Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Tuesday August 31

Winnie has her dr appt today. 
She’s growing good. 
She’s right at 9 lbs. 
She’s in the 60% for weight and 90% for height.
Gonna be a tall one like her mama ❤️
School was a little less right with Elsie today because I had dad to help me. 
Getting it figured out a little at a time. 
It will be good 👍🏼 
I picked port up from cross country and was so dumb and hit a cement light post in the parking lot while I was making a turn 🤦🏼‍♀️
It was quite a dumb mistake that was witnessed by many others picking their kids up. 
Not terrible damage, but still…. So dumb. 
Dad and I went to our ARP meeting tonight. 
It has been many weeks since I have been!
It was so good to be back. 
I love the people there, I love the feeling there
It’s pretty special ❤️


Monday, August 30, 2021

Thursday August 26 -Saturday August 27

I don’t even know how I made it through the last few days 😂
School started. 
That’s good.
But I’m also signing to figure out Elsie’s classes. 
Port has been a little hot and cold…. Loving school one minute, then hating it another. 
I took him out to eat for dinner and we could have time to talk. 
He’s doing XC and I think that will be good. 


Monday August 30

Today is Winnie’s actual due date.
So fun that we got to have her earlier ❤️
I wish I could snuggle her every day!!!!!
But the daily pictures and videos are the best part of my day being so far away.
We got some more of Elsie’s stuff figured out and got started on some classes.
Also had two meltdowns….. which I expected to happen. 
Hopefully we can start having less of those, but I expect there to be more and more this week until she’s used to the new normal. 
Cass had a date night tonight.
She went rock climbing and had a lot of fun doing that. 
Port is doing good and he’s doing bad. 
He’s liking school, he’s liking XC, he’s liking it all……
But then he will panic about something totally unrelated. 
Like today, he was so concerned and worried that time goes too fast. 
That 100 years isn’t really that long. 
Sweet boy. 
I try to let him voice his concerns, but also try to keep him from spiraling. 
It’s a delicate balance. 
I am trying to tell him that when we focus on the negative things, that’s what we see. 
But if we can focus on positive things, we will see that stuff more often.
But I still want him to know that it is totally okay to feel the things he’s feeling. 
Just don’t let it take over!
Dad worked an overtime shift today. 
We are crossing our fingers and hoping he doesn’t get forced back to work tomorrow because they have a shortage of tech guys right now.  

Gosh I love this little fuzzy bear!!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Sunday August 29

Today Madi turned 20!!!!
Crazy crazy!!!
I’m so thankful for her ❤️ And so happy I get to be mama!

I feel so lucky to have my Madi Bell in my life! 
She’s always been helpful, thoughtful, organized, creative and someone I can rely on!  I had to most amazing time as I watched her with Winnie……to see how naturally she took to motherhood, it is a beautiful thing! 
Happy birthday Bell ❤️ I would say that I hope all your dreams come true……but you are the kind of person the MAKES them come true, not just hopes for it ❤️
We went to church and had a nice day there. 
The youth has a combined meeting where we talked more about the love, share, invite broadcast. 
I think it turned out good. 
Then we played outside after dinner with the puppies. 
Tonnie is getting big!
She’s about the same size as Mater now!
Then our ministering Brothers came over for a visit. 
Not tune to get to bed to be ready for another day of school tomorrow!!!!!


Saturday, August 28, 2021

Saturday August 28

 This evening we went with the young’s to do baptisms at the Meridian temple. 

And then we went to an end of summer bash with them.

It was a beautiful place without a live band, costs vida to eat, a pool, an amazing horse cattle being built….. like a crazy place!

It was fun to hang out with them for a little while ❤️

Cass had to work, so she wasn’t with us.

Today was mostly filled with putting away laundry, and cleaning bedrooms 👍🏼

Here are fine cute pictures of Winnie ❤️

Can’t wait to hold her again!!!

Happy birthday Dussy boy!

Today is Dussy boys birthday!!!!
I told him that maybe, for his present, I would blog. 
He didn’t believe me. 
Ha ha….. in your face Duss!!!!
I dug up a bunch of photos to celebrate his day!!!


Monday, August 23, 2021

Monday August 23

 She is such a beauty!
Madi said she is kind of congested today....hopefully that passes soon.
It's not uncommon for newborns to be a little congested.
Back here in Idaho......
Elsie started school, kind of.
Her online stuff starts today, but I have had no guidance with how things work!
So she did attend one online class, but it was just a get to know you kind of thing.
I sure hope I can get this all figured out soon!
But Dad and I attended a funeral for Kole Crofts.
He is our neighbor/friend/ward member who passed away the day Winnie was born.
He actually died of covid, which is so sad, because it could have been prevented.
It was a nice service.
I can't even imagine what his wife is feeling!
They have 5 kids ranging from 15 to 22.
So hard.
Later on in the day, Port went to cross country.
He just joined it today :)
He came home and could not talk enough about how much he liked it!
So that is awesome!
Cassi also started her portion of online school today.
She is doing dual enrollment this year.
I think, now that she knows how it all works, it will be a great option for her.
We just need to learn to organize her life and ALL the things she is doing!
She will be babysitting/nannying three different families as well as wanting to ref the rugby games.
We told her she needs to quit C4 creamery.
She is making more money nannying anyway!
Port and Cassi start school this Thursday.
We still have a few things to get ready before that!!!!

Sunday August 22

I need to save this spot, because Dad gave back to school blessings to the kiddos and I always like to document them here.

I recorded them and just need to dictate them.

But it is hard to keep my mind on anything but my Winnie baby!

Madi makes sure to send me sweet pictures of her. 💗

My week with Winnie August 15 - August 21

Winnie ilee 💓
This baby is the most magical little thing I could ever imagine!
I am so thankful that Madi and Logan let me spend a week of her newborn life with them in their home.
Sunday the 15th, we all drove up to Bend as a family.
We all got to meet her.
(we did covid testing before we went there just to be safe!)
We stayed with them in their apartment for a few hours before heading to the Hotel.
The next morning, we headed back to see that sweet babe 💗
After a little bit, Dad and the kids headed home.
And left me in newborn paradise!
Logan spent the first few days with us and then headed back to work.
It was so hot outside the first day, and then the smoke and bad air quality rolled in, so we didn't get to go on any walks.
A lot of chilling, talking, eating, diaper changing, napping and lots and lots of kisses on that sweet baby neck!
And taking lots and lots of pictures!!!!
It was so nice to just slow down and take in that sweet spirit straight from heaven.
The last few days I was there, she started opening her eyes for longer periods of time.
Such beautiful, curious eyes.
So wise.
There really is nothing like being with a newborn.
It was so hard to leave her!
Dad and Port drove up to get me and we hung out for a little while before they tore me away.
I am counting down the days until I get to be with her again!!!!
I have a ridiculous amount of pictures and videos of this baby girl!
And videos!
She will only be this little for such a short time!!!!!