Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tuesday March 31

I went for a run today....it was sunny when I left.
But then it started raining it hard, but it was still a good run.
Elsie and Madi had a fun without together too 😁
We worked on the kitchen and bathroom downstairs.
Lots of painting got done.
Porter spent some time with a Facebook sculpting class.
He did such a great job!!!
While making dinner, I had the mixer on, and dad was in the basement.....
The house started shaking!!!!
It was the craziest thing!!!
The weekday feeling!
It went away over we all gathered together...then started again!
It was a 6.5 out in challis Idaho.
What is going on in this world!!!!!
We ended the evening watching Armageddon.
Logan got his Emmy blanket today.
So fun...and it's blue like Madi's ❤️

Monday, March 30, 2020

Monday March 30

Just been working the whole day trying to get the room downstairs rest for Madi and Logan to come back.
Got it done and I think it turned out good 👍🏻
I'm gonna miss having my clothesline .....
That's the room we had some line set up to hang clothes 😂

Sunday March 29

We watched a Joseph Smith restoration video and other church video's this morning while waiting for Madi and Logan to get here for Home church.
We all fasted today for the world wide fast.
Some were more happy about it than others.
Elsie started out okay....but then she was pretty stubborn the rest of the day.
I think she would have been like that anyway, fasting or not.
She needs to get back on some kind of routine!!!!
She refused to be a part of the Sunday picture......so I got one of her pouting on the ground.
For church, we shared testimonies/discussions.
I shared about how while listening to the video the Pres. Nelson talked about the airplae he was in going down.....the part where he says that the downward spiral exstiguisehed the flames.
Now, the video didn't focus on that.....but I love what it taught me.
It was the downward spiral that probably freaked people out.
But that was the exact thing that put the flames out, which were the actual/original threat to the plane.
I tried to liken it to what we are experiancing right now in the world.
This virus/quarantine stuff feels kind of like the plane is spirlaling down and about to hit the ground.
But who's to say that this isn't what will fix what has been the actual problem.
Again, in that video Pre. Nelson speaks about men's hearts failing them.
I look at things that have happened around the world and to people we know very well.....
Things that are like the flame in the airplane engine.
And then I look at what we are experiencing right now, and how we can look and see how the Lord has been preparing us for this time RIGHT NOW!!!
This exact trial!
From having a more home centered church, to what has even become more personal to us this weekend.....adjusting the time between civil weddings and being sealed.
How could have we have ever thought that ALL the temples would close and there would be NO temple work done!!!!
No one could have ever imagined that happening.
But all the small steps for many years have prepared us to make our own homes a place of refuge and place where the spirit can dwell.
How could we have known just how important that would be!!!!
Right now, it is our homes that are the most sacred places....our homes have become our temples.
So when I think about us being in this downward spiral...….and those flames being extinguished.
By our hearts turning to the Lord.
By us recognizing that the Lord has ALWAYS been there.
He doesn't want our plane to go down.
The only way to put the flames out is do plummet in a downward spiral.
I don't even know if that makes sense...….But it works for me :)
I have been so filled with Gratitude today.
So thankful for this life we get to have.
Yes, it is scary right now.
But I also trust in the Lord and his plan and I know it will all work out.
I do know that one of my spiritual gifts is the ability to have Faith...and I know it is not something easy for a lot of people.
And it isn't always easy for me......but I do try to focus on the fact that the Lord is on our side!!!!
He doesn't want our plane to hit the ground!!!!
Logan talked about Patience and also trusting in the Lords timing.
How this Worldwide fast doesn't mean that everything will go away tomorrow.
It will still take time....
We are aligning our will with the Fathers....not trying to get him to do what WE want.
He also shared a thought about how he is excited about this new life with Madi.
They each have had their separate lives....and now their union brings them together to start a whole new life together.
And that is pretty exciting.
Cassi shared about Patience as well.
She read a couple conference talks yesterday and it got her thinking about having more patience with her family members.
Madi talked about not wanting to be slothful and looking for ways to fulfill what we have been called to do.
You know, filling the measure of our creation.
She talked about how her patriarchal blessings speaks about her involvement in family history work.
I love that.
I think about all the work she will be able to participate in with Logan being a convert and finding his family members with him.
That is so exciting.
We also talked about how when the temples open us, members will be so hungry to get back to the temple and the work will b pushed forward like crazy....and they will need names to take to the temple!!!!
It really is exciting!
Madi and Logan left after that.
We did Come Follow Me by talking more about the restoration.
I am so excited for General Conference next weekend.
I want to spend more time this week praying and listening and finding questions that I need answers to....and then participate with my whole heart during General Conference!
Also.....I am so excited to have Dad back home with me tomorrow!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Saturday March 28

Not a very interesting day today...
Dad left for work.
I had really no desire or energy to do anything 😂😂
I did get another coat on the cabinet doors.
I went for a nice 5 mile run.
The weather was beautiful!
But almost home, a ran right under a tree and a bird pooped right in me!!!!!!
Well, then after dinner, the kids and I watched a few Pixar short films.
After they got to bed, I went and finished up the last coat on the cabinets.
So they are done and ready to be assembled!
Tomorrow, President Nelson has requested a worldwide fast.
Madi and Logan will come by tomorrow for home church, so that will be great.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday March 27 (add pictures)

What a beautiful day.
My heart explodes.
I didn't lose a daughter, I definitely gained a son.
Pretty cool.
I will share more pictures later.....
I'm excited that these two finally got to start their lives together!
Okay....I have more time and thought I would write a bit more about the day.
We had a lot of painting to finish up in the front room.
I just wanted it bright and white for their special day.
We got some pictures of  them set up, thank goodness Walgreens was still printing in the photo department.
Got the flower swag hung once the paint was dry.
Got the room put together and Stacia brought over a cake that she made for Madi.
We added flowers to it and it was just perfect! 
At about 4:00 or so we started getting ready.
I feel like everything was such a whirlwind that I didn't have time to even think of having emotions.
But when my friend Rachel came over and she came and took pictures of me helping Madi get in her dress....I am so thankful for those pictures because that time with just her and I are sure precious for me!
Our minimal guests showed up as well as the bishop.
All the computers were set up with friends and family near and far.
It was peaceful and calm.
I left Madi at the top of the stairs, and then caught sight of Brent when he saw Madi.
That Daddy loves his girl!
And seeing her like that.....he had a hard time holding back the tears.
The sweetest thing.
We took pictures and then the Morgan's came over and we cut the cake.
Stacia also made a carrot grooms-man cake....cause Logan loves carrot cake :)
Then they changed and they were off.
We sent them out the door throwing rice and quinoa :)
And the Morgan's brought supplies to decorate the car.....fun times!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thursday March 26

Today we did prep for the wedding tomorrow.
Madi and I made a flower "swag" and it turned out really pretty, I think 😊
Kara and Heather there Madi a drive-by bridal shower.
It was a fun night with some great people stopping by to say hi ❤️
We worked on getting the front room trim caulked and painted.
It's nice to have a good reason to get that looking good 😂😂😂

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Tuesday March 24- Wednesday March 25

Well the last couple days have been pretty crazy.
I totally spaced writing yesterday....
Got started on painting cabinets.
Bubble and Eldon caught a raccoon, and dad 'took care of it' for them.
Cassi made a yummy dinner...it was a Chick-fil-A chicken recipe.
It was a hit with everyone!
The big thing yesterday was the Meridian and Boise temples closed ☹️
Madi and Logan made an appointment with the Idaho falls temple for April 1.
All things were good to go ....
Then today.
First of all, all of Idaho got put on a shelter-in-place.
And also, ALL temples have been shut down.
So...that's a little kink.
After all day, they have come up with a plan.
They will get married this Friday, civilly by the bishop.
Then as soon as the temple open, they will be there.
Other stuff that happened today, dad and Porter got done drywall put up.
It's looking like a good space now.
We've got lots to do now that the wedding is pushed up!!!!
If this isn't an adventure, I don't know what is!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Monday March 23

We are trying a new thing t this week.
A new start to the day.
We will all meet together and have a little devotional and talk about the plan for the day.
I think today went pretty good.
It was a bit colder, but u did got for a 4 Mile run. 
I was slow because my legs were really tight from my long run and then no stretching yesterday...
Madi had school for a few hours.
Elsie did some dancing and yoga today on YouTube 
That was fun.
At work, dad got some training done.
He said it felt nice to have a little bit of normalcy.
After Madi's schooling... Madi and Logan went and got their marriage license.
Things are getting really crazy.
Temples are being shut down....
We don't know yet if they should move to the wedding date or not.
Everything is so up in the air!
But the first step is Madi to receive her endowments and we are crossing our fingers that can happen on Friday.
That is Logan's baptism date, so that would be kind of cool to do it that day ❤️
I got the cabinet facing painted today and I love how the color looks.
Hopefully the doors can get painted tomorrow 👍🏻

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Sunday March 22

We had a really nice day today.
I do love this church from home thing.
I do like it better when Dad is here with us....but he had to leave for work today.
He said there is definitely a feeling of uneasiness there at work.
And so much has changed as they go to the different calls they get.
I am just counting down the hours until I can have him back home.
We had a little fun with Porter's hair before 'Home church'.
I curled it with the curling iron!!!!
It has gotten so long so I told him that before we cut it, I need to curl it!
And it was so cute!!!! :)
I really enjoyed our home church.
Logan gave a talk.
He talked about the miracles that come from exact obedience.
Cassi shared her testimony along the same lines, talking about keeping the commandments.
Again, it is so special to have the sacrament blessed and passed in our own home.
Following our family Sacrament meeting, we went into the kitchen for Sunday school.
We did Come Follow Me and I look forward to this week adding some more CFM study together.
Madi had an interview with the bishop about receiving her endowments.
That should be happening sometime soon.
We did some playing outside in the beautiful weather.
Oh, and I had the best idea to get Elsie to read!!!!!
We got Emmy to download the Marco Polo app, and they are reading a book together!!!!
They found a book they both have an they take turns reading chapters to each other!!!
Elsie loved it so much!
I think it will be such a fun thing!
At the end of the night we did some rock painting and henna tattooing :)
Hopefully tomorrow we will get started on painting the cabinets!!!