Saturday, November 30, 2019

Saturday November 30

We had a fun day today.
After workouts, we shot up some pumpkins.
It was a lot of fun.
Cassi went to lunch with Aubree.
I tried to show Madi how to solder, but u think we need a hotter iron.
Madi and Logan went and did baptisms at the Meridian temple.
Then we had dinner.
We cooked the other turkey we had 😊
Lots of leftovers.
Then we hopped in the car and went and saw the Scentsy lights.
Stopped by the store for a few supplies for tomorrow.
Then we all cuddled up and watched Klaus.
It was such a great Christmas movie!!!!!
Everyone should watch it!

Friday, November 29, 2019

Friday November 29

Madi and Logan went black Friday shopping together this morning.
Back her at home we watched Willow on Disney plus.
Man.... So many movies with good memories to watch on Disney plus!
Then it was so nice outside, I went for a run.
A good 6 miler 👍🏻
Then we started setting up the Christmas tree.
So fun.
Still lots to do to make it pretty, but it was fun setting it up.
We had pizza for dinner.
Then we went over to the Morgan's for a fun game night.
It's Elden's 80th birthday today.
So we had a fun little sing a long at their house this evening.
I think he felt pretty special!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thursday November 28

Happy Thanksgiving!
We had a pretty great day today.
The weather was beautiful.
Dad and Logan went to the gym and I worked out in the basement.
Then we got going on dinner prep!
We made a timeline of when things needed to get started and it worked pretty great.
It was fun.
We worked together to get it all done.
Cassi went with a friend and served for at the VA.
That was a great thing for her to go and do.
We had to go outside and take some pictures before dinner 😊
Dinner was pretty yummy....
Dad smoked a turkey this year, it turned out great.
After dinner, we went and saw Frozen 2.
Then we came back home for some pies.
Yummy pies!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Wednesday November 27

We made a nice big breakfast this morning.
Enjoyed time together.
Then those who wanted to workout, got a workout.
Dad and Logan took Madi's Jeep to get new tires.
I took Madi to the Dr.
They ran some more bloodwork.
But basically said keep taking the Prednisone and if the hives come back, then she will be sent to an infectious disease Dr.
So she has two more weeks on the meds.
Hopefully it just all resolves itself.
When we got home, we moved the cows back to our field.
That was fun.
Logan got to meet lots of the neighbors.
Then our whole gang got in the car to do our grocery shopping for tomorrow.
We got home and unloaded groceries then headed out for dinner.
We were celebrating Porter's birthday.
He chose to go to izumi.
It was such a fun time.
Our chef was hilarious and pretty much picked on Cassi the whole time 😂
She loved it.
Then we made a stop by the Young's house.
Drew just got shoulder surgery and we wanted to check in and day hi.
It was a quick stop, they had company.
Plus we had to take Cassi to c4 creamery to work for a couple hours.
We tried some fun ice cream while there.
Then we came home and watched frozen until Madi and Logan went and picked Cassi up from work.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Tuesday November 26

Madi and Logan came today.
We don't all day getting errands done and cleaning the house.
Dad taught another class.
It's been a fun evening.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Monday November 25

Got more cleaning done today.
Took Elsie to PT.
She was a bit of a stinker..... Her body was pretty tired today.
Later in, Cassi went to lunch with friends.
Elsie went and hung out with Sierra.
And Porter hung with the boys.
They found lots of treasures with the metal detector.
So much fun!
I went for a cold run..... Just before it got dark..
Dad taught a class all day.
So when he came home, we had dinner then got in the hot tub and takes about come follow me for FHE.
We talked about finding joy even when things are hard.
Our word this week is JOYFUL 😊

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Sunday November 24

It was a pretty good day.
Sierra spoke in church today, so it was fun to see her.
We sure missed the Halls and that bench was so empty next to us!
After church, Cass and Port did the chores.
He hasn't collected the eggs for a few days :)
I had a meeting after church and the kids were getting along when I got home, so that was nice.
Then we chilled for the day.
Port painted the George Washington at Valley Forge painting and it think it tired out amazing!
And I have been playing with the soldering gun and I fixed my two broken glass stars :)
We did come follow me and got the little ones to bed early because last night was a late night!
Gonna do more cleaning tomorrow and also take Elsie to PT.
Hopefully we can get lots done tomorrow!!!!!
Dad teaches his class again, so we won't see him until later and then I hope I can give the boys haircuts too!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Saturday November 23

Dad is the one who got to play all day today!
He coordinated with the crane company to train on the crane today.
He was pretty excited about it all working out!
Back here at home we just did a lot of cleaning.
Rooms got good and cleaned today.
Bathrooms too.
More to do Monday but we are getting closer to being ready for our guests :)
Port got to go hang with friends because he worked really hard and fast on his room and got his laundry put away.
I went for an 8 mile run today.
I tried to push myself to do 13, but I wasn't feeling it today....
Cassi went babysitting this evening.
I ran to Lowes to get a new solder iron then we went and watched a little bit of the BSU game before heading home.
These kids will be tired tomorrow!
But they can sleep in on Monday :)
No school for a week and it will be a fun filled week!