Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday November 30 (add pictures)

Oh man....does life ever slow down????
So dad woke up feeling pretty sick today :(
Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for him!
I went and did some shopping today.
Why does Target make me so happy?!?!?!?!
I wish there was one right next door to me!
Ha ha ha!
Then I got home and made some lunch for Dad and I before I headed to the church for a YW meeting.
After the meeting I set up my photo lights for our Beehive Individual Worth photo shoot activity tonight.All morning I waited for Emmy's text to tell me she is on her way here!!!!
We have all been so excited to have Emmy here!!!!
I also wish SHE was right next door!
Came home and got some other stuff done around the house.
Kids came home and craziness happens again,
My Wednesdays just got can that even be?
Yep, Port had his first day at scouts today and he is pretty excited :)
We are hoping to get Max involved too!
Dad helped me put together our very own rustic Christmas tree for the entry way.
Just a long stick, drilled holes and then branches from our pine tree.
I have plans for it and I really like how it turned out.
Not bad for free :)
We picked up Porter and the kids ran to the window anytime they saw a car come down the lane!
Just waiting for their Emmy!
Finally she came!!!!!!!
But then the big girls and I had to leave to go to YW, at least we got to see her first!
Madi went and did some family history.
And like I said before, the Beehives had an Individual Worth photo shoot.
We are working to pass of IW#3 and I also combined it with the #LIGHTtheWORLD initiative :)
Pretty excited about it!
The only problem is that my advisers were not able to be there....
So it was me and 13 Beehives.....hyper Beehives, 
They weren't terrible.....but they sure wore me out!
We came home and Cassi and Port were finally able to open their birthday gifts from Emmy!
Cassi had been dying!!!!!
When you turn 13 you get a big Emmy quilt!
And boy, Emmy DID NOT disappoint!!!!!!
Cassi's Emmy blanket is just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
The colors, the patterns, the stitching!
Just perfect!
And Port was so very excited to get a very cool indoor drone from Emmy!
He is super excited and kind of bummed he has to wait until tomorrow to try it out (it had to charge!)
So another late night in the Matthews household, but they all went to bed happy :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday November 29

It was a wonderful morning this morning.
First of all, besides the usual sleep walking that Porter does, the little ones had a great night!!!
And they both went to school.
Elsie insisted on wearing her snow boots....I told her that she would be so tired!
She has sat on the couch for a week, big clumpy boots would make it hard!!!!
But she really wanted to, so I let her.
Silly girl!
But then once the kids were off, Brent and I had a temple date to get to!!!!
We have been trying for the last week to carve out a time to get to the temple!!!!
And finally today was the day.
And we had to opportunity to go with the Young's.
So that was really great!
Then we all went out to eat afterwards.
It was a really nice time and just what we needed.
When we got home, we ran Madi's car to the tire shop for some new tires.
Some that will handle better with snow!
Then i went and helped in Elsie's class at school.
Ad soon as I got there I saw Mrs. Dynka.
I asked how Elsie was.
She said she was EXHAUSTED but still working so hard!
I told her about the snow boot stubbornness...
And she wasn't surprised :)
Anyway, I got home and did some stuff for the YW activity we have tomorrow night.
Dad got some caulking done in the kitchen.
So that is great.
Then Port had basketball tonight.
I finished putting up the Christmas tree lights so that when they got home from practice, we could hang ornaments!
Yes, it was a late night, but it needed to get done!!!!!
Plus, it is late start tomorrow :)
It turned out nice and I do love looking at our photo ornaments every year!
I love how full the tree looks.
We put wreaths (that I got on clearance last year) in the middle between each layer :)
And I just love how it worked out!

I am sure over the next few days, the ornaments will find themselves in some different spots.
I think Port left a couple areas pretty packed.....
Plus I have some bulbs to add.
So not finished yet.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday November 28

The little ones slept good last night.
And Elsie was sure she was going to go to school, but last minute we decided to keep her home.
Still no fever, but she does sound awful!
Port however, did have a small fever.
His throat is all scratchy too.
After this morning, he hasn't had a fever again.
Actually at about 2, he got himself all dressed and asked to be taken to school :)
O told him that we will just plan to go tomorrow.
He wasn't happy about that....but man, school was almost out!
Silly boy!
I ran some Christmas errands this morning and Dad hung out with the little ones.
He had a rough night, so he got a bit of a nap in :)
Later in the day, Drew stopped over to get some more measurements for the cabinets.
Very exciting!!!!!
I also got my Instant Pot in the mail today!!!!!
I was so excited!
I made chicken noodle soup in 7 minutes!
It takes bit longer to get it up to pressure, but once it is ready, it was only 7 minutes!
That is just crazy!
And it was so yummy!!!!
I can't wait to try more recipes!
While I was reading about the Instant Pot, Porter kept bugging me.
I told him he needed to do some reading.
So he did.
He came in the kitchen with his BofM and started reading.
He did that yesterday too.....
It's so cute.
Today he said 'I should give one of these to Max and tell him it is a true story!'
What a cute little missionary he is already :)
Tonight we decided for FHE to put up our Christmas tree.
And that is where it stopped.
No decorating or anything.......
Too much fighting :(
Maybe tomorrow night we can try it again.
Dang kids!!!!
Why must they ALWAYS fight?!?!?!?!

The earphones are to block out all the noise from his sisters.....

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday November 27

Well, Elsie bug was up 7 times last night!!!!!!
Needless to say, I stayed home from church with her.
Port said his throat was sore, and he was a little bit hoarse too.
So I stayed home with the little ones while the big girls went to church.
They both said that the speakers were great and it was a great day.
The little ones and I fell right back to sleep after the big girls left.
I didn't even have to force them....they just went to sleep.
We did a lot of reading while the big girls were gone to church.
Also watched Random Acts.
Such a great show!!!!
When the girls came home, Cassi made cookies.
She bribed a bunch of people to come to choir and she would make cookies for them :)
Madi took Port and Cassi to the church at 2, because they both had bishop's interviews.
Cassi for her birthday and temple recommend renewal and Porter for his baptism interview.
Then they all went to choir while Elsie and I hung out and read some more 'Little House on the Prairie'.
Not much else happened tonight.
The big girls did fight, and lost their phones.......
I decided that's the way to get them to get along.
Ha ha ha.....we will see how that works :)

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday November 26

So it was another rough night :(
Poor Elsie just gets coughing and then crying because it hurts her throat so much.
Poor thing!
I wish it would just go away.
No fever today, and she has been pretty good all day.
She did have more coughing attacks, but they seem to hurt a little less....
The big girls got chores done, while the little ones took it easy.
Port has been saying his throat is dry.....he better not be getting this!!!!!
Anyway, while the girls took care of things here at home, I got some errands done.
I got some stuff for Port's baptism, which is this next Saturday!
I got him some scriptures engraved with his name.
And a new tie to go with his new shirt and pants.
He will be so handsome :)
Madi and Cassi went with friends to Kuna caves and had a fun time there.
About 6:30 we went to the Morgan's house to play games.
 I thought everyone felt good and was in need of getting out....
Elsie was so excited to see Sierra.
But I think she talked too much, with her already completely hoarse voice!
She was ready to go home before it was 8.
The rest of the kids stayed there to play games and watch movies.
They are still gone.......
Elsie is gonna sleep on the couch tonight.
I am afraid I won't be able to hear her little squeak cries, so I will keep her on the couch, closer to me.
Poor girl just needs sleep!!!!!!!
(Me too!)

Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday November 25

It was a rough night for both Elsie and Porter.
I made an appointment at the DR for both of them.
But Elsie was negative for Strep and Port, well they said all looks good with him too.
We came home and rested again.
Poor Elsie just breaks my heart :(
I hope it is a better night and day for her tomorrow!
Port's eyes are still kind of swollen, but not bad.
He has been a little grumpier than usual, and saying he has a headache.
Hope he gets some good sleep too!
Not much else happened today.
I did work on making an invite for Port's baptism, which is in a week!
And exciting!
I also worked on our Christmas card.
We went to Bubbles to watch the BSU game this afternoon.
Not a good game :(
Well, actually everyone else but Elsie and I went.
We did go at the end for a little bit, to get Elsie up and walking and out of the house.
Her poor little muscles are getting so tight from not doing anything for so many days!
I think it was a nice change of scenery for her today.
The big girls spent a lot of the day at the Morgans house again,
They are leaving in January for a 4 1/2 month excursion through Europe and I know all of our kids will be going through withdrawals!!!!!
Mater spotted Elsie today while the front door was open.
And he made an excited noise I have never heard before!!!!!!
That poo dog has really missed his Elsie bug!
It was the sweetest thing!
She hung out with him by the garage door later in the evening after she had a rough bout.
Mater sure helped her feel better!
It really was so cute!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thursday November 24

Happy Thanksgiving!
It has been a somewhat crazy day today.
Elsie woke up with no fever, but she still had a sore throat and her voice is very rough :(
But she definitely had more energy and was up off the couch.
I got to work finishing up the pies and we also had a big breakfast this morning with pancakes, bacon and eggs.
After cleanup they all sat down and watched Ghostbusters on VidAngel.
And I finished my food prep.
We had planned to go to the Morgans house about 2.
But Stacia called me and one of our friends daughters had a bad accident and we went and visited her at the hospital.
Their 5 year old fell from a two story balcony.
Breaking both arms and giving her three skull fractures and a broken nose, along with a bad concussion.
So heart breaking!
But also so miraculous that there is no brain swelling and that there was no damage to the neck or spine the way she fell.
To top it of, it is our friends birthday today!
Our prayers are with their little girl and family.
Her outlook is very good and that is great news!
When we came home, the big girls headed to the Morgans while we got the little ones ready to go.
We headed over there and had snacks and games and just hung out and talked while the rest of the food was prepared.
We ate about 5 and it was so very yummy!!!!!!
We all got way too full!
Elsie ate good.
She hasn't had much for the last few days!
So that was good.
Before dinner, Port and Cannon came inside from being outside and Port's eyes were all red and swollen!!!!
We have no idea why or what happened.
Possibly from their cat, but we have cats and Port is always handling them!
So that doesn't make sense!
Anyway, we got him some allergy stuff.
But the whole night he kept asking Brent to go home.
And Elsie was kind of going downhill....I think being tired and she needed some more ibuprofen for her throat.
Sp after pie, dad took the little ones home.
I stayed with the big girls.
They sang while we did puzzles and games.
Then after helping to clean up, I went home and the big girls are off with Sydney, Carley and very to do some black Friday shopping.
Good luck girls!
I think I will need to take Elsie in to the DR tomorrow because she was 103.2 this evening :(
And if Port is still swollen up, I should take him too.

Prepping the turkey

Trying some new hairstyles on Madi!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday November 23

We got a bunch done today!!!!
A bunch of Tiling done!!!!
I am so excited for this step!
We still need to grout it.
But we are excited about getting this step done :)
Poor Elsie is still not feeling well.
She has been on the couch again all day, watching movies.
Madi did some babysitting this morning.
Cassi went for a bike ride.
Port hung out with the Edwards boys for a bit and then with Cannon too.
I sent Madi and Cassi to the store for some cool is that?!?!?!?!
The kiddos also went to Bubbles later on and made Oreo turkeys.
Elsie didn't go though....she had a bath instead, and that helped her feel a lot better.
I am hoping she is feeling lots better in the morning and everyone else stays well!!!!!
Cassi and I made some pie crusts this evening and we will finish up everything else tomorrow before heading to the Morgans for Thanksgiving dinner :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tuesday November 22

I woke up this morning to Porter and his entire bedspread and all his stuffed animals on our bedroom floor.
He has no memory of coming down with all that stuff.
So he sleep-walked, down the stairs with a giant queen size bedspread and about 10 stuffed animals!!!!
It makes me sick to think that he could have easily fallen down the stairs!!!!!!
Or maybe he did fall, and the blankest and stuffed animals broke his fall!!!!!!
I hope he doesn't do that again!
We also woke up to Elsie having a fever.
She took it easy and she was feeling okay, just a scratchy throat.
I forgot about a dentist appointment Cassi had, so I ran her there to get a cavity filled.
Dad helped Port with his lizard robot and then made some drawer fronts for me.
We were going to start on back splash tile....but that got pushed off.
Possibly tomorrow.
We did, however, get a lot of leaves picked up!
Well, not me.
The big girls and dad mostly.
Port and Cannon helped.
After that, we decided to take advantage of 1/2 off tickets and go to the movies.
We went and saw Trolls.
Elsie was feeling good enough to go and I think getting out of the house was good for her.
Not much more happened the rest of the day except a lot of fighting :(
Hopefully there will be less of that tomorrow!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday November 21 (add pictures)

Happy #8 birthday to my baby boy!!!!!

Dad was on shift today, so i told Porter to stay in bed so I could bring him breakfast in bed :)
But REALLY, Dad had gotten the time off and was coming home to surprise Port and we were going to go out to eat for breakfast.
I did not anticipate Porter waking up at 5 a.m.
Madi did a good job keeping him occupied by turning on a Netflix movie.
I didn't even know he was awake until I went to go work out, and heard them.
So I didn't get my workout this morning :(
I tried everything I could to get Port to stay upstairs until Dad got home.
Port likes to have his breakfast as soon as he wakes up.
I told him I had something special planned for him.
But I needed to thaw the Bacon....which would take time.
Then I asked if he would prefer pancakes or french toast.
He said pancakes.
After a while i told him I didn't have butter, but was asking to neighbors if they had some.
Then a little later I said it must be too early for anyone to answer their text :)
So we would have to just do french toast.
He was a good sport, but Madi told me that he was feeling pretty sad :(
FINALLY Dad got home.
I went and yelled to the kids to just come down and have cereal because the whole 'breakfast in bed' thing just wasn't working out!
Sweet Port was so sad, but then totally excited when he came down and saw dad :)
It was pretty funny.
All the kids got on my case for 'Lying' to them.....but I told them it was for a good cause!!!!!!
So we went to IHOP for breakfast and had a good time.
We came home and opened presents.
The Edwards boys came to watch and help :)
Then the boys played the whole morning.
Kara came over and hung out with Madi and Cassi for a bit.
I went to the store for cake stuff.....then I made it.
Stacia came over and we planned Thanksgiving stuff.
Cannon came to hang out with the boys too.
Our visitors fell through so the Morgan's invited us to join them for their Thanksgiving feast.
It will be fun.
Then Port and Dad went to the 'robot store'.
That was one of his gifts, and coupon for a trip there.
He got some robot parts and switches, etc.
He was a happy kid.
We had hot dogs for dinner, Port's choice.
Then after dinner, our neighborhood family came over for cake and ice cream.
It was another fun night :)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday November 20

So things didn't run too smooth at school today at church :(
Dad is working....and Sierra was home sick.
So guess who didn't go to class?
Elsie went with me to all my classes, and she was not a very good girl.
Goofy and laughing and distracting....
Hopefully next week will be better.
But church was still nice, just would have been better if she went to class!
Cassi and Madi went to choir later in the day.
I know it's silly, but I told Elsie she couldn't go to choir if she didn't go to class (I was desperate!)
So I stuck to my guns, and didn't let her go.
Later one the kids played Monopoly and I made dinner.
Then we watched 'Ephraim's rescue' before sending them off to bed.
Port is very excited about his birthday tomorrow!
He thinks dad is working.
Well, he is on shift, but he got the day off and we didn't tell the kids :)
He will surprise us in the morning and then we will all go out to breakfast for his birthday.
I think it will be a fun surprise!
The hard part will be having him hold off on breakfast!
He is my early riser, and he likes breakfast as soon as he wakes up.
I told him to sleep in and stay in bed until i bring him breakfast in bed :)
Ha ha.....
We'll see if that works :)

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday November 19

We got up and cleaned the church this morning.
There was a funeral there this morning, so we needed to get there earlier (7 a.m.) before the funeral stuff started, to get it all cleaned.
I left Elsie sleeping, and Cassi to watch her if she woke up.
But the rest of us went and it was a nice way to start the day.
The kids did chores and then Madi and I left to take pictures of the Young family :)
Then Port had a basketball game.
It was a good game.
Brent got to be head coach today because the other coach wasn't there.
He was pretty excited about it :)
The boys played awesome!
Port did really well today.
He made a basket, but did really well getting the ball and passing.
It is so fun to watch him play!
We took Max ad Graham with us to watch the game and they thought it was pretty cool and they want to play now too :)
Madi and Carley went to BSU for the state game, which MVHS won.
Woo hoo.....go Mavs!
Cass had Avery over too.
So they had a fun day.
Later in the day I took the Morgans family pictures.
Fun day :)
I am so tired!
We rented an 'Ice Age' movie, but I think I slept through half of it!
I need to get some sleep!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday November 18

So Cassi woke up and planned to go to school.....but then she couldn't walk because of all her blisters on her feet.
I tried to be sympathetic and nice......but she could not stop crying!
I told her to just go lay down.
Well, she slept for 4 hours.
So maybe the problem wasn't only the blisters........but she was exhausted!
So, she stayed home the whole day.
I got more things checked off my holiday list :)
Dad got some stuff done around the house after he got back from helping Aaron again.
This evening i took Elsie to a birthday party.
She has been so excited about it!
And Madi babysat tonight.
With those girls gone, Cassi decided to make some Samoa donuts, while the boys watched the BSU game.
It was kind of an uneventful night, other than that.....

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday November 17

It was a successful day today in getting things crossed off my Christmas to-do list...
So that's good.
Dad worked an overtime shift, so he got out of the Christmas to-do list....for today :)
I did also go and help at Art Smart for Porter's class today.
That was fun :)
After school I took Cassi to another dermatology appointment.....poor girl had to get more warts burned off.
She is having a rough night tonight!
Hope she gets some sleep.
Then this evening I had a little girls night out.
Our camp leader from last girls camp was released and she wanted to take the YW presidency out for dinner.
It was so fun to get back together with her.
I am so blessed to have these ladies in my life to work with!
I got home a little after 9 and the kids had gotten all their chores done, and kitchen cleaned up and they were not fighting when I got home.
So that makes me very happy!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wednesday November 16

So I woke up last night about 2:30....and could not go to sleep!
I started thinking about all the things that we've got coming up.....
Port's birthday, Thanksgiving, Porters baptism, the YW lesson I have in December and then Christmas.
Lots and lots of stuff to do and it seems like not much time!!!!!
After about 2 hours of laying there and not being able to go to sleep, I finally got up so I could write all the things down that were going through my head!
After I did that, I was able to get back to sleep :)
But then I woke up to a BIG to-do list!!!!
I am sure it will get done.............right?
I did get a few things crossed off the list today, so that is good.
Dad and I went shopping....some Christmas stuff, some looking for Port's birthday.
So that is good :)
Then Dad talked with the Scouts this evening, which is always a big hit with the boys.
We had dinner when they got home.
Then the big girls and I left for YW.
Tonight we had a 'scavenger hunt' for food.
We collected food to fill food baskets that we will be putting together and delivering for our combined activity next month.
It was a fun night!
And thanks to a couple of families in the ward, my team rocked it!!!!
It was a fun night :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesday November 15

I helped in the office this morning then when I came home, and i got to do some water colors today.
Which really made me happy!
I have been feeling a real itch lately, and I am glad I had the chance :)
Tonight was STEM night at the school.
Port was so excited!
He loves this kind of stuff!
They made some little toothbrush robots, which Port already knows how to do :)
But I now have a good source for stuff that he might really love for his birthday or Christmas!
There were a lot of other fun things for the kiddos to do.
Elsie just hung out with Sierra most of the time :)
After we did that, I took Port to basketball practice.
I wish he didn't have practice so late, it is hard for him to wind down when we get home at 9 :(
But not much we can do about it!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday November 14

I got some stuff done for Christmas today, so that is good :)
Not much else happened.....
I did have to go to the store for shampoo and deodorant for the fam.
Super fun :)
I picked Elsie up early and took her to PT.
She worked hard.
She has really grown so much this year!
There are hardly ever any fits thrown anymore and it makes me so very happy!
After that we went to Plato's closet and I found myself a brand new jacket.
Woo hoo!
I got home and we had dinner.
Then the big kids read with the little kids while I cleaned the kitchen.
Madi with Porter and Cassi with Elsie.
Elsie has been reading our family yearbook a lot lately (blog in book form).
And in the last week or so she has been very adamant about writing in her own journal before she goes to bed.
I think it is just the cutest thing!!!!!!
I think I am getting a glimpse into maybe a little of how dad feels when he just wants me to hurry up and blog/journal so we can go to bed!
She takes her sweet time and I am there waiting for her to finish so we can say prayers and read scriptures......
But it does make me proud, and so very happy :)