Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday February 28

Dad and I spent a good chunk of today at Lowes pricing out stuff for the stairs, floors, etc.
We got some wood to start on my ship-lap walls.
I will paint them white.....and I am super excited about them!!!!!
Dad did a great job.
It's gonna look so pretty!
Cassi and Avery worked on painting Cassi's room.
Gonna need to get more paint for her room too.
She also wants the back wall to be a chalkboard we will see how that goes :)
Elsie had a blast painting with Madi in her room.
Not sure how helpful she really was.....but they were sure cute painting together.
And man, she got paint all over herself :)
It was a beautiful sunset tonight....
But not only that, the other side of the sky was a pretty pink color.
I wonder if that means good things for tomorrow, or bad.....
The Morgans got Big hero 6 from Redbox yesterday, and I borrowed it from them before they turned in back in :)
So that's what we did tonight as a family.
Such a good movie.
And oh my goodness, Elsie bug and her laugh!
Seriously the best!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday February 27

 It was no school today.
I took Cassi to a dr. appt this morning.
Her little bump has come back, and Dr. Allie looked at it and called in Dr. Zeiba to check it out.
They both agreed to have it looked at by a surgeon to see if it needs to be biopsied.
They both thought it was a calcified bruise......but want to be sure.
So I will call and make an appointment on Monday :(
After her appointment, I took her out to Ayden's house.
Ayden was gone to the eye doctor with Jenni, but I left Cass there with Alex.
She played there all day and had a really good time.
Great friends are so awesome :)
I did more painting today.
Dad started wiring things.
We have lights!!!!!!!
Seriously so exciting!
Elsie spent a lot of time with Dad upstairs while he was wiring, being his helper.
She also spent time trying to talk through the vents downstairs.......and got a little messy face in doing so :)
So we will continue to do wiring and painting tomorrow.
Things are moving right along!
Madi went to Wahooz with some friends today.
And Elsie played for several hours at Kyras house.
Port played with Max and Graham for a little bit, but mostly spent time with Mom and Dad.
He spent some time with Legos too.
Once Madi got home, they build a replica of our home....and found little people for the family members :)
So cute!
We all came together about 6:30ish.....
Then dad and I had a date night.
It was Man-food night for the Elder's quorum activity.
Dad made a green chilies/pulled pork dish......
Super yummy, a fav around here.
And turns out a fav there too!
Dad won for best main course :)
This is his second man-food night win.....wining for a bacon wrapped meatloaf one year.
Our prize was a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts :)
It was a yummy night.
A guy in our ward owns Willies BBQ truck, and he brought a whole spread for everyone.
He, of course, also won some donuts.
He also supplied leftover boxes, so now we have dinner for tomorrow too :)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday February 26

Painting again today :)
Got more ceilings done, and lots more walls.
We decided to ditch the sprayer....
I got the living room all painted and Dad got the entry way painted.
When Madi came home, she got started on painting her room.
It will get done :)
Slowly but surely it will get done!
Tonight was science night at the school.
It was a fun night will with all kinds of fun science stuff.
Bug eating plants, electricity display, bed of nails, cool birds of prey, forensic science.......
So many fun things!
Then a photo booth where you could write down what you wanted t be when you grow up.
It was a fun night for all.
We got home and dropped the kids off, then dad and I headed out.
Out, as in Walmart and Lowes :)
And I am on a mission to find myself some great neighbors!!!!
My neighbors, who we really like, are moving to Washington.
They have 6 acres and are asking $375,000.
The home looks small, but it is over 2500 square feet, with a full walk out basement.
It would be great to find a family to live spread the word for me!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday February 25

Got Port's room painted today.
And I had a cute little helper :)
He painted that whole wall himself (except for the top 3 feet that he couldn't reach.)
There are a few patches he missed, but I am tempted to leave it.....just cause he was so very proud of doing it.
I was proud of him too. :)
Dad got finished with the railing on the side of the house.
He also worked on the built-in shelves that will be in our shower.
Then it was time to pick up the girls from school.
It was activity days today, and now Kyra is 8, so she got to go!
So that helps with getting Elsie to go :)
Madi and I had YW early today, because we had to be downtown to the Ronald McDonald house for our volunteer time.
We had all our girls show up.
We got to clean a bedroom up for the new family coming in tomorrow.
And then we also got the kitchen cleaned up.
We did laundry.
We wiped down toys.
It was a great service project.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday February 24

We started painting today!
This will be a big job.
With LOTS of paint!
I got almost all of Elsie's room done.
Seems it will take more than a gallon of paint, I think I need an extra quart for each room.
Dad got the kitchen and some ceiling sprayed on.
We will have to touch it up a bit.
It's hard to tell when you spray white on white!
The sprayer is great, but I think we go through way more paint than we would to brush it.....
But to brush the ceiling will not be fun :(
So we will probably sick with the sprayer, and brush for touch ups.
We will go and get more paint in the morning and keep on going :)
I made a quick stop to go see Jenni for her birthday.
Would have liked to go out to lunch with her, but both our days were packed.
But it was good to see her again for a bit :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday February 23

 Today was a busy run-around day!
After my run, I went to pick Cassi up from school to take her to her dentist appointment.
After that, I brought her back to school, and picked up Porter and took him home.
After a bit, I left to go pick Stacia up.
It;s her birthday today and we met up with some friends for lunch.
It was a lot of fun :)
I came home and had to leave right away to go get Elsie out of school to take her to PT.
Today at PT was awesome!!!!!!!
She rocked it!
She always has a hard time with the stairs.....she fights to let go of the rails, or walls.
Well, today, acting as a ballerina, she went down and up the stairs without holdinog on!
This is such a big deal.
She is so very awesome!
This is a milestone we have been waiting for for a long time!!!!
So proud of my Elsie bug!!!!!
After PT, and after fighting rush hour home.....
We got home and decided for FHE tonight we would go get burgers, then run to Lowes and have the kiddos pick out paint colors for their rooms.
Then when we came home we read a story in the new Friend about choosing the right....
That kinda goes along with 'choosing the right' paint, right????  ;)
Also, Port has been on a heart hunt for me lately.
Today he found a heart shadow and a heart chicken nugget.
That's my boy :)
I almost forgive him for being so rotten at Lowes :(.....

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday February 22

Thanks to some help from the primary presidency, we got Elsie and Port to go to class.
Elsie's friend Hannah is the only other girl in their class other then Els.
So when I told her that Hannah is all alone with the boys when she is gone, she wanted to go with her.
We made it more exciting, and Had Elsie draw a picture for Hannah, and gave her a smartie with it.
She was so excited to go to class and give it to Hannah.
So yay!!!!!
I also want to get Hannah to come and play over here.
They are also in class together at school, and I think they would be great friends :)
Well, Port.....his teacher wasn't going to be there today, so I found out who his teacher was gonna be, and we prepped him for it all morning.
So things went great :)
Next week we have a tri-stake conference, so no classes, so we will see how things go in a few weeks.
After church, we planned to have our home teachers over, but they must have forgotten......
So we had our dinner, and then the Terry's came over to check the house out.
It was fun to see them.
The kids haven't been around each other for a long time!
The poor bunnies got mauled!!!!
Anyway, it was a good night :)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday February 21

 Once the rooms got clean and the cake was made, it was time for the bike show.
Oh, we also had one flat tire that needed to be fixed :)
The boys were super excited about their show.
Madi helped set up seats for the 'spectators'.
They were pretty funny, riding back and forth with their tricks.
Glad there wasn't any crashes :)
After the show, we had some bike cake with Ports chocolate bikes.
(Don't make fun of my cake plate.....which also doubles as my cutting board....)
It was a fun time, and I am sure it won't be the last.
I see some major ramps and tricks from these boys in the years to come.
We worked more on the decking today.
Well, dad did.
He is hurting today, but wanting to work through it.
He is doing really good.
If only we had a working bathtub, I think that would be really good for him.
Or a hot tub :)
Inside the house is all textured and primed.
It is so white, and clean and crisp.
Super awesome!
It is really coming together!
The drywall guys left their scaffolding, which I kinda want them to leave a little longer!
It would be nice to have that to use to paint the high walls in that entry space!
So I guess painting is the next step.
Guess I need to go a pick my colors!
Yay :)
It was our YW/YM temple trip tonight.
So Madi and I left for the church about 5:30.
It was a good time.
I have never been as a leader.
Glad I could go, and help these sweet girls move along the work :)
It would have been cool to get the whole group in a picture, but we caught most of the beehives, and the bishop, and a couple of the deacons too.
Afterwards we went for ice cream.
It was a good night.
We came home to the little ones in bed and a nice clean house.
Dad is pretty much the greatest!