazy!)
And I told her to listen for the little ones cause I HAD to go back to bed!
She did a great job, and I didn't wake up until about 9:30 when I heard Elsie sliding down the stairs.
Porter waited until 10:30 to wake up.
Nothing much else happened until Porter had a blow-out in his bed....
And the toilet got plugged...then used again...therefore, more plugged....
And we were trying to hurry and get ready for the Ward chili dinner and trunk or treat.
I was trying to get my trunk decorated....
I had to paint some cardboard white.
Later on I saw Porter digging around in that same paint can for a screw driver he had dropped in there.
So Porter was covered in paint...I am sure he ate some...not sure how much, but he definitely had his mouth covered!
Okay, so I strip him down....hurry and get everyone dressed, myself included (I wore a sweat suit and put dark bags under my eyes to make me look even more tired...and wore my hair in a messy ponytail.)
Then I put the chili in the car, loaded the kids, and headed out.
Guess what spilled?
Yep, the chili did.
We get to the church and unload everyone...head inside and wait for it to start.
The dinner was great!
I think people were concerned with my appearance.
They were not sure if I was dressed up or not...I just looked really tired, and ready for bed.
But it went along with my trunk...people just didn't know it yet.
There was lots of yummy chili to try.
Lots of water for Porter to spill.
Oh ya, and that full cup of Root Beer in my hand that he knocked all over a little girl while we were standing in line.
I felt so bad!
But she was a trooper. we get dinner eaten and head out to get the trunk ready for the kids to come around.
My idea was "The Dawn of the Never-ending laundry"...
And I had a washing machine in the back with lots and lot and lots of clothes filling the back of my trunk.
Pretty scary, right???
Anyway...the kids go around and it is all good.
Madi took Elsie with her along with her friend Amber.
Cassi stuck with Alex most of the time, then helped me pass out candy the rest of the time.
Porter just rolled around on the sidewalk in front of me all night.
So the night ended...we headed home.
I got the kids in the house...candy put out of reach...and jammies on.
The little ones went right to bed.
And they were happy to do so!
The big girls got a choose...either go to bed, or they could help me with the disaster downstairs!
Of course, they chose to stay up.
I ran to Jenni's to get a plunger, to fix that toilet...and when I got back, those girls had almost the whole downstairs looking beautiful!
I was so proud of those girls.
They sure know when to kick it in gear and help their mom out before she goes insane!
Madi, Elsie and Amber
Cassi and Alex
The Port man...keeping himself busy.
My trunk, with my little helpers.
See, I look tired right?
Love the candy running out of Porters mouth...looks like he ate something bloody.
The trunk
I also have to say that we are trying to start doing the potty thing again with Elsie.
Not super serious...kinda easing into it...
But Porter wants to do it too.
He peed on the potty twice yesterday and and twice today.
Not getting my hopes up, but wouldn't that be cool!

Friday, October 29, 2010

School Trunk or Treat

First of was Cassi and Madi's class parties today.
But since I am room mom for Cassi's class...I couldn't spend much time at Madi's.
Elsie had a fun time working with Cassi on her activities...and Porter sat really well in the stroller while I helped the kiddos frost cookies.
I did take a minute to run down and say "HI" to Madi...but didn't take any pictures, for fear of embarrassing her!
Then this evening we went to the school's Trunk or Treat.
I wasn't sure what to expect, but I think it was a good turn-out and a lot of fun.
The kids got way too much candy and overloaded on way too much sugar.
So, I guess that makes for a perfect night.
Taylor Swift (I made her a guitar to collect her candy in), the Jr. Fireman, Minnie Mouse, and the Gypsy and/or fortune teller.

Cassi was worried that no one would know who she was...but I think she pulled it off pretty good.
Now we have another Trunk or Treat tomorrow for the ward party...then Sunday...
We may be sugar-ed out really soon!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Elsie's Halloween Party...

Elsie had her Halloween Party today at preschool.
She was excited that Dad could come and play with her this time.
Usually Dad has to work when she has her parties.
There was lots of fun stuff to do...and LOTS of sugar to be had!
This month they have been learning about farm they got to dress up as farm animals today.
We borrowed this Pony (unicorn) costume from Aunt Nancy last time we were up, cause Elsie wanted to be it for Halloween...but she has since changed her mind to Minnie Mouse...
So I am glad that we got some use out of the great pony costume!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Texting worksheet????

Are you serious????
Madi came home today with a worksheet about texting!
I guess that is the world we live in now.
It is so crazy to me!!!
And look what great helper I have?
Porter set the plates and stuff on the table today.
He also LOVES to help me load the washing machine.
He is a good helper....he got the 'clean' gene from his Dad.
That is a good thing.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Carving!

We decided to do our pumpkin carving tonight.
Perfect night for the BLUE tarp and ORANGE pumpkins!!!
It was a big mess and a lot of fun!
Here is a good recap of the night.
The little ones just loved playing around in the innards.
At one point Elsie was rubbing it on Porters back.
Silly kids.
And the final product:
Porter- BSU, Cassi- Snoopy (completely her it!), Madi- Stabbed dead guy, Elsie (by her request)- Big Smiley pumpkin .
Great job guys!
They look great on the porch.

And we can't forget about the real BLUE and ORANGE!
They had a good night.
With SEVEN touchdowns!
Good job BRONCOS!

Porters TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fun Halloween Party!

We were invited to the best Halloween part EVER!!!!
Our 'adoptive' Grandparents...Pat and Steve Young, invited us to one of their friends parties.
First they had us and Drew and Heathers family over for dinner.
Then we got dressed up and headed to the party.
There were so many people there.
It was crazy!
It's just a guy who puts this together...and I guess the word gets out, and it is monstrous!
He said he started with 300 hot dogs, and ran out pretty quickly.
Luckily Pat had already fed us...yummy!
The party has music, hay rides, pirates treasure hunt, spook alleys...and a lot more.
But the most fun, the best part of it....the have an airplane fly over us...first they have sky divers jump out...and they are dressed as Batman and Spiderman...then the plane goes back and forth over their field dropping candy...and more candy.
Oh it was so fun!
The kids loved it...Brent LOVED it!
It was a really fun time.
Here are a few pictures from the night.
"I be Minnie Mouse"
That is what Elsie kept saying all evening.
Our group of kiddos...
Hallie wasn't too happy about it.
(Porter is a Fireman, Madi is a Fortune Teller, Elsie "Be Minnie Mouse", and Cassi is none other than Taylor Swift)

Watching for the airplane....
Super Hero's landing...
One of the many candy drops!
We had so much fun!
Thanks to Pat and Steve for inviting us!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rain, Rain....

It has been raining all day.
But we like the rain.
So it's not a big deal.
Today was the Primary Program at church.
This morning was kinda rough...but we got to church in enough time to get a padded bench for Porter and I.
I wasn't sure what to think about Elsie, and if she would do the program or not.
She went to the practice yesterday and was just fine.
But she went to her class with Alex and did perfect the whole time.
She may have even gotten a little goofy up there...
The Sunbeams got up and sang "I am a Child of God" and they did so beautifully.
The big girls also had parts with their classes, and they did great too.
The whole room was so jammed packed full of the spirit!
I cried the minute they started.
There is definitely NOTHING like primary kids singing so perfectly together!
And much work goes into it from all the leaders and teachers.
So they did an awesome job!
It was exactly what I needed to life my spirits today.
I am coming up on a BIG blog day.
My 1000th post will be in 10 more days (or posts).
Yep...One Thousandth!!!
So I am just thinking you might want to get your commenting in gear...cause there just might be a give-away!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kid pictures 2010

Are you as sick of pictures as my kids are???
I HAD to get out and do this year KID picture...
Yes, I just did one a few weeks ago, but I wanted one with them wearing what they wore for the family picture.
I know...I am a nut.
Oh well.
It was great overcast ALL DAY.
I love overcast for pictures.
Until, we got all ready and got to the spot...then the sun came out.
I snapped a few, trying to check the light and see if we could work with it...but I wasn't liking I gave up.
Well, when we got all loaded back up in the car, I went through the pictures and found this one.
I did pose them...but I did not try at all to get them to smile or even look at me.
Now, tell me if you have ever seen more PHOTO trained kids?
I am still trying to work with the coloring...not sure how I want it on my wall.
The sun was really bright and I had to take some sun spots off their faces and stuff...
But I am happy with what I got...and my kids are off the hook (for now).
We also went out to Eagle Island to take individuals shots...I got some good ones and I am excited to replace last years pictures.
I have some HILARIOUS ones of the boy.
That kid cracks me up.
I need to make a montage of all his silly faces...goofy kid.
I will replace the pictures on the side of the blog with those pictures soon too.
Anyway, I think we are done with OFFICIAL pictures for this year.
A funny thing about the picture spot I chose.
I love the look of orchards...but didn't have the time today to drive all the way out to one.
There is a subdivision being built close by.
This is the spot where they planted the trees that they will be planting in the subdivision...
Ingenious of me, right???

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Berry Ranch

We decided that if we were gonna go to a pumpkin patch, it had to be tonight.
Things are getting pretty booked up to Halloween.
So after school, we headed out to The Berry Ranch.
We have been going there for most of the years we have lived here, and I think it is my favorite.
I think it is more intimate and not so crazy!
But it still gets pretty busy!
We checked out the farm animals and then took our hay ride out to the pumpkin patch to pick the perfect pumpkins.
The kids always have a fun time finding the RIGHT one.
I am actually surprised with how fast they found theirs this year.
Then another hay ride back, and off we go.
Nice, fun, easy, all this for some over priced pumpkins.
Oh, I am kidding, it was the experience we paid for!!!
No, it really was a fun time.
And since there were no pictures yesterday, here are a bunch to look at for today.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Walking club...

I am so bummed.
I took some pictures of the girls and I today when I went to the school for walking club.
But now, the pictures are NOT on my camera card!!!
It is so weird.
I looked through them while I was sitting in the school parking lot.
I know they were on there. was my little camera...from now on it is my big one going with me!
Oh well, it is actually that kind of day that I would expect that to happen.
Oh well, we can only hope for a better tomorrow.
I went to bed last night with a tummy ache...and didn't sleep very good.
So after getting the girls ready for school and resting a bit, I went up and took a much needed nap.
I got up and showered and met up with Cassi and Ayden for the walking club.
Took a few laps with them, made some extra sticks for Cass...then her bell rang.
I kept walking around and getting sticks until Madi came out.
Then we walked together.
I need to do it more often.
It is fun to have a little one on one talking time with the girls.
And I get to make extra sticks for them too
Pretty great.
And I had really cute pictures of us together...oh well.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Am I the only one out there that feels like I can't keep the homework thing organized???
Cassi's teacher today told her that she should have been able to finish her book by now.
Right, she totally should.
Except she has been reading other books, higher level books...and I forget about the one specific book she is supposed to read!!!
Not a big deal, but still, I feel like such a scatter brain when it comes to that...or anything that requires organization!!!
Someday maybe...I bet I will be WAY organized once all the kids are out of the house!
Lot of good that will do!
Oh well...I try.
And my kids are smart and really great learners...
I just hope they learn the good stuff from their teachers and not the bad stuff from me.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Home sweet HOME!!!

Our trip home was pretty good.
Brent and I have loved to listen to books on tape...but more recently we have found that it is fun to get books that the older girls would also be interested in, and they can listen too.
I dare to say that it has made our rides a little more enjoyable!
We listened to 'The Trumpet of the Swan' and also one called 'The King of the Wind.'
Now if only we could get Porter to watch a movie!!!
Now we go back to the life of homework and chores....
But I think we will be okay...we had the break we needed.
We have been a little worried about Grandma Ene.
The day we left their house, they took her to the hospital and found out she has pneumonia in both lungs.
And we found out today that she also has asthma.
So we are making sure to keep her in our prayers.
Other prayers wouldn't hurt either!

Monday, October 18, 2010

A very busy day....

We sure got a lot done today.
We (my mom) made butter, mozzarella cheese, gnocchi, and Ricotta cheese.
We (Brent mostly) got park benches fixed, and stained, a door sanded and painted, Mel's Bridal pictures done, and actually a lot more stuff...
It was fascinating to watch the cheese, butter process.
She had the girls shake up the cream from her goats milk.
Then they got the butter, and with a little yellow food coloring, it looks so great!
After that, she took what was left
Then the cheese is made by boiling the milk with citric acid, and when it starts to solidify, you cut it up (this is also how cottage cheese it made.)
Then you separate the curds from the whey...really, that is how you get curds and whey.
The curd is what you make your cottage cheese with and you just add cream to it.
Cool right.
But then you melt it a little at a time and the curds form together and makes mozzarella cheese.
Yum....but that's not it.
You take the whey and heat it almost to boiling and then put vinegar in it...then turns it off and it separates, then you strain it through a cloth....and it makes like a creamy cream cheese...and that is your ricotta.
Crazy right!!!
It was so fun to watch my mom do all of this stuff!
Anyway, it was a fun day.
The kids had fun....the cousins came later on after school and they stayed busy for the rest of the night.
Which was just great!
Elsie had a lot of fun with Grandma today.
They played for a very long time sticking stickers onto each other, back and forth.
She was laughing like crazy.

Then Grandma sat for a long time telling stories to these three little girls.
They were loving every minute of it...Grandma was very animated!
It was a fun trip...but it will be nice to get back into the swing of things.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Family....and lots of kids...

We arrived here to Springville today.
It is cousin central here!
Which means lots of fun and lots of NOISE!
We are only missing two sisters (and the hubby's and kids that belong to them).
We missed you April and Sara.
Not too much longer until we are all back together again!
We got a picture of the Triplets.
Man things have changed...they sure love to camera now.
Check out these...these...and these...
It is so fun to have these three (and Samantha should be in the group....) grow up with each other.

And here she is. This is Katie...and we all loved her tonight. And Andy is a pretty pleasant little boy around her. I give her the thumbs up!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Strip...and some other stuff

We had another fun filled day...just a little less dirt than the last two days.
I got a run in this morning, and got the kids ready for Britt's baby shower...
Aunt Kay, Chalisse and her boys, Jalena and her kiddos, and Nancy and her girls showed up a little early so we could sit and talk...then we all headed down to the party...
It was a lot of fun to sit and visit with everyone there at the party.
Britt is gonna be such a cute little mommy!
And that little boy is gonna be STYLIN'!!!
Porter helped Dad do man things while we were at the shower.
Working in the store, and helping to build Uncle Dougs garage...
He got to drive the dump truck with Uncle Dave and Dad and watch the loader fill the dump truck...
This boy loves trucks, and to actually ride in a real life dump truck is pretty awesome!!!
Then it was time for Strip.
Elsie had been waiting patiently all day.
And she finally got her turn.
Everyone loves to ride Strip...but I guess it has become an unwritten law that little Elsie gets to ride her first!
She just loved to lean in and pet Strips mane...
I love to watch her sit up there...she is one happy little girl up on her Strip.
It is so fun here, and the weather has been perfect.
Tomorrow we head down to see my family, and that is always fun too.
My Mom has all kinds of fun things planned!
I also get to meet my brothers girlfriend tomorrow...and I can only write that here cause I know he doesn't read my blog...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Back home...well, Evanston home.

We made it back to Evanston late this evening.
We had so much fun...playing, hiking, getting minimal amounts of sleep...
You know how it goes!
The day started out with the boys leaving before the sun came up, and us (Nancy and I) trying to keep the little ones asleep as long as they would.
Once they were all up, we decided to head into Montpilliar and play around town.
We wanted to check out a cool pawn shop there, but it was still closed when we got we headed to Family Dollar.
The kids picked out a couple fun toys and some project stuff to do at the camper.
We had to go buy a few more supplies at the grocery store.
Pawn shop was still closed, so we went to Artic circle and let the kids play for a little while.
Elsie was in heaven there.
The rocks and dirt are not really her thing, but an indoor playground, oh she loves that.
On the other hand...if it has dirt and rocks, that is where you will find Porter.
Oh he had the time of his life camping!
Anyway, we finally got in the pawn shop and it had some really neat things.
And if we had room in our car to get stuff back home, I might have tried to bid on some stuff.
Oh well, maybe next time.
We got back home in time for the boys to come by and have lunch.
When they left again, Cassi BEGGED to go with them.
Now, when they go out...they are not on four-wheelers, and they walk...they walk insane distances.
I tried to tell Cassi that maybe she wasn't quite ready to do it...but she REALLY wanted to do it, and Brent was willing to let her try.
Well, she did FANTASTIC!
Brent said that they had so much fun.
She stayed right with him, and she was nice and quiet when she needed to be, and singing at the top of her lungs when she didn't need to be quiet.
I am so glad those two had so much fun together.
Back at camp we had some fun games and stuff going on.
Many pictures to come of that stuff!
The boys came home later on, still with nothing...but still having fun.
We decided to all go out and do one last look.
Elsie fell asleep in the car, so I stuck behind with my babies, Elsie asleep in the car seat, and Porter trying to cause as much trouble as possible.
So we took pictures.
Man I love my kids.
Last night we slept 11 in The Thomson Family 5th wheel.
It isn't meant for 11 people, but it worked out good.
I slept on the big bed with Madi, Cassi and Elsie.
Brent started out with Porter, and the plan was to have him sleep on the floor, but at about 2:00 he ended up with me.
I have to tell you, I had the biggest smile on my face at that time of night.
Elsie wrapped up in one arm, Porter wiggling in the other, and Madi and Cassi close by on either side.
I felt so proud of my little bear cubs.
I love them and I love being a mom.
I sure hope they know that.
Many more pictures to come...I need to remember to get them on here!

October 14

Dad has found his hunting buddy.
Cassi had the time of her life.
She was a little bummed we didn't get anything, but she had so much fun that she got to spend so much time with Dad.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And the HUNT begins...

We made it to our first stop.
Evanston, WY.
It wasn't too bad of a drive...but I am glad it is over anyway.
We spent the day hanging with Lexi and Grandma Ene...
And then later in the afternoon, Dustin shot himself a the kids (minus Elsie) stuck around to watch the gutting of him.
Porter thought it was all so cool!
Then we made our way to Randolph, where we dropped Dad off to leave to the mountains with the boys.
Then we went to Laurens school Halloween party.
It was lots of fun, and they got all dressed up...we forgot to take pictures, but we will do a 'fake' one tomorrow.
But it was a lot of fun.
Porter was a lot of trouble (as usual) but at least he is cute...and we all drove back to Evanston safely.
So now tomorrow, Nancy and I are taking the kids and we are going to meet up with the boys and do some camping, while they continue to hunt.
Should be fun.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So much to do!!!

Oh man...there really is so much to do in such a little time!
We are excited for our little vacation coming up...
Visiting with our families, with a little hunting mixed in the middle.
I think we are pretty much ready to go...
Luckily the kids haven't fought too bad today.
That makes it nice!
And they aren't fighting...they are singing...
It looks like Madi is getting mad at Cassi for pulling on her, but in fact they were having a lot of fun!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Many many years ago, I was art of a F.H.E. group.
It was so great.
We had like 10 or so people in the group...each month, each person would make 10 of the same F.H.E. packet and then we would exchange them with each other and end up with 10 different F.H.E.'s.
So much fun!!!
It was a lot of work...everything had to be laminated and it needed to be top quality
I am so glad I was a part of it...and maybe, if my life slows down, I should start up a group where I live now.
Anyway, the point is, we found the box that I had stored these F.H.E. packets in...
It is so nice, cause it is ready to go, right away!
And DOUBLE nice...Madi can do them all on her own!
It was a lot of fun and I am Thankful we found the box, now maybe we can have more meaningful Family Home Evenings!!!
And the little ones might stick around to check out all the fun pictures and activities.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fun at the park.

I can't get over this great weather!!!
Does this mean we will have a mellow winter, or a terrible one???
I am kinda hoping for one big snowstorm, and then mellow the rest of the winter.
We started a new church time today, in a new ward building.
I think it will work out good.
Porter gets a full nap before church...which is a bonus!
And stick dinner in a crock pot, we are all ready to eat when we get home!
After dinner and cleanup....and a yummy peach smoothie, we took a walk over to the park.
Played a little 2 on 2 soccer...(Madi and I totally kicked Dad's and Cassi's butts!!!)
Then a little dodge ball.
We don't need to talk about who won that.
And then some 'monkey in the middle'.

Lots of fun to be had with this good weather...but I am sure we will make our way over to the park even when it is covered with snow!!!
You could make a MASSIVE snowman with all the snow on that field!!!
I love my family, and I love spending time with them.
We are so lucky to have each other.
(If only we would always realize how lucky we are!!!)