Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sleeping on the Tramp

Brent has been promising the girls for a long time now...maybe since winter sleep on the tramp. They do it every year, and it is always so fun for them! So last night....after we had already gotten them in bed...Brent came down and said he had been thinking and that tonight would be a great night to sleep on the tramp. His shoulder keeps getting better and better, and he felt like he could handle sleeping on the tramp. So we went and got the girls, and of course they were so excited. But we couldn't go to bed until late, 'cause it was still so light outside. So we played some UNO...always a favorite...then watched a little movie, had some snacks, and then when it was dark enough we went out and looked at the stars. They did talk me into sleeping out there too...but after my first potty break at 2:30...and I hadn't slept yet...I figured I better go inside and get a little sleep so I am not a complete terror on Sunday! So I know...I am not a trooper...but as far as they is 8:00 Sunday morning and they are still sleeping...that is later then they normally sleep, maybe this sleeping on the tramp is a good idea! Just hope no one is moody at church today!

I keep telling the girls they are gonna get mad when they are older when they make such silly faces in all their little kid pictures...Elsie hasn't learned to do anything but just smile yet!
The girls

Nice poker face Els!

Elsie went to bed She and I pointed out stars a little before it was dark and before they were actually there. Cassi will do this with Elsie all the time and it cracks me up how much Elsie loves it!
Making sure everything is ready
All set for bed! Just so all you worriers know...
Brent had a pillow for his head and about 7 more to pad his shoulder.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

MDA Fundraiser

Today Brent got to have a little more fun then he has been being on light duty. I will try to explain what he is doing the best I can. Lyle Pearson let the fire guys drive a bunch of his nicest cars off the lot today and they drove to big wigs businesses and work. Such as the Mayor, big business bosses...all kinds of big wigs. Then they take them to jail. Once in Jail these important people could call anyone they wanted to donate their money in order to post their bail out of jail. All the money is being donated to the MDA. Pretty fun huh. When he called this morning he told me he was driving a 2009 Jaguar S type. In his words it is 'awesome'. I am glad he is having a little fun...This last week of him being on light duty has been a definite trail for our little family. Not only was he home for 2 months recovering from surgery...but normally we are used to him working for 48 hours then being home for 4 this 8-5 thing has really been hard.
Anyway, I just wanted a picture of him in his Class A uniform which he doesn't get to wear very often...and his girls still in their Jammies!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Frozen grapes

So my kids are obsessed, OBSESSED with Popsicles...they also loves grapes and shish-ka-bobs. So when my friend Nicole suggested the website (sorry, I don't know how to enclose it...)...and I found this idea, that encompassed all those things...we just HAD to do it!!! You stick the grapes on, then freeze it, and there ya go...grape Popsicles! What a great idea! The girls loved it and it kept them busy for quite a while. Cassi might get a tummy ache...she ate a lot more then she put on the sticks...oh well.

Give it a try!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

This afternoon we had easy going day... a little reading outside before dinner, and afterwards some popsicles, a little ant watching, and a nap. Isn't it great just hangin' out with the fam!
Reading outside...what a great pass time
Elsie loves to get up close and personal with her little ant friends...
I mean REALLY up close and personal!
I never have a picture of I got Cassi to take this one of Elsie and I and I think she did a pretty great job...given what she had to work with...
And my little photographer...we love a lazy Sunday!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Daddy's Little Helpers

These girls will jump at the chance to help Dad with anything. And Brent loves to take any chance he can to teach the girls something. Today was time to change the oil in the car. The girls thought they were cool that they got to get dressed up in 'mechanics gear' like Dad was. These girls love their Daddy so much. It is fun to see them work together.
First a little lesson on how things work under the hood
Then under the car
Refilling the oil
More oil...
And more oil! Good work girls and Daddy!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Art City Days Carnival

Well...our plan for this last trip to see our families was to make a stop at Lagoon with our good friends the Youngs and Coltrins...but Brent's shoulder Doctor said NO WAY...and me being just wasn't worth the money to just go and ride the kiddie rides...but we happened to luck out because when we were visiting my family in was their Art City Days...and they had a carnival. Imagine our the girls weren't so mad about missing Lagoon...this year anyway! We had a lot of fun even though it was packed full of people. But I think it was well worth it to have exhausted kids at the end of the day!
Loving the choo-choo train
Can't you just see how excited Cassi is to ride this ride...I think she is most excited to be on it with Daddy...she kept asking when 'Daddy was gonna take her on the Dragon ride'

Madi looked like she was gonna throw-up the whole time she was on this ride...she didn't look like she liked it at all...but when she got off we asked her if she felt sick...she said she was just fine. Well, her 'just fine' face looked a lot like a 'I am gonna throw-up any minute' face!
Sweet Elsie...taking a ride in the stroller
The girls with their Daddy on the Ferris wheel
Another ride for Elsie...this time on Daddy's shoulders...
The kids thought this maze was pretty fun
Madi trying to hang onto two horses on the Merry-go-round
Elsie...loving the Merry-go-round
Cassi...loving the horse!
Me and my girlies
And our little family...people kept walking by and that must be what the girls are looking at...oh well, we are all in the picture, right!!! Good enough!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This is what life is all about...

I just love my little family
Brent got home from work today...light-duty...which is turning out to be not so light-duty! But he is happy to have something to do anyway. The girls missed him so much from being gone...Now remember he has been home with them every day for 2 months now. So they couldn't leave him alone when he got home. After we had dinner and some play time they all decided to lounge on the lawn..a definite picture worthy moment. Like I said...I just love my little family.

Triplets June '08

Well, we had plans to do some cute picts of the Triplets in their swim suits playing in water...but the weather didn't we tried earlier in the day with cute outfits and candy...but it wasn't until that night, when they were all bundled up, messed up hair, and jumping on the trampoline that we got our great photo op...they were having so much fun on the tramp they didn't even notice that I had the camera out! I think this is the first one we have had in a very long time that one of the kids weren't crying! Anyway, we will do swim suits next time...maybe!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

I couldn't end the day without saying a little something about the three best Dads in the world.
And of course I have to start with the Daddy of my little girls. These girls look up to him like you wouldn't believe! He is such a great daddy to these girls! I am so thankful to have such a great guy. Happy Fathers Day baby!
Madi and Dad
Cassi and Dad
Elsie with Dad
And on to the two other best Dads in the world.
I love my Dad. He is such a great guy and he has always been there when he was needed...even with 9 kids! My favorite things about my Dad have to be his overalls....suspenders and bow-tie! my Dad is so great! Happy Fathers Day Dad!!!
This guy is one in a million! Ever since I dumped my lemonade on him after our parents first met...he has been nothing but loving...with a little, I mean a lot, of teasing on the side!!! This guy has so much love to give. He is such a hard worker and I don't see him ever stopping, no matter how many times he threatens it! He is such a great Grandpa to our kiddos. Happy Fathers Day!