Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday January 31

Porter had some fun today
We found a few fun projects off of Pinterest for him to do today.
First we found a coloring sheet of robots, and printed it on a sticker sheet.
He colored them and then needed a robot city.
So we found one and printed off three and stuck them all together :)
Then he found a shape dinosaur project he wanted to do.
He had so much fun.
And I had fun watching and helping him.
Dad was gone a lot of the day helping a friend weld and take apart and who knows what else on his airplane hanger.
He had fun, but he also said it is a lot of work.
Tonight we had a date night.
We met up with Drew and Heather and a bunch of other friends to celebrate Heathers birthday, which is tomorrow.
We all met up at Applebee's and had a fun time talking and eating and laughing.
Madi babysat for us, and Cassi spent the afternoon at a friends house.
So we picked Cassi up on the way home and now we are cuddled up watching 'The Hobbit'.
With the little ones in bed of course, they were exhausted!


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday January 30

When we got back from Evanston, all our neighbors and friends were complaining about the inversion and how they just needed to get out!
I was like, 'What's the big deal?'
But it wasn't a big deal to me then because I just got back from being in sun!
Fast forward 10 miserable sunless days.....
I now know what they were all talking about.
So today....the sun peaked it beautiful head out.
Porter basked himself in the warmth of the sun.....he also stuffed his stuffed animals in the window sill because they got all nice and toasty.
It was the cutest thing.
Madi Bell got some fun sunny day pictures as well.
She took a cute one of herself in the sun rays, but I have been forbidden to post it.
But I love her shot of the barn.
Very pretty :)
Even the kitty enjoyed the sun, then he got mauled by two cute girlies :)
So it was a pretty great sunny day according to all involved :)
Elsie and Porter have been having fun playing with glue, sticks, and paper.
They made some fun signs this morning.....
Porter did his name all by himself, no help at all.
I think it needs to hang in his room :)
And Elsie, celebrating Halloween, as usual.
That girl cracks me up!
I also finished up the world map painting in Porters room today.
The green paint ended up being a pearl paint....don't know if I like it yet, I might end up painting over it.
And I need to go over the browns and blues again, but for now, I am calling it good :)
And he likes it.
His room is almost done.
I need to find some blinds and get some frames up.
I really like how it turned out :)




Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday January 29

Oh I wish Cassi could just sit and play guitar all day.
She has been working on the 'Frozen' song 'Let it Go', and she is sounding so good.
When she finds something she likes, she has no problem practicing.....imagine that :(
She is supposed to practice bar chords......and that has been the homework for several months now....
But she has a hard time with them (but I think that is just cause she doesn't like them and isn't putting her mind to it!!!!!)
She is bouncing between the full size guitar and this the 3/4 size.
It is harder for her to press all strings on the big one, so she is supposed to practice the bar chords on the little one to get the feel of it.
She will get it.....
As soon as she figures out that if she can master bar chords then a whole lot more would be possible to her, maybe that will convince her.
But for now, I don't push, she is practicing something and that makes me happy.
Madi yells at her from time to time for playing the guitar......
But I guess that is her job as a big sister.
When she masters this song, next up is 'Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?'
She is excited about that one too :)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday January 28

I had to run into the school today to put some money on Cassi's lunch account.
As I got in the lunchroom, so did Elsie.
I gave her loves and then helped her to her table with her class.
I had to hurry, because I had to pick Porter up from his friends and then take him to preschool.
Anyway, I gave the money and started to leave, but decided to watch Elsie through the doorway.
She makes my heart so proud.
Cassi comes and sits by her when she comes to lunch, but that is quite a bit later then when Elsie gets in there.
I watched Elsie as she opened her lunchbox.
She had a hard time getting the zipper open.
But she was doing it, no problem.
I almost ran over there to do it for her, but wanted to wait and see if she could get it.
She did, I knew she would, but it did take her about 3-4 minutes.
I was so proud of her for just doing what needed to be done, not whining, or saying she can't do it.
She just did it.
I had very mixed emotions.
I was so proud and happy for her, but there was also a sadness.
It breaks my heart when she can't just be like everyone around her.
But really, that is what makes her special.
The fact that things are harder for her to do, but she just keeps pushing through.
I know it is just a zipper, not a big deal.
But there are big obstacles she goes through every single day, and I am so proud of her for never giving up and for being such a great example with that big beautiful smile on her face.
After opening her homework folder yesterday after PT, I saw a paper that said they will be tested on Friday on their address, phone number and last name.
We have not been good at working on any of those things.
So last night we went over the info.....she was tired and didn't really want to do it, just wanted to go to bed.
But we went over it once and got her to bed.
Well this morning I told her she had to get all ready for school, including homework, before she could go play with her cousins (that is what she calls the million stuffed animals in her room :).
So I tested her knowledge and asked her our address, and she spit it right now.
She did the phone number too, with the prodding of the first number.
I was floored that she remembered it all so well after going over it once.
I know we talked about it when she was in kindergarten, but not very well.
And she wasn't expected to have it memorized.
Anyway, she is a smart cookie and I am so proud of her every single day.
I have low and sad times when I look at her and wish I could just make everything better for her, and easier for her.
But really, that girl is something special.
She doesn't feel sad about what she can't do like the other kids, she just loves life.
She loves people, she loves smiles, she loves imagination, she loves Buffalos.
The girls is pretty great.
I am Thankful for everything she has taught, and continues to teach us.
I think I'll keep her :)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday January 27

It was not a very happening day today, and I was totally okay with that.
After going to the gym, Dad went to help a neighbor, and Canon came over to play with Porter.
I just puttered around with picking up toys, doing laundry, and cleaning up.
I wasn't super into it, because I was so tired.
I don't know what it is about this time of year and my kids waking up!!!!!!
At 4:00 a.m. I heard Madi and Cassi fighting.
Cassi woke up, and started whining for me.
Madi was not very happy about that, so started yelling at her.
Ya, nice :)
I can wake up every once in a while....but every night in a row for over a week, I don't do too well with that :(
Hopefully tonight will be better.
I picked Elsie up a little early from school today to take her to PT.
Katie got a new rock climbing wall and she was excited for Elsie to try it out.
It took a lot of convincing to get Elsie to do it....but she finally did.
And then she thought it was pretty cool :)
She is a stubborn kiddo for sure!!!!!
But we do love Katie, and all she wants is the best for Elsie Bug.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday January 26

Oh, look...I survived the day.
Prayer in front of everyone.....(Which stresses me out like crazy!)
And the 'Great to be 8' went off without a hitch.
Well, I guess there was kind of a hitch....
I scheduled the Stake center for 4:00.
But we showed up at 3:30 to set up, and there were still people there in classes!
I don't know why I was allowed to schedule the room if there was still a ward in session at hat time....
Oh well.
So we had to wait until they cleared out and set up while all the 'Great to be 8' guests were there :)
But it worked out, no big deal.
At least we didn't have to set up chairs, we just asked them to leave them up for us.
I am glad that it is over, but it does feel like an accomplishment to be the person that plans and prepares something like this, and have it all work out in the end....even after all the stressing.
Why do I stress so much?
Oh well....
Maybe things will be less stressful next time.
After church and the 'Great to be 8' we had dinner and then watched some TV together and I made some snickerdoodle cookies to all eat together.
I had a cute little helper too.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday January 25

The day started out pretty fun.
And pretty early.
The kiddos all set their alarms so they would be sure to be up before Dad got home.
They all had their black clothes set out and the guns were loaded.
We had plans to ambush Dad when he got home from work.
We left a note and a gun for him outside the door, so that when he came in, he knew it was war!
It was so fun, because it was still dark outside, making it perfect for the lasers on the guns!
We heard dad open the garage door, and we turned off all the lights and hid in our spots.
Elsie and I were gun-less so we just sat in a safe spot to we could watch the fun.
I was dad sneak in quietly, and bolt across the entry way....and slide his back up the stairs.
And then it started!
Oh there were laughs, screams, and lots of bullets flying.
They kept at it for almost 25 minutes!
And then guess what happened....
Mama picked up a gun, and my second shot hit Cassi square in the eye!!!!!!
Oh man, fun over!
No, it wasn't over, but we did quit at that point.
They were all sweaty and giggling.
Loved it.
Our plan today was to celebrate Dads birthday.
So after the gym and showers, we headed to Panda Express for lunch, and then to Big Als for bowling.
We had a bit of a wait for bowling, so we headed to the arcade.
The kids all found some fun games and they won a bunch of tickets.
Then it was bowling time.
We probably bowled about our worst game EVER!!!!!!!
But man it was fun.
I think the most fun part was how easily we could embarrass Madi Bell :)
She really wasn't embarrassed too bad, but it was sure fun trying!
After bowling we ran a couple errands and then headed home.
We had plans tonight to go out to dinner with drew and Heather, so we met them at The Pinnacle around 6.
It was a fun time with them.
The day went by so dang fast, but we all had so much fun together.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday January 24

It was kind of a rough morning today....
Madi had a stomach ache, so I told her to go back to bed.
I don't know why mornings are so rough to get everyone going.
It is getting better, but today wasn't very good.
I did get Elsie to write her spelling words, which is awesome.
I had big plans of cleaning the whole house today, top to bottom, spotless.
Ya....didn't go that way.
I stayed busy the whole day doing stuff, but it still feels like I didn't do anything!
Kind of makes me crazy.
Like crazy crazy :(
But a little at a time, eventually it will get clean.
I don't get how people can KEEP a house clean!
Like all the time clean.
I so want that.
There are just so many other things I would rather be doing than scrubbing toilets.
Which I guess is how most people feel, but I just choose to do the other stuff instead of cleaning the toilets.....and everything else.
I guess I am just feeling overwhelmed with all the other stuff I have going on.
I am planning the 'Great to be 8' (baptism preview for the kids getting baptized this year) for this Sunday, and also planning the ward baptism for February 1.
Not really big deals....but I am not an organized person, and I always feel so scattered when I have to PLAN stuff!
(Plus I was asked to say the opening prayer in church on Sunday, which makes me so nervous, so that doesn't help!)
I feel like there is not enough time in the day to clean the house AND do things that are asked of me AND do the stuff I want to do.
I know...I am just a baby.
I should cut out the things I want to do......right?
And then the kids fight, oh they fight.
It really makes me crazy.
Madi and Cassi are the worst.
Madi was pretty good during the day, of course I never asked her to do much except entertain Porter so I could sort laundry and make myself some new laundry soap.....
But the minute Cassi comes home and they are in the same room together......
It is horrible.
I want to lock them in a closet together and make them deal with whatever their problems are with each other.
Makes me a crazy person!
Even more crazy, I guess :)
Well, I did get them to fold their laundry and put them away.
So that's good.
And I did get (some) rooms cleaned and toilets cleaned.....
Maybe if those things stay clean, and I work on the other areas, maybe, just maybe, I could have an entire clean house at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ehhh, I guess a clean house isn't everything.
My little boy did fall asleep on the couch, so I got to carry him like he was still my little baby and tuck him into his bed.
Not a bad reward for an exhausting day :)
Oh and I forgot to write about the birthday party Elsie had for Wuvey after school today.
Wuvey is Elsie's buffalo pillow pet.
She came home with a banner for the 'party' and Porter wrapped some gifts up and made a cake out of paper with a paper candle on top.
He even tried to hang a piƱata.
That didn't work out as well.....
But all the 'cousins' were invited and gathered on Elsie's bed, waiting for Wuvey to come in the room.
Porter brought him in and we all yelled surprise!
Then sang Happy Birthday, of course :)
I didn't get any pictures of the party.....I was too busy celebrating I guess.
But Elsie told all the 'cousins' it was time for a picture, she told me to stand on one end and she was on the other, and she pretended to push the camera button for the picture.
It was so cute, so I thought I wanted one of my own.
Man, that girl has quite the imagination, and I love it.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday January 23

Happy Birthday to Dad!!!!!
Poor dad had to work on his birthday.
We got to spend the last 10 days with him....and then he has to go back on his birthday :(
All the kiddos got to say Happy Birthday and goodbye to him this morning before her left, so that was good.
But then after school and after dinner, we headed to the fire station with some cheesecake.
But Dad got moved from his regular station for a couple hours, from 5-8, so we visited him at station 14 instead.
The kids thought it was fun to look at new trucks and fun stuff there.
They thought hat the gym room was pretty great :)
We opened his gifts there....
Elsie made him a card at school, super cute.
Porter had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt picked out for both of them.
He has been very excited about giving them to him!
I also painted him a picture of the two of us for him to hang in his locker at work.
He has been wanting me to do a watercolor for I finally did.
He seemed to really like it  :)
Then we gave him a box full of Nerf guns and bullets.
We are gonna have a lot of fun with them when he gets home on Saturday!!!!!!
We love him so much and we are so glad we got to spend a little bit of time with him on his birthday.
He takes such good care of our little family and I am so thankful for him.
He always says that Birthdays aren't a big deal, but I think he had a good time seeing us anyway :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday January 22

Little bug has been having rough days after she gets home from school.
That time between after school, and dinner time is not going very good for us.
She is just so tired and worn out.
Poor girl.
I am actually thinking she is going through some kind of growth spurt.
Poor girl....her already tight body, growing and stretching.
After I cuddled her for a little bit, she went with Madi down to her room to play with her 'cousins' (that's what she calls all her stuffed animals :)
And she got happy in time for dinner.
Sweet girlie.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday January 21

Elsie bug slept until 8:30 today....I finally had to wake her up so she could have time to get ready for school.
But she was happy, so that's good.
After school, dad took Madi to get her eyes checked and I did grocery shopping and picked up the little girls.
Cassi had a friend over today.
Lily is a cutie and they had a fun time.
Porter loves his new hide out that Dad built for him.
It is just a few fence panels that Dad threw up and Port thinks it is the greatest thing.
He took me there this afternoon, but he took me the long way, up a little dirt hill, then we had to walk backwards and do a few side steps.
He said it was his 'password' to get into his secret workshop.
Love that boy.
He cracks me up.