Monday, April 30, 2018

Monday April 30 (add pictures)

And there goes another month.....
I can't believe how fast this year seems to be going!!!!!
It was kind of cold and really windy today.
We got some rain too.
I went for a run.
Dad worked on the ditch.
He got that all put back together with new pipe and hopefully it will be many many years without any more problems!!!!
He also fixed the brake lights on Madi's car......thanks to the Young's for noticing they were out the other day :)
He is just so good at getting things fixed :)
After my run, I worked more in the garden.
I am going to use the same plastic and water lines that I had last year.
But I need to check the water lines so I am rolling the plastic back....and that is a pretty big job.
Little bit at a time though :)
I also got some dead branches trimmed off my apricot tree.
Oh, and my front porch has been bugging me, I wanted something cute there.
So I grabbed some wood stumps and put some plants on them :)
I think it looks cute for now.
I will work on it I need to get that door painted!!!!!!
I picked Elsie up from school for PT.
The boys walked home.
After PT, I picked up the rugby carpool and Brent took Porter to football.
Football is a long practice so he came home to finish up the ditch/pipe.
I went and picked up the boys and found out that NO ONE was there!!!!!
No one showed up!
The practice was cancelled with very short notice and neither Vern or I checked our email!!!!
Poor boys were there for 1 1/2 hours by themselves!!!!!!!
And they were about 20 minutes away from home, half was across town!!!!!!!
Luckily they were not kidnapped and all was fine.
They said they had a great time....they ran a few laps around the track, watched a guy with his metal detector and made sure to stay away from the people yelling the f-word at their dog :(
Poor boys!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday April 29

Internet is back!!!!
So today was a great Sabbath day.
Porter even tied his tie by himself for the first real time today :)
He had to try it out a few different times....but that's pretty fun!
We had a combined meeting since it is a fifth Sunday of the month.
I got to meet with the adults (and Brent) and we talked more about ministering.
It was a great meeting.
Afterwards, one of the ladies I visit/minister to talked to me.
She is one that has had a bit of a heard time the last few months since our ward split.
Cassi babysat for them on Friday.
She said that after she dropped Cassi off at home, she came back home and a neighbor had stopped by to give her some cookies.
She was in the kitchen putting the cookies away and noticed that Cassi had written some kind of inspirational quote on their whiteboard in the kitchen.
She said she just started crying because it touched her heart that Cassi thought to do that.
It was such a sweet and tender thing for her to do.
I hadn't told Cassi about her having a hard time.
Cassi just knew it would be something that she appreciated.
Now if that isn't a perfect example of ministering, I don't know what is!!!!!
I was so grateful that she shared that story with me.
After church, Dad made us some yummy beef ribs.
Then he helped out Cassi with a project for school....some kind of project with levers and pulleys etc.
He loves that kind of stuff, and she loved him working with her!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Saturday April 28 (add pictures)

Our internet isn't working... So I'm writing from my phone 😊
Madi, Cassi and I went to a fun high fitness workout this morning because Sherrie is one of the instructors.
It was a really fun workout!
Elsie played at Sierra's and then she went to Paisley's birthday party.
Dad worked all day digging up our pipe out front... That is stuffed full of roots!
We weren't getting as much water through as we used to, and well, we found the problem!!!!!
I worked on wedding the garden.
Madi and Cassi went shopping together.
And Porter spent the day with the neighborhood game of boys 😊
Elsie had another baseball game this evening.
She did so good!
She hit the ball both times without using the tball! It was pretty cool!!!
We had bubble and Eldon come and check her and Sierra on!
Then this evening, dad and I went to see the new avengers movie.
It was a good one.... sad and good and.... Just no words......

Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday April 27 (add pictures)

I really need to figure out why my pictures are not uploading to my computer!!!!
I promise I will be adding pictures soon!!!!!!
So today was super busy...again!
Today was finally the day!
It was the school's production of Aladdin!!!!
The kids have been working for almost 5 months on this play and they all did amazing!!!!!
They had three performances.......and I ended up going to all three :)
It was so cute!
The first performance the kids had so much energy.
Port did great with singing and all the actions.
Elsie......she was so entertained by watching everyone else, she forgot sometimes to sing :)
Afterwards I talked to her about how she would get to watch the video that was being she could focus on the play.
I went home and did some stuff outside before I went back to the school.
This time it was right after lunch and after running laps.
Plus it was almost 80 degrees outside.....and just as hot in the auditorium!
The poor kids still did amazing, but you could tell they were so hot and tired!
The last performance was for the parents, the other performances had the elementary kids in the audience too.
So I think the extra adults watching helped pump the up.
Dad even got a few hours off work to come and see the play.
The big girls also got there in time to see it.
It really was so cute!
Very well done!
I am so impressed with what Ms. Drake does with those kids!
Right after school, I took Elsie to the Mavs softball game.
It was quite emotional.
They played to raise money for Breast cancer, and our friend, Jacque Snooks threw out the first pitch.
She went through breast cancer and is cancer free now.
Her daughter, Karly is on the team.
They were winning 14-0 when we left.
It was a fun game to watch!
We had to leave early so we could go to Porter's football game.
After the game, Elsie Porter and I went to Freddies to celebrate how well they did in the school play :)
Cassi was babysitting, and Madi went to the movies.
Now I need to convince the little ones that it would be a good idea to go to bed now :)

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thursday April 26 (add pictures)

I got to watch Everly for a little while this morning.
She helped me with laundry and watering the plants and then we went outside and played.
It was so nice outside.
Then I went for a run.
I got the trees, strawberries and raspberries watered.
The little ones had after school rehearsal for their play.
They perform their play TOMORROW! they are so excited!
Right after that practice, Elsie went to Kodiak camp....which is for all the incoming 6th graders.
Cassi and Sierra were Elsie's group leaders.
So that was fun.
Back at home, the boys rode their bikes and we all spent some time is just so perfect out there!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Wednesday April 25 (add pictures)

(My pictures load a day late to my I am adding them the next day until I figure it out!)

I helped in the office this morning,
Then I got a text from Jenni asking if I was home.
They are down tis way for a quick trip to get the truck serviced and new tires.
So she and the girls came and spent the afternoon here!
So fun!
Brad and Juniper are still back in Park City where the Airstream is getting fixed.
Anyway it was so fun seeing them all and talking to them!
They still have a few more months of adventures planned before they settle down.
I ran Jenni back to the dealership to pick up her truck, and then on the way home I picked up the little kids a bit early.
That way they would have a chance to see the Terry's before they had to head back to Park City.
It was so much fun to see all the kids together again, like no time had passed at all!
I am glad I didn't have any plans today so I could spend time with them :)
After they left, we had scouts, Rugby, then YW.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tuescay April 24

Today was a weird day because the kiddos only had half day.
When Madi got out of school, she went with her friend Spencer to have lunch at Costco :)
The table they were sitting on had some sticky notes on it....
They decided to write nice notes and put them in carts around the store!
Isn't that the greatest :)
I hope they made someone's day a little bit better!!!!
Cassi brought a bunch of friends with her after school.
They hung out outside and had fun.
I got another good run and Dad went to the gym while the kids were at school.
When the little ones came home, Dad and Port spent the rest of the afternoon together.
They got all the sprinklers set up, mad some fun wood cars, worked on the irrigation pump, dad taught him how to cut through metal with his cutting torch :)
The boys had a lot of fun together.
Elsie had her dance class today.
Sierra is in it with her and they had a fun time.
I had Rugby pickup.
Then Dad made hamburgers and we ended the night (after cleaning up and making sure homework was done) watching an episode of 'Lost in Space' :)
Fun times!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Monday April 23

My running app said 5 miles after my run today...but when I looked at the map part, it totally glitched on some spots.
Totally skipping curves around the canal road that I ran around....doing a straight line through instead!!!!
So I am telling myself that I probably ran more like 6 miles :)
Then I got the lawns all mowed.
After Dad went to the gym, he and Justin went and helped a 89 year old guy in our ward.
He needed some fixing done on his fence.
After they did that, they got to work on fixing Madi's car.
I love that he can do and fix anything!
He got the problem figured out and fixed, which I never doubted :)
Then it was running rugby carpool, and then taking Port to football practice.
I went shopping while he was at practice.
This evening the sister missionaries came over.
One of the sisters, sister Jensen, has hit her 6 month mark.
They wanted to burn a skirt to celebrate :)
They brought along another set of sisters as well.
We had s'mores and had fun talking.
Elsie has had fun getting to know Sister Jensen.....who thinks she might be transferring this next week.
It is fun getting to know these girls!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday April 22

Well, the business didn't stop today!!!!!
Luckily I have great helpers here at home so I could get away for some meetings.
I had a youth leadership meeting with all the youth leaders and the bishopric.
I think it was a really useful meeting where we talked about how to better be there for the Youth.
Then right after that we had some training from the Sunday school leader.
I also think that was useful.
I do love the Come Follow Me curriculum....and I feel like I am finally figuring out how to kind of do it.
While at the meetings, Madi helped Elsie get showered, the kids got dressed, and Dad got dinner in the crock pot!
I've got a good crew here!
I taught the lesson today....Cass and her leaders got to join because Cassi was the ONLY Miamaid there!
We talked about how to make our prayers more meaningful.
We made a thought bubble and wrote all different ways to make our prayers more meaningful.
I had one of the girls help me with the lesson, and I think it went well.
After church we had Dad's yummy roast dinner.....
It was amazing!
He kind of makes up his own recipes (all the time) I made him tell me what he put in it!
So then the funny thing was we started talking about what the kids learned in church.
Then we got talking about the story of Moses and the 10 commandants etc....the whole story, start to finish.
Well, when I got the recipe written down, we decided to 'Name' the dinner "The 40 year roast".
Pretty fun, right :)
This evening the big girls and I went to a stake Youth fireside.
The youth submitted questions for the stake presidency and their wives, along with the stake YW pres and stake YM pres to answer.
I think it went really well.
Lots of good questions and good answers.
Oh....another fun thing!
Brent and I were asked to be a Ma and Pa for Trek!!!!!
So excited!!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Saturday April 21 (add pictures)

Such a crazy busy day!
I will fill in with more pictures later.....

-Madi left for her morning prom date at 7 a.m.
-I got a 5 mile run again
-Ward service project, 22 blankets were made to give to people going through Chemo treatments and decorated pillow cases for kids who have to be in the hospital on their birthdays!
-Drove Cassi to her Rugby game out in Nampa
-Port and Elsie hung at the Nielsen's house
-Then Port, Trent and Cannon hung out
-Madi came home and got her make-up done at a ladies house in our ward
-I helped get her hair done
-Cassi came home
-Elsie left with the Nielsen's to her first baseball game....I had to wait until Madi got picked up!
-Took pictures of Madi.....WILL POST LATER!
-Madi got picked up for the night Prom date
-Porter went to Cannon's
-I went to Elsie's baseball game....she had so much fun!
-We came home
-Still waiting for Madi to come home

Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday April 20

I went for another run this morning.
It was quite windy, but I am excited about the weather getting better so I can run outside.
I have been really missing going to my classes at the gym!!!!
But I am trying to give my shoulder a break for now....
I always try to spot heart ricks while I run.
A silly little thing that I do.
Well, today I found an M rock!!!!
M for Matthews!
Kind of fun :)
I had a fun little 'consult' with a friend about some decorating at her house!
That was a fun thing to do :)
She just asked me if I could come over and give her some ideas.
I had a lot of fun doing that!!!!
Again, once the kids got home, it was crazy town!!!!!
I picked up the little ones.
Then I got a call from Brent saying that Madi was broken down.....
Broken down on Eagle and Fairview.....the busiest intersection in IDAHO!
For real!
And she was on the verge of rush hour!
Anyway, luckily Brent orchestrated everything.
He is at work, but got a hold of Justin, who was on his way home from work, because he thought we might need to tow it.
So I took the suburban, he met us there, and Brent called dispatch to send a cop to make sure she was safe at the spot she was in :)
What a good daddy!
She said there were a couple people who helped her push it to the side of the road.
Then they left and the cop showed up.
Then Justin came and the cop and he tried to jump the car.
It worked, then died.....
I got there and then we made the plan for Justin to drive Madi's car, making sure to rev it while he was stopped so it didn't die!
I drove Justin's car, and Madi drove the suburban.
It died again further up the road, so we jumped it again, and made it back home.
Before leaving to get Madi, I had to get Port ready for football and send him to Vern's so they could take him in case we didn't make it home in time!
Well, glad we did that, because we were not there in time!!!!
We made it to the game late.....but I did see him pull some good flags.
They played another really good team....but I think the boys still did a good job.
We picked up Cassi on the way home.
She was helping at Meridian High school at the track meet.
Then she went and babysat for the Halls.
Madi went to do a Pre Prom Prep at Sydney's with a bunch of girls.
The little ones and I went and got the Greatest Showman and that is what we didn't tonight.
Tomorrow is another packed day......and I hope we don't have any more unexpected adventures!!!!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thursday April 19

Today Porter had his field trip to celebration park.
Port has been pretty excited about it.
And even better, Dad got to go with him!
They had a great time together.
Port left with Dad afterwards instead of riding the bus.
Dad thought it would be fun to go by Kuna Caves on the way home. they drove up there, they came upon some people.
A couple.
Really getting to 'know' each other, right on the hood of their car!
Well, Brent tried to get out of there as soon as possible.....but couldn't really avoid Port seeing stuff.
Let's just say, Port got to have 'the talk' on the drive home.
Poor kid!!!!!!
And he didn't even get to see the Kuna Caves!!!!!
I guess it's gonna happen at some point.
But this would NOT have been the way we chose for him to find out!!!!!!
While the boys were gone and the kids were at school, I did laundry and went for a 5 mile run, sewed some of the arm sleeves on Dads work shirts, then got some house cleaning done.
This evening was a fun night.
Vern threw a surprise party for Billy's 50th birthday!
They had it at 10 barrel brewery downtown.
They had lots of different fun foods to try and desserts.
And it was so much fun to sit and talk to neighbors and friends.
We are blessed to have so many friends.....friends who come from all different walks of life.
Makes for lots of fun :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Wednesday April 18

Busy, busy, busy!!!!
I helped in the office again this morning.
Once Dad got home from the gym, we went out and moved some plum trees that were growing by the canal.
Who knows it they will live.....
But we moved them up by the fruit trees, and if they live, that will be nice to have those spots filled in :)
We looked around the place and made some plans and what to work on next.
We may just be able to get the exterior all done this year!
We have sine other plans too.
I am also excited to get going on my garden!
And flowers....
And Berries.....
Oh so many fun things!!!!!
But lots of work!
So the Morgan's noticed their basement flooding this evening.....
We went over to help assess the damage.
Brent helped by sucking up a bunch of water.
In the end, it looks like enough damage to have the restoration and insurance people take care of it.
But I sure do love having a husband who is always willing to help out.....
And that he is someone that people will call when they are in need of help.
I just love that about him!
I am so proud and thankful for the man that he is :)
Later this evening I went and talked to the Activity days girls about YW.
Cassi had another Rugby game.
Dad got to take the little ones to that while Madi and I went to YW.
For YW, we had a service project where we cleaned up the yard of one of the members neighbors who just had surgery.
We got a lot done!
There was lots to do and I am proud of how well the kids worked.
It was a great activity!

It was pajama day for this little tree hugger :)

Madi took some pictures for me.....I am up in the tree pruning :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tuesday April 17

It was a bit of a crazy afternoon....
Man, I have a hard time adjusting from the nice quiet time when the kids are at school to the crazy run-around that happens the minute school gets out!!!!
I did take Elsie to the softball game.
We had to leave early because....well 7 innings goes really long and we needed to get home for dinner.
Dad made a yummy dinner....he makes a mean burger and Cass helped make sweet potato fries!
Cassi didn't go to rugby today because she had to stay after to get a test taken.
She plays a game again tomorrow....during YW, so I have to miss her game again :(
Then We helped Elsie with her science project that she gets to present tomorrow.
She took 4 types of clay and cut out buffalo shapes and then waited to see which would take the longest to dry.
She did a good job on the project.....and tomorrow she gets to present it to the class.
Hopefully she will remember how brave she is and get up in front of them!!!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Monday April 16

Today turned out to be a never-ending, non-stop kind of day!!!!!
After the kiddos went to school, I had a dr appt.
My shoulder has been bothering me for the past month and a half.
I decided to finally go and get it looked out.
Well, I sure picked the wrong day!
One of the dr's had to leave to a funeral...and his appointments were not moved like they should have been.
So my doc took on his patients for him....
It was an hour before I was even taken back to be seen!!!!
So did my apt, and then had some x-rays done.
The doc thought I would be sent home after the x-rays....but the x-ray tech just took me back into the room.
So I was back there for another 30 minutes or so before they realized I was still there!!!!!
Oh well....
I missed one of my VT (ministering) apt while waiting and made it for the last half of my second one.
I went right from that apt to the house so I could use the bathroom before my next meeting which was for YW.
Brent made me a shake, so I could have something to eat!!!!!
The YW meeting went well.
I left there and ran home to pick up the little car, which Dad just put a new battery in.
I picked up Elsie from school and went to PT.
She was awesome at PT and worked really hard.
We always leave PT right at rush hour traffic, but today seemed to be way worse than normal!
I had to send Madi to pick up the rugby carpool and Dad had to run Porter to football because Vern accidentally forgot she was taking him!
So Elsie and I grabbed some pizza on the way home.
We waited for us all to be home and ate dinner.
Except for Porter, who was at football.
He had eaten before practice.
Then we were able to all sit down and have FHE.
We sang the song 'Love at home' and then took quizzes to find out what each other's love languages are.
It was pretty fun.
I think for the most part we knew what people's love language was....but it was nice to talk about it and realize how we can better love each other.
Madi's love language is quality time.
Cassi's love language is words of affirmation.
Elsie's is physical touch.
Port tied with physical touch (duh....he has always been my biggest cuddler!) and quality time.
I know it will help us be a better mom and Dad, but I am hoping it will help each other see how they can love each other better too.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sunday April 15

We had a nice Sunday.
Not much fighting while everyone got ready :)
That always makes for a good morning!
I enjoyed church.
The sister missionaries talked along with another sister leaving from our ward.
Then the second hour we had a meeting for teachers to get together and share ideas for teaching.
I really enjoyed that and I think I learned some things to bring into my class to help the girls better understand the gospel, to learn and grow.
After church the kiddos took Mater back to the school.
He was super excited to get there again :)
Then I made some grilled cheese for dinner.
I got some water on my trees I planted yesterday, as well as the raspberries and strawberries.
While I did that I listened to some talks that will be part of my lesson next week.
I am looking forward to having Dad back home tomorrow.
I always seem to have a harder time when he is on the Saturday/Sunday shift!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Saturday April 14

Everyone slept in a little bit and then got to work on Saturday chores and laundry.
I actually went through my clothes in my that was a success :)
Madi took Elsie and Mater, along with Porter, Max, Graham and Cannon to Mary Mac.
That dog sure loves his outings with them!!!!
He behaves himself really well too!
I took Elsie's bike there to ride for a bit as well.
They all had a fun time.
Cassi spent the day with friends (after she got her stuff done).
She went to the movies and then went to the stake dance tonight.
I finished up planting my raspberries.
I also planted a few trees :)
We have some starts from last years clippings, and we are trying to get trees lined along the back so we have a bit of a buffer when stuff starts to build behind us :(
Things aren't happening yet....but it is a matter of time.
We are just preparing.
Anyway, I am excited for the area to fill in with big trees.....and they are just about the perfect distance for hammocks :)
Tonight, Stacia came over and hung out for a bit.
Port is sleeping in the fort again.
It is a bit warmer tonight then it was last we will see how it goes :)

Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday April 13 (add pictures)

We had a really fun evening tonight!
But first today, I went and got all the art gathered for Elsie's class and then did an art smart class for them.
They made some fun portfolio's to take their artwork home in.
Dad went and helped a neighbor with a welding project and then did some more work outside.
Lots to do now with things staring to grow and get green!
When I got home from art, I went for a run.
Kids came home and then Port had a football game.
He did so great!
They won their game and Port made a touchdown and pulled lots of flags!
They did great, especially since the other team was full of lots of bigger kids AGAIN!!!!!
Port and Max had their game at the same time as Graham and Cannon's game.
That made for perfect timing for us to all go an celebrate Bubble on her birthday!
Bubble and Eldon always come to the boys games.....and really any of the kids things they can make it to!!!!
They are the greatest!
Well, we all went out to Freddie's to celebrate the neighborhood Grandma :)
It was a fun and loud and boisterous group......
I am sure the workers at Freddie's clapped when we finally left this evening!
We sure are blessed to be surrounded by such great people!
I will add fun pictures later.................

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thursday April 12

We had a pretty busy evening!
Cassi had Rugby.
Port and Dad ran to the store.
Madi had a date....after spending some time drawing :)
And Elsie went to the Mavs softball game.
The team was so sweet with her and she sure has fun cheering for them!
We did have to leave the game early to get home in time for Art Gallery night.
It all looked so good and the kids had lots of fun doing the fun art projects they had there.
It was a late night because we stayed afterwards to take down the art and helped some others get their art taken down too.
Luckily I have such a great hubby who helps out whenever needed :)
Hopefully everyone sleeps good tonight!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wednesday April 11

I worked in the office today.
The rest of the day was working outside getting things done......
I got the entire patch behind the cement wall all cleared out and ready to plant raspberries!
This is the year!
I can just feel it!!!!!
I continue to fail and fail when it comes to raspberries!!!!!
But I am really hoping this year is my year!
I got a few planted today and will get the rest planted tomorrow.
I also planted some more strawberries.
After school I did more set-up for Art Gallery night.
Then went to Cassi's rugby game for a bit
I had to leave a bit early to get to YW.
Cassi did pretty awesome playing rugby today!
She scored 3 goals!!!!!
Maybe it's not even called goals......I don't know much about the sport......but she looked good out there!
For YW we went to the family history center.
They taught us how to find names and I think the girls learned some good stuff.
After YW, I had a YW meeting.
So that is why it is a late night!!!!!

Tuesday April 10

We had a fun night tonight at the Pinewood derby!
Max and Graham joined the boys and I think they had fun watching.
Port and Dad did pretty well.
They ended up in 4th pace, which is pretty cool.
Koy got 2nd!
Pretty fun!
Another fun thing Port has been doing is drawing a lot.
In class they have auctions quarterly of things they hand make to sell and buy (with classroom money).
Well, Port was super smart and took some PRE-ORDERS to make personalized bookmarks!
He has been watching some 'how to draw' videos of the things people wanted on their bookmarks....
Everything from team sports, cats, rainbows to the titanic!
He is having fun with it and is really pretty dang good!
I will take a picture when he has the final products done.

Monday, April 09, 2018

Monday April 9

Oh my goodness!
Today was a day!
I took the kiddos to school, then went and got set up for art gallery night.
We hang the class art work in the halls for the families to come and view.
That night will be on Thursday, but we need to get the stuff hung first.
My art mom helpers didn't show up, so I got to do the job myself.....
But it worked out.
I have learned a few techniques to hanging large pieces of butcher paper alone in my days as art mom :)
We aren't allowed to staple to the walls, so we put up butcher paper and then tape the art pieces to the butcher paper.
It really turns out to be so much fun with the walls plastered floor to ceiling with art!
That took a couple hours to get done.
Then I made a run to the dollar store to get supplies for the kids to make a portfolio to take their artwork home once art gallery night is over.
After that, I went and had lunch with my OLD YW presidency... Cindy, Katie and Nicole.
It is fun to get together every once in a while....they are great ladies :)
I came home and got some stuff cleaned up before it was time to go get the kiddos.
I took Cassi to Rugby and then went and visited Bubble, who then gave me a bunch of strawberry and raspberry plants!
I got to work weeding and clearing spots to put my new treasures!
Still have a lot of work to do!
The kids had fun playing outside.
Elsie ran around with Mater.
Port spent a lot of time drawing and drew an awesome picture of our barn :)
THEN, I realized Port had football practice, at the same time I needed to pick up Cassi!
Luckily Madi was still home and she could grab Cassi while I ran Porter.
I came back and got more weeding done.
Elsie took a bike ride with Madi along side her.
I made dinner and then we ate when Port got home just before 8.
I think the kids got to bed at a pretty good time.
 Madi needs good sleep...she takes the SATs tomorrow.
She will do great!
I was up for a few hours at 3 this morning with a few things on my mind....mainly the dang Rugby carpool!
But I am glad that I finally got back to sleep!
But I am extra tired and grumpy today!
I hope tonight goes better (since we got the carpool kind of figured out :)!!!!

 Just a little Plein air :)

Pretty dang good!
And just look at those cute freckles on his nose :)

Elsie and her puppy ❤