Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sunday March 31 (add pictures from park)

We had our fast Sunday today.
It was a nice meeting.
For the combined 5th Sunday with the Youth we learned about how to be Resilient.
It was really great.
Sister Larsen, from our ward many, many splits ago.....taught us.
She is a counselor and she did great.
She talked about how we can choose how we react to the things that go on in our lives and we can choose to let people make us mad or happy.
We get to choose.
We get to be in charge of our own emotions!!!!!
She talked about having GRIT :)
That was actually one of the youth who used that word....
But not only grit, but being willing to rely on others and let them help you.
Also to put yourself out there and serve others.
Of course having Faith is a big one.
Faith that what we got through will make us stronger and that the Lord is there with us by our side the whole way.
In one of the testimonies today he mentioned that the ground has to break in order to plant a seed, even the sacrament bread needs to be broken apart so we can partake.
It's okay to be broken sometimes.
Out of brokenness comes beauty.
I truly believe that!!!!
But you have to have faith and be resilient!!!
After church, Cassi and Elsie went to choir.
At home we worked on our personal CFM study.
When they got home they played the piano, Port and I worked on our puzzle, then we broke our fast.
After eating, the kids ran outside for a bit and Dad and I took a catnap on the couch.
They came back in and we had a nice Come Follow Me lesson.
I have missed our lessons the last couple weeks.
Being out of your normal routine makes it harder!
So it was nice to get back into it.
I really enjoy this time with my family.
After that, the kids and Mater all piled in the car and went to Mary Mac to play.
Dad and I followed later, on foot.
It was a nice little walk on a beautiful day.
We had so much fun there at the school.
There was a very non-bouncy ball that we played some HORSE with, and then we created one of those videos where you do trick shots to get the ball in the basket.....
But ours was pretty funny and so much fun ❤
I think we all really enjoyed our time.
The girls and Mater piled back in the car and Porter walked home with Dad and I.
Then we popped some popcorn in the instant pot, cool new trick I learned.
Dad had to leave for a bit to give a neighbor a blessing, but when he got back we watched a bit of Unfortunate Events.
The kids are both excited and not excited to go to school.
I am ready to get back into the routine!!!
Plus, with the nice weather, we have so much to do out in the yard!!!!!!

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Saurday March 30

I went for a nice 5 mile run this morning.
Here at home, the kids cleaned their rooms and bathrooms.
Dad had to go get a tooth fixed that popped off on our trip.
When he got home, he and Porter worked on outside stuff.
They burned the burn pile, ran some errands.
I ran Cassi to the dr.
They did x-rays and that looked good.
But he still thinks there is something going on with the amount of fluid and swelling she still has.
So he ordered an MRI.
He is thinking possibly Meniscus tear, he doesn't think the ligaments are the problem, so that is good.
But we will wait and see what the MRI says.
Porter went with the Morgns to the sand dunes, that was fun for him.
Cassi left with friends after her appointment.
Madi, Elsie and I ran to Platos closet because Madi wanted to go.
We were there about 30 minutes when Dad texted me and reminded us about Titan's baptism!
So we came back home and got changed and made it to the church just in time :)
After the baptism, we went over to the Halls for some yummy dinner.
We spent some time chatting and hanging out before heading back home.
I had LOTS of other plans to get done today, pruning trees being at the top of the list.
BUT, it's okay.
Things don't always work out how we plan and that's okay :)
It was a nice day and I got to spend time with each of my girls.
So that's not a waste :)

Friday, March 29, 2019

Friday March 29

We got up and got all packed up.
Silly Utah got confused and snowed last night!!!!
We said our goodbyes to Emmy and we were on the road by 8:30.
There was quite a bit of rain and snow through Salt Lake, but once we got past Tremonton, the weather was just great.
We had some DVD player trouble and a brother who likes to bug his sisters....
But other than that, it was a smooth ride home.
We got home, unloaded everything and then Dad and I returned the rental car.
We got some stuff unpacked then I decided to go for a run.
We are happy to be home and get back to getting stuff done.
It sure was nice to have a little break for a bit!

Found a good heart rock on my evening run ❤

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Thursday March 28 (add pictures)

We woke up and had some breakfast.
Then we all got ready and headed to the St George temple.
Dad went with the big girls to do baptisms in the temple we like I stayed with Elsie and Porter in the visitors center.
Elsie was a little nervous to go in for confirmations without me there, and I couldn't leave Porter alone.
But it was good.
We enjoyed the visitors center there.
Lots of cool info.
One cool fact is that Brigham Young came and told the settlers (that has been sent there earlier) that they were gonna build a temple there.
And he told them the location.
The locals were like, are you sure???
That is swampy, rocky ground.
You could sink a 10 foot pole down the ground like it was nothing.
How could a temple go there!?!?!
But Brigham Young said that is where it would be built.
They started by mucking out all the swampy stuff.
They finfo three springs under there as they were cleaning up the swamp.
So they routed that to different areas.
That was what was causing the swamp.
Then they dug a deep and wide trench and filled it with volcanic rock.
Then they took a cannon, raised it high in the air with the help of horses and a tower and pully system, then slammed it down.
They did that three times, on every square inch of that foundation.
That process alone took 1 1/2 years!!!!!
And now here it stands, with a firm foundation... Literally build upon rocks!!!!!
I loved it!
What I love most is what it symbolizes.... You gotta muck out the bad.... Get rid of the swampy stuff that is drowning you in life.
Then lay that foundation.
But the kicker......a good solid firm foundation takes TIME!!!!!!
I think I'll use that in our next FHE, that has everything to do with fortifying and conquering!!!!!
After that, we came back to the hotel and got all packed up. 
Once we checked out, we went over to the pioneer museum.
Such cool stuff to see and learn.
Again, dad loves those kinds of things!!!!!
We were there a while and then it was time for lunch.
We got Chick-fil-A, and asking the way, we found more Buffalo's for Elsie to see.
We got gas, then headed out.
We made a pit stop just past Beaver to checkout Fort Cove.
This was a place where Gordon B Hinckley's grandfather was sent to make a fort for people to be able to stay at as they were traveling through.
He needed to make it strong and safe because if all the Indian trouble 
Well, he made it strong, but he told Brigham Young that he would get to the Indians through the bellies.
He made friends with them 😊
Not a shot was ever fired from it at that fort.
Except for Gordon B Hinckley's father was shut in his knee when he was 9 years old by his brother who was 7. 
They went to get the bullet out, but the Dr couldn't find it, so they see him back up. 
Well, he should have died from lead poisoning....BUT....
The Lord knew what was to come and that he would be the father of a future prophet of the Lord.
So cool!
We hired back in the car and drive to Emmys.
We had pizza dinner and have just been hanging out.
Madi and Courtney are trying to get a 500 piece puzzle out together this evening.
I think they might get it done!
They were stinkers and didn't let anyone help much!!!!
I think we had a good vacation and we are ready to get home!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Wednesday March 27

We started the day with breakfast and then a trip to the dinosaur museum.
They all loved it there..... But Dad really LOVED it!
He loves those kinds of things!
We spent some time there before heading to lunch.
After lunch we found some of those scooters that you can rent around town 
Elsie didn't want to try them.....
So I walked with her, we found a couple Buffalo's and then we walked to the park nearby and the rest of us had fun scooting all around the park.
We also did the fun vintage merry-go-round together.
That was fun.
After all that, we decided to go back and swim.
Where we all got too much sun!!!
The weather was so nice today!
We had a nice long swim.
After getting showered up, we meet up with Brandon at Sukura.
It was fun to get to see him.
Brent enjoys spending time with him.
We all think he's pretty great.
He's gonna bring his boys to come see us in Meridian 😊
That will be a fun time!
After dinner, it was back to the hotel for more swimming.
I had to pry Elsie from the pool at 10!!!!
She met a friend the first night here, and they have swan almost every night.
Her name is Lisa, and she was so sweet to Elsie.
Tonight when we left, we got her address, so now they can be penpals.
She's from Colorado springs.
When I finally got Elsie out, her poor legs were rubbed raw!!!!
She don't more time tonight in the kiddie pool and drags her legs a little too much.
I think we are all really worn out!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Tuesday March 26 (add pictures)

My computer died!!!
Phone blogging now.
Well, it turned out to be a great day.
The weather could not have been more perfect!!!!
We headed up to Zion a little after 9.
We got there and got up to the shuttle.
The wait wasn't that bad.
We started by hiking to the lower emerald pools.
It was a nice home and the kids did great.
Cassi kept getting lots of comments about how brave she was and how great she was doing with the crutches 😊
We saw the waterfall and pools, then we found a place to have our picnic lunch.
Then we stopped at the gift shop there.
The kiddos got stickers and patches.
I walked with Porter, Courtney and Madi along the Grotto trail while the rest of them bussed to meet us.
We went to the weeping rock.
That was a good little hike.
A little harder for Cassi now that she was getting tired.
Elsie was a rock star and did so good!
Then last if all, we did the Riverside walk.
Dad, Port, Cassi and Elsie hired the first part with us, then Madi, Courtney and I went all the way to the entrance to the narrows.
Doesn't sound like much, but that took most the day.
We left Zion about 5ish.....
On the way back we stopped at a rock shop for more souvenirs.
We got back to St George, had dinner.
The big girls picked it.... The pasta factory.
It was not a big hit with anyone.
Oh well, you live, you learn.
Then we came back and had some late night swimming and hot tubbing.
It has been a full and fun day.
I think we decided that we got all the hikes done that we can do with Cassi.
So tomorrow we will be doing some St George exploring.
Gotta get some sleep now!

Monday, March 25, 2019

Monday March 25 (add Pictures)

We got up and packed the car up and left Emmy's house about 8:30.
The ride to St George went pretty good.
No complaints :)
When we got here, we were a little too early to check in.
So we went and got lunch at a cute burger joint, Iceberg.
Then we went to check out some red rocks!
The weather was just perfect!
Cassi was a good sport.
She sat back for a while, then she wanted to get climbing in too.
She was careful and Dad helped her find the best spots to go.
Elsie was a rock star and tried all sorts of trails.
It was so fun.
Madi, Courtney and Porter were running all over the p;ace.
It was a nice afternoon.
Then we got checked in and pretty much swam the rest of the day.
They have an indoor pool and outdoor pool.
The weather was beautiful so we mostly swam in the outdoor one.
But we tried the indoor one too :)
Then Dad Port and I went and ran some errands....went to Walmart for some flip flops and groceries for tomorrow.
Now we are all cuddled in bed and ready for some sleep!
And ready for some adventures tomorrow!
I forgot my computer hopefully it will last the trip.
If not, I will be blogging from my phone.
But Pictures will have to wait until we get home!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sunday March 24

Well, Cassi did not sleep good.
So she stayed home from church and the rest of us went.
After church, Dad and I went and picked up the rental car.
We both felt that we couldn't completely trust our suburban for the trip.
Even though most of it has been replaced...….we still didn't feel totally comfortable taking it.
It is a pretty nice car rig!
All kinds of fancy functions!
The kids are all 'Lets get a car like this!'
And Dad was like....'Ya, when you guys have $80,000 laying around, we will do that' ha ha ha!!!
We got all loaded and headed to Emmy's.
Oh ya, Madi invited her friend Courtney to come with us, so that will be fun to have an extra kid for the week :)
The drive went great.
The only problem being that is was a bench seat.
Great for Cassi to stick her leg out in front of her...but bad that Porter and Elsie had to sit by each other!
But overall, it was a good ride.
We made it to Emmy's and had a little toast and Nutella treat.
Then we are all heading to bed so we can get a good start tomorrow.
Hoping Cassi gets some good sleep tonight.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Saturday March 23

I got up when Madi got up and after my scriptures and stuff, I went for a run.
I didn't get to go as long as I wanted to because I had to get back to take Cassi to Rugby.
But I did get 5 miles.
Porter came and ran the last mile with me :)
I came home and grabbed a quick shower.
We took Cassi and Avery to Rugby and then we ran a few errands.
We picked Carley up on the way back home for Elsie and her to hang out.
We came back home.
Porter ran over to hang out with the Edwards boys.
I got the little ones packed up and my stuff packed.
Then I got a call.....from Stacia.
Cassi got hurt in her game :(
Same knee......not sure if it is the same problem.
Hoping it is the same problem and not an acl problem!!!!
Anyway...then we scrambled for a few hours trying to decide whether or not we go on the trip....or take her to the dr.
The sports medicine lady said they can't really tell what is wrong yet because her knee is so tight.
That she needed a few days rest before we take her in.
Then I told her that we were leaving tomorrow…….
We decided to still do the trip.
She will take it easy.
She will hang back with Elsie on harder hikes.
It will be okay.
It isn't swollen, but she can't put her weight on it right now.
Good think she still has the crutches and brace that she borrowed from the last injury!!!!
Her coach called to check up on her and he just went on and on about how awesome she is and how she is a force out there on the field.
He says all the girls love her.
He told me that she nominated her for the all star team that plays in July for scholarships, etc.
Pretty high honor.
That is really cool!
She scored 3 tries (goals) in the game today and was given the honor of 'Man of the Match' which is a fun thing.
Anyway.....dang girl.
We have got to get her on a good stretch and strengthen routine, once this knee thing heals!!!!
Her knee was just not ready to go back to rugby yet!
But there was no holding her back.
Maybe she can learn from those PT exercises are really important!!!!
So, lots of prayers would be appreciated for her....for the driving trip but while in Zions as well!!!!
Poor girl.
But she has been in good spirits the last few hours because her friends came over to hang out with her.
I think we are packed up and ready to go....almost.
I did got to the store to get some treats and snacks for the trip.
Now I just need to get the kitchen cleaned up.
I don't think dad will be getting much sleep tonight.
He is at a different station and it is downtown where they don't tend to get much sleep!
So.....I might get to drive to Orem tomorrow.
I am gonna head to bed so I can at least I can get some sleep tonight :)

Friday, March 22, 2019

Friday March 22

So the little ones had no school today.
I got them to clean their rooms, which is great.
Cannon came over here for a little while, then they both went over to the Halls house and they hung out over there.
I didn't work out in the morning, because I needed to go decorate for a YW birthday....
By the time that was over, I lost my motivation.
BUT, I did do it anyway.
I am using the Nike training app for the days between my runs.
I am attempting a long run tomorrow.
Hopefully the weather works out for me :)
I worked on getting all the laundry in the house washed, from the Wyoming trip and also all the stuff from Cassi's floor.
That girl and her room!!!!
She did get it cleaned though after school.
We all got outside today!
It was a beautiful day!
I pruned the other half of the tree I already started and then pruned another half before a few drops of rain started falling.
Then I came in and made dinner.
I had hoped to get more trees trimmed before we left for our trip, but they will have to wait.
Madi had to work today, but then she went out with her friends as soon as she ate some dinner.
Cassi also went out with friends.
I spent an hour sorting clothes and socks while the little ones watched a movie.
I have a lot to get done tomorrow....wish me luck!!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Thursday March 21

Ya....I got to get outside and run today!!!
I ran 5 miles and it was so great!!!
I got my garden boxes cleaned out and I pruned one and a half trees.
I love this nice weather, but it also means LOTS of work to get done!
Dad got some shelves put in a cupboard and worked on outside chores.
I gave the boys a hair cut before I had to go and get ready.
Elsie and I went to Sierra play tonight.
Well, Kevin, Trent and Sierra were all in it.
It was Joseph and the amazing coat of many colors.
It was very well done and it was a lot of fun :)
But it made for a late night....
Good thing the little ones don't have school tomorrow.
The big girls do I still gotta get up early!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Wednesday March 20

I helped out at the office this morning for a while.
Dad went to the gym.
When I got home, I got to work getting the stuff cleaned up and put away.
Not too exciting of a day.
I went a little after lunch to set-up for our YW activity for this evening.
We had a fun activity doing an 'Escape Room' challenge.
I think it was a big hit.
We had to have 4 rooms, because we have so many kids!!!
Each room had the same challenge.
I think it was a lot of fun for everyone.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Tuesday March 19

We weren't in a hurry to get going this morning.
Kay and Johnny stayed the night, so we chatted a little in the morning before we started getting stuff packed and ready.
Kay and johnny left and we finished getting the house cleaned up.
It is a weird thing.
Weird to leave the house....not knowing what is to come.
It's the end of an era, that's for sure.
Every time we would leave, each kid would give gramps his hug, usually while he was still sitting in his recliner.
I took a last picture today of that recliner that holds so many memories.....such sweet memories.
He would sit there as we gathered for our evening prayers together, holding hands in a circle.
He would sit there and tell us treasured stories of when he was younger.
He sat in this recliner as he held our little ones when they were just tiny babies.
Nap after nap was taken in that recliner.
Dad would lovingly clip his toenails for him as he sat there on that chair.
Taking off boots, putting on slippers.
Greeting his guests from that chair as they walked in the mudroom.
Teasing me over and over again, all while sitting in that recliner.
I love this little corner in that house.
I love that little old man that used to sit there.
And I love that he finally gets to be with his love, always and forever.
So, it may look like we only have a recliner left......but that recliner is a treasure for the memories it holds.
Anyway, her got packed up and headed home.
We actally got to come home with Grandmas car.
I drove that with Porter and Cassi.
Dad drove with Madi and Elsie.
I am a bit jealous because it sounds like Madi and Dad had a great talk during the 6 hour drive.
But also, I am so thankful they got to have this time together.
I can't believe how quickly the time is going that she will be leaving.
So we got home and Bubble and Eldon brought us over a super yummy roast and veggies dinner.
Stacia took Porter to pack meeting because neither of us wanted to go.....
Madi went for a run and when she got back....I had to go!
The weather was just beautiful!!!!!!
Amost 70 degrees!!!!
Very different from Evanston!
It's good to be home :)

Monday, March 18, 2019

Monday March 18

It was a beautiful day.
A day filled with stories and celebration and lots and lots of tears.
It still doesn't feel totally real.
Brent offered the family prayer before we walked into the funeral service.
It was a beautiful.
He has such a way of inviting the spirit.
It was what all our hearts needed.
The funeral service was full of stories and lots of laughs.
He sure was a fun one.....such a tease.
But along with that, his kids did some stupid stuff, but he always responded with love and patience.
And the deep love he had for his sweetheart.
They talked about how he lost a part of him when Grandma died.
He wanted nothing more than to be back with her.
So it is sad for us.....but also so happy.
Such a beautiful thing to have them reunited.
He adored her.
They were each other's world.
Such a great example of true love, of how to love and respect each other.
Oh I love those two and what they were to me in my life.
Cassi sang a beautiful song, Peace in Christ.
She did so good and brought tears to many eyes.
And as I was watching her, I kept thinking how much she looked like Grandma Ene….made my heart happy.
The closing song was Gethsemane, sung by all the grandkids and great grandkids.
All of many of them!!!!!
It was a beautiful thing.
Porter was a pallbearer, along with the other grandsons.
It made my heart happy to watch those strong young men carrying his body.
The rest of the day was spent telling more stories and enjoying time with family.
I am so grateful to have married into this family.
There really is no better stock out there!