Thursday, December 30, 2021

Thursday December 30

Picture of sweet Winnie today 😊
I guess we need to do some funny stuff around here….
There will still be Winnie pics, but maybe I would have others too. 
We got snow all day. 
Dad and cass went and picked up her car. 
Not a cheap fix, but it was fixable. 
I probably never write about that, but she hit a curb on Christmas and knocked the wheel off her car. 
We were worried it totaled the car, so that’s good that it was fixable. 
Dad and I went on a date tonight. 
Dinner at Costa Vida and grocery shopping 😊


Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Wednesday December 29

It snowed all day today. 
Since we didn’t go to Utah, cassi was able to go babysitting. 
I didn’t like her driving across town in the snow 😬 V
But it’s kind of a sweet story…
She got a text from a lady in Arizona saying that she got Cassi’s name from a friend who she had babysat before…..( and that person heard about cassi from word of mouth as well).
Anyway, the last in Arizona has a friend who just moved here and she is struggling. 
So she wanted to hire cassi to babysit her kids so she could have a few hours off. 
Cass said that as soon as she got there, the lady asked if she could give cassi a hug. 
So sweet ❤️
I told cass that she’s being used, again, to be the lord hands. 
The deacons had a temple activity this afternoon, and since we didn’t go to Utah, dad and port went. 
They had a nice time. 
I spent much of the last, slowly putting away Christmas…among other chores 😊
The boys shot the potato gun tonight. 
Fun stuff 😂
Little Winnie is still the cutest and still the sweetest.
I still miss her!


Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Tuesday December 28

I FaceTimed my sweet baby this evening ❤️
She’s having another rough day…. Not getting sleep. 
She’s still so sweet 💗
Dad took cass and port skiing for a little bit today. 
Tomorrow we were gonna go to Wyoming/Utah, but with so much going on, and weather forecast, it’s gonna be better for us to stay home 😞
Carly came over for a little while. 
Cass serenaded them with some Taylor Swift. 
Fun times 😊
Dad and I had our ARP meeting this evening. 
It was a good one. 
Talking about turning our will over to the lord. 
It’s a hard thing to do!!!!
Especially when we think we’ve got a good plan figured out for ourselves.
But no matter how good our plan looks, the lord has something better planned. 
We just have to trust in the Lord. 


Monday, December 27, 2021

Monday December 27

Little Winnie’s tooth finally broke through. 
Madi said she’s been a grumpy today….
Besides missing me, I’m sure the tooth was a big contributor 😉
We got laundry done today. 
Did chores around the house. 
Then this evening we went and played games with the Morgan’s. 
We also went to the church and played basketball for a while. 
Fun times. 


Sunday, December 26, 2021

Sunday December 26


Saturday December 25

 Merry Christmas