Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday August 31

Elsie woke up the morning with a fever :(
So Dad stayed home with her and Porter....and Madi and Cassi went with me to church.
Brent isn't feeling so good a little forced 'do nothing' break was good for him, I think.
I felt a bit lost not going to primary and going to Sunday school....
But it will be nice when I can go with Brent :)
I did get to spend time with primary kids anyway....
Since it is a 5th Sunday, they did a combined thing, and the YW and YM were in charge of primary.
It went well, but those primary kids were way more well behaved then the Deacons.....
Roundy boys!
Trying to show off for the girls.
Girls thinking that those boys are pretty dumb.
Boys thinking the girls think that they are super cool.
You weren't cool, boys :)
Came home and just rested.
Elsie never just lays still.
I knew she didn't feel good when I came home to this.
By the end of the night she was feeling better.
Hope she gets a good nights rest.
I hope we can all stay well.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday August 30

Too many late nights in a row :(
We kinda slept in a little bit this morning....and then got some house work done.
Port, dad and I went to Lowes to check out the decking....and ended up getting great deal.
So that is bought.....just need to go pick it up.
Probably Monday sometime.
While we were gone the kids cleaned in the house.
Got some good work done.
Yesterday Dad and I got started on the siding!
It is looking so good.
So when we got home, we worked some more on it.
We have the whole new part covered...we need to rip the other siding off to get that started too.
It is looking so great!
Can't wait to get it painted!!!!!!
Then this evening the Morgan's had a little end of the summer party and outdoor movie.....until the storm rolled in.
So the movie was cut short, but we headed home anyway.
It was a fun night :)
You can't really tell the siding right now.....but it looks good :)
Brent also moved the old front door to the front so we could have a door, and no animals would be roaming around in there.
That won't be the permanent door.....


Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday August 29

Happy Birthday Madi Bell!!!!!
It has been a big day!
Madi is now a teenager!
She opened a couple presents before she left for school.
Dad came home from work wile she was still at the bus stop, so he drove her to school.
Her friends had decorated her locker for her, so that was fun.
I have been planning a surprise birthday party for her, and I was worried her friends would say something....but no one did.
And it went off without a hitch :)
After school, Dad and I finished up what we were working on and got cleaned up.
Then we headed out as a family for a little family birthday dinner.
It was at that time when the friends were going to gather to surprise us when we got home.
Heather helped out getting the kids organized, and they had some water balloons to throw at Madi when they saw her.
It was fun.
She was very surprised!!!!
So was Cassi, Porter and Elsie :)
I didn't tell them, cause I knew it wouldn't stay a surprise!
Port and Elsie would probably say something....and I think Cassi would try too hard not to give it away, that she would end up giving it away :)
So it worked out perfectly!
The first game I had planned was a musical chairs kind of thing with finger nail polish.
You pass the polish around and when it lands on you, you paint a nail and at the end, whoever has the most of the same color, wins a candy bar!
It was fun :)
Then, for the main event!
We had a pint fight!
I told the kids to wear something that they didn't mind getting paint on.
It said it was washable paint.......but just in case.
And I am glad I did, cause it was NOT washable out of clothes!
Bummed that Porter didn't change out of his clothes :(
Now he has tye-dye camo shorts........
It was a fun fight to watch :)
Whoever was the cleanest at the end, won a candy bar.
They also played 'capture the flag'.
Then we has cake and ice cream and presents.
By that time it was time for everyone's parents to start picking up.
So it was a successful party!
Madi had a blast, and that was the point.
When all the friends were gone, she had one last present to open.
She got a laptop.
Half earned for being so helpful through the summer while working on the house, and the other half as a birthday gift.
Happy birthday Bell!
We think you are amazing!
You are smart, kind, artistic, funny, helpful, and beautiful to boot.
We think you are turning into quite a wonderful young woman!
Hope your day was a great one!




Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday August 28

It was Madi's first cross country meet of the season.
We barely made it in was at Eagle middle school, and traffic was a bear!!!!
She did a good job, she doesn't think she did.
They had to change up the running path because of the football game going on.
So I think that threw everyone off.
But she was happy and cute and excited to see us when we showed up :)
The rest of the day was running errands and house work.
It is crazy how fast the day goes by!!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday August 27

It was quite the busy day today!
First of all, Madi missing the bus :(
But I got her to school, no problem...and the little ones were good, but I lost about 25 minutes of getting ready time with them.
But we got to school in time.
Then it was one thing right after another all day....
I did have a good two hours while Port was at school to clean up around the house.
But then it was Visiting Teaching appointments, meetings, picking up kids, YW activity, etc.
Port had Max and graham over today after school and before I had to leave with Madi to Young Woman's....
They came in so excited that they were doing the bucket challenge together.
Made me laugh.
Max and Graham did it a few days ago, and I guess it has become a new way to play around here :)
I went to the YW activity with Madi today.
It was fun.
We went and did some yard work for an older couple in our ward.
The little kids went to the Morgan's house while we were gone.
So we all got home late....and I hope that everyone is not super grumpy tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday August 26

It sure is nice to have that finished!!!!
Thanks Drew, again, for all the help!
Now I think we will move on to the siding.
I think we are planning to finish the outside and get all that done before the colder weather hits and then work on the inside stuff after that.
I am excited to get started on all that!
School went good today.
I can tell the kids aren't used to doing much in the day....they are exhausted!!!!!
And pretty moody!
That is always hard to adjust to.
But they are still loving it, so that's good :)


Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday August 25

First day of school!!!!!
It was a great day.
I have to say, it was a great feeling being up on the roof after they were all off to school.....knowing that they weren't in there fighting, or making messes, or watching hour after hour of TV!
Everyone was excited to get there!
I hope that excitement continues :)
We dropped Cassi off in class first.
Took a picture with her teacher and then the student teacher said "Cassidy???"
She knew Cassi....she was her student teacher in first grade at Paramount!
I was impressed that she remembered her.....
She said she remembered how sweet she was.
And Mrs. Harvey said "That's why I sat her by Donovan (he is a special ED kid in her class) because she is always so sweet and helpful to him."
A mam loves hearing this kind of stuff :)
Cass is a pretty great kid, she makes me proud.
Then we took Elsie to class.
She was so excited...and wanted to be sure to take a picture with Mrs. Janzen so Emmy could see her.
So, there ya go Em :)
She helped Mrs. Janzen open the door to let the other kids in, and we were off.
She had no problems.
Then we saw max and Vern waiting outside the kindergarten room.
We went outside with them to the door for the kids to line up.
I could tell he was nervous....but also excited to get the kindergarten thing started :)
He is so gosh darn cute!!!!!
Then we got home and up on the roof.
It kills me to not be done yet.
Kills Brent even more!
We are down to the final stuff....the little tedious stuff.
Around the windows, and the caps on the tops......
But it is coming along.
But I can tell you, we will be VERY HAPPY once it is done!
After school, and after cross country pick-up, we had dinner and then headed outside for some FHE.
Family garbage pick-up FHE :)
There is so much trash around the place....scrap shingles, scrap wood, plastic....
So we got stuff cleaned up.
Dad made some pokers for them.
They all thought it was pretty cool.
Then Bubbles told us she needed the kids to come over to help her with her ice bucket drop that Brent nominated her for.
She is so cool :)
We just love her!

You better believe that's a buffalo on her shirt :)

We saw Mrs. Chris as we walked in the school.
We just love her.
She isn't Elsie's aide this year, but we will still give her loves when we can :)