Sunday, May 31, 2009

This is a very long post for a very long and emotion filled if you want. I just had to put all my thoughts down...thanks...
It was early last Sunday.
We were at church.
Our families had gotten a hold of our good friend to come and find us.
That is how we found out.
That is how we found out we had lost Jeremy.
Jeremy passed away at 32 years old.
Very unexpectedly.

Jeremy was Brent's Nephew...but really, he was more his Brother.
Brent had the unique opportunity of being younger than his nephew.
Just living down the lane from each other, these boys were inseparable.

Jeremy was the hardest worker. He was always fixing something for someone...or making something for someone else. He was a man of many talents. Many times Brent has said how much he looks up to Jeremy...and how he was always excited to go visit home to tell Jeremy about the latest tool or gun he got.

Jeremy was a wonderful husband, son, brother, friend...but especially, he was the greatest father. He loved that little Lexi Sue like no one else could. It was said many times this past week that Lexi is probably the only 3 year old that could rotate your tires, or change your oil for you. She had her own little tool box that she would carry with her as she followed her Daddy everywhere he went.

And you can't forget the strength that Mindi has. In Mindi's words...she was "lucky". For 8 years of their married lives they could not have a baby. So for 8 years it was just Jer and Mindi. They knew the in's and out's of each other like the back of each others hands. They knew every detail about each other. They got to have all that precious time just with each other, that I know Mindi will always cherish. Heavenly Father knew that Mindi would not have long with her Best Friend, so he allowed the two of them to have these 8 years just with one another.

Then they were blessed with such an amazing little girl. I have been thinking since last Sunday. Feeling sad that little Lexi lost her Daddy at such a young age. But then I thought...this little Lexi is not like most 3 year olds. Lexi talked early in life, she had a sense of humor early in life, she understood things very early in life. I have no doubt in my mind that this little angel will remember her Daddy, she will remember the things she did with him and the times she spent with him. Again, the Lord knew she wouldn't have her Daddy for long, so he prepared her mind early to soak up all she could of her Daddy. That is what I truly believe.

Jer and I had a great little relationship. He was a HUGE tease. He always made fun of me for having my camera backpack...calling me Dora the Explorer...Jeremy hated to have his picture taken, So I would try to take embarrassing pictures of him...but that backfired, cause he started taking embarrassing pictures of me. He was so quick witted and such a smart alec!

We, his family, are left behind with so many precious memories of such an amazing life. It is still so hard to believe that he isn't here. But what we are blessed with is the knowledge that we will see him again. How could we go on without that???

Here is a poem I feel needs to be shared.

Dear Daddy,

I really feel quite special that Heavenly Father gave me to you,
To be your little princess, your little Lexi Sue.

I know how much you love me, you told me everyday
Jesus needs your help now but you won’t be far away.

I will always remember the times that we’ve shared
By the things that you taught me I know that you cared.

You worried that the things I was learning were more for a little boy,
But knowing the way you did things will always bring me joy.

I loved to bring my tool box and help you as I could,
Cause now dear daddy I can do things exactly like you would!

The rides we took in the big truck spotting Kenworth’s made us happy,
Cause they’re the best…and we don’t like Peterbilt’s , do we Daddy?

Daddy, thanks for taking me to the Prom when I was only three,
They’re aren’t very many girls who are as lucky as me!

To have your picture taken was not something you liked to do,
But I’m sure glad I have the one of me kissing you.

I know you loved to hear me sing when I climbed up on your knee,
Snuggling close to you will always be my most cherished memory.

“You are my Sunshine” was your favorite song to hear,
And every time I sing it now I’ll feel you very near.

Don’t worry about us Daddy, Mommy and me have got a plan,
We’ll work hard and be real strong because we know we can.

Watch over us Daddy, we’ll be with you someday
Families are Forever..that’s Heavenly Father’s way.

I got to have the special experience of helping to write this poem with Grandma Ene and Aunt Cindy. The words just seemed to come out and into this beautiful poem. We all know that we had help from above writing it! The poem was read at Jeremy's funeral, and there wasn't a dry eye in the church.

Afterwards Lexi Sue got up and sang with her most beautiful "You are my Sunshine" just for her Daddy.

All those who knew Jeremy were better for it. Thanks Jeremy for being who you were. Thanks for being such a great 'brother' to Benji! He will love you forever! We will all love you forever!


I am going to try to make up for the last week of Favorites.

There are many pictures to follow...should be enough to make up for the week.

There is nothing like being with Family to help heal broken hearts. And let me tell you, there is no other family in the world like that Matthews Family. How blessed I am to be part of it!

85.365 Thankful for wonderful families who take us in on a moments notice!
Brent took the kids and I to Utah first so he could go and be with his family. We weren't sure how the kids would react to seeing everyone in mourning. We thought it would be good for Brent to have some time with his parents.

86.365 Oh boy, We love WYOMING!!!
Brent picked us up and took us to Wyoming last Monday. There is something about the fresh air, farm animals and lush green grass that just lifts your soul!

87.365 We love WYOMING...oh, I already said that!

This is our sweet Lexi. A sunshine in all our lives.

88.365 We LOVE to drive!
Madi thought she was pretty cool that she could drive the mule by herself!
89.365 We LOVE Elsie's new attitude!!!
She is really starting to hold her own!
She is in the middle of telling and signing STOP to Cassi!
I Love the look on Cassi's face too!

90.365 We love to do down by the creek.
Here is a shot of Brent's parents house as we are down by the water.
We sat and watched for muskrats.
Very exciting for the girls!

91.365 We LOVE rainbows!
Uncle Dave, at the funeral, told Lexi that her Dad would send her rainbows.
The day of the funeral was a beautiful sunny day.
That night, around the time Jeremy would have returned from work, it rained, just a little.
And guess what we saw.
Jeremy sent a rainbow to his little girl.
We also LOVE twinners!!!
This is Porter and Bridger...
they are so much alike in personality and all!!!
How fun!!!

There are some great men in the Matthews clan.
Jeremy had plans, specially made trusses and wood to build little Lexi and dream playhouse.
Jeremy never got around to doing that.
So the men built it for her.
And boy is it a playhouse!!!
Two full floors...HUGE!!!
I am sure there will be a lot of time spent there!

Elsie loved the goats!
Loving the horse!

Daddy and his babies!!!
Else wasn't too sure about it!!!
But Porter had no problem with it!!!
91.365 We LOVE great friends!
We came home to a clean house, and all our laundry done and folded!!!
I was very embarressd that my house was so messy, but extremely grateful to not have to worry about it when we got home.
92.365 We love big girl beds!!!
Elsie is finally in her own big girl bed...things are going good so far!!!
Okay...I think I am caught up now!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Favs #84/365

our pool opened!!!
We weren't there for very long, cause it looked like it was gonna rain...
But we all had so much fun.
Most of all Elsie!!!
We thought she would be a little nervous with it being cold...
but she went nuts...swinging and kicking her hands and feet while I hold her belly...swimming like a mad-man!!!
Even Porter loved the water.
He didn't like being splashed in the face....but he didn't seem to mind the cold water.
Both Madi and Cassi remembered all the techniques Dad taught them last year...
And they can't wait to see what he teaches them this year!!!
Oh, we love swimming!!!
By the way...
Here is another dumb quirk of mine.
I have an obsession with making my kids match...not only with each other, but with me...and if I can...I try to trick Brent into matching too...
Anyway...not matchy-matchy...but with the same colors and stuff.
I know...I am a dork.
So this year our theme color is brown.
I think we all look stinking cute!!!
Can you believe he is 6 months old!!!
He WOULD NOT look at me with Tanger (the dog) running around.
Silly boys and their doggies!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Favs #83/365

I LOVE that my kids get to have such a great Daddy!!!
Since we won't be taking the trailer out for Memorial Day weekend...
Brent really wanted to break it in.
So he is out there with the girls right now...
Having a sleepover!
Do you think he will survive???

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Favs #82/365

We LOVE goofy kids!!!
And we have goofy kids here or what!?!
The big girls helped Dad wash our camping trailer.
We are SO EXCITED to start camping this summer!!!
We didn't take it out much last year...
So hopefully this year will be different!!!
The girls had so much fun, lots of fighting, and made a big mess.
We like them to think they are helping....
Isn't that what parents are supposed to do???
(No...Cassi did not need to pee...that was just her 'pose'! Goofy kid!!!)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Favs #81/365

I LOVE a good cuddle!
Usually after I read to the girls at night...they are on their own to get to sleep...
Tonight was different.
(Maybe because I have WAY too much to do to clean this house...)
So I decided to cuddle instead!!!
Isn't cuddling the greatest.
First, Elsie was having a rough time going to sleep...she has been doing that lately.
So I held her and rocked her and she fell right to sleep.
Then I had promised Cass that I would go and lay with her until she fell asleep.
And that is just what I did.
Isn't she so beautiful???
Then I went and cuddled with Madi while we talked about her African Elephant presentation that she is doing tomorrow in class.
I am so excited to see what she wrote for her report.
Porter went to sleep long ago...
But I will get my about 4:00 a.m.!!!
I may not always act like it...
But I sure love to be a Mom!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Favs #80/365

I LOVE my 4:00 A.M. date!!!
So, I know you will think I am crazy...but here goes.
I LOVE that Porter still gets up once a night.
Told you that you would think I was crazy.
It is the truth.
Honestly, he doesn't really cry much, just whimpers...
He most likely would go back to sleep if I left him alone.
I try to make myself do it...
But by 4:00, when he wakes up, I miss him.
And I just want to hold him.
He always gives me a huge smile, we sit down and cuddle while he drinks his bottle.
It is usually only about 10 min or so...
I think the pediatrician is gonna be mad at me.
Last appointment she told me to try to get him to sleep through the night...
Seriously, I would most likely me up anyway, going pottyor checking on the kids, or something else.
Why not get some loves from my little boy???
I am ready for your criticism.....
(Pictures not taken at 4:00 a.m. I was just thinking about it, so I took a picture when he woke up this morning. But he is still this happy to see me at 4:00 a.m.!)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Favs #79/365

We LOVE the water!!!
Cassi has been in the water all day today!
We can't wait for the pool to open...
It took some convincing to get Elsie to hang out in Dads home-made pool..
(That is why Dad is sitting in there with her, clothes on and all...what a good Daddy, right?)
We are loving this weather and all the time we are spending outdoors!
And Madi turned her African Elephant habitat in today...
Don't you just LOVE it!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Favs #78/365

We LOVE Elsie's new trick!!!
Take a look at her wheels!!!
See how they are not touching the deck!!!
Yep, she has found a new trick.
A new muscle building trick, I might add.
Think of what it would take for her to lift that walker and walk.
Pretty amazing.
She has so much fun doing it over and over again!!!
She cracks us up when she does it.
We LOVE our Elsie and we Love that she is such a hard worker.
She is always giving herself new challenges!
Isn't she the greatest!!!
Here is a video of her...Enjoy!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Favs #77/365

We LOVE the zoo!!!

We decided to take a trip to the zoo on this beautiful Saturday!

We haven't been there since they re-did it for the Giraffe!

They did a great job, and it was so much fun!!!

Elsie had the time of her life...

well, she DID NOT like the crane that sounds like an elephant...that was loud!!!

But we had a really great time.

The girls...
which means all of them, except for Porter!
Elsie and Daddy
Riding the dragon
I think Madi spent more time taking pictures then enjoying the zoo...
Where would she get that from???

Elsie was SO WORN OUT!!!
She had so much fun!
Cassi...the turtle.

Riding the Tiger...

Which, by the way, you aren't supposed to do...we read the sign afterwards!