Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday March 31

I can't believe we made it home.
Brent got some good sleep.
He snored quite a bit....so I wasn't as rested ;)
When we woke up we started to find out what needed to be done to get him released.
He was feeling good.
We got everything arranged with the car and with the kids.
Drew showed up at about the same time Emmy showed up with the kids.
So we moved the stuff they had over to Drew's car.
I am so thankful to the Yong family for sending Drew down to drive us down.
I know that it was not a task I was going to be able to do.
And I am so grateful to Emmy who was willing to run the kids around and get them there when I needed them so we could take them home.
After we moved the kids stuff, we went up to get Dad.
It wasn't too long before we had him in the wheelchair and riding out of the hospital.
Watching him get into the car......it seemed like it was going to be a rough ride :(
But as we got going, Drew and Brent talking, he was feeling pretty comfy.
He wore his brace the whole time, which I didn't think he would.
I am glad he did.
After a while Drew kept talking.....but Brent fell asleep :)
He slept a good chunk of the drive, which I think made things go good.
We did stop every 1 1/2 or so.
It was overall a good drive.
We got going a little before 12.
Stopped and got some lunch.
I took the kids in to get lunch while Brent and Drew stayed outside.
I am not gonna lie....having all 4 kids, all to myself, after having several days of mostly Dad and I at the hospital.....it was quite overwhelming!
Wish me luck over the next few days!
We got home around 6.
So I would say that it was pretty good timing too, considering all the stops.
We got home and we were greeted with balloons and signs and flowers at the front door and back door and all inside the house.
I know there were several families who participated in the decorating of our house.
It was so fun for the kiddos to see.
We also had a bed in the living room that the Morgans brought in.
A nice adjustable bed that we can borrow while Brent is recovering!
How awesome is that?
I think it will be so very helpful!
At home, we had a stocked fridge, cleaned house,  fresh fruits and veggies, treats for my kids to have at Easter time....
Again, I cannot believe how blessed we are to have such amazing friends.
It is nice to know that even when we are far away from family, we are still taken care of.
The rest of the Young clan came and brought us dinner.
So yummy!
A handful of the Morgans came by too.
Vern also came over with a cheesecake the Bubbles had made.
We also had a visit from Tiffiny Cluff, she brought big cards that the Primary kids in their church classes wrote.
So sweet.
Sarah Hill came
Dad was hurting pretty bad once we got home so when everyone cleared out, he zonked out.
He was awake for a little bit before the kids went to bed.
So it was nice to have a little bit of just family time too.
I think it will take a while for us to figure out our new 'normal'.
I feel overwhelmed being the one responsible for 5 other people....
But I also know that I have so many people out there, I don't need to do it alone.
I am grateful to know that.
I think I have been pretty okay at keeping my dang emotions in check....but it seems to be getting harder and harder.
Probably cause I'm tired :)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday March 30

Such a great day!
He has been doing so well!
Guess what?????
We are coming home tomorrow!!!!!
I will post more later, but I gotta get the (stinky) super hero in the shower :)

K....shower done :)
It was another great day.
It is so late, but I didn't want to not write down today.
It seems like the day all run together if I don't write them down individually!
So PT came pretty early this morning and he walked a loop around this part of the floor.
He did such a great job.
It is my job to get his back brace on, and I think I do a great job at that too :)
It is so hard for him to lay there and LET me get it on without him moving or trying to help out.
When the docs made the rounds this morning, they said we could work to be released tomorrow morning.
So that was what we worked for.
We made plans to get the kids up here .
Elsie has been not feeling good.
I suspected a UTI :(
I found a pediatrician here by the hospital.
While waiting for time to pass until the kids came, I started working on the auto claim stuff.
I'm not gonna lie.
This is the kind of stuff Brent takes care of.
But......if he can heal a broken back, I can make some insurance calls :)
Sounds like a fair trade.
Dad got up and walked another round around the floor.
A little quicker this time and a little happier too.
Each walk just keeps getting better and better!
Each time he gets more and more ready to take this thing head on!
I won't lie.....it does take a lot out of him.
He had a good nap afterwards.
We had a cute little visitor today....Meagan Roll came out.
It has been years since we have seen her, but I keep track of her on Instagram :)
She is going to school down here and she stopped by to check on us.
What a sweet girl she is.
She also brought treats.
It was so fun seeing her......and reminded me even more how blessed we are for the people who have touched our lives over the years.
We miss their family......
The kids came around 3.
Poor Madi is not doing as good as I would like her too.
I am anxious to get her home to get her seen my her doc.
I am sure it is a lot of muscle stuff, but poor girl can barely walk without being in pain :(
I told her we would put Dads old brace from the surgery on her when we got her home.
My mom drove Elsie, Port and me to Elsie's appt.
The big girls stayed and hung out with Daddy.
I was so dumb and took Elsie potty while we were waiting to be seen!
What was I thinking?????
I am just trying to get her to go as much as I can.
So when it was our turn, of course, we couldn't get anything.
I think I sat with her in the for almost an hour.
I made her laugh and laugh (that is the best way to get her to pee :)...
But still nothing!
We got literally 4 drops.
We didn't get enough for the quick test, but we could wait two days for the culture!
Luckily the pediatrician believed it was a UTI, and wanted to get her started on antibiotics before we got the culture back.
We ran to Target to get some new sweat pants and t-shirt for dad and also got the Els' prescription.
So that was a successful trip.
I hope it starts working quick.
poor girl is miserable.
And Poor Emmy has had not much sleep being up with Elsie at night :(
I can't thank Em enough for having the kids for the last few nights.
I had a hard time being away from dad just for the appt time......I just know I needed to be here the last few nights.
Maybe it was for myself...but I needed to be here.
When we came back to the hospital, we met the big girls in the cafeteria and got dinner to take up and eat with Daddy.
While getting food, Mindi came.
And she brought all our stuff from Evanston.
When we found out we were going to be released tomorrow, we started figuring out plans and what to do.
I wanted to go back to Evanston and stay there for a couple days to get situated....figure out how I was gonna do it out of the hospital before taking the long trip home.
I was scared to be the one in sole charge if him......
BUT, he just wanted to get home.
Drew so graciously (along with about a million other people) offered to come and get us.
Seriously.....we had so many people wanting to drive us there, or come pick us up.
I could have had each kid have their own car, and then each car have it's own car barricade all around the vehicle.
That might have been a bit overboard though :)
Anyway, while taking the food up to dad we ran into Scott Morgan.
He is here for his job, and he came to see Brent.
It was so nice of him to take the time to come and chat.
After he left, we chatted with Mindi and it seemed to get late quick.
My mom left with the kiddos kinda late......
Little Elsie bug was the one who cried.
She is so tired, and doesn't feel good.
They drove off with her crying....but Madi sent me a text not too much after they left saying that she had calmed down.
We sat and talked with Mindi for a while longer waiting for Drew to come to the hospital.
Mindi's car was full of all kinds of stuff that we needed to take home with us.
Once he came, we loaded the stuff and Mindi headed home.
Drew came in for a quick second to talk with Brent.
So great of him to come down and pick up my family.
We are so ready to get home!
Well, kinda....
I'm not gonna lie.
I am still scared.
But we make a good team, and I know we can do it!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday March 29

 Today was a day that we have felt the many prayers and fasting from loved ones near and far.
We are beyond blessed and we know we aren't in this fight alone.
It was a good day.
Well, it started with being a good night.
We had a great nurse, and he stayed on top of things so Brent was comfy a lot of the night.
He did a lot of napping again this morning.
But I did get him to eat some of his breakfast and lunch.
The most exciting thing was when the PT came and I got his brace on (they wanted to see if I could get it on him myself.)
When he sat up, he knew instantly that it would be much better than it was yesterday.
That lifted his spirits.
He started walking and he felt pretty good.
Well, not good......but better than it was yesterday!
So they kept walking all the way down the hall.
It was slow going, but he did so great!
I hate to say that Brent is a pessimist......but he kind of is.
So it was great to have something go well, so he can see that this is possible!
At some point in the day, we had a cute couple come in from the hospital LDS branch and they shared a little time with us and brought us the sacrament.
The rest of the morning was pretty slow.
Lots of napping, which is good.
He really needs good sleep!
Emmy brought the kiddos a little after 1:30, I think.
It was so good to see their little faces.
My babies.
I just love those little people.....well most of them are little.....Madi is a little giant :)
It did some real good for dad to see his babies.
To see that they are doing good.
That they are safe and well taken care of.
Kay and Monica and Jalena came a little bit before the kiddos showed up.
And then it was like a party started!
We had visitor after visitor....so many family members.
It was so great.
Even Brent loved it :)
Nancy and Russ brought down Grams and Gramps.
Along with Heather, Lauren, Adrie, Matthew and Caleb.
Yesterday Brent told his mom on the phone not to worry about coming to the hospital.
We didn't want to wear her out and stress her out.
He was doing fine and he would see her soon.
Well, Nancy told us today that Grandma needed to see him for herself.
She needed to touch him.
She needed to see for herself that he baby boy was really doing okay and that everyone wasn't just lying to her :)
It was so tender to see his mom sitting next to her baby boy.
They both needed to see each other.
Mama wanted to make sure her baby boy was safe, and her baby boy needed the loving touch of his mama.
So glad they came down.
That group started to clear out (except Emmy and my kiddos).
Stephy and Bruce came to visit.
Seems silly for people to drive for 1+ hour to visit for a few minutes.
But we feel the love.
Then Dussy boy showed up with Sandra and Uncle Sheriff Ugly.
It was good to talk with them too.
We have such great families!
We are so very blessed!
I had Sandra snap a little family 'back together' picture.
How come Brent has the broken back, but I'm the one who looks sick???????
The kiddos left, we had tears :(
Not a lot of tears....and they surprisingly came from the two big girls, not the little ones.
It is a little bit heart wrenching for my 13 year old to hug me and break into tears.
I told her I just wanted to get them all home together and cuddle up and hold them and never leave each other again.
My Madi Bell has been such a great help, but she is still hurting a lot physically.
And it has been hard emotionally as well.
Especially since she has to be the BIG one.
And Cass, poor thing has been so emotional....breaks my heart.
But they are strong girls!
Amazing kids!
So the plan for today was to start getting off the IV meds.
So I am a little weary of the night tonight......
I hope the nurse will stay on top of things and get him the meds at the right times so we don't have to play catch up.
That makes me angry!
It's their job to give them the meds, not try to put more distance between doses!
Anyway.....sorry....just a little frustration.
Some nurses have been super awesome, others....boo!
So I hope the goodness from today, and the blessings we have seen will extend into the night as well :)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday March 28

This morning the PT came early and got him up out of bed.
He was not pumped to do this :(
And it hurt him quite a lot.
He did take a few steps, but not without paying for it once he got back in bed.
They changed one of the medications, and it seemed to really help.
And he has slept much of the day, which is a good thing.
He needs sleep.
He wouldn't eat all day until I finally got him to eat some of his dinner.
Later on tonight he was able to sit up and it wasn't too bad.
Which was encouraging!
My mom came out this afternoon and stayed for awhile.
It was nice to have some time with her.
Thanks mom for coming :)
The kids spent the morning bouncing between Cindy and Sandra.
They went and saw the car.
Well, Cassi and Elsie went with Sandra to do that.
So scary to see the pictures.
And they also went and saw the Buffalos.
Of course.
I think Elsie was a happy bug :)
I know Madi had a good nap at Cindy's house while Port watched a movie.
 Then after they all lunch when Emmy met up with Cindy and Dave in Heber and took them to her house.
Then Dave and Cindy headed to the hospital and we had a nice visit for a while with my mom.
Em texted me pictures as soon as they got to her house.
I am so blessed to know that these kids are being so well taken care of.
I am staying the night again with Dad.
This time he asked me to.
He must like me or something ;)
Wish us luck tonight!

Thursday March 26

A day I will never forget, a day I would like to forget, but a day I need to remember.
If that can even make sense.
Thursday afternoon, we had just had lunch with Grams and Gramps at Grandpas feed store.
We had promised Port a tour of Uncle Ugly's new sheriffs office.
So we all loaded in the Tahoe for the short drive to the jail.
Threw Port in between Brent and I, and the girls piled in.
Madi was pretty darn grumpy and not being very nice to Cassi.
And Cassi not being very nice to Madi.
Madi got in trouble, and we were asking her to just be nice.
She said it's not fair that we always point out her flaws (classic teenager stuff right there!)
We explained that we are her parents, and it is our job to help mold her into the best person she could be.
Then there was silence.
What happened after that, it's all a blur.
A slow-motion blur.
Dad was starting to pull to the left side of the road, crossing into the other lane.
The Tahoe has always had a pull to it, but it had gotten noticeably worse on the drive up to Wyoming.
Well, Brent must have been looking over at me, and all he remembers is me yelling at him to get on the road and him just seeing a car coming right for us head on.
So he jerked to the side, going 65 mph. on the Highway.
Almost got control and felt a wobble, so he steered the other direction, again almost getting control.
More wobble, so another direction switch.
We were on blacktop to the side of the road during those swerves, and after the third swerve, he was sure he had control.
Then we hit dirt.
That is when it rolled.
It rolled and rolled and rolled.
It was just like in the movies, that slow motion washing machine kind of feeling.
I can vividly remember the clunk-clunk of the head over heels of the Tahoe.
And the screams.
Oh the screams.
Sheer terror.
And then the car stopped, right side up.
I watched my camera, which was around my neck, lunge forward and hit the dash.
For a split second I thought, awe dang....my camera is broken :(
Then like a horror movie, I look around at what happened.
I could see the bottom half of dad, his arms limp to the side of him.
The top half was covered by the top of the Tahoe, folded down between he and Porter.
He wasn't moving, he wasn't talking.
The kids were all screaming.
A scream I have never heard before, a screm I never want to hear again.
I needed to assess what was going on.
I had to get them out.
I was unharmed.....how could Brent be sitting there, not moving, and me be perfectly fine?
I turned to look behind me and I saw many little faces, and Elsie's glass-less face in a pure terror scream.
She was standing up, unbuckled, holding onto the headrest of our seat.
I saw Madi's legs up towards the ceiling and Cassi smashed against the back of my seat, with Madi's torso on top of her, with head down by Cassi's feet..
Porter was cuddled right up next to me, crying desperately to just go home.
I started yelling....telling them to stop screaming.
It was going to be okay.
We were going to be okay.
But I had to see if dad was okay.
That was when I started to hear a squeak of a sound come from him.
I bent my head down under the top of the car folded down.
I started searching for Grandmas phone, that we just stopped to grab, cause we don't have cell reception in Wyoming.
I looked at his face.
He was paralyzed.
He couldn't move.
He couldn't breathe.
He couldn't do the only thing he wanted to do.
Save his family.
He just kept trying to say 'Call Doug. Call Doug!'
I grabbed the phone, flagged down cars and ran back and pulled Elsie and Porter out and put them to the side of the car.
I helped Madi out, and Cassi over to the little ones.
That was when Madi said her back was hurting bad and Cassi's neck was hurting.
So we laid them both down.
The immediately held hands.
Those hands did not let go the rest of the time there, on the stretchers, in the ambulance and at the hospital.
It sounds like I am joking, but that was a tender mercy that I needed to see.
I knew they had each other.
I knew they would be okay.
While all this is happening, about a million cars had pulled off the freeway.
People everywhere to help.
Someone with each of the little ones.
And before you knew it, there was Doug.
Doug (Uncle Ugly) was at the courthouse and heard the call come in.
Something told him, I need to go to this call.
Can you imagine what he felt when he pulled up and saw that it was our car?
It was just what Brent needed to see.
He needed to know that Doug was there.
He needed to know his family would be taken care of.
And he knew that if Doug was there, everything would be okay.
He also knew that along with Doug, Jeremy was there.
Jeremy was there.
Jeremy, Brent's nephew that was more of a brother than anything else to him.
Jeremy, who died several years ago, way too young.
He was right there with Brent.
They loaded Madi and Cassi, onto the stretchers and into the ambulance, hand in hand.
They put Elsie, Porter and me in an ambulance together.
And I looked back and watched them as they pulled the top off the Tahoe and pulled Brent out.
Then they shut the doors on me.
This whole time I had so many people asking me if I was okay, if I was hurt anywhere.
I felt fine.
When I got in the ambulance I did start to feel a little pain in the back of my shoulder.
So they made me lay down and put a collar on me.
They put little collars on Elsie and Porter too.
Port had a tender spot by the side if his left eye.
I know it was from when Dad threw his arm across him to hold him back from the dashboard.
The dashboard he SHOULD have hit.
I told him that his Daddy saved his life.
I know he did.
Well, then they strapped me to a backboard.
They took the little ones in first, and when I got in there, Mindi was in the room with Elsie.
And there were others with Madi, Cassi and Porter in the other room.
We had family everywhere.
They all showed up.
I kept asking about Brent.
They told me what they could.
They told me they intabated him.
All the time I got asked questions after question about my kids birthdays, names, etc.
And I had to pee!
Man I needed to go!
They said as soon as I got cleared, I could go.
They finally took me back to gt scans done to make sure all was okay.
I passed the room Madi and Cassi were in and I could just turn my head enough to see those hands holding tight to one another.
During my scan they had to give me a dye.
The dye sends a warm sensation through your body.
A warm sensation.
It was so bad!
I was sure I peed my pants!!!!
But, I was all good.
As they took me out of the room they informed me that Brent was being life flighted.
They saw air in his abdomen in the images and some other stuff they didn't like and weren't equipt to deal with.
They kept me there in the hall so that I would be able to see him before they took him away.
As I was waiting, I was cleared, so they got me off the backer board.....I rushed to the bathroom.
Then I watched them prepare him to go in the helicopter.
I watched the lady pumping air into his lungs.
I watched them work on my husbands lifeless body.
They had to sedate him.
I was told that he was given the most amazing blessing.
Such a blessing to have his amazing brothers right there with him, and nephews, and whoever else was there.
I was also told that during the blessing he started to fight....so they had to sedate him more.
Classic Brent :)
I was able to go out with him to the helipad.
We watched as he was loaded and lifted off.
I couldn't believe they were taking him away from me.
I went back in to find my babies.
Elsie and Porter were already released.
So we all waited in Madi and Cassi's room.
The doc came in and talked to me about the girls.
No back injury, or neck injury.
I was so scared of that.
But they both had severe concussions.
So I was given instructions for them and we were all discharged.
The plan was to get the kids comfy and someone would take me to Brent at the UofU.
Madi and Cassi went to Aunt Cindy's house where they could comfortably sit in the dark for a while.
They also got to spend time with Heather and Lauren who came down to check on them.
Elsie wanted to stay with Grandma.
And Port wouldn't leave my side.
So Sandra drove he and I to the hospital.
We got to see him right away and this time he was conscious.
I can't explain how I felt.
I was so thankful he was alive.
But so scared to see him like that.
And I cannot do a thing for him.
After a while they got him up to his own room.
It was not a great experience those first few hours in the hospital.
They rescanned him and confirmed that he had broken t11 and t12.
But there was nothing in his abdomen.
It's like those scans from Evanston and the new ones were from different people (besides the broken back.)
No air in the abdomen.
None of the other things that they were concerned about.
What a blessing.
Literally......a blessing.
That blessing given to him in the Evanston Hospital.
So that was good news.
But they couldn't get in control of his pain.
We couldn't get a doctor to come and talk to us.
We couldn't get anyone to come and tell us a game-plan.
They kinda got him comfy and we made some plans for the night.
His sister Nancy, a nurse, would stay the night with him.
She would know better what they would talk to her about.
She would be there to fight for him.
But I had to get to my babies.
I needed to know they were okay.
They went through a significant trauma.
They needed their mom.
So I went home.
Sandra drove me home, and I kept playing through it all in my head.
Then I remembered back to when I looked back and saw many little faces with Elsie.
How was Elsie unbuckled????
How was Elsie unharmed.
And I thought about where everyone was.
And then those faces.
Who were those faces????
My Elsie bug was completely surrounded by little angels.
That baby girl of mine does not even have a bump, no sore muscles.
She told her sisters that she remembers slipping out of the seat belt.
She was directly behind Brent.
She would have felt much of the same force that he felt.
It is nothing short of a miracle.
She was protected.
I could envision little angels being her little bumper guards as she trashed around the car.
I can't describe in words how I feel about this.
If something would have happened to Elsie......
Oh man.
The blessing of no-one being seriously hurt, except dad, he can't be mad at himself.
He is mad at himself......
But he would be more mad if something would have happened to his family.
Oh I wish I could take this all away from him.
I wish I could be laying in that hospital bed so he doesn't have to feel this.
So....I'd like to say I got a good night's rest......
The girls slept downstairs and Port and I were upstairs at Cindy's house.
I took turns about every 15-20 minutes laying with the kids......
Upstairs and downstairs, throughout the night.
I just couldn't sleep and I had to make sure they were okay.
That they felt safe.
I do think I finally got about 2 hours of sleep :)
I couldn't sleep.
All I saw when I closed my eyes was the car turning over and over.
My babies screaming.
And seeing the love of my life, lifeless.
I kept replaying it in my head, the way it happened.
What could have happened.
What each of my kids must have felt and gone through.
But the worst part was when I would think about looking over at Brent's lifeless body, and try to go over to him, only to see him decapitated.
One more roll and I know that would have happened.
He had absolutely no protection over his head.
He would not be here.
I would rather never sleep again, than to see that playing through my mind.
Elsie woke up a couple times in the night, kind of startled awake.
Not sure if she was having dreams of the crash or not.
But she went back to sleep pretty easily.
Port slept the whole night.
I cuddled that baby boy as much as I could.
Held his little hand when if flew across my face, with a knee in my side :)
We all got up about 7 and Aunt Cindy made an awesome breakfast.
I tried to get the kids situated and tried to make pans for the day.
I knew I couldn't drive.
I was too tired.
And to tell you the truth.
I don't want to drive.
Not right now.
Anyway, I called Nancy to see how things went.
I guess it was just a horrible night.
Nancy said she was glad I wasn't there.
I didn't need to see him like that.
But I am glad Nancy was there, so he wasn't alone.
I finally got to the hospital about 12:30.
They had gotten a back brace on him around 10:00.
You would think that would be the most important thing with a broekn back.
But instead he laid for 14+ hours, thrashing around because he was so uncomfortable.
The brace seemed to help with some of the pain level.
Dave stayed with me and Kay and Johnny came down.
They took him at about 2 to do some standing x-rays.
He came back in the most excruciating pain.
They made him stand and he said he just felt like every bone in his back was breaking right on top of each other.
It took a while to get him comfortable again after that.
But then he was able to get some sleep.
A little bit.
Later in the day Emmy came down again.
Around that time he was starting to really feel sick.
His tummy just didn't feel right.
The brace was really tight on him.
He is just not comfortable.
He just wants it to all stop.
It breaks my heart to see him like this.
To see him so helpless.
My big strong man.
He bounces between being angry and being sad.
He keeps saying 'I almost killed my whole family.'
He is in a rough spot right now.
And nothing anyone says can lift his spirits.
It just seems unfair.
Why him again?
Why his back AGAIN????
Rachel and Alberto showed up to visit too.
It was good to see them.
Brent was sleeping, so they didn't get to talk to him.
But they saw him and they brought up s fruit basket and brought sweet cards that Abi made for us.
The original plan was for Dave to stay with Brent, and Kay and Johnny would drive me to meet up with someone to take me back to Evanston.
But I couldn't leave him.
Instead, I called the kids to make sure they would be okay.
They have been rockstars.
They have been so awesome.
Port was the one I was worried about.
But he knew I needed to stay with Dad, and he was okay with that.
I guess they got some $25 gift cards from the sheriffs office.
They they took a trip to walmart where he bought some star wars legos.
He's been wanting to get (more) star wars legos for a very long time :)
So that was fun for them.
Elsie bug spent the night with Sandra.
I'm not sure yet how that went :)
But I talked to Madi and she said that everyone else slept good over at Cindy's.
I hate being so far away from them.
Either I am far from them or far from Brent.
I can't win.
Luckily we have so many family and loved ones close by to help out where I can't be.
I am thinking maybe today someone can bring the kiddos down to see dad.
Maybe I will send them home with Emmy for tonight.....
I know they have been wanting to see the Utah cousins too.
But I also feel bad shuffling them all around.
It is truly a blessing to be smashed right between the Matthews families and the Peterson families.
They know they are loved wherever they are.
And I know they are well taken care of wherever they are.
So I stayed the night with Dad.
It started out rough.
He felt really uncomfortable....the brace was so tight on his tummy.
Finally about 3, they loosed it up a little bit and he was able to get a few hours of good sleep.
I got to get some sleep too.
I will say it right now.....
Brent is not a very good patient.
And I hate that I can't do anything to make him feel any better.
I can't even get him to crack a smile.
The doc just came in and told us that PT and OT are coming in this morning.
That is a pretty scary thing.
He does not want to try and stand again.
I don't know what we are gonna do.
We have got to get him feeling better so we can start figuring out how to get him home.
How are we gonna get him home??????
How are we gonna do this AGAIN??????

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday March 25

We had a good trip, and made it to Evanston.
Everyone was happy to pile out of the car and give Grandma loves :)
After a stop up at the store to say 'hi' to Gramps, Elsie, Port and I came back to Grandmas.
Elsie pulled out the Kindle and started showing Grandma how to play LIFE.
They had quite a fun time :)
Once dad and the big girls came home, we had dinner.
Then we went with Lexi and visited the piggies in Grandpas shed.
Cute little piggies :)
We also saw Strip, Sundance, and Dolly.
Tried to get the little ones to bed early........
But then somehow, here I am, still blogging late! (Sorry Sandra ;)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday March 24

Carpet today!!!!!!
They got the whole thing done today too!
It looks really good.
It is a great color.....it is a tan, but with a grayish hint to it.
It works really well with Madi's old wood wall :)
I took Port to see Dr. Allie today and she got him on antibiotics.
She said that he, and madi, and Cassi a few weeks ago, must have Micro-plasma Pneumonia.
I am convince it was the same thing I had two years ago when Brent and I went to Front-sight.
Anyway, he should kick it quick with the anti-biotics.
Madi is feeling better, so that is good.
Cassi went to Pojo's with the Morgans today, and had a lot of fun.
We got things packed for the trip here at home.
After dinner, we headed to the Youngs house for some dessert and games.
I fee like it has been forever since we have gotten together as family's!
The kids love to be together!
They had the idea to re-create old pictures we had taken before.
I wish I had my good camera.....it would have been better.
But aren't they cute :)
Such great kiddos!
Port got a little over-worked, got coughing, and threw-up.
So we left :(
None of the girls were very happy with us on the way home!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday March 23

On today's agenda: 
- Finish getting doors installed
- Put the boards on Madi's wall
- Clean up (again) for the carpet to get installed tomorrow!
We got all that done
Madi's wall turned out so great!
Carley and she helped me out for a little while, and then I finished up the rough edge parts.
The other side of the window has a different design, but I didn't get a shot of that.
We also bordered her chalkboard with the same wood.
It's gonna look great with all her furniture :)
I helped clean her room up, then I had to leave to take Elsie to PT.
And Madi and Cassi helped Dad clean the rest up.
It;s gonna be fun to see the carpet in there!
Another big step closer to moving in!!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday March 22

Cassi and I went to Stake Conference today.
It was a really nice meeting and I enjoyed the talks :)
It was a beautiful day outside today and the kiddos spent a lot of time out there today.
Later this evening we had a potato bar at Bubbles house.
Bubbles invited us to play games with her, then I told her I would bring dinner as well.
Well, we never got around to playing games.....too much talking I guess :)
We will have to do a game night some other time.
I think it was a lot of fun for Bubbles, hopefully it wasn't too overwhelming!
Vern took Graham home because he wasn't feeling good :(
And the Morgans came by, so that was a lot of fun to hang out all together.
The power went out all around us.....I guess a car hit a pole, and they were replacing the pole.
But it was so nice outside, we didn't need the power :)
Madi has been feeling really good today.
Less coughing too.
Port has still been coughing a lot.
Maybe he needs antibiotics too, to kick it!!!