Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Friday October 1 - Tuesday October 5

 Okay, so I am not doing very good with blogging, am I???

Here is an adorable picture of Winnie to make up for it ❤️

Friday wasn't too eventful....just trying to get Elsie to get schoolwork done.

Cass went to the football game, Dad was at work.

Saturday was the first day of General conference.

We enjoyed the sessions and the kids played with the clay and made some fun things.

I got the stain started on the kitchen bricks.

Sunday, Dad came home from work and we enjoyed Conference together.

In the evening we went outside and played with the dogs.

Dad, Elsie and I took a little walk.

Port, Cass, and Dad tossed the football.

It was a nice night.

Monday morning Cass and Port had no school

Cassi invited me to go and help her paint her senior parking spot.

We painted a hole, like the pavement was broken....it turned out fun.

Then I got Elsie going on school stuff, with Dad helping her.

I put the mortar stuff on the bricks and got a fun look.

I think we are happy with how it turned out.

Today, Dad trimmed it out.

Elsie worked hard on school.

We started her paper making unit  

So fun!

School was good  

She is so much better with Dad around.

Oh ya, and before that, I went for a little run when Port left for school.

I got stung in the head by a wasp!!!!!

It still hurts!!!

Okay so....school etc.

Then Cass and I went and watched Dear Evan Hansen.

Sje wanted to see it but didn;t want to go alone, so we got to hang out again!

Two days in a row hanging out with Cass!


Tonight we had our ARP meeting and it was really great.