Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday January 31

So Madi had a couple meetings after church, so we took separate pictures.....which I planned to Photoshop together.....
But I am too tired.
So it is what it is ;)
Church was pretty good today, except we were missing dad.
Elsie did not go to class, of course, but she sat very quietly and nicely during our fifth Sunday meeting with all the youth.
We talked about the goals for the stake and our ward as well.
I am excited for the goals and want to really make a good effort this year.
The goals include missionary work, family history work, Sabbath day observance, and service.
Great goals!
I won't lie, keeping the Sabbath a delight, when you are home and done with church by 12, is hard!
But we are working on it.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday January 30

The kids worked hard to get stuff clean today.
With minimal fighting.....I guess....
I tell them every week that if they would just keep their rooms clean, then they wouldn't have to spend so much time on Saturday cleaning!!!!
I think it is starting to catch on.
The big girls already had clean rooms, so they helped the little ones and other areas :)
Dad and Port got the oil changed in the car for me, so that was nice of them!
Madi has been wanting to go to Charming Charlies with some gift cards that she has.
She invited Kara, but she wasn't feeling too well, so she invited Cassi :)
Ha ha...she would have let Cassi come even if Kara came....
I, on the other hand, did not get an invite.
Oh well....
I am just the uncool mom :(
That's okay, I just went and did my own shopping.
Which involved thrift stores and clearance sales.
I am not a mall shopper, so I was fine to skip out!
The girls had fun together though.
And they got some good stuff at some good deals.
Came home and Dad was trying to study while the little ones were around, and they were not making it easy for him :(
So we let him study for a bit and then we had dinner.
After dinner we had a family movie night.
We watched Goosebumps, and it was a pretty great movie :)
It was so funny!
Ya, some scary stuff. but it's PG, so nothing too crazy.
I fell down the stairs this morning when I was heading out for my run :(
I was not paying attention, and slipped on some ice.
Oh man, it hurt!
I almost gave up and went and laid back in bed.....but I changed my mind and went for a run anyway.
I needed some stress relief!
But I hit my forearm hard, and it is not looking too pretty.
I am a little nervous about sleeping on it :(

Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday January 29

Port did a great job on his Ice 'house' (tank).
It stayed frozen for about 4 hours.
But everyone loved that he had a tank :)
So that made him happy!
Cassi had the school dance after school today.
She is part of student counsel and that is one of the duties, to plan, sell tickets, decorate, etc for the dances.
She was very excited about it :)
And Madi went to the basketball game tonight with her friends.
Drew and Heather invited us to go out to eat tonight, and since our babysitters were gone, they offered for Kara to babysit.
So we dropped the little kids off there, and then went out to eat.
It was a lot of fun to just sit, relax and talk for a little while :)
Thanks guys!
And thanks Kara!
Oh, on the way home, we bought some numbing gel to put on Elsie's tooth/spacer area.
Poor woke her up in the middle of the night last night :(
She needed something!
When we got home, I used a q-tip and she reluctantly let me put it on.
I would like to say I didn't mean to, but the tooth was seriously hanging onto NOTHING!!!!!
So I kind of used the q-tip to put some numbing gel around the tooth, and once it got a little numb, I went back in with some more medicine.....and kind of.....popped it out :)
She was NOT HAPPY with me!!!!
But it only took a few minutes for daddy to calm her down.
Silly girl!
She has had a meltdown with EVERY tooth she has had come out of her mouth.But it is out, and now she is excited for more buffalo quarters from the tooth fairy :)
Tooth fairy needs to get on that........

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday January 28

My baby just lost his first tooth tonight!!!!!
Very exciting!
He pulled it out by getting it tied to his remote control car, and Dad making it go.
Worked perfect :)
Tried to convince Elsie to do the same, cause it would make it so much cheaper than to get it pulled......but she wouldn't go for it.
After school, Port and Dad also got to work on making his ice house.
Port's classmates are all making ice houses to see if they can get an ice cube to not melt.
It was a family project.
We did some research, also we have experience with making one for Madi when she was in 1st grade :)
Port had great ideas to use Styrofoam, the canned insulation stuff, and metal tape.
Oh, and he wanted it to be a tank :)
I will show the finished product tomorrow, but you can see what he did on the inside.
He is pretty excited about it.
Also something very exciting that happened today......
Madi finished up her Honor Bee!
That is what you earn after you have gotten your Personal Progress award.
It is reading the Book of Mormon again and also 40 hours of service.
Very proud of her :)
Most of her service hours have been indexing......a good use of her time I think!
And Elsie's poor knees!
I NEED to find her some good jeggings that are thicker than the leggings she wears.
Or get her knee pads!!!!
She does not like jeans.....which I understand.
They are hard for her to move in.
She has always hated them.
And she hates the button top, has to be elastic!
She has a couple pears of jeggings, but one is getting too small, and the others she doesn't like how they fit.
So what do I do????
Breaks my heart :(

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wednesday January 27

The kids all went to school today.
BUT.....Elsie's loose tooth was not looking too good.
The spacer is falling and the gums are starting to grow over it.
So I did call and make an appointment to check her out.
I got her in about noon.
They have her set up for surgery (oral) on Tuesday.
They will put her under and then remove both spacers, pull out the loose tooth, and get new x-rays.
She hasn't had x-rays since the last time she was put under for her pulpectomy's in 2010.
Soooo......that should be fun :(
No, I know it will be okay, I just hate putting her under anesthesia, but with her, there really is no other way.
I mean we can't force her mouth to be open, and even if we could, how could we expect her to EVER go to the dentist again!
Poor girlie :(
Well, then I took Madi to her back appointment.
He said he wasn't ready to do any more unnecessary imaging, so we will do PT for another 4 weeks, and if things improve, then that will be good.
If not, he will do more imaging.
So we will see.
She is very tight.
More PT will be good for her anyway.
Tonight for YW, I took the Beehives to the Family Search center that is behind the temple.
It used to be the distribution center.
Okay, such a cool thing to be able to have so close by!!!!!
I want to go just for myself and have them teach me all day long!
With the Beehives, we didn't have much time to get into finding names etc.
But they did teach the girls how to do
A neat way for people to get the images, etc of their families headstones.
Check it out!
They also showed the girls how to find out what famous people they are related to.
Cassi and I, we are related to Elvis :)
And many many more.
Kind of exciting.
It was fun to see the girls get excited about it.
Like I said, I want to go back and spend a full day just myself!
What a neat thing for us to have so close by.
More people need to know about it!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday January 26

Well, he had a pretty rough night, so he stayed home again.
But throughout the day his fever went away and he started acting normal.
Yes, Elsie stayed home.
I know I could have forced her to go......
But then it would have made it a bad day for her, and that would carry over to the next day and next.
It just wasn't worth it.
Plus, in order to take her to school, I have to pack up and take Porter too.
So don't judge me!
Ha ha....
But she will be going tomorrow.
I am sure Port will be able to go, but if not, Dad will be home and I can leave him there with Dad and make it work for Elsie.
So the day started off with me begging the kids to watch a movie so I could take a nap (rough night, remember).
But they couldn't decide on what to watch......
So I split them up.
Port watched a movie on my bed while I tried to get some zzzz's.
And Elsie was happy as a clam to watch Annie.
Well, it wasn't a super restful nap, dang kids kept wanting stuff ;)
So I got up and started with laundry, etc.
After lunch, I had them work on homework.
Then I told them they could play while I cleaned, but if they fought, I would make them clean with me!
They played so good.
They drew pictures for each other, Port gifted some Lego's to Elsie (I hope that one doesn't backfire once he wants his Lego's back!)
But they played really nice and that made me happy.
Cause I got to get stuff done!!!!!
Not everything I wanted to, but that's okay.
I did finally figure out my picture dilemma, and got that all ordered.
 And I got the front room cleaned out and am anxious for when we can bring the piano up!
It would be sooooo nice to have it up here!
Elsie and I sorted a MOUNTAIN of laundry!
Each kid, except Madi, had two baskets full.
Why do we have so many clothes!?!?!?!?!?
Anyway, Port hasn't had any Ibuprofen since this morning, and his fever has stayed down.
So I think I can plan on them both going to school tomorrow!
Madi has her appointment tomorrow with the back guy.
We will see how that goes.
Hopefully we can get stuff figured out for her :(

Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday January 25

Today was kind of a miserable day :(
Port woke up with a 103 fever.
So I kept him home.
Elsie said she had a tummy ache, so I kept her home.
Should have been a nice relaxing kind of day, right......
Watching movies on the couch all day.
Except.....Port is a very grumpy sick kid.
When he doesn't feel good, he lashes out at everybody and everything!
And poor kid was miserable today, and Elsie got yelled at by him a lot.
Biting into her apple too loudly, moving around on the couch too get the picture.
I did get Port in to the doc office where we found out he has double ear infections :(
When she looked in his ear she was like "Woah! You officially win for worst ears!"
She called them cherry bombs ready to burst.
No wonder he was so miserable and irritable!
So we got him some strong medicine, and hopefully it will kick it fast.
He has had a cough since about Thanksgiving long as Madi has had hers.
She said this antibiotics should help out with that too.
I am sure the ear infections came from that drainage....
Poor kid.
Feel so sad for him.
I took Elsie to PT this afternoon, cause she was feeling just fine.
Anyway, came home and Port had fallen asleep.
I didn't want to wake him even though it was time for some new fever medicine.
When he woke up, I took his temp and it was 105.4.
I freaked out a bit......but then realized that was the ear he was laying on.
So I tried the other ear.
He was still 104.3, but 104 is better than 105!!!!!
I even tested it in my ear, and I was 98.6, and he was still 104.3 :(
Gave him some more meds and got him to eat some food and drink water.
Then we watched The Lego Movie.
His temp came down in the 102 range on the medicine.
After prayers and scriptures I went with Elsie to get her in bed and Port had climbed into Dads side of the bed and fallen asleep.
I sure hope he can get some good sleep and feel better tomorrow.
I am sure he will be staying home tomorrow again, but I hope I can get Elsie to go!!!!
Maybe I can get some stuff done around the house if I am not refereeing the little ones all day!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday January 24

It was such a great sacrament meeting today.
Cassi gave a talk.
Her first talk in Sacrament.
She did so well.
Her topic was Personal Revelation.
She came up with her own talk, and I just helped her with a few tweeks.
I am proud of her for putting it together.
Great job Cass!!!!
We weren't late, but we weren't as early as I would have liked......
So we got to sit on the very front row :)
I will say, not the best seat in the house.
But you do feel up close and personal!
All the speakers today were so fantastic.
The spirit was felt for sure.
I helped Dad in his and Elsie's class, because the other teacher was gone.
It went good.
Elsie was being grumpy and saying her tummy hurt.
She threw quite a fit after class time, before Sharing time....
But once I left her with Dad, he took care of it and all was good :)
I guess I bring the worst out in her!
Ha ha....
After church we spent some nice time at home.
I think early church will have it's challenges, but it is nice to have a good chunk of the day to spend together.
Madi did indexing pretty much all day.
She did over 150 names.
Nice work Bell!
Cassi helped Elsie in her Faith in God book.
And she did some personal progress as well.
I did some too.
I have a goal to finish it by my birthday, and I am getting close!
It has been a lot of fun to work on.
Port did a lot of reading, which is good.
And Dad did some studying.
After dinner, we had Dad's birthday cheesecake that I forgot to have for yesterday.......
While eating that, Cassi gave us a FHE (since Dad will be gone tomorrow).
Then after dinner, we played Apples to Apples together.
It really was a nice day.
Again, it was NOT fight free......
Maybe one day we will get there :)
The kids called Gramps tonight.
Elsie has been so excited to talk to him.
And she does not like talking on the phone.
But she talked to him and I think it made him really happy.
Elsie said that Grandma helped her :)
I agree.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday January 23

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!!
We tried to talk him into sleeping in.
Woke all the kids up around 8 and opened present and made him breakfast.
Had a big yummy breakfast.
Then I had the kids go clean their rooms and bring me their laundry and get ready for the day.
Dad was ordered to take it easy and ended up watching Top Gun :)
After lunch we hopped in the car and headed to the Nampa Warhawk Museum.
It was really cool.
Something dad has been wanting to do and talked about a lot.
Finally, I told him we were going :)
He had a lot of fun reading and looking and teaching history to the kids.
There are some really cool things there.
The kids also picked up some things in the gift shop, which they were excited about.
They also got free Boise Bee posters.
Port was super excited about the whole thing.
He was all dressed up to go, too.
And, as usual, he was a hit with the people running the museum :)
We came home for a little bit.
I re-potted the plants into the kids pots they had painted.
They are really excited to have them in their rooms.
I will have to remember to take pictures of them to post.
Then we headed out to Red Robin for dinner.
It was super busy tonight.
But we got our favorite corner booth, and it was a fun time.
Started with some grumpy teenage and preteen fighting stuff......what's new?????
But things got better and it was a fun night.
Port has had a rough day.
Dad and I knew he wasn't feeling good.
But he didn't have a fever, he was just being really mean.
Well, at Red Robin he started complaining about this ear :(
Poor kid.
I am sure he has an ear infection.
On the way home we stopped and got him some ear drops.
And then got him some ibuprofen when we got home.
He is feeling better now.
I hope it doesn't hurt him too bad in the morning :(
But overall, I think it was a fun birthday for Daddy.
Another year older, and wiser too!

 Lawn darts from the boy......
They are both pretty excited :)

These two pictures crack me up.
Like father, like son.
Dad is always teaching us stuff.....telling stories, etc.
Looks like Port has picked up on it, and wants to be a teacher too :)

Baby update.
These little ones are just amazing little miracles!

Cole had the breathing tube taken out a couple days ago.
And he has had on the full mask.
He has hated it!
Well, today they finally tried to switch it out for the canula stuff.....
And everything got better.
He wasn't agitated, Brooke said you could even hear him coo every now and then.
Look at those big born eyes!!!!
He is really a fighter!

Little Kaiya is putting on weight like a champ!
She is doing so well!
She was happy to see her mama today.
April lives about 2 hours from the hospital and has to figure out the going in between with her daughter Lily being in school, her husbands work, etc.
So they all got to get there this weekend.
So happy for how good things are going for them.
Just keep gaining weight Kaiya so you can go home with you mama!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday January 22

Not much happened today.
Dad needed a break from all his we watched a movie :)
Then I had my VT over.
We sold some more of the baby goats.
Got some laundry done.
I did some grocery shopping.
Kids came home from school.
Madi actually got out at 11 again and she went with her friends to Cam's house to hang out.
Cassi had Halle come over after school for a little bit.
Then I left to go out to dinner with a group of friends.
Our friend, Amy Blake, is moving to Arizona.
So we had a little going away party thing.
So that was fun.
Dad stayed home with the kids and had pizza and watched Hotel Transylvania 2.
I hope they all sleep in.....but we have a fun surprise day planned for Daddy tomorrow.
It;s gonna be his birthday!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday January 21

Madi came home at 11 today because they are doing the EOC's.
Then she had a PT appointment.
She has still been having back problems.
We took her to Dr. Allie and she recommend we go and see the PT again.
So we went in.
We saw the same lady that Madi worked with after the accident.
She said she does not like that she is still hurting.
She did her 'exam' and she said she didn't like how squishy she was around the L-2, L-3 area.
She was going to call Dr Allie and see about getting more imaging done, possibly a bone scan.
She said that she thinks there could possibly be a stress fracture there.
Anyway, we will just see how it goes.
She did get some exercises to work on, so hopefully that can relieve some of the pain and pressure.
She is s trooper.
After school, Cassi cleaned her room then she and I spent a lot of time together.
It just happened that way, and I think it was something both of us needed.
She played her guitar for me.
I finally got it fixed and it has been so nice to hear her playing!!!!!
I love it!
Then she painted her plant pot.
I sat with her and talked with her and helped her when she asked.
And then she wanted some Jamberry nails on.
I enjoyed that little bit of time together, even though everything else was still going on around us.
Just a little bit of focused one on one.....maybe that's what we need more of!
All of us!
It is so good for the kids....but so good for me too!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday January 20 (add pictures)

I helped out in the office at school this morning.
Then i came home and got some stuff done.
Then I tried to order some pictures to hang on the wall....but for some reason it is giving me trouble!
Which bums me out!
I am excited about getting more stuff on the wall.
I have a print with our family theme on it....and I love it.
I can't wait to get it up!
If I can ever figure out how to get it ordered!!!!
Then I ran some errands.
And before I knew it....the kids were home from school!
It goes by so fast!
The girls went to YW earlier than usual because they were going ice skating.
I didn't go because I stayed home with the little ones with dad at work :(
But the girls had a fun time.
The little ones and I stayed home and they painted their pots for their plants we got from Grandmas funeral.
Another sweet little reminder of her in our every day.
I will hopefully re-pot them tomorrow, and the big girls can paint theirs.

 This is what I want printed.....but it will be like 20x30 in an old frame I have hanging by the TV.
I have fun pictures of the kids ice skating and painting the pots.....
But for some reason my phone is having trouble sending my pictures to the computer!
Dang electronics!!!!!
I will add them the books ;)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday January 19

It wasn't a very exciting day today.
Got up and ready and kids off to school.
I helped in Port's class.
Then made a trip to the Distribution center to get some stuff for YW.
And also went to the Guitar center to get Cass's guitar strings fixed.
We have missed hearing her play!!!!
It was time to do something about it!
After lunchtime, I had a YW meeting.
And by the time that was over, it was time to go and get the kiddos from school.
Then dinner and homework.....
I did go to the RS activity tonight.
It was a friend-shipping thing.
We all sit at a long table and rotate every 2 minutes, asking questions and getting to know each other better.
It was nice to get out and talk with the ladies :)

Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday January 18 (more picture)

It was such a great little get away we had.
Even though we still fought,
And for being a short weekend, we probably fought more than we should have......
But it was still amazing and just what we needed for our little family.
I feel like stress levels have been boiling over recently.
We just needed a breather.
And it was so great of Bubbles and Eldon to let us stay at their cabin.
It is such a fun cabin and we always enjoy our time there :)
This morning we got up and us 4 girls all braided each others hair the same.
We were way more excited about it than the boys were!
Anyway, got the braids done and then we went to The Pancake House for breakfast.
Got way too much food there, like always!
Plate sized pancakes.....that NEVER get finished!!!!
After breakfast, we went back and cleaned up the cabin and got our things packed up.
Then we got all bundled and headed to the golf course to do some sledding. took us a while to find the golf course.
We know the way there.......but there was so much snow! 
We (Dad) kept getting turned around!
Oh well, we found it and had a fun time finding it to :)
Lots of fun sledding and making snow sculptures.
Elsie and I made a snow buffalo!!!
Pretty darn cute!
Oh, and Dussy boy, Dad and Port made a cougar, then pulled it's head off and smashed it :)
That was not my idea.....just for the record!
After that we went back and made some hot cocoa and got changed into our swim suits and then packed everything in the car.
We stopped and got some groceries for lunch and then drove to Goldfork Hot springs.
We all had so much fun and it was so relaxing and nice.
There was a ton of people there which isn't always fun....but it wasn't too bad.
And guess what Elsie and I made????
A sand buffalo!!!
Pretty fun.
After a couple hours we got changed and back in the car for the ride home.
Once we got home, we had some homework to finish up.
But everyone was very worn out and ready for bed!
It was a good get-away!
Pictures will be added.
I can't say when.
Maybe never to the blog....but they do get added in the book.
So if you are that desperate, come to my house when I get the book printed ;)
But I will try to add them tomorrow, because there are some fun ones!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday January 17 (more pictures)

Having some family time together in McCall. 
Exactly what we needed. 
Dad got a fox to eat out of his hand! 
Fun stuff!
More fun stuff planned for tomorrow too!
(Blogging from the phone isn't easy, by the way! )

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday January 16 (add pictures)

Nothing too exciting today.
The normal Saturday chores around the house.
The Cass had some friends over.
I took some cute pictures of them, but I can't get the computer to read the, oh well.
Elsie had Kyra over and Porter went to Cannon's to play.
Then later on in the day, Madi went to Cam's house.
Tomorrow we made a plan.
After church we are going to drive to Bubbles cabin.
They are there this weekend, but coming home tomorrow afternoon.
They said we could borrow their cabin over night.
Then Monday we want to do some sledding and then stop at the hot springs on the way home.
I hope it will be a nice relaxing time for our little family.
There is no school on Monday, and we wanted to get out and do something fun.
I think this is just the ticket :)

Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday January 15

Today was a fun day.
Dad and I did some cleaning up.
Then Joel came over, Jalena's Joel :)
He is here for a business trip.
He came over to see the house and then we went to eat at the Boise Fry Company.
It was super yummy.
Then Joel drove us to the fire station because One of Doug's Deputy's, Rowdy, drove our car (that rent drove to Wyoming) all the way to Boise for us.
He was coming here to fish with his Grandpa, and he drove our car here for us.
Talk about super nice!!!!!
He dropped it off at the fire station when Dad was at work. Joel took us there so we could drive it back home.
Then he went to the airport from there to catch his flight.
It was a fun time talking with him.
He got Brent all excited about poisonous frogs!!!!
That took up a good chunk of the day.
The kids came home and I made some dinner.
After dinner, Mom and Dad went out for the rest of our Anniversary date.
We went to see Joy at the movie theater.
We both enjoyed it.
But it ended too early and we weren't ready to go home yet.
So we ran to Kneaders for some dessert.
Actually, we were on a hunt for cheesecake and stopped at 3 different places before stopping at Kneaders :)
But it did the trick.
We got a teat for each of the kids too, and they were pretty excited about that :)
After prayer and scriptures I went and put the little ones to bed.
And this is what I find when I came back down :)
They sure know how to par-tay!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday January 14

Happy 16th Anniversary to us!!!!
Dad worked today :(
But he took the evening hours off so he could take me out!
What a good guy!
I spent my day taking the rest of the Christmas tree and stuff down.
I didn't do much else.
I did take a nap.
I kinda felt lousy this morning, kind of I laid down and I felt much better.
And ready to go for the day.
Dad sent me a picture of his finger.
He got his ring smashed on him!!!!!
I told him that is not very good luck on his anniversary!!!!!
Well, he got it off.
So, his anniversary gift is on it's way, coming from
A silicone ring :)
Got the kids home from school and working on homework.
Dad got home a around 5:30.
After he got ready, we were off.
We are gonna go out to a movie tomorrow.
I didn't want the kids to be up too late, again!
So tonight we just went out to dinner.
But it was nice to sit and talk.
There have been some stressful things going on in our lives, and sometimes just sitting and talking is just what is needed.
And some bread pudding of course!
In the middle of our potato skins, I found the cutest little heart :)
My fav <3 p="">
It was a nice night.
We sure have had some crazy roller coaster rides in our 16 years.
But I am thankful for him to be by my side.
We need each other.

This is the bridge where he proposed to me 16 years, and a few weeks ago ;)

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday January 13

I almost got all the Christmas tree stuff taken down.
Those lights take forever to unwind off the tree!!!!
I also did laundry today.
And I helped in Elsie's art smart class.
She drew a buffalo, and it was the cutest thing!
I forgot to take a picture!!!!!
But we will get to take it home after Art Gallery night.
It will go in a frame in her room for sure :)
After school, I planned to take Elsie to Activity days, but right before we left, she was walking with a globe in her hands.
Don't ask me why.
But she fell back on her bum and raised her hands above her head and held onto the globe.
I went around to tell her good job to keeping hold of the globe, but then I noticed she was trying to cry, but couldn't breathe.
I held her close and tried to calm her down so she could get a good breathe.
She finally could breathe and started crying.
I asked if her bum hurt, cause that is usually what it is,
Her poor tailbone.
But she said it hurt up her back :(
That didn't sound good to me.
But it must have sent some kind of shock waves up her back, and knocked the air out of her too.
It was so sad to see her like that.
I talked to Dad.
He said have her rest, so that's what we did.
We watched a Fixer Upper together.
After that, she could get up and walk, but even when she went to bed she still said it hurt a little bit.
Breaks my heart!!!!
At 7, it was tie for YW.
The Morgan's took the little ones for me so I could go be with the YW.
Madi made a cute wooden arrow for her room.
And Cassi, the beehives and I went and played some volleyball.
One of our Beehives, who will be a Miamaid next week, wanted to teach the girls Volleyball.
It worked out nice and the girls had fun!
Baby update.
Kaiya is a feisty little fighter, April says :)
The gave her some milk in the feeding tube today and swabbed some in her mouth.
She is a tiny little thing.
Still don;t know much about any challenges she faces, but so far so good.
Little Cole had to get the breathing tube put back in today.
He wasn't doing so good so they put him on a CPAP, which he did not like!
Then they checked him and one lung had collapsed.
So they put the tube in and he started doing much better.
Brookie said the the doc said the little Cole was working so hard to breathe, it was the equivalent to an all day workout!
Poor baby :(
But he is such a little champ and he is doing so good!!!!
Still lots of prayers needed for these little ones!!!