Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tuesday December 31

Last day of 2013.
Kind of hard to believe.
So crazy!
Today the kids helped me clean.
It was mostly washing sheets and cleaning bedrooms, taking out garbage's, washing/sorting/folding/putting away laundry, and then just the everyday stuff.
I had lots more I wanted to get done.
We can do that tomorrow.
But things went pretty well when we were cleaning.
We did have some troubles and talking back a little later on.
Madi did some more sewing.
She made a doll for Porter and a cute little Buffalo bag for Elsie.
I told her she needs to slow down on the dolls cause she is getting a bit sloppy, but they are still darn cute.
She calls them Pocket Pals :)
I got grocery shopping done, except I lost my list and forgot a bunch of stuff :(
Once I got back, that's when there was a lot of fighting and a lot of trouble.
I had the bathroom door slammed on me (one too many times) and I hit the door with my palm open, and broke the mirror, leaving little cuts all over my hand.
Great way to end the year, right.
Believe me, I know I am not winning Mom of the year anytime soon.
I got it cleaned up and sat them all down and begged them to just help me out.
Just stop fighting and just do what I ask so we can have a fun time tonight.
I think they understood, and it wasn't too bad after that.
We went a ran a few errands then then stopped by to say Hi to Jenni and her family, and her parents who are in town.
After that we also stopped to see the Young's for the last time this year.
Then picked up pizza on the way home.
We ate dinner and played lots of games.
Elsie's tooth has been dangling the last couple days, and I had to get it out.
I tricked her again and kind of knocked it out while 'checking' her teeth.
Good thing there aren't any more lose ones for a while (hopefully) because I don't think she would trust me near her mouth.
We spent a few hours playing all kinds of games.
It was a lot of fun.
we had an early count down because I knew Elsie wouldn't last.
The kids all loved it and it was a fun time.
I wish we would have all gone to bed then, cause I am tired!!!!!!!!!!
But they are up, still.
bout 10 more minutes until the new year.
Oh I hope tomorrow is a good year.
I don't think it is a good thing for your day 1 of a new year to be bad, is it???
Oh, and once Elsie went to bed, Madi started doing some more sewing and Porter wanted to make himself a cowboy doll.
He had most of it done by the time I came up from putting Elsie to bed.
He just wanted me to cut the cowboy boots spurs and the hands.
Pretty darn cute :)
Here's hoping (and praying) that 2014 is our best year yet!!!!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday December 30

Today I felt very unaccomplished!
Even though I did get lots of stuff done, you look around the house, it doesn't look like it at all.
That always frustrates me!
But I got most of Christmas stuff packed up.
There are a few more lingering things.....
I planned to get a lot of cleaning done today, since we are having visitors (my bro and his family) in a couple days.
But I spent a lot of time on the phone with the dumb satellite people because our TV was doing weird stuff.
Too bad I couldn't throw it out the window!
Anyway, so as I did get cleaning done, another room was getting torn apart by crazy kiddos.
Cassi was gone for a lot of the day at her friend Kata's house.
And Madi spent her day on the sewing machine, which made me smile a lot :)
She made another little doll and she also made herself a scripture bag for church.
It turned out really good.
She did it with no pattern too.
She takes after me.....I am so bad at following patterns!
Anyway, so I didn't make the kids do much today but I had them promise me that they would help me to really get things clean tomorrow.
They both agreed.
So we will see......
Porter and Cassi played with Legos this evening.
I do love Legos'
I love Porters concentration when he builds with them.
And I can never get enough of that kids profile.
So darn cute :)
Dad got to do some ice diving today.
He goes back out tomorrow too.
He does love what he does.
I guess that is a pretty good thing, cause there aren't many people who would love doing that. :)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday December 29

Ever since before Christmas, Bubbles told us we needed to plan a day to come and eat her treats off her Christmas tree.
The kids have been excited about it and talking about it.
Well, today was the day.
After church we changed our clothes and headed over.
Max and Graham came too.
She had all kinds of yummy treats on there.
It is such a cute tree.
She said she used to have all her nieces and nephews come and have a gift exchange while they ate her tree down.
But they are all grown and have their own families now and she said she needs children's laughter back in her home.
So she wanted them to come and stay for a while.
She kept getting mad and Brent for trying to clean up after the kids.
She said she can clean anytime, but the chance to sit and visit and hear kids play and have fun is something she doesn't get too often.
Vern as there too, but Billy was at work.
It was a fun time getting to know her better and Bubbles and Eldon better too.
After a  few hours of visiting and helping to clean up, we came back home and had dinner.
Now we are sitting and watching "Despicable me 2".
It's pretty cute :)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday December 28

We had such a fun day yesterday.
The kids all slept pretty good.
Kara and Aubree slept upstairs with Madi and Elsie.
Cassi was going to.....but we ended up asking her to sleep down by Porter on the couch.
She was willing to do it....
She wanted to be up there, but was nervous about it too.
So it worked out good for all of us.
So they all spelt good, except they were all up at 5:30.
They had breakfast and hung out and cleaned upstairs.
We waited for Drew, Heather, Braelyn and Hallie to come in from the bunk house.
We all ate and started talking about plans for the day....
But Brae wasn't feeling good with a tummy ache, so the Youngs actually headed back home.
It was a bummer for all of us.
But I hope Brae gets feeling better soon!
Elsie really did not want to go sledding.
So I stayed behind with her and did clean up duty while Dad took the other kiddos sledding.
I am sure he has photos on his phone, I will have to put those on later.
When they came back, we got everything cleaned and finished up and then headed out.
We stopped at the grocery store, bought some rolls, lunch meat, cheese and chips and had lunch in the car while driving to the hot springs.
We got to the hot springs and it was pretty packed, but it is a pretty big space, so it wasn't a big deal.
The kids all had a fun time.
Elsie love love loved it :)
All of us got pretty car sick on the way home.....
So it was nice to be home.
It was a really nice weekend.
Lots of fun, not as much fighting.
And you all know that makes me happy :)
Not too long after we got home, the new ward missionaries stopped by to say hi and meet us.
They seem like nice guys.....

Friday December 27

I will let the pictures do the talking :)
Once we got up to McCall, we got all bundled up and went sledding.
Then it was to The Pancake House for dinner and we all cuddled up and watched 'The Never-Ending Story.'
Then headed to bed!