Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday March 31

The Fox family ate breakfast and hung out for a little bit before heading home.
It was fun having those little ones running around :)
The sun was out today....but the wind was something fierce!!!!
Port and Dad did some work on Port's Pinewood derby.
He is excited about that this Tuesday!
We did get outside to get some yard work done.
I got two trees pruned with the help of Porter.
Dad got some weed and feed on the grass.
The big girls wanted to mow......but really, the wind was so bad!
They took some nails out of some old cedar fencing for me to use for some future projects :)
Then the girls went for a fun girls day again.
They went and got Zumberry and went to the Village.
I know they had a lot of fun....
There was one point when Elsie had a meltdown because the candy store didn't have any Smarties......
Hmmmm......could she be spoiled????
But it all ended good and they had a lot of fun.
I got to go with the boys to thrift stores to get an aquarium for Port's Lizard.
He is one very excited boy!
And it is killing him that all his friends are gone because he doesn't have anyone to show him to yet!!!!!
Madi went with friends tonight, and the rest of us went to the store to pick out cereal for General Conference tomorrow.
And a few other treats :)
I look forward to listening to General Conference tomorrow!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thursday March 30

Well, we made it home.
We had a nice morning with Gramps and got all our things packed up.
We stopped to see Grandma and also the buffalos....of course :)
We decided to stop and see Shoshone falls, since it is as high as it has ever been since we have lived this way.
It was really high a few years ago, but I think this year beats it!
My pictures don't do justice at all!!!!!
They also don't do justice for how freezing and windy and wet it was!!!!!!
But the whole drive home it was either raining or snowing so when we got to Twin Falls and the weather wasn't as bad as it has been.....we decided to give it a try.
I am glad we did :)
But we were definitely wet!!!!!
It was good to get home!!!!
Ariel and her family showed up about 30 minutes after us, so that worked out perfect!
We got unpacked and made chicken noodle soup for dinner, then watched Big Hero 6.
Cass has been a big hit with Scotland and Kalia :)
Big surprise there....NOT!
The kiddos just love her :)
I hope everyone sleeps good tonight!
It is so good to be home!

 Twin Falls temple drive by :)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday March 29

The boys had some chores to get done this morning for Gramps.
They started burning ditches....I am sure Port was helpful....but he was also distracted very easily by the little motorcycle!
Cassi spent some time on it too....they really want one for themselves now!
(Yes, I agree, they need helmets!)
The girls and I ran to the store for a few supplies for lunch etc.
We had a nice lunch with Gramps and the boys headed out to burn more ditches. and also fix the rain gutter.
I went to help them transport the very large ladder with two was not an easy method, but it worked :)
After all the work was done, we were ready for an adventure.
We wanted to go for a hike...but knew everything would be muddy....
So Dad said he would take us to the Narrows.
We stopped and played by the water for  bit and that was fun.....we also cleaned up a bunch of junk, and had some fun with empty beer bottles :)
Then we decided to go further in and found a great spot where we found clay, awesome rocks and fossils!
It was a huge hit for everyone in the family!
We stayed there for quote a while!!!!
And we came out with a new little friend......a little lizard that Port wanted sooooooo bad!
We got back to Gramps house just in time to get cleaned up and Nancy and Russ came with Heather and Lauren and we went to eat out at Costa Vida.
It was such a fun time just sitting and talking and eating......
I am glad we got to spend time with them!
And the boy fell asleep listening to the stories that Grandma used to tell Daddy :)
Sweetest thing....