Wednesday, November 28, 2007


So I took Madi out to the bus this morning...and what did I find peeking out of the snow???

Daffodil or Tulip sprouts!!! What??? Anyone know why those sprung up now???

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Triplet Shoot

Well, we made an attempt to take the 'Triplets' pictures you can see, they weren't very into it this time!

This isn't in focus...but I thought it was looks like she has tons of hair!

Friday, November 16, 2007

My new favorite part of the day

The best part of the day lately has been after dinner...the clean-up...I I crazy!!!
No, my girls have become such good helpers...they clear the table...Cass pulls the chairs out of the kitchen so Madi can sweep...Madi rinses off the dishes so I can put them in the dishwasher...
They both pitch in and put the left-overs, drinks...all the extra stuff away...and Elsie gets to have some alone time with he taught her to touch your nose when you ask her to...big step!!! Anyway, isn't this what life is all about?

Playing again

So I have some awesome friends who are Photographers and they are so kind to let me come and play with them and help me to decide what I need in my search for my own studio lights. I have learned so much from them...thanks so much Rachel, Michelle and Alesha...I think you guys are great...Each one of them has helped me in deciding what I like and don't like...I think the thing I learned the most....MAKE MY KIDS CUTE WHEN I PLAN TO TAKE THEIR PICTURES!!!!! Once again they are scroungy...oh well...they are still cute...but could be so much cuter!!! The pictures of Cassi are at Michelle's house and Elsie's are at Rachel's house...and that is little Easton at the end...Rachel's little boy who was so good and obviously completely trained for his mom...she asked him to sit, he sat, she asked him to smile...he smiled...he was so thanks again are great!!! Thanks for all your help...I can't wait to get my own!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Hero Again!!!

Anybody see my hubby on T.V. last night???
Well, here he is with the 7 week old puppy that they rescued from a well...

"It took about two hours in finger-numbing cold for a special team to finally reach the puppy and pull him to the surface." -The Idaho Statesman
That's my man!

Beans Beans Beans

Does anyone else have a child who can down a whole can of green beans in 10 minutes???
Elsie loves her green beans!

I just HAD to throw this one in!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cassi Birthday picts

I tried to take Cassi out to do some birthday pictures...there are some cute ones, but I didn't get one that I just I think I will use the one I took a couple weeks ago in Evanston with her sitting on the fence for her birthday picture...but tell me what you think of these?

Big smiler!

She was being a stinker...but what did I expect?

She kept doing this face...

Here is a cute smile

There is that face again!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Under The Sea

We had Cassi's 'under the sea' party Saturday. I think it went okay...considering I am crazy and invited 15 little ones...but seriously...I think it was fun...First we played Flounder, Flounder, Sebastian (my take on duck duck goose) Then we made little Sebastian's out of red cups, some claws, pipe cleaners...and googly eyes...sorry Brent, Heather and Jenni who had to pretty much put all 15 together...I thought they would be easy enough...hmmm...wrong.
Then we played pin the present on Ariel and now Cassi has the poster hanging in her room..then we lost the cake and we had to do a treasure hunt for it, which turned out to be a bad idea, I had kids crying cause they weren't all getting a turn to find the clues...sorry! Then presents eat cake and then home they all go...Cassi had a fun time...and I don't think it was too bad either...but it won't happen again for a few more years!
Under the sea...
Putting Sebastian together Pinning the present on Ariel's hand
Cassi's new favorite poster
Treasure hunt for the cake
another clue...
Birthday cheeser!!!
Ariel birthday cake

Blowing out the candles
Cake on the floor...not enough chairs for that many kids!!!
Elsie eating cake
I needed a picture of Madi somewhere
After her party it was Ashton's party...a friend of hers...and she got to get dressed up like a pirate...her finger is a hook, like captain hook!!! ARRRG matey!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Hottie Hubby

So Brent got to go to a fire where they rescued some cats...oh ya...and some people...
It was funny, they pulled a woman and her two sons out...but what does the news focus on...
"When Boise firefighters say they try to save lives and property every time they put out flames, they mean your pets' lives, too. "
They rescued a few cats...and one was dead, but they just got some new special breathing masks for what better practice then to try on the real they brought the cat back to life...
And Brent had a few cameos on the news...and this picture on-line...Isn't he cute in his turn-outs and all! I mean manly!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Cass!!!

Well, it was Cassi's #4 birthday yesterday...and she had a great day...she got to have whatever she wanted....she chose muffins for breakfast, spaghetti for lunch, and Red Robin for dinner. She originally wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse, but they don't sing to you there, and she wanted to get sung to...who wouldn't on their birthday, right!!!
Happy to be at Red Robin

This is the only one I could get of Elsie not blinking...she would see the camera and blink over and was pretty funny!
This is while they were singing to her...she was very excited!

She loves her pillow case!
And this was the hit of the night...Cassi is obsessed with Ariel and she is so happy to have her own little baby Ariel doll.
I think it was a good day!