Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday August 31

Things went good this morning.
The kids were off to school and happy.
I stayed with Elsie for a little bit to help her with her worksheet, because she can do it.
They are easy problems that she can do, she just has to believe that she can do it herself!
And who cares if she gets it least she is trying!
Anyway, once Ms. Dynka came, I headed home.
Dad and I cleaned up the boat and got some irrigating stuff done and I also got the pictures for the Young's put on a disc for them so we could take it when we took the boat.
On the way to Pat and Steve's we stopped and ate lunch together.
We decided to try The Noodle Company.
It was really good, we both liked it a lot.
Then we went out and dropped the boat off.
We also picked up our trailer that was out there for their family reunion.
By the time we came home and got the camper put away, dad had to leave to pick Madi up (her ride home, Sydney, had a doc appt. and heaven forbid Madi rides the bus!!!! ;)
I went for a run.
Those dang hawks are still out there.
No swooping today.
When I saw them, I turned and went the other way.....
BUT......I was wearing a camouflage hat, so they probably wouldn't see me anyway :)
Ha ha :)
Once the kids were all home, we had dinner together.
Got some homework done and for FHE we made cookies and wrote some cards for a cute couple in our ward, the Capells.
They made us homemade ice cream when Dad was down on his back and it was so very yummy.
Yes, I know it has a been a long time.....but we wanted them to know we appreciated them and their kindness.
It will be hard to get around to thanking the many many people that helped us.....but I am going to give it a try!
Dad, and his helpers, also put up my kitchen dining table light.
Only it didn't include the bulbs, so we will have to pick those up later :)
But I love how it looks!
Now I want to get started on the island!!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday August 30

It was a nice day today.
All the kids slept good last night.
We had pancakes for breakfast and the Morgans headed home about 9:30 I think......
They wanted enough time to clean up the house because they knew Mom and Dad would be home after church :)
We all got ready and got to church early because Madi had an interview with the bishop....cause she is moving on to Mia Maids.
So we saved a spot for the Morgans to sit with us as well.'
They we on time and they said that is was because Mom was always the one who makes them late ;) 
Ha they have proof!
So church went okay.
Elsie refused to go to class.
And she only went to Sharing time because dad was in there.
I don;t know what to do.
It's not like I can just leave her and let her cry it out.
That isn't fair to the other kids.
But we can't keep doing this either.
It is pretty ridiculous!
But I am at a loss.
I really am.
I don;t even know what my options are.
It is definitely a behavioral issue, but I don't even know how to fix it.
Or even begin to make it any better.
So we keep trying, and praying that something, some kind of answer will pop in our heads.....
After church, our Home Teachers came over.
We had a nice visit.
We got the little ones to bed at a good time.
Fingers crossed this week of school goes really good :)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday August 29

Happy Birthday Madi Bell!!!!!
We had such a great time today as a family.
Best part is....she WANTED to spend her birthday with her family!
We spent the day boating with Pat and Steve's boat, and fishing.
It was so much fun.
SO much fun!
I wish I could write it all down......
But don't worry.
I took over 400 pictures today to help me remember pretty much every single thing ;)
But, alas, it is so late again......and I must get sleep!
But I couldn't go the night without writing a little something about our very first baby.
We just love Madi.
She is so much fun.
She has a great smile!
Yes, we have our fun 'teenager' times with her.....but we are so proud of her and who she is becoming.
She is someone who is comfortable with herself and knows what she wants in life.
She makes us proud every day.
We love you Madi Bell!
We let everyone sleep in this morning.
It was about 8 when they first started waking up.
Madi and Elsie slept until about 9 I think :)
We had some french toast for breakfast and started getting things ready to go boating.
We got a text reminding us of a ward move and we thought we would help for a hour before heading out.
They are the ones who are moving into the Edwards rental down our lane.
So they are literally moving 1/2 mile.
We went and took our trailer and got it loaded up and then got it all dropped off.
We got home and loaded everything in the truck and headed out to pat and Steve's .
They were so sweet to let us borrow their boat for our little family outing.
A family outing that I think was very needed!
We made it safely to Blacks Canyon about 12:30.
We got the boat in and we all hopped in.
As we started driving, Brent was like, 'This steering is horrible!'
It was very loosey goosey.
So we stopped in a little cove to have lunch.
Well, we forgot our sandwiches in the truck.
So we drove back to the dock, the whole time wondering what the heck to do about the steering!
Got to the dock, I jumped out to get the food (which wasn't in the back of the truck like we thought....)
When I got back, dad said that the steering was completely gone!
Nothing at all!
So we secured the boat to the doc really well.
I can;t even say how lucky we were to be right at the doc when it went out!
We would have had to paddle or find someone to tow us.
That would not be fun!
The kids and I got out and we played on the beach and ate our crackers and snacks for lunch.
Dad ran into Emmett to see what he could find.
He thought maybe it needed some hydraulic stuff.
He was gone for about 45 min to an hour.
The kids played and had fun.
It was super hot, but we also had some cloud cover, so that was good.
Dad came back, and got the stuff put in, and that seemed to do the trick.
So we all hopped back in the boat, and took it slowly to see how it would really steer.
Things seemed to be doing good.
We did some tubing.
Little Elsie bug, bless her heart, hated going fast.
But I held her tight and she was fine.
I am sure she had quite an adrenaline rush, and hated that!
But she was okay.
It was cute to watch sweet Porter try to comfort her when she was sad.
So tender.
So lots of fun tubing.
The boy really wanted to fish too.
So we found a little doc way out in the lake and hung out there and fished for quite a while.
Elsie absolutely loved the boat then :)
A non-moving boat is how she likes it!
We dance together while Dad fished with the others.
Not much luck, but Port did catch 3 fish!
He was so excited!
I am glad he got some because he has been so excited about going!
Well, it started to rain a bit and it was getting late.
We got back in the boat, did some more tubing, then dad wanted to try and and slalom (sp?).
But that meant me driving the boat.
Talk about adrenaline!!!!!
I think Elsie and I are a lot alike when it comes to adrenaline!
But I was a big girl, and I practiced a bit before he hopped out.
He got up though and went for a long time.
The kids thought it was great to watch him.
Elsie cuddled with Madi so I could drive.
Then it was my turn to go on the tube.
I took Port and we went nice and slow, and that was just great for me.
Then they talked me into going by myself and much faster.
Ya, it was fun.
But I tend to be a screamer.....which make Elsie pretty nervous :(
So I came back in so she wouldn't cry more.
It was late anyway, so we decided to ride in and get all loaded up.
On the way home we picked up some pizza, Madi's favorite!
We were originally going to drop it back by Pat and Steve's, but it was so messy, and it was late.
We also were in charge of taking the Morgans for the night (parents are out of town), and needed to get home so they could come over.
So we decided to take it home so we could clean it up and take it back later.
We got home and madi jumped in the shower.
We had made some cheesecake earlier and told the boys, and Bubbles and Vern and Billy to come over for some birthday cheesecake.
So we had the Morgans here and the other Mary Lane neighbors :)
Made for a fun night.....and exhausting!
Finally we got all the kiddos in bed, it was about 11.
I told them that none of them could wake up early!!!!!!
But Madi had a fun day.
And even thought things did not go perfect, it was a much needed day for our little family.
Just to be together and enjoy each other.
It did wonders for this mama :)