Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday November 30

Emmy left today.
We had such a great time with her.
We grabbed some pictures before she left :)
Of course.
Once she left, we didn't do much for a while.
Then we made eternity scarves for the girls.
Madi keeps saying how much she wants I thought we would make one and see if she really likes them.
And she does :)
She made one for her to wear to church tomorrow.
Super cute.
And Cassi and I made a cute yellow and blue striped one for her to wear today.
Madi worked more on the present she is making for Elsie, and Cassi and I worked on her quilt.
It took a while, but we got the top all stitched!
It looks so cute on back.
I just need to bind it, but she just had to sleep with it tonight.
I am glad we worked on it while Emmy (pro quilter) was here, or it would take us a few more weeks for sure!


Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday November 29

Oh what am I gonna do without Emmy here.
We have had such an awesome week with her.
I think Elsie might just go through some withdrawals......and don't think I am kidding about that.
I am completely serious.
Elsie and Emmy have been inseparable.
They have such a special thing between the two of them.
I am very grateful for that.
They are both pretty amazing girls :)
Today we just hung out again....
Madi got some sewing done, Emmy did too, we finished up some cousin gifts for Emmy to take home with her, and just played.
Elsie came up with a game.
She calls it the "Little Game" and that is where Emmy and Elsie run back and forth from Madi's bedroom door to the entry way, top of stairs.
They race, and see who wins.
The run it over and over and over and over......
And Elsie giggles the whole time.
So cute.
I love it.
Oh, and Porter and Cassi got out the 'Spin Cycle'....and took it for a few rides.
Later on in the evening we got more done on Cassi's quilt.
We didn't quite get it finished before Emmy left......but pretty close.


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thursday November 28

It turned out to be a beautiful day.
Outside and inside.
We started out with making out Thankful tree.
It turned out super cute this year.
Yesterday we gathered some leaves and cut hearts into them while they were still soft.
They dried up overnight and we wrote things we were grateful for on them and tied them up on branches.
I love how it turned out.
Then we got started on the cooking.
Turkey got done about an hour earlier than we had we got everything all done and got to eating :)
It was yummy and the table turned out cute.
Madi made cute little turkey napkin rings with names.
Cute cute :)
After dinner, the boys took naps.
And us girls just chatted and hung out.
When the boys woke up we had yummy pies.
Then we headed out to the movie theatre.
The kids have been dying to see 'Frozen' with Emmy ever since we knew she was gonna be here on Thanksgiving!
So we decided to make a new Thanksgiving tradition and head to the movie theatre.
It was a really good movie.
We all enjoyed it.
Came home and had some leftovers.
Cassi made up a Thanksgiving game that had kind of the same idea as the 'Cake walk'.
It was a fun time, and every one's prize was more pie!
I am so Thankful for the life we get to live.
Our family, my man, crazy kids, spending this time with Emmy, the gospel in our lives, our home and land.
We are truly blessed.


We couldn't find a Frozen poster to pose in front we settled for this one :)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday November 27

We got home today at around 11 from our little get-away.
It was a good time.
The kids acted as if we had been gone a week.
It's fun to get those hugs :)
We just hung out and watched a movie for a little bit, but then we went out to work.
We have a lot of leaves.
A lot!
So that is what we got to work doing.
Emmy took the little ones for a walk.....I mean Buffalo hunt.
Em made some cute binoculars with them that they could use to find Buffalos :)
We also shot our giant pumpkin.
The kids thought that was pretty fun.
Oh, and they big girls did some squash smashing contests.
And right now we are sitting here, waiting for yummy pies to finish cooking.
It smells so good.
It is gonna be a fun day tomorrow :)

Tuesday November 26

We had a quick over-night get away.....
So I will blog about that later :)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday November 25

We did some Christmas shopping today.
We figure we should get all our cousin/aunt/uncle/grandma/grandpa gifts done before Emmy heads back to Utah, so we can send it all with her and not worry about shipping stuff.
We got a lot of it done :)
The kids also got to get another free book from Idaho Youth Ranch.
They sure enjoy doing that.
We got home and Porter took his nap while I took Elsie to her eye doctor appointment.
I didn't think they would need to dilate her, but Dr. Lee decided too.
And her prescription did change, slightly.
But enough that she wrote her a new one.
So we will need to go and get that done.
I don't know if we should just put new lenses in these glasses again, or if we should try to find another pair.
It is hard to find a pair that fits her tiny head, but big enough to go around her big ol' eyes :)
The rest of the evening we hung out.
After dinner we played some games together.
There was a lot of fighting.
So we had to cut the game time short.
Then I made them each go around and tell something they love about each person.
I think that made us all end on a good note for the night.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Novemebr 24

It was a nice day today.
Church went good.
We got a new bishop and bishopric today.
Our bishop was put into the stake presidency a few weeks ago, and we finally got our new bishop today :)
We started quilting on Cassi's quilt today.
It is gonna be pretty cute.
It was in the evening, so the lighting is the colors don't look as pretty....
I will get good ones tomorrow :)
We are stitching around the circles and the back is a green polka dot fabric.
It looks really cute on back with the stitched dots.
Elsie even got in on the stitching.....we planned to just unpick what ever she had done.
But she did a really awesome job.
Cassi says she wants to leave it that way.
Super sweet.
Porter did some sewing too.
He has this panda bear Halloween costume that Madi wore as a baby.
Pat made it for her, and it was the sweetest thing.
A few months ago, Porter put a shoe box inside the bear and we pinned the hat (ears) to the body.
And he takes it with him around everywhere and sleeps with it.
He loves it.
Well, he has been begging me to stuff it.
So I thought it would keep him busy if I gave him some stuffing.
Well, he went to town.
Not only did he stuff it, he wanted to sew up the hand holes.
So we gave him a needle and thread, and figured we can pick that out too....
But I am kinda in love with how it turned out :)
Madi found a cute idea to give Elsie for Christmas, so she worked on that after she got sick of quilting.
It was a fun night.
I am pretty sure we can get the quilt done before Emmy goes....
So fun!